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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan asks Greenlee to marry him, but she hesitates as she remembers her conversation with Emma in which Emma had told her that she always lied. Greenlee tells Ryan that there is something that he needs to know. David and Liza make love. Liza invites David to lunch, but he hesitates. Liza rescinds the offer and leaves abruptly. Brot comes into the hospital and sees Angie with the baby, showing her off to the nurses. Jesse stands by watching. Maya comes into the hospital and asks as to where is Dr. Hubbard. Kendall gets ready for her date with Ricky when Griffin sneaks in through a back door. Griffin forbids Kendall to go on this date with Ricky, but Kendall insists on going. Ricky looks at the engagement ring again just before he leaves to meet Kendall. Frankie catches up to Maya and questions her as to how she is doing. Maya reprimands Frankie for calling her at home and wants to know why he is calling her. Frankie catches up to Madison in the hospital corridor and finds out that Greenlee had been giving Madison a difficult time about using the baby to lure Ryan back to him. Greenlee tells Ryan how Emma had skipped school and had taken money from her to go visit her Mother. Ricky looks at a pic of Kendall, Zach and the boys and then rubs over Zach’s face. Griffin orders Kendall to cancel the trip with Ricky. Greenlee visits Kendall to get help with Ryan. Jesse walks up and interrupts Frankie and Maya. David joins Liza at Krystal’s and offers an apology for his recent remarks. David tells Liza that he has a meeting planned with Greenlee.

Ricky arrives and interrupts Kendall’s conversation with Kendall. Griffin catches a prowler in his hideout. Griffin listens to Kendall’s conversation with Ricky, but becomes agitated when Kendall wants to go back to Ricky’s place. Griffin calls Kendall and gives her an excuse to get away from Ricky by using the boys. Greenlee meets David and Liza at the Confusion bar which is closed for a private party. Ryan confronts Madison that Greenlee had known about Madison’s pregnancy and had kept it secret from Ryan David harasses Greenlee that her marriage to Ryan isn’t going as she had planned.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Ridge that he has been up all night and needs to grab some sleep. If he’ll take an hour, he will later as well. Ridge tells the Captain that they may have scaled back, but he hasn’t. Brooke and Thomas are out there and he’s damn well going to find them. Thomas and Brooke wake up on the beach. She says she feels sick, like she is dying. She says it was the berries; she shouldn’t have eaten them. The family is shocked when Nick tells them that they are scaling back the search. He tells Stephanie that he is sorry. He wished he had better news. Pam tries to comfort Donna by hugging her and telling her that miracles do happen. Ridge tells the Captain that he knows it is a long shot, but they are not giving up. The Captain gives in although he thinks it is hopeless. He tells Ridge and Taylor that he will take them back out.

Ridge looks through his binoculars and swears to Taylor that he is not leaving here without finding Brooke and Thomas. Brooke questions Thomas of what really happened when they were out of it. They need to get out of this terrible place. The military officer tells Bill they will only have the satellite a little longer. Bill tells Steffy that there are lot of islands to look for, but he won’t quit trying. Suddenly he spies the word HELP written in the sand. He calls Ridge who gives the location to the Captain. The Captain says he knows where that island is and they can find it. Brooke and Thomas lay out exhausted on the shore.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Caroline talked to Sami about Fake Rafe.  Sami blamed herself for what happened with Fake Rafe.  Caroline assured her that she did everything she could to help him.  Sami told her that he slept with another woman.  Caroline encouraged her to move on with her life.  Sami thought she would never love again.  Sami believed that things would have been better if Fake Rafe died in the accident.  Then she would have healed.  Caroline suggested that she get along without a man for a change.  Caroline suggested she find the real Sami Brady.  At the convent, Sister Rose told him he could stay there for a while.  She also told him he called out a name in his sleepÖTed.  Rafe flashed back to hearing Stefano praise Ted on the phone for his excellent work.  Rafe said Ted was one of the men who kept him prisoner.  Everything before that time was a blank thought there was something familiar about the convent.  Sister Rose offered to help him.  She asked what he remembered about Ted.  He remembered him and his boss.  He remembered the boss had an accent.  Sister Rose thought it was a good sign.  He wasnít sure the clues would help.  At Sami and Rafeís apartment, fake Rafe noticed the bankcard Stefano gave him was missing.  At the DiMera mansion, Taylor asked God to let Nicole know this is the best for all of them.  Nicole told EJ that she didnít want a divorce.  Even though they have problems, she didnít want to give up.  EJ reminded her that it was only a business arrangement and a mistake.  They arenít happy and a loveless marriage was a bad example to set for the kids.  He reminded her that she wanted to be with Brady.  It wasnít fair of him to make her choose between the man she loved and Sydney.  He decided to let her go.  She said she wanted to be free but not now.  She liked things the way they are now.  He reminded her that she loved Brady.  She said things changed.  She reminded him that she loved him.  He doubted that.  If she did love him, why did she tell people things werenít working out?  She said she was only venting.  He reiterated that he was letting her go and promised to give her full visitation of Sydney and Johnny.  She wanted to know about seeing him.  She reminded him about the last time they made love.  She said he was passionate and tender.  He said it was a performance.  She was livid.  She slapped him and cursed him out.  Taylor snuck down the stairs as EJ sarcastically suggested that she hit him again.  Nicole said she could call the police and tell them that he is a sadistic abuser.  Taylor left.  

