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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Tad tries to comfort Cara over Jake. Amanda comes to Jake’s hospital bed when he starts to wake up. Jake dreams of Cara when they were married. Marissa comes downstairs to a breakfast served by J.R. Marissa tells him that he is good. Bianca asks for help from Marissa. Ricky makes plans for himself and Kendall. Kendall wakes up and finds Griffin watching her. Kendall finds out that she had slept for 9 hours instead of 20 minutes. Griffin tells her that he doesn’t want her to go. Griffin reminds Kendall that Ricky is getting more aggressive, but Kendall assures him she can handle it. Griffin urges Kendall to eat breakfast. Bianca tells Marissa about her phone call to the principal and also to the little girl’s mom. The Mom agrees to meet with Bianca and Marissa. Cara blames herself for Jake’s accident. Tad tells Cara about the argument that he had had with Jake. Jake continues to dream about Cara and the day they got married. Jake remembers his wedding to Amanda. Jake calls out for Amanda just as she walks back to his bedside. Amanda reminds Jake as to what had happened to him concerning the little girl’s father. Cara tells Tad that she doesn’t want tension between him and Jake. Marissa and Bianca start to leave to meet the little girl’s Mom. Ricky meets with a man who can help him plan a very lengthy cruise without setting a cruise. plan. Ricky also asks the man can he perform a wedding. The girls tells Cara that she is fun and that is why that Tad smiles so much when he is with her. Two boys interrupt Griffin and Kendall and asks for help. Kendall tells the boys how Griffin had saved her life. Bianca thanks the little girl’s Mom for coming. The little girl’s Mom asks Bianca how she had had Miranda anyway. A.J. asks J.R. if he is mad at him. J.R. comforts A.J. and lets him know that everything is fine. Maya watches A.J. and J.R. together. Maya compliments J.R. on his handling of situations with A.J. Tad interrupts them. Tad assures J.R. that his marriage hadn’t been better. Cara sneaks into the hospital to see the little girl. Amanda thanks Cara for helping Jake. Cara lets Amanda know that Jake had gotten into a fight because of her.

Tad and J.R. discuss his marriage to Cara being only a marriage of convenience in order to keep Cara in the country. Tad insists to J.R. that he is not falling for Cara. The little girl’s Mom meets Bianca at Krystal’s. The Mom questions Bianca about her having a child. Bianca feels that this has nothing to do with what the child had said to Miranda. The Mom tells Bianca that she should go back into the closet. Marissa defends Bianca which unnerves Bianca. Bianca wants to know why Marissa had defended her. Amanda finds out that Cara had caused Jake’s accident. Tad walks in and interrupts them. Amanda and Tad find Cara with Jake. Tad lets Jake and Amanda know that it is him, who should take care of Cara.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Brooke that she is upset and confused and doesn’t need to tell Ridge anything. She chastises him and says she knows what she is doing and she is not going to put it off any longer. She tells them it was a very difficult time on the island and she felt like everything was slipping away. She tells Ridge that he saved their lives. She cries that she loves him so very much and that is what she wanted to tell him. Ridge makes it official; he gives Thomas the papers for his share of the Forrester stock. Thomas hugs him and thanks him for this vote of confidence and he intends to carry on with the women’s Taboo line and with all involved in it. Liam gets a phone call from Amber. She knows he’s at the welcome home party, but wonders if he can stop by when he is done. She’d like to talk about birthing classes. Hope guesses that the call was from Amber and tells Liam that she doesn’t ever want to be the reason that keeps him from his child. Her mom is home now and will need her support. She says his future is with Amber and the baby and that is just the way it has to be.

