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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda and Trevor arrives at the hospital to find out that she has Jake all to herself tonight. Amanda tells Trevor that he will have a little brother or sister very soon. Cara and Tad have dinner at Krystal’s. Tad tells Cara that every since she lost her job at the hospital she has more time on her hands. Tad tells Cara he has a job offer for her. Cara thanks him for his help. Opal comes in and has a smug look on her face about Cara. Marissa knows that Bianca hates the idea of her moving back in with J.R. Marissa sees the newspapers headlines about Erica being kidnapped. Bianca tells Marissa that it looks as though Erica had come back to Llanview. Erica relives a moment with Jack. Jack, remembering Erica, becomes angry and throws her pic toward the door. Kendall pushes Ricky away and tells him that she cannot do this. Griffin is outside the door, listening and starts to grasp the door handle. Jake calls Cara to let her know that Mackenzie is due for a bone marrow transplant the next day. Cara tells Tad and Opal about Mackenzie getting the bone marrow transplant. Tad pulls Cara aside and warns her about going to the hospital to see Mackenzie. A.J. comes home unexpectedly and finds out that A.J. had been in a fight. Griffin manages to create a diversion outside of Ricky’s hotel room to gain his attention. Ricky agrees to give Kendall time. Griffin comes in and helps Kendall to leave. Cara arrives at the hospital to see Mackenzie. Jake helps her to go in to see the girl. Jake tells Mackenzie he has a visitor for her. Cara offers reassurance to Mackenzie. Amanda thanks Opal for taking care of Trevor so that she can have time alone with Jake. Tad is upset that Jake had called Cara to let her know about Mackenzie. Tad lets Jake know that he is not being fair to Cara or to Amanda because he is married to one, but cannot let the other one go. Marissa urges A.J. to tell her about the fight that he had had at a party that he had attended. Miranda takes the blame for A.J. getting into a fight. Tad tells Jake that he had seen Cara hugging him. Mackenzie’s father walks in and sees Cara talking to Mackenzie. Opal tells Amanda she sees sparks between Tad and Cara. Griffin tries to get close to Kendall but she pushes him away. Kendall tells Griffin that she has to get justice for Zach.

Kendall tells Griffin that she should have known better than to get herself into this situation. Kendall tells Griffin that she had managed to get into Ricky’s computer. Jack remembers his conversation with Bianca in which he had found some of Erica’s things. Ricky stops by to ask Jack. Miranda tells Bianca that the other children had been teasing her about their family. Miranda tells Bianca that her friend had called Bianca a “lesbian.” Mackenzie’s father confronts Jake about Cara visiting Mackenzie. Mackenzie’s father hits Jake and he falls to the floor. Frankie assist Cara in helping Jake. Cara calls Tad and Amanda about Jake‘s accident.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke hugs R.J. and tells him how much she missed him, thus the crying. Ridge tells him they are having an adult party tonight and he will be staying over with a friend. Taylor tells Thomas that she knows he went through an harrowing experience, but she will be there for him when he feels like talking about it. She is glad she had Ridge on her side and that he is Thomas’s father. Katie and Donna prepare the party at Brooke’s. Bill walks in and Katie rushes into his arms. Steffy looks on. Thomas needs a moment with Brooke alone before the others arrive. Brooke confesses to Thomas that she is not ready to meet everyone; she needs more time. He just wonders what she is going to tell his father about what happened in the cave. She proclaims that she can not keep this from Ridge. It will only come back to haunt her and in the meantime she won’t be able to live with herself. Liam shows up and Hope rushes into his arms, just happy that her mom is alive and back at home. Tawny finds out that Liam is not available tonight as he is helping Hope celebrate. Liam tells Bill that he did it again; he pulled off another miracle. Justin can’t help but wonder about all the time that Bill spent with Steffy while he was away.

Thomas begs Brooke not to say anything more. His father would not understand, especially since she can only remember bits and pieces. They emerge down the stairs and everyone claps and welcomes them home with hugs. Thomas hugs Dayzee. He puts Brooke on the spot by saying she might want to tell the family how they survived on the island. When she is reluctant, he speaks for the both of them. He gives a moment of silence for the two pilots killed in the crash. Brooke then speaks that she wouldn’t be there today if it weren’t for Thomas pulling her out of the water and onto the shore. He saved her life. Thomas thanks them all, ending with him telling his Dad that his dad believed in him all the while and he doesn’t want that to ever change. They love each other. He is frozen though when Brooke announces that she needs to tell Ridge something.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

