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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Liza sees Jesse in the park and apologizes to him for her behavior earlier and Jesse who is still sad about leaving Ellie’s gravesite is short tempered with her and leaves. Liza is walking and is surprised by David who gives her a kiss and when Liza asks him why he kissed her he tells her he wanted to remind her what she would be missing if they broke up. Liza tells David that she spoke to Jesse a few minutes ago and he seemed to be hiding something. Liza later talks to Brot at the station and asks him about Jesse acting distracted and Brot just tells her the chief is the chief this makes Liza more suspicious and determined to find out if Jesse is hiding something. Angie is still determined to find out what is bothering Jesse and he tells her that Mayor Blanco has Liza watching him because she wants any excuse to fire him. Erica is upset when she wakes up in bed in her fake room after her captor drugged her and Erica tells he/she/ that they ruined years of sobriety without her consent and her captor apologizes and offers to give her anything she wants to cheer her up. Erica remembers that Jack gave her a fake book with a compartment inside it that had a cell phone in case the press or an obsessed fan got to her. Erica asks her captor to bring her some clothes and the books on her nightstand. The audience sees a woman’s hands typing up every word Erica says on her computer. The same woman dressed in all black with a hood over her head goes to Erica’s room packs up her clothes, the books on her nightstand including the fake book and puts on some of Erica’s perfume as ell as watches the video that Jack watched of Erica.

Scott and Madison finish making love and then they order Chinese food because they plan to stay in bed all night and eat like king until they have to face reality tomorrow. Madison wonders how Ryan will handle the truth and tells Scott that Greenlee shouldn’t have lied to Ryan because couples shouldn’t lie to each other. Scott tells Madison that he wants to be honest with her but she tells him that she has made mistakes too and they agree to start with a clean slate starting now. Ryan wants the whole truth from Greenlee after he figures out that she hired Scott to distract Madison. Greenlee admits she hired Scott because she wanted Madison to have a chance to be happy and she also tells Ryan that Madison doesn’t know that she hired Scott to distract her an that Scott really cares about Madison now. Ryan tells Greenlee that he can’t make any more promises to her until they fix the ones they have already broken. Ryan goes over to Scott and Madison’s place and wants to talk to Madison alone but she tells him that Scott knows everything and he can talk in front of him. Madison knows Ryan talked to Greenlee and Ryan looks at Scott and asks if its for real this time he says yes knowing perfectly well that Greenlee told him about their deal. Madison tells Ryan that she has asked Scott to be in the delivery room with her when she has the baby so they will both be there when the baby is born. Ryan asks Madison if she is sure about her decision to have Scott in the delivery room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge brings Brooke and Thomas onto the boat and commands the Captain to get them ashore as quickly as possible. He holds Brooke and says that they are safe now. He calls Bill and tells Steffy that her brother is okay. Everybody at the Forrester’s is elated and want to break out the champagne. Taylor tells Ridge that the best medicine will be for them to see their family again. Katie is happy too, but wishes that she had been on that plane with Bill. He’s done so much for them and she wasn’t there. Steffy asks Bill how he feels about going home. He says it is what they do. She tells him that he was there for her, for her brother. That’s the kind of man he is. She feels she can handle anything when she is with him. He told her that he loved her. She wonders if he meant it or just caught up in the moment. He reminds her that he’s only said that to one other woman – his wife. She tells him that she wants him more than any other man she has ever met. She has to have him. He lets her kiss him.

