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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Scott goes to talk to Ryan alone and asks him not to tell Madison that Greenlee paid him to distract her because what started out the first few days as a job has turned into something more and it wouldn’t serve any purpose to tell Madison something that would hurt her. Ryan tell Scott that a relationship can’t be built on lies so Scott goes home and tries to tell Madison the truth but she says that she doesn’t want to talk about Ryan and Greenlee she just wants to spend some time with him Ryan tells Greenlee he can’t trust her anymore and Greenlee promises Ryan that she will rebuild the trust between them and fight for their marriage. Erica’s captor brings back her clothes and the book with her cell phone inside it Erica puts the cell phone in the closet since it is the only place with no cameras and leaves it inside the closet to charge and she patiently waits to be able to make a phone call.

Kendall insists on going to Ricky’s hotel room alone despite Griffin’s advice to take someone with her. Kendall lies to Griffin telling him that she is taking Jack with her and later when Kendall is standing outside Ricky’s hotel room Griffin asks her to let Jack talk to him to prove that he is there with her she takes her wire off to stop listening to him. Kendall sends Ricky to the liquor store to get champagne for her and uses the opportunity to search his room. Kendall notices his laptop and opens it after trying several possible passwords she types in her name and gets access to the computer but is unable to look at it because Ricky returns and wants to make love. Ricky kisses Kendall and she helplessly looks at her purse, which has the wire, and the shot Griffin gave her to give to Ricky in case she needed to get away fast.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas has a strong desire to call Dayzee. She’s happy to hear from him and they say they can’t wait to see each other. Ridge thanks the Captain and the rest of the men on the boat for what they did. He’s sorry to find out the pilots were killed. Their families will be well taken care of; he’ll see to that. Thomas chimes in too that he will always be grateful for what they did. Taylor sits besides Brooke and reveals that they have had their issues, but Thomas told her that he would not have made it without Brooke’s courage and strength. It pulled him through. Bill sits besides Taylor and asks if she thinks he still needs to be analyzed. She says no; she will always be grateful for what he did for their families. Stephanie convinces the others, Eric, Donna, Nick, Katie, Jackie and Owen to just hold off on a welcome home party. Brooke and Thomas will be exhausted and just want to rest. Taylor tells Ridge and Steffy that while Brooke and Thomas are okay, she is not sure they will ever be the same as they once were.

Brooke has a fitful nightmare of the crash. Thomas and Brooke share a moment alone and they discuss what happened in the cave. He tells her they could not have possibly known the berries were hallucinogenic. She knows there were extenuating circumstances, but she has to believe they were fully clothed so nothing happened except perhaps a few kisses. But Ridge must never know as he wouldn’t understand. Ridge walks in and can’t thank his son enough for what he did for Brooke on the island. They hug. Steffy tells Bill that she will never forget the last few days and what he has done for her and her family. But more importantly what he said to her. She can not go back to L.A. and pretend that didn’t happen. She kisses him and says she wants to make love to him and she won’t let him forget that. Taylor tells Thomas that she knows what they went through was life threatening and changing. It was very intense and will take some time to get over. They’ll all be there for him, especially his dad. Brooke looks stricken as Ridge tells her whatever she went through on the island and in the cave is over. It’s behind her now. They will just have to deal with it and pretend it never happened.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the convent, the nun told Fake Rafe that he was just there with a key to an apartment he was asking about.  He asked the nun when.  She said not too long ago.  He asked what apartment the key was for.  The nun was suspicious.  He said he forgot where the apartment was.  She noticed that he was wearing different clothes and the scrapes and bruises were gone.  He admitted he wasnít the same guy.  The nun wanted to know what he wanted.  He aid he was the twin of the guy who was there before and said the twin was crazy.  He needed to find him before it was too late.  The nun wanted to call the police, but he stopped her and said it wasnít a good idea.  If she didnít listen, he would make her understand in another way.  The nun got her back up.  He said he wanted to help his brother and wanted to know where to find him.  He reached for his gun just in case.  At the safe house, Sami yelled at Rafe to get out of the safe house.  He didnít know who she was.  She asked if he was trying to be funny.  He said he didnít who she was or who he was.  He wondered if she could help him.  He begged her to tell him anything that would help him.  Sami was shocked he couldnít remember anything about his past.  He remembered being in the room at the safe house.  That was all he knew.  Sami told him that the place was important to them and they fell in love there.  He asked who fell in love.  She said they did.  She told him they were married.  He asked her name which caused her to yell at him.  She gave in and told him her name.  She warned him that he better not be playing a game.  He noticed the bank card and asked if he was Javier Morales.  She said no and had no idea where the card came from.  She wished he were the old Rafe.  He realized his name was Rafe.  He asked his last name.  She was furious and couldnít trust him after what he did.  He wanted her to tell him more but she was upset.  He told her he was locked up.  She wondered who locked him up.  He didnítí know, but he escaped and a nun found him.  Sami didnít believe his story.  He suggested that they go to the convent where the nun would tell her everything.  She refused and reminded him what he was like a few hours ago.  He said that was impossible.  He remembered the last few months and during that time, he never saw her.  He wanted her to go to the convent so he could prove it.  Sami didnít understand.  She wasnít sure if he would yell at her again.  He wanted to help her and could never be angry.  She was sad.  She said she wasnít staying there.  