Nicole got upset that EJ would ask for a divorce after her mother died.  She said he and the kids are her family now.  She wanted to know why he wanted to end things.  She asked if he was cheating.  He wondered why she would say that.  She flashed back to him kissing Taylor.  She said she knew who it was.  She said it was Sami.  He laughed.  She wanted to know who it was.  She thought it had to be someone he knew since he never leaves the house.  She said Brady would never take her back with open arms.  She thought Brady didnít love her anymore.  EJ said she deserved someone who loved her.  Nicole sarcastically said that was sweet.  Then again she thought hew as afraid she would open her mouth and not be the perfect mafia wife.  She could find out something she wasnít supposed to know.  She held up an envelope and told him about the DNA results.  She told him that he held Rafe prisoner in the basement.  He accused her of sneaking around and called her a spy.  Nicole gloated that she knew what Fay wanted to tell her.  EJ didnít think the results proved anything.  Nicole said EJ turned Rafe into another person.  She took out her phone and wondered how Sami would react to the news. At the hospital, Stefano had a happy reunion with Theo.  Taylor showed up at the hospital to talk to Lexie.  She told Lexie that EJ wanted to divorce Nicole.  The two continued to talk about Taylor and EJ being together.  Fake Rafe met Stefano at the pier.  Stefano was upset that the bankcard was gone.  He was going to give Fake Rafe another one.  He warned Fake Rafe that no one better find the old one.  He told Fake Rafe to make sure it wasnít in the loft.  Stefano gave him a cash advance.  Fake Rafe promised to find it.  Stefano doubted he would find it.  Fake Rafe went back to the loft and realized that Sami had it.  He had to find her.  EJ took Nicoleís phone.  She told him that killing her would be a bad idea.  She made copies of the report which she left with her lawyer in case something happened to her.  She was the only person besides Stefano who knew the truth.  When EJ got closer, she threatened to tell the kids what he did to Rafe.  She said he would go to jail and Sami would share custody of the kids. He insulted her and demanded to know what she wanted.  He told her the blackmail wonít work no matter what she wanted.  Taylor entered the room and Nicole told her that she and EJ had an announcement to make.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lisa listens to Robin and Patrick with a bug she planted in their home. Anthony pays the woman who shot Brandon and instructs her to burn the blonde wig and relocate. Johnny comes home and they pretend she is a call girl there to service Anthony. Abby goes into Johnny's penthouse and is surprised to find Jason there. She wonders if he is there to kill Johnny. He wonders if she is working for the Zaccharas. He tells her he is going to pay back the money she owes Johnny so she will have no further connection to him. He tells her that Anthony Zacchara is out of prison and probably is responsible for framing her. Jason tells Michael that he needs to stop focusing on what he wants and worry about protecting Abby instead. He tells him about Anthony being out of prison and warns him to stay away from Anthony and Johnny.

Jax tells Carly that Josslyn is going home with him when she is released. Carly protests that she has as much right to Josslyn as he does and he tells her she won't for long. He says he will have her declared an unfit mother based on her prior stay in a mental institution. Shawn steps in and tells Jax to leave.