Liam joins the Forrester’s and Logan’s and drags Hope away outside to kiss her. Brooke thanks Ridge for not giving up. He tells Taylor of his concerns that Brooke and Thomas’s pupils are dilated and they are sweating. She explains they will have some post traumatic moments to overcome. They manage to eat a few bites, but Brooke has a violent reaction when Ridge tries to get her to eat some berries. Stephanie makes a little speech that she knows that she and Stephen have had their share of disagreements over the years, but she also know they both love their families dearly. She wants Hope and all the others to give thanks to the Lord for bringing her mother and their grandson back to them. Bill and Steffy come aboard the boat and he tells Brooke that he has a bedroom all set up for her on the plane and he thinks they need to take off right away. Ridge thanks him again for all he has done in finding the site and helping in the rescue. Ridge tells Brooke they will be home soon and that everything is the same; nothing has changed at all.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole told Taylor that she will want to hear this.  Nicole told EJ that nothing is true forever.  Nicole told Taylor that she and EJ are going on a honeymoon.  Taylor forced a smile and dropped her things.  When EJ bent down to help, Taylor snapped at him not to.  Taylor wanted to leave, but Nicole wanted Taylor to stay so she could tell her all about the plans.  EJ stopped Nicole from giving Taylor the details.  Taylor left.  He said he would no longer treat Nicole with respect.  She wasn’t phased by what he was saying. She told him he will stay married to her for the rest of his life.  He said this was a loveless marriage.  He offered her access to the children and money.  He wanted to know her motivation to being in a loveless marriage.  She thought of him kissing Taylor and said she wasn’t ready to give him up yet.  He reminded her of her other attempt at blackmail.  She said she had evidence.  He thought no one would believe her.  Nicole threatened to call Bo and tell him what EJ did to Rafe.  EJ stopped her.  He thought she was unbearable when she thinks she’s in control.  He wanted to know how she knew he wanted a divorce.  She blamed it on women’s intuition.  She described the marriage she wanted with him.  She wanted monogamy and for them to grow old together.  He laughed and thought she wouldn’t pull it off.  She told him he doesn’t have a choice.  He agreed to do what she wanted…for now.  She kissed him and said they were inseparable.  She left the room to get Sydney so they could have family time.  Taylor was in her room and wondered what happened.  She flashed back to Nicole telling her that EJ could not love anyone and to EJ saying how he felt about her.  She also flashed back to him telling her he would take care of everything.  EJ went to Taylor’s room.  She wanted to know what was going on. She asked if he was in love with Nicole.  He let Taylor know that he still cared about her, but he’s staying with Nicole.  Taylor was upset that he made her love him.  She was furious with him for not taking care of things.  He apologized and told her that he has done things with his family that will keep him from her.  She wanted to know what he is talking about because she was owed an explanation.  He agreed, but couldn’t’ give her one.  He said he never meant to hurt her.  She called him a coward.  He apologized again.  She didn’t care what he had to say.  He tried to comfort her, but she wouldn’t let him.  He left her room.  Nicole went to the pier and ran into Lexie.  Lexie told her this must be hard for her.  Lexie knew things between Nicole and EJ were.  Nicole said things were great and she and EJ are going on a honeymoon.  She asked Lexie why she thought otherwise.  Lexie asked if EJ knew.  Nicole snapped and said he did and whatever Lexie thought she knew was wrong.  Nicole excused herself to go home.  When she got back home.  She saw EJ at the front door.  She wanted to know where he was going.

Rafe told Sister Rose that the key would take him where he needed to go.  He had flashes of an apartment near the convent of the Holy Cross.  He needed her help.  Sister Rose agreed to take him there.  Sami was at the safe house.  She flashed back to her relationship with Rafe when they met.  She realized that he always saves her, but she didn’t do the same for him.  She flashed again about Rafe.  She realized that she wanted him back.  She then realized that the man she loves was gone.  When she was about to leave, she dropped her purse.  The bankcard fell out.  She wondered what it was.  Someone was across the hall with a baby.  Sami listened as that apartment door closed.  Fake Rafe was determined to find the safe house.  When Will and Gabi showed up at the pub, Fake Rafe lied about him and Sami losing everything if Will and Gabi didn’t help him.  He said he blew it with Sami, but he could fix it.  He knew he was at the safe house, but he couldn’t remember where it was.  He asked Will where it was.  Will didn’t know.  Will suggested that he ask Roman.  When he went outside, Gabi asked him what was wrong.  He flipped out o her.  Will stopped him and gave him the address.  Fake Rafe left.  Will comforted Gabi.  Gabi thought Fake Rafe was a creep and she never wanted to see him again.  When Rafe and Sister Rose were at the Holy Cross, a nun told him that the key was to an apartment nearby.  Rafe got the address and wanted to go alone.  Rafe showed up at the apartment and hear Sami crying.  Nicole continued to taunt EJ.  She let him know that he was no longer calling the shots.  She wasn’t afraid to go to the cops and tell them what he did to Rafe.  Then he would lose the kids forever.  Mary brought Sydney in the room and the three had a family moment.  Taylor saw the three of them together and left with her suitcase.  Fake Rafe went to the convent where he saw the nun who saw the real Rafe.  She was surprised he was back so soon.  She asked if he found what he was looking for.  Rafe entered the safe house.  Sami yelled at him to get out because she thought he was Fake Rafe.  Rafe looked at her and asked who she was.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke wants to sue Tracy for the Haunted Star. Tracy tells Alexis that if she is any kind of friend to Luke she won't interfere with the terms of the intervention to get him to stop drinking ant get treatment. Alexis agrees with Tracy but warns her not to count on Luke changing his ways. Luke tells Tracy that he is going to regret the day they met. Ethan wants to believe that Luke doesn't need help.