Daniel told Jennifer that she had an allergic reaction to the food.  She didnít know she had any allergies.  Daniel wanted to take her to the ER because she got a rash all over.  She objected, but fell in his arms.  He took her to the hospital.  At the hospital, Carly took out her meds.  Melanie came up from behind her and scared her.  Carly snapped at her.  Melanie thought Carly was snappy because Daniel is dating Jennifer.  Carly disagreed and hoped that Daniel and Jennifer had a good date.  Maxine called Melanie and introduced her to Abby.  They talked about their parents dating when Daniel walked in with Jennifer. Jennifer was better, but had a rash all over her face.  Carly watched the two of them.  Daniel asked Jennifer out to dinner at Chez Rouge.  At the Cheatiní Heart, Chloe got a drink from Quinn and agreed to tell him who she was later.  The two flirted with each other and she wanted to prove how bad she was.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole told EJ that Taylor left.  All of Taylorís things were gone.  He wondered if Taylor said where she was or if she left a note.  Nicole said she didnít.  Nicole blamed him for why she left.  He denied it.  Nicole flashed back to EJ and Taylor kissing.  She warned him that Taylor would hate him if she found out what he did.  She said Sami would too.  Nicole left to find out what was going on with Taylor.  EJ got on the phone.  At the pub, Taylor and Lexie talked about EJ and Nicole.  Quinn took Chloe to a nice room.  He was in town for business.  They wanted to get to know each other.  They made out.  When Chloe came out of the bathroom, Quinn was gone.  He left a note thanking her and told her she was the best.  He left her a wad of money.  Chloe wasnít sure of what to make of it.  Abby was determined not to let Daniel hurt Jennifer again. Maxine assured her that Jennifer was fine and it was an allergic reaction.  The two continued to disagree about Daniel and Jennifer.  Rafe told Sami about the key.  She was surprised that he had it because he said he lost it.  He said he had it the whole time he was locked up.  He knew the key meant everything to him.  He risked his life for it and it led him there.  Then he heard her crying.  She snapped that he knew why she was crying.  He wondered if it was because of him.  She was upset.  He apologized to her and tried to stop her from leaving.  When he touched her, she felt something different.  He said he would never hurt her.  She reminded him that he cheated on her.  He said he didnít know her and the person sheís talking about didnít seem like him.  He was sorry she was unhappy.  She cried and wanted to believe him, but she couldnít trust him.  She walked to the door and opened it only to see Fake Rafe.  She looked back and forth at the two Rafeís and her eyes filled with horror.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Ethan dares Luke to stop at one drink. Luke does it and tells Ethan that his father was an alcoholic and he is nothing like his father. He says alcohol is not his problem, dealing with killing a kid is. Lulu comes in and goes ballistic when she sees Luke and Ethan drinking together. Lucky and Siobhan go to the Justice of the peace to get married. Elizabeth shows up with the DNA test results in hand, but she waits outside and watches them get married. She remembers her own wedding with Lucky. Lucky realizes that today is Jake's birthday. Elizabeth opens a package at home and sees that it is a ridable motorcycle from Lucky for Jake's birthday. She takes it to Luckyís house. Siobhan sees Elizabeth hugging Lucky.