Dante interviews Suzanne about Lucien's disappearance. Suzanne tells him that he is targeting her because his father doesn't like her. Her alibi checks out but Dante still thinks she was involved. Sonny admits to Dante that he is trying to reassure Brenda but the reality is that he can't protect her from everything. Robin feels guilty that she wasnít watching Lucien more closely when he disappeared. Jax goes to see Brenda and she asks him who she should contact to offer a reward for Lucien's return. Jax tells her that would be counterproductive right now and she starts screaming at him saying that he doesnít want to help her because he warned her that raising a child with Sonny was a bad idea. She admits that it is her fault because she told the guard to wait in the car and then got distracted by her conversation with Robin. Sonny comes home and Brenda mentions the reward idea. He says exactly the same thing that Jax says. Brenda is sure that it is related to Sonny's business, but Jax tells her not to make assumptions and miss a vital clue. Suzanne has Lucien at the airport and says that thanks to him, she will be able to be with her grandson and no one will be able to take him again.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Aubrey and Joey are ready to adopt and care for baby Ryder when neither Viki nor Tess and Robert win the custody case. Cutter asks her why on earth she'd volunteer to do that. He sees that she has a maternal bond with the baby and becomes afraid that she might not go through with their plan nor even want to leave Joey nor be able to tear herself away from Ryder once she gets to know the baby. Dorian taunts him about how Aubrey is losing interest in him and she may not even go through with scamming Joey for him. He goes home knowing she may be right and is depressed. Robert and Tess are both concluding they have nothing to lose. She is tempted to tell him what she knows about Joey and Aubrey. But when he sees he has nothing to lose, no incentive to make Tess happy nor any reason to trust her, when Joey and Aubrey come to pick up Ryder, Robert tells them if they let him have his son, he will let them have Tess and help them have her committed to St. Anne's so Jessica can come back. Joey is seriously considering that offer although Aubrey knows she better not betray Tess remembering what Tess knows about her and Cutter. After Ryder is gone, Robert gets on his phone to commit Tess. But she knocks him out and runs to be with a depressed Cutter so he can hide her after she may have killed her husband.

At the hospital Todd, Shaun and John believe that Tomas shot Todd although Blair and Tea do not want to believe that Tomas would do that. John concludes that he has enough evidence to make an arrest and places Tomas in custody.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Olivia figures out that Sofia slept with Neil and Sofia tells her that it just happened because they were both mourning Cane. Olivia doesn’t want to ruin the relationship that Neil and Malcolm have worked so hard to rebuild so she agrees to keep Sofia’s secret Olivia does some quick calculations based on the information Sofia gave her and figures out the date of conception is between February 20-24 and Sofia tells Olivia that she and Neil slept together on February 23 and Olivia tells Sofia to push the date she gives to the doctor up by two weeks so that the baby will be due by mid November and Neil won’t suspect that it is very likely he could be the father of her baby. Tucker offers Abby $300 a share to sell him the shares of Newman Enterprises that Brad left to her telling Abby that he wants to give the shares to Ashley as a wedding present. Abby tells Tucker she will think about it and then heads straight to talk to her Uncle Jack and sells him the shares of stock for $299 just to have the chance to rub Tucker’s nose in it. Tucker tells Ashley about the deal and she is very excited until Abby tells her and Tucker that she sold her shares to Uncle Jack. Once Tucker leaves Ashley and Abby have an emotional confrontation because Ashley is hurt that Abby made the deal with Jack to deliberately hurt Tucker. Abby tells Ashley that Tucker slept with Dianne and even though he did it when they had broken up temporarily it shows that Tucker will hurt her and Abby calls her mother pathetic for still wanting to marry Tucker. Ashley is hurt by Abby’s words and tells Abby that she needs to show her proof Tucker will hurt her and Abby tells Ashley she just has a bad feeling that Tucker will break her heart. Ashley tells Abby she hopes that she will be at the wedding and that her love for her will be stronger then her hatred of Tucker.

Tucker goes to Jack to ask him to become partners in making Victor’s life miserable and Jack tells Tucker he will think about it. Daniel tells Abby that Billy, Victoria, and Phyllis were unable to reach a compromise about Lucy but they agreed to think about the options and sleep on it he hopes that his mom will reconsider and leave the baby with Victoria and Billy. Devon reads the note that came with Lily’s flowers and thinks that she is having a secret relationship with Daniel. Lily denies it saying that she is still grieving Cane and Daniel has a girlfriend. Lily goes to the commentary to meet Cane who tells her that he can’t cross over because he doesn’t want to leave her and that their love is more powerful then death. Cane gives Lily a kiss and tells her he has to leave but he will get in touch with her again. Abby has a strong drink to forget her day and leaves a voicemail for Daniel telling him she really needs to talk to him. Daniel arrives at the cemetery looking for Lily and she tells him she came because she feels more connected to Cane there and Daniel gives Lily a hug.

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