Molly is excited that Sam is having surgery to enable her to have a baby. Elizabeth is surprised to see Sam's procedure on the schedule. Sam and Jason go to the hospital to have the procedure. Elizabeth wishes Sam luck. Siobhan wants to cancel the green card wedding to Lucky. Nikolas suggests that they both leave the country and travel for a while, at Nicholas's expense. Lucky declines the offer but he is able to persuade Siobhan to marry him. Elizabeth is seeing Jake everywhere. She calls Lucky at the police station but Ronnie tells her he is getting marries. Elizabeth rushes out of the hospital with the paternity test results in hand.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Matthew admits to Destiny, for the first time, that he did shoot and kill Eddie Ford. There is no excuse or justification and his life is ruined. But she is not going to let him give up on his life because of that. And they end up kissing. Bo goes to talk to Clint and they talk about what would happen if he died. Viki goes to see Charlie and "reluctantly" leaves the tape of Echo confirming with Clint that she has lied to Charlie, Rex and Shane that he is Rex's father when she's known all along that he is not. Dorian encourages Viki to know that Charlie will get back with her after finding out what kind of a person Echo is. But Viki is not as confident. Charlie is devastated and furious when he hears the tape and tells Echo he never wants to see her again. She urges him to give them another chance. But he is adamant about not considering doing that. Robert and Brody go to find Tess at Cutter Wentworth's motel room, agreeing to have her committed to St. Anne's so that Jessica will come back. But she and Cutter have a trick up their sleeves and reveal that her marriage to Robert is annulled and she is now legally married to Cutter. She tells the two men that neither of them have any power over her ever again no matter what they say or do.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Michael walks into Gloworm and asks Jeff about Gloria. Michael looks around the room and sees Angelo in a nearby booth. Michael questions Angelo had he gotten any leads on Kevin and Jana. Kevin begs Jana to let him out of the closet. Chloe is distraught about the newspaper article about Kevin and complains about it Katherine. Chloe doesn’t know how they will find Kevin. Heather calls Chloe to see if she had heard from Billy. Victoria and Billy spend quality time with Lucy. Phyllis and Daniel come to visit Billy and Victoria. Phyllis tells Victoria that they only want what is best for Lucy. Victoria asks Phyllis why then does she want to take Lucy away from them. Gloria tells Chloe that she would not put anything past Jana doing almost anything to Kevin. Between Gloria, Katherine and Chloe they come up with ideas to reach out to the public to find Kevin. Jana ignores Kevin’s pleas for help. Jana, finally, lets Kevin out of his prison. Kevin promises to behave if she won’t make him go back into the closet. Michael and Rafe arrives for their meeting between Phyllis and Daniel and Victoria and Billy. Phyllis tries to reach out to Victoria to please acknowledge that Lucy belongs with family. Victoria insists that Phyllis should be the one to compromise. Angelo tells Jeff that the place isn’t the same without Gloria. Jeff questions Angelo as to what he knows about Kevin’s disappearance. Angelo tells Jeff to hand over the books to him immediately. Gloria and Chloe hand out flyers to help find Kevin. Jana supplies Kevin with food and drink. Jana and Kevin reminisce about the past Christmases together. Kevin tells Jana that he wants to fall back in love with her again. Phyllis tells Victoria all the things that she had missed with Lucy. An argument erupts between Phyllis and Billy and Victoria. Phyllis sets limits if she agrees to let Billy and Victoria raise Lucy.

Kevin tells Jana that she doesn’t know what it does to him being locked up in a closet. Kevin tries to sweet talk Jana into trusting him again. Jeff doesn’t like the idea that Angelo doesn’t trust him to take care of the books in Kevin’s absence. Jeff refuses to give Angelo the books. Chloe tells Katherine that no one seems to care that Kevin is missing. Phyllis sets her limits to Billy and Victoria raising Lucy. Victoria and Billy have a short meeting with Rafe and they agree to Phyllis’ terms. Billy and Victoria gets a visit from an agent from Child Protective Services along with a police. Heather lets Chloe know what is happening to Billy since it has leaked out that he had bought a baby through the black market. Jeff has Angelo arrested. The agent asks Billy all kinds of questions about the procedures he went through to get Lucy. The agent gives Billy and Victoria the bad news that she will have to take Lucy until this is sorted through. Both Phyllis and Victoria beg the agent not to take Lucy. Angelo is arrested and is bought into the station for questioning. Angelo tells D.A. Spencer that Michael is his attorney. Jana shows Kevin a side of her that he didn’t expect to see.

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