Jason dreams about spending time with Jake while he waits in the hospital for Sam. Elizabeth discusses Jake's birthday with Jason. Sam is returned to her room and Jason sits with her while she sleeps. She wakes up and asks him if she will be able to carry a baby. Sonny and Dante discuss the probability that Suzanne is behind Lucien's kidnapping. Brenda refuses to accept Suzanne as the Suzanne may be involved. Dante tells Sonny that a woman fitting Suzanneís description went to phoenix with a child the night that Lucien disappears.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Natalie knows that Marty has some secret that she is not revealing about Natalie, John and their baby. And she tells John that he needs, at the very least, to find out from Marty why she has told people that she is the reason why Natalie and John broke up, when everybody assumes it's because Natalie got pregnant by another man and lied to John about it. Dr. Buhari gets the correct respective tapes of Marty's and of Shane's private therapy sessions. Shane gets on his computer to find out that Jack's friends still want to torment him and Jack still feels no remorse. When Todd awakens, he affirms to Jack that he does not believe that it's ok for his son to be a bully to Shane regardless of Todd's own past behaviors in his life. John interrogates Tomas Delgado, very certain that he shot Todd although he has no substantiated proof. Tea represents her brother but privately asks Tomas what he is hiding from her. James knows that Starr is not ok with Deanna staying at his home and wants her to leave town. Nate then offers to let Deanna stay with him and his mom. And Dani reveals that she is not ok with that.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the Police department, Chloe questions Michael about Billy. Michael blames Chloe that if it hadn’t been for her suing for full custody of Delia, this would never be happening. Phyllis and Daniel also arrive at the police department to find out what is going on concerning Lucy and child welfare. Billy and Victoria sit on the sofa in their living room stunned by the news that Lucy had been taken from them. Billy vows to go and find out what is going on with Lucy and also promises that he will get Lucy back. Victoria decides to accompany Billy. Kevin yells for Jana to let him out of his prison, but he doesn’t get an answer. Jana comes in and finally lets Kevin out. Ashley runs into Nikki at the coffeehouse and they discuss the plan that Katherine had put into effect in finding Kevin. Nikki receives a call from Victoria that child protective services had taken Lucy. Lily meets with Cane in the cemetery. Lily is surprised to see him again and to know that this is real and not just a dream. Cane lets Lily know that she cannot tell anyone that she has seen him. Kevin apologizes to Jana for making her so mad. Jana comes up with a plan for Kevin to rob a bank so that he will be just as bad as she is for kidnapping Lucy and Delia. Michael tries to talk to Spencer about the woman from child protective services having Lucy. Daniel agrees to have another DNA test run. Billy and Victoria enter the police department and immediately sees Chloe. Billy and Victoria both blame Chloe for them losing Lucy. Nikki comes in and tries to be of some comfort to Victoria. Rafe tells Daniel to take another DNA test immediately. Jana shows Kevin the chipmunk mask and orders him to put it on or go back inside the closet. Kevin refuses to do as Jana asks.

Lily is hesitant to bring the twins, but tells him that she will think about it. Billy blasts Chloe for doing this to him and making it look as though he is a bad father. Nikki finds out that Billy had bought Lucy. Victoria lets Ashley know what had happened with Billy buying Lucy and for child protective services taking her. Billy thanks Phyllis for letting him and Victoria keep Lucy. Chloe gets a call from Jana to come and meet her and Kevin. Victoria asks Billy to stay somewhere else tonight. Jana lets Kevin know that she plans on killing Chloe. Chloe arrives at house. Kevin kicks the gun out of Jana’s hand. Chloe and Jana wrestle on the floor. Jana unexpectedly dies. Lily arrives at cemetery with the twins.

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