When Sami was about to leave the safehouse, she was face-to-face with Fake Rafe.  All three stared at each other.  Sami wanted to know what was going on.  Rafe didnít understand how Fake Rafe could show up looking like him.  Fake Rafe pulled out his gun.  Rafe told him that he wasnít out to hurt anyone.  Rafe just wanted to know how he could look like him.  Fake Rafe wanted him to put his hands up.  Sami told him to put the gun down.  Rafe asked Fake Rafe to tell him who he is.  Fake Rafe tried to convince Sami that Rafe was a monster.  Fake Rafe thought he would have hurt Sami.  She said he didnít hurt her.  She thought it was crazy how they looked alike.  Rafe was confused as to who he was since Sami called Fake Rafe Rafe.  Fake Rafe told Sami that Rafe was a dangerous imposter.  She wanted to know how Rafe was causing trouble.  Fake Rafe said he could explain everything, but he needed her to trust him.  She said she could.  He told her about his conversation with Caroline.  Fake Rafe tried to make it seem as if Rafe was pretending to be him.  Rafe denied it.  Fake Rafe told him to shut up.  Fake Rafe asked if this was the plan all along.  Sami wanted to know who he was talking about.  Fake Rafe said the DiMeras.  Sami was surprised that the DiMeras sent him.  Rafe denied it, but Fake Rafe told him to shut up.  Fake Rafe said the DiMeras gave Rafe plastic surgery, dental implants, and skin grafts.  He told Sami about the plan to break up Sami and Rafe.  She was surprised.  She wanted to know how long this has been going on.  Fake Rafe said since the car accident.  He was investigating it for months.  He told her that the DiMera found a way to give him a huge dose of drugs every week.  That was why he couldnít remember anything.  He wasnít getting along with people the way he used to.  Sami was furious.  Fake Rafe said the DiMerasí plan was to break them up and send him away permanently.  Rafe denied what was going on.  Fake Rafe continued to yell at him.  Rafe told Sami that he was locked up for months.  He escaped and almost died.  He told her how the nun found him.  Fake Rafe tried to make Rafe look bad.  The two kept going back and forth.  He warned Sami that he was going to kill Rafe.  She grabbed his arm and said she couldnít let him.  Fake Rafe said he didnít have a choice.  Sami said he did.  She said he couldnít shoot him no matter who he worked for.  He told her to get out of the way.  Sami stepped in front of Rafe and said she couldnít let him do it.  