Brooke tries to convince Thomas that while she doesn’t know all the circumstances and perhaps they were innocent, she thinks Ridge will understand they did have some intimate moments on the island. Thomas doesn’t believe after all the things in the past that Ridge will understand and accept this. Katie asks Bill to take her home. Steffy looks their direction. At home, Katie tells Bill that she knows who he is. He’s a good man. She is never going to leave him again nor does she need him to go to therapy. She tells him that she missed him so much. He’s home and that is exactly where she wants him to be. She wants to make love to him. She teases him to meet her in the bed. Instead he looks in the mirror and sees Steffy telling him that she loves him. Brooke apologizes to Ridge for being so emotional earlier. He admits he had his doubts about her coming back, but she’s alive and safe in her home now. Sometimes it takes something horrendous to make them grateful and he is so grateful now. He wants her just to close her eyes and try to forget all the bad times. Thomas goes to his room and unpacks his jeans and pulls out a package of the berries that he brought home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Taylor thought she made a mistake going back to the mansion.  EJ stopped her because he canít let her go.  She told him he already did.  She said he pushed her away.  She wanted him to take his hands off of her.  He apologized.  He told her the situation was out of control.  She wanted to know what he was talking about, but he couldnít tell her.  She didnít believe a word that he said.  She reminded him that he was supposed to leave Nicole, but theyíre back together.  She thought he was being forced to stay with Nicole.  She asked if that was it, but he didnít answer her. She wanted to know what game he was playing.  He wanted her to know that he would be with her if he could.  He said he loved her.  She was glad he said that and wanted him to promise he would never hurt Nicole.  He promised he would.  At the pier, Nicole told Stefano that she was thankful that Rafe did the right thing by leaving Sami and leaving town.  She thought things would go smoother with him gone.  EJ wouldnít have to worry about the kids with Rafe.  Stefano said there was a chance that he could come back.  Nicole didnít think so.  Stefano learned over the years to never try and predict the future.  He did think that Rafe wouldnít come back.  Nicole talked about the changes in Rafe since the accident.  She told him how Rafe hit on her.  Stefano thought Sami would blame her for the breakup.  Nicole didnít care as long as Sami kept her hands off of EJ.  The two continued to talk about EJ and Sami.  When he left, she was surprised that EJ didnít tell Stefano about the blackmail.  On the pier, Brady told Victor that Chloe was moving out of Maggieís house.  Victor thought that was the best news.  It dawned on Victor that Chloe didnít have any money so why would she leave.  Brady said she wanted to start her life over.  Brady got a call and stepped away.  Victor thought that Maggie must have kicked her out and he knew why.

Nicole went back to the mansion and told EJ that she had a conversation with Stefano.  He didnít feel like talking.  Nicole didnít care.  She told him that Stefano didnít know she is blackmailing him.  EJ said he doesnít tell Stefano everything.  He said she should be happy that he doesnít because he would be a widower.  Nicole told him that he couldnít do that because she has letters ready to be sent to Sami, the Salem P.D., and the FBI, etc.  She told him that he will realize that this is the best thing that ever happened to him one day.  They were meant to be together.  He told her she was delusional.  They were never going to be a wonderful, loving family because she is blackmailing him.  Nicole claimed she said she did what she did to keep their marriage together.  He said they donít have a marriage.  He said if he had his way, he would throw her out.  Johnny came in and told them to stop fighting.  She told Johnny that adults have little arguments, but they make up.  EJ agreed.  She forced EJ into a kiss.  They kissed and made up because they love Johnny.  Mary came in to take Johnny to bed.  Nicole said sheís be up in a minute.  EJ pushed her aside and said he could take care of his son.  EJ wanted her to know how much he hates her for all of this.  He went upstairs.  She said she hates him for making her hate her sister.  She left.  At the Cheatiní Heart, Brady saw Taylor drinking and wanted to know what was going on.  The two talked about Titan and the DiMeras.  She told him he was a good friend and hugged him.  Nicole just happened to be there and saw Taylor and Brady hugging.  Nicole threatened to make Taylor pay.  Taylor and Brady talked about Nicole and why he couldnít be with Nicole.  Taylor thanked him for being a good friend and left.  Bray paid for his drink.  Nicole came up from behind him and asked him not to leave.  She told him to get another drink because he was going to need it.  Victor went to see Maggie.  He apologized and begged for her forgiveness.  He said he was alright with Chloe living with Maggie.  He said she could stay forever if thatís what Maggie wanted.  He thought he shouldnít have interfered.  He wanted to know if they could be together again.  Maggie thought he was joking.  He said he wasnít.  He didnít want Chloe coming between them.  Maggie wondered if Brady told him that she moved out.  Victor said he did.  Maggie didnít like being played by him.  He wanted to get past everything since she put Chloe out.  He wanted to talk about a future together.  She told him that she didnít throw Chloe out.  The two realized that they didnít have a future since neither one of them would change.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ talked to Lexie about Theo.  Lexie wanted to know what was going on with him and Taylor.  She wanted to know if he broke her heart too.  He realized that Lexie and Taylor talked.  Lexie told him that Taylor said he was getting a divorce then he decided to stay with Nicole.  EJ wanted to know about Taylor.  She said she managed to keep Taylor from leaving.  Taylor is staying with her and Abe for now.  EJ was glad she wasnít alone.  He told Lexie that he loved Taylor, but couldnít be with her.  She figured out that Nicole had something on him.  He said what Nicole knows could put him and Stefano in prison.  Lexie wanted to know what they did.  The two continued to talk about Nicole and Taylor. He wanted her to promise not to tell Taylor what he said.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lisa eavesdrops on Patrick and Robin and takes note when she overhears them discussing a gas leak. Kristina tells Lisa that the supplement she gave her is nothing like what she found. Lisa's cover story is that it is a higher dosage than what is available to the public. She says she will order more for Kristina.

