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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Angie thinks that Jesse has been ignoring Lucy because he blames the baby for her blindness and Jesse assures Angie that he loves her and Lucy very much he has just been distracted with work. Jake and Amanda arrive and Jake gets called to the hospital while Amanda shares with Angie that she and Jake are planning to add to their family but Angie tells Amanda that Jake told her that he doesn’t want a family right now and advises Amanda not to secretly try to get pregnant because secrets are poison in a marriage. Jesse later goes to baby Ellie’s grave to tell her that her daddy will always love her and never forget her then he cries and Liza arrives and sees him crying. Jake tells Tad that the little girl with cancer is at the hospital and the only doctor she wants to see is Cara. Cara rushes to the hospital despite Tad’s warning not to go and Jake sneaks her in to the little girl’s room to talk to her. Erica promises her captor she will eat if her captor shows her the video Jack sent to her in her e-mail and Erica puts her escape plan into action after watching the video. Erica pretends to pass out because she is dizzy from hunger and a figure wearing all black comes into her fake room and stands over her trying to figure out if she is really passed out.

Madison tells Scott that he is important to her and she wouldn’t return to Ryan if he and Greenlee broke up now that he knows the whole truth. Madison gets permission from the doctor to have Scott and Ryan in the delivery room with her and after Madison and Scott return home they make love for the first time. Greenlee explains to Ryan why she kept the truth from him about Madison’s pregnancy and then she asks Ryan if they can return to the way things used to be and he tells her they can’t return to the way things used to be. Liza talks to David about how she always wanted a family and children but now she wonders if she will ever find love.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke and Thomas lay on the beach. The word HELP is marked in the sand besides them. Bill and Steffy see it on the computer. She’s ecstatic that he has found them and hopes they can get to them on time. Thomas moves Brooke to the cave. She’s pretty much out of it, just needing water. Dayzee tells Stephanie that it’s weird, but she doesn’t feel Thomas is gone. She feels his presence and she wants him to now how she feels once she sees him again. Stephanie suggests a prayer and she leads the way for the Lord to protect them and keep them safe….please bring Brooke and Thomas home.

Ridge and Taylor spot the island. Nick tells the family that an island has been spotted and they think Brooke and Thomas are on it. Taylor calls Steffy that Ridge has gone ashore and they can only pray that he finds them in time. Thomas hears his dad’s voice first. He takes Brooke to meet him and they fall into Ridge’s arms. Ridge gives Brooke and Thomas a couple of tiny sips of water and then calls Taylor that they are sort of rugged but okay. Steffy gets a phone call and it’s Thomas. He teases that he’s just been on the beach sipping mai tais and building sand castles. He and Brooke survived. Steffy jumps into Bill’s arm and hugs and kisses him. She says she loves him. He unexpectedly blurts out that he loves her too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the convent, Rafe saw the name Holy Cross engraved on the rosary that Sister Rose gave him.  He said he knew the place.  Sister Rose told him that the Holy Cross was in the outskirts of Salem.  He flashed back to the safe house.  He told Sister Rose about the place and she figured out that he must have lived by a church or convent.  When he fell asleep, he had dreams about the safe house.  At Danielís apartment, he planned to make dinner for Jennifer. He tossed his wedding picture with Chloe in the garbage.  At the hospital, Jennifer thought of kissing Daniel.  Abby showed up.  The two talked about Jenniferís date with Daniel.  Victor went to see Maggie.  He told her he hated arguing with her.  She told him that he knew how to fix it.  He believed he was right about Chloe ruining peopleís lives.  He told her to make Chloe move out.  Maggie refused.  Maggie defended Chloe.  Chloe was secretly listening and was relieved that Maggie wasnít throwing her out.  Victor and Maggie continued to argue about Chloe.

Fake Rafe went to the pub to keep Sami from finding the bank card.  When he went inside, he told Caroline that he was there to make things right with Sami.  Caroline slapped him.  He reminded her that he wanted to make things right with Sami.  Caroline was upset that he brought another woman in the apartment and told him to leave.  He begged for a second chance to save his marriage.  She reconsidered since she had a troubled marriage.  He asked her where Sami was.  Caroline didnít know, but when she found out, she would encourage Sami to hear him out.  He wanted her to call Sami, but she got the voicemail twice.  He asked if Sami said where she was going after she left the pub.  She said no.  She told him that she and Sami talked about closure and Sami had a key to a special place.  Abby and Jennifer were at the pier.  Abby told Jennifer not to be alone or wait for Jack.  They talked about Jenniferís date with Daniel.  Chloe showed up just as they were talking and asked if Jennifer was going out with Daniel.  Chloe was upset because everyone knows she still loves Daniel.  Abby said that no one cared.  Jennifer told Chloe that she hurt Daniel.  Chloe cursed her out and reminded them that she only wanted a family with Daniel and Parker.  Now she has nothing.  Jennifer reminded her that Daniel lost a son and marriage because of her.  Jennifer said if Chloe loved Daniel, she would do what he wants and let him move on.  Jennifer and Abby left Chloe crying.  Jennifer showed up at Danielís apartment for their date.  Chloe went to the Cheatiní Heart to get a drink.  She met Quinn who offered to buy her a drink.  While Jennifer and Daniel were eating, she started to choke.  Fake Rafe wondered what key Sami had.  Then he realized that it was the key to the safe house.  He realized that was where she went.  Rafe told the nun that he felt better and knew where he had to go.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Lulu sits at a table in Kelly’s and is on the phone. Dante comes in to join her. Luke tries to unlock the door at the “Haunted Star” but finds the lock had been changed. Tracey walks up and lets him know that it will remain locked until he gets treatment. Nicholas and Lucky discuss Luke going into rehab when Siobhan comes to visit. Lucky tells Siobhan that he had good news. Lulu lets Dante know that she cannot have any contact with Luke unless he gets treatment. Spinelli catches Diana going through his desk drawer and reprimands her for it. Luke and Tracey argue over the fact that he doesn’t want to enter rehab. Steve sneaks into Olivia’s apartment and catches her dancing, seductively while she paints. Upon seeing Steve, Olivia sprays paint all over his shirt. She orders him to take off his shirt. Elizabeth is quite put out when Steve is overly protective of her. Elizabeth tells him to back off and let her do this alone. Nicholas stops by the hospital to check on Elizabeth. Nicholas tells Elizabeth that he is pulling all the strings to get Siobhan a Visa so that Lucky will not have to marry her. Siobhan takes Lucky to a quiet place to keep his mind off Luke and his drinking. Lulu lets Dante know that Luke never does go by the rules.