Fake Rafe wanted Sami to get out of the way.  She kept trying to keep Fake Rafe from shooting Rafe.  Fake Rafe pushed her out of the way.  She hit her head onto a counter and fell unconscious.  Rafe attacked Fake Rafe.  The two struggled.  Fake Rafe got the upper hand.  He told Rafe that Stefano and EJ thought he was dead so he wanted to make it a reality.  Rafe told him that Sami needed help.  Fake Rafe didnít care.  Sami started to groan.  When Fake Rafe was distracted by Sami, Rafe made a move.  Fake Rafe lost the grip on the gun.  Sami got up with the gun in her hand.  She threatened to shoot if they didnít stop.  Fake Rafe told her to give him the gun.  Sami released the safety.  He told her not to do anything dumb.  She threatened to shoot him if he came near her.  Fake Rafe laughed and didnít believe she would shoot him.  Rafe said he wasnít going to hurt anyone.  He just wanted answers.  They both approached her.  She yelled stop and pulled the trigger. At the pub, Nicole and Taylor talked about EJ.  Taylor told her that she was leaving town.  Taylor told Nicole that EJ wasnít the right man for her.  He was going to hurt her. Nicole didnít believe that.  Nicole thought EJ was going to be a great husband from now on.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ told Stefano that he decided to stay with Nicole.  Stefano wondered what changed his mind.   EJ said Nicole was the one for him.  Stefano was suspicious of EJís change of heart.  EJ remembered how Nicole blackmailed him.  He told Stefano that it was the children changed his mind.  Stefano asked what happened to his love for Taylor.  EJ said it was gone.  Stefano didnít believe him.  Melanie and Abby continued to argue over Daniel.  Melanie defended Daniel.  Daniel and Jennifer interrupted them to find out what was going on with them.  At the Brady pub, Chloe didnít notice Brady sitting at a table when she went to the bar.  She pulled out the envelope full of money and thought about Quinn.  Brady wanted to know when she got the money when the envelope fell.  She lied and said it wasnít hers.  He asked how she was and if sheís staying with Maggie.  She told him she was moving out.  Brady thought she had a job, but she said she was till looking.  Brady thought she should wait until she had a steady income.  The two talked about Victor and Maggie.  Jennifer and Abby talked about the fight Abby and Melanie had.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Taylor stared at each other when she walked in the living room.  At the pier, Stefano overheard Nicole thanking Rafe and wanted to know why.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sam wakes up from her fertility procedure. Sam and Jason wonder if she’ll be able to carry a child. Siobhan witnesses Lucky and Liz consoling each other. Sonny and Dante devise a plan to draw Suzanne out of hiding. Abby tells Michael about Diane’s battered woman defense. Michael realizes Abby is going to confess to Brandon’s murder. Jax agrees to help Brenda find Lucian. Brenda yells at Carly for interrupting. Brenda apologizes for flying off the handle. Jason acknowledges to Carly that it is Jake’s birthday. Carly confides in Jason about Josslyn’s custody dispute. Siobhan and Lucky talk about Jake. Anthony and Johnny butt heads over Michael. Sonny is mad when Brenda makes a statement at the local news station, claiming Suzanne took Lucian. Michael runs into Anthony and then Carly shows up to defend her son. Jason and Lucky talk about their grief over losing Jake. Abby asks Johnny to find the hit woman who killed Brandon. Siobhan pays a visit to Elizabeth. Siobhan discovers Aiden’s paternity test results.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tess has a dream that reveals she may have feelings for Robert and miss both him and baby Ryder. But when she awakens to Cutter, she wants to hide that all and move forward with their plans to mess around and take the money. Yet he senses she may have married him to stick it to Robert Ford as he married her to stick it to Aubrey. He reveals that he is losing his faith in Aubrey and angry with her for what appears to be feeling she has for Joey and wanting to raise a baby with him. Robert goes to see Aubrey and Joey and informs them that Joey's sister has married Aubrey's "brother". Joey is not happy with Robert but graciously lets him see his son. Joey and Aubrey are both sensitive to Robert's need to be a father to his child and do not seem to dislike him. And it seems they may be growing closer to each other. Cutter then comes by and furiously admits to Joey that he married Tess to get his hands on the Buchanan money. Marty believes that she has gotten back with John when she overhears that he wants to be with Kelly and still has feelings for Natalie yet she is not in the picture for him. So when Kelly goes to John's home to plan their evening together, Marty gets there first and looks like she might have some insane plan with the woman who has "taken" John from her. Natalie finally concludes that she will listen to the tape of Marty revealing her secret to Dr. Buhari. She grows closer to Brody as he has lost Jessica similarly to how she has lost John. She finally plays the tape and hears Marty reveal that Natalie did not get pregnant by another man and that she only wanted them to believe that so that she could break John and Natalie up.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Spencer tells Nick and Adam that the New Mexico police are ruling Sharon’s death a suicide since they read the letters that she wrote to Noah and Faith. The New Mexico police think that Sharon drove her car into the ravine on purpose, so they are closing the case. Adam and Nick tell Spencer that Sharon would never have committed suicide because she was too full of life. Sam offers Sharon a job in his veterinary office but she turns down his job offer and Sam continues to worry because “Sheri” keeps to herself too much. Sam introduces “Sheri” to Marco Duran who is the state trooper that stopped Sharon on the road before the carjacking. Sharon puts a hat on to hide her hair before she meets Marco hoping that he won’t recognize her, and he doesn’t. He asks Sam if he wants him to check into “Sherry’s” background. Sam thanks Marco for the offer but refuses to do so, telling Marco some people just like to keep to themselves. Sharon reads her Face Place page and discovers that people think that she committed suicide.

Kevin and Chloe are suspected of killing Jana and Kevin is arrested for kidnapping Kevin later tells Michael the horror Jana put him through and how he was able to persuade Jana to let Lucy and Delia go. Michael tells Spencer that he has no evidence to hold Kevin and Chloe so he must let them go later at the Chancellor mansion Kevin and Chloe feel badly that Jana has died and Kevin blames himself for not noticing that Jana was ill sooner so he could have gotten her help before things went too far. Chloe and Kevin promise each other they will get through this while Michael, Jeffrey, and Gloria toast to Jana at Glowworm and choose to remember the woman they once knew not the woman who kidnapped Kevin and the girls. Abby arrives at Glowworm with a group of friends all set to party and drink away her troubles as well as film for her reality show. Abby dances on top of the bar and later she and Ashley and Tucker have a heated confrontation in which Tucker calls Abby a brat and tells her he won’t tolerate her disrespectful behavior towards Ashley. Abby tells Tucker that she doesn’t need another daddy because she has had enough daddies. Tucker breaks the camera that was filming then pays for it and Tucker and Ashley tell Abby they don’t want her to come to the wedding.

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