Lucky asks Jason not to engage with Luke. Jason says he can only be pushed so far. Jason says he is too busy with Michael to help Lucky deal with Luke. Michael tells Jason that Anthony is trying to bond with him. Jason tells him to stay away from the Zaccharas but Michael says he needs them to prove Abby's innocence. Carly threatens Anthony. She later asks Shawn to kill Anthony. He advises her to leave it to Sonny and Jason. Johnny offers to help Abby disappear, but she isnít interested. Later, Anthony runs into Abby at the docks and starts a conversation. Michael arrives and tells Anthony to get away from Abby.

Siobhan sees Aiden's paternity test results and angrily asks Elizabeth why she didn't tell Lucky. Elizabeth admits that she has been trying to find the right time. Elizabeth and Lucky share their grief for Jake and she misses another opportunity to tell him about Aiden. Siobhan tells Lucky that she needs to tell him something about Elizabeth. Maxie tells Matt that she thinks she is going to reveal Elizabeth's secret if Elizabeth doesnít do it soon, Matt admits to Maxie that taking care of her makes him happy. When he gets up to take the dishes to the kitchen, his Jacket falls to the floor. Maxie picks it up and discovers an engagement ring in the pocket.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cuter goes to reveal to Joey that he married Tess for the sole purpose of taking the Buchanan's money. And he does not care if Aubrey overhears. This obviously casts suspicion on Aubrey sine Joey believe Cutter is her brother and sees how "close" the two of them are. How could she not know that a close family member she grew up with could do something like this. And alone, he admits he may not trust Aubrey after all, although he tells her otherwise. Natalie listens to the tape where Marty confirms to Dr. Buhari that she did in fact alter Natalie's medical record to make her believe that Brody is the father of her baby so that John would break up with her and realize that Marty is the right woman for him. At that point, Natalie admits she is not ok to have to break Brody's heart that he is not Liam's father but has new found "hope" that John is her baby's father. She goes to John's home. But after Marty overhears John and Kelly talking about seeing each other and that he is not interested in her, she goes to "surprise" Kelly.. Marty obviously wants to get revenge upon maybe one or more of the women in John's life who are more important to him than she is. Brody then realizes he needs to take drastic action to get Jessica back. But when she is torn between being Jessica and getting back with Brody vs. her plan, as Tess with Cutter, we see yet another "alter" come out. And she appears to be Brody's Army friend, Wes.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Phyllis encourages Daniel to fight to keep Lucy but he says that Lucy belongs with Billy and Victoria. Abby tries to make up with Daniel but he tells her that there are more important things going on in his life right now and he can’t listen to a spoiled brat complain about her mother not wanting her at her wedding. Abby tells Daniel that she thought she made a mistake by breaking up with him but now she knows she made the right decision by breaking up with him. Tucker and Ashley talk to the wedding planner and Tucker tells Ashley that he cancelled the string quartet because he got the New York Philharmonic to play for their wedding and she wonders what other surprises Tucker has planned for their wedding. Jack tries to persuade Abby to go to Ashley’s wedding but she thinks her mom is making a big mistake and she won’t go to the wedding. Dianne arrives to talk to Jack while Abby is there and she wonders why Dianne would need to talk to Jack Abby leaves and Dianne tells Jack that the money and status of being Mrs. Victor Newman isn’t enough for her and she is in the mood to make love but Jack turns her down and tells her to talk to Victor about her feelings.

Victor tells Michael that if he represents Phyllis in Lucy’s custody case he will no longer work for him. Michael tells Phyllis that he can’t represent her and she is hurt that he is choosing work over his best friend but Michael tells Phyllis he thinks Lucy belongs with Billy and Victoria. Nikki arrives and sees Michael talking to Phyllis and after Michael leaves Phyllis tells her that Michael is no longer representing her because Victor ordered him not to take the case. Victoria makes up with Billy because she realized that she couldn’t go through this without him. Michael tells Billy and Victoria that he is no longer representing Phyllis in the custody case and Victoria wonders if her father is making the pieces fall into place but she decides she doesn’t care as long as they get Lucy back. Nikki goes over to the ranch to see Victor because she is touched by what he did for Victoria and Victor tells her not to go and they make love. Dianne arrives home and sees Victor and Nikki sleeping wrapped in each other’s arms and she takes out her phone and takes a picture of them and then gently closes the door to the bedroom.

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