Olivia and Steve make love. Luke joins Lulu and Dante at Kelly’s. Lulu lets Luke know that she will not talk to him unless he gets treatment for his drinking problem. Lucky assures Siobhan that everything will be fine. Lulu visits the hospital and runs into Elizabeth. Elizabeth gets the wrong idea and thinks that Nicholas is having her to check up on Elizabeth. Luke and Alexis meet at Kelly’s. Alexis wants to know what Luke wants. Luke tells Alexis that he wants to sue Tracey so that she will let him back in her life. Alexis explains the consequences to Luke as to what would happen next.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Todd wakes up from his coma. Starr tells him about Deanna coming to Llanview to reunite with James. Todd has an idea. Tess goes to Cutter and tells him she thinks she killed Ford. Inez finds Ford unconscious on the floor. Inez tells Brody that Tess tried to kill Ford. Ford says Tess hit him because he was going to commit her. Brody surmises that Ford has fallen for Tess. Cutter has an idea to keep Tess out of the hospital. Brody and Ford go to Cutterís place looking for Tess.

Reporter Blanca Morales convinces Destiny to helping her find Eddie Ford's killer. Blanca suggests that Matthew did it and says she is going to air the story. Destiny goes and tells Matthew about it. Bo admits to Nora and Matthew that he knew about Clint's heart attack. They go to visit Clint and Clint tells him he is dying. Echo confronts Clint about how Niki Smith might have come into possession of the recording. Clint tells her that Dorian made him give it to her. Dorian finds the recording and plays it for Viki and encourages Viki to play it for Charlie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley sits at the Athletic Club bar when Tucker comes in to join her. Ashley lets him know about her conversation with Abby and that she wasn’t coming to the wedding. Ashley then questions Tucker about his visit with Jack. Tucker wonders how she had known that he had visited Jack. Diane sits on the sofa with Victor. Diane tries to coax Victor into having a quiet dinner at home but he refuses. Jack comes to visit Victor to let him know that Abby had sold him her stock in Newman Enterprises. Ashley reveals to Tucker how upset she is over Abby not attending the wedding. Tucker gets the feeling that Ashley wants to postpone the wedding. Abby sits at the Gloworm bar and orders another drink but becomes upset when she sees that the bartender is none other than Deacon. Deacon tries to get her to open up to what is troubling her, but Abby orders him to mind his own business and to just pour the drink. Abby begins to open up to Deacon about Tucker and also about Daniel and how he had chosen Lily over her. Devon joins Lily and Daniel in the park and wants to know what is going on. Lily and Daniel both tell Devon that nothing was going on. Deacon encourages Abby to face this head on. Abby calls Lily to meet her at Gloworm. Nikki and Jack meet at the Athletic Club. Nikki finds out that Abby had sold him her shares of Newman stock. Jack notices Tucker and Ashley at the Athletic Club bar and goes over to join them. Jack tries to make a business deal with Jack concerning Jabot. Lilly meets Abby at Gloworm, but is also joined by Daniel and Devon. Abby finds out that Daniel and Lily had been together when she had called Lily. Daniel tries to stop this conversation between Lily and Abby, but Lily agrees to it. Abby commends Lily on what a strong person and Abby is nothing like her.

Abby orders Lily to tell her if she wants Daniel or not. Lily denies that she wants Daniel and that Daniel wants her. Daniel comes over to stop the conversation and sits down with Abby while Lily leaves to join Devon. Daniel tries to convince Abby that he wants only her, but Abby insists that he wants Lily. Deacon tries to stop Abby and Daniel from making a scene, but Daniel orders Deacon to stay out of it. Devon agrees to take Abby home. Ashley asks Jack to help her to get Abby to come to the wedding. Jack agrees to do what he can. Nikki comes to visit Victor to settle him down concerning Abby selling her stock. Diane sneaks in and overhears their conversation. Diane sneaks out when she sees Victor and Nikki hug. Diane goes to see Jack and tells him that the only way to get back at Victor is to do her first. Jack and Diane kiss.

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