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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan questions Greenlee as to how it had gone with Emma at school. Madison gets a tour of the hospital. Scott gets the impression that she wants Ryan in the delivery room. J.R. meets up with Marissa and Agent Trumbull at ConFusion. J.R. orders the agent to back off. Opal and Ricky have a conversation about Erica and her kidnapping. Ricky tells Opal how upset Kendall is over Erica. Kendall tells Griffin the bug had been delivered and she wants to know how it works. Griffin insists that they work together. Marissa reminds the agent of her rights. J.R. suggests that Marissa move back in with him and A.J. Marissa tells J.R. that she will think about it. Scott gets a call from Vinnie that there had been an accident. Ryan tells Greenlee that he will explain things to Emma about the function. Greenlee asks Ryan how they can help Kendall to wipe Ricky off the map. Ryan gets a call that Opal is having breakfast with Ricky. Greenlee gets a call from school that Emma hadn’t shown up for school. Opal questions Ricky how long this had been going on between him and Kendall. Griffin explains to Kendall exactly how the bugging device works. Griffin offers his help, but Kendall insists that she doesn’t need his help. Griffin questions Kendall as to what she does need. Madison brings Emma into the Fusion offices. Emma is distraught that Madison had called Greenlee. Madison hugs Emma as Greenlee comes in. Greenlee reprimands Madison for picking Emma up and taking her to get a muffin. Ryan meets with Opal at the Confusion bar and he questions her about Ricky and Kendall. Opal tells Ryan how their last minister had died of a heart attack. Kendall and Griffin argue when he tries to help her. Kendall gives up and tells Griffin to wire her. Maya asks J.R. about the gatehouse. Scott comes in and finds out that a big tree had destroyed the cottage house. Scott wants to rebuild the gatehouse, but J.R. insists that it is beyond repair. Kendall thanks Griffin for helping her. Griffin and Kendall apologize to each other for their recent remarks. Ryan visits Kendall and Griffin. Greenlee reprimands Madison for her recent treatment of Emma. Greenlee accuses Madison of using this unborn baby to remain close to Ryan.

J.R. and Scott argue over the cottage being destroyed. Maya listens to them as they argue. Ryan tells Griffin and Kendall about his conversation with Opal and how her pastor had previously died just before Ricky had come to town. Ryan thanks Griffin for his help. Madison insists that she doesn’t want Greenlee’s life. Madison and Greenlee argue. Madison reminds Greenlee that she had known about her pregnancy for a long time. Greenlee threatens Madison if she comes after her life. Maya brings A.J. in to see J.R. J.R. explains to A.J. about the gatehouse. Marissa listens to their conversation. At the hospital, Madison tells Scott about her conversation with Greenlee and how Greenlee had threatened Madison. Scott decides to rebuild the gatehouse from the ground up. Greenlee and Emma have a talk. Emma accuses Greenlee of always lying and that she shouldn’t have married Ryan. Kendall arrives home to find her boys there with the nanny. When Ricky arrives, Spike asks him if he is going to be his new “daddy.”

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge, Bill, Steffy and Nick are still in close communication and trying to find Brooke and Thomas. They have found the perfect waterfall and frolic in it, loving the touch of the water, the light on their faces and the touch of their hands on each other. Bill tells Steffy that he is positive they are going to find them today. She thanks him and says she feels so safe in his arms. The captain informs Ridge that the conditions are too dangerous at night and they must turn around and come back tomorrow. Ridge is disappointed since he feels so close. Stephen consoles Donna when she fears the bodies won’t ever be found. He tells the girls they can’t give up. Brooke and Thomas need their support.

Jackie tries to get Nick to go home, sleep, have fresh eyes tomorrow, but he insists on staying at the office before his computer, equipment. Stephen tells the girls that Brooke is still alive and they have to keep believing that. One of the searchers from the boat tells Ridge they have limited resources, and the two bodies of the pilots have been found dead. There is no reason to believe there is any other life out there, but if Ridge wants to continue looking he will do what he can to help tomorrow. Nick stops by to see Katie and she is glad he is there to keep her from going crazy. The clock keeps ticking, but she has to believe that Bill and Ridge are going to bring Brooke back. She cries and he consoles her. Ridge tells them that they are not going to give up. He can feel they are out there together and just waiting to be found. Meanwhile, Brooke and Thomas are tripping in their own little world.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told EJ that Sami and Rafe's marriage ending was their number one priority.  EJ refused to postpone asking Nicole for a divorce.  Stefano told EJ that he could lose his advantage over Sami with the children if he's not with Nicole. EJ said he will marry Taylor because he loves her.  He will not be stopped.  Stefano said he didn't find a Rafe look alike so EJ could throw it all away on a bookkeeper.  EJ believed he could have it all with the woman he loved.  Stefano warned him that he could suffer for the rest of his life if he does this to Nicole.  EJ said Nicole would still be able to see the children.  Marco called to say that Troy was waking up.  EJ wanted it taken care of.  Stefano made a remark about EJ's reputation if Taylor found out.  EJ claimed he would take care of Nicole.  Stefano wished him luck and left.  When Melanie went in the Cheatin' Heart, Dario greeted her.  He wondered if she were alone.  Brady walked in and Dario knew she was there with Brady.  Melanie tried to talk to Dario, but he gave her a hard time.  Brady thanked Dario for finding Arianna's killer and for helping Melanie.  Brady offered to help Dario, but Dario gave him a hard time.  Melanie told Dario that Brady was trying to help him.  As Brady and Melanie started to leave, Dario apologized.  Taylor followed Nicole to the pier and wanted to know what Nicole was going to tell her.  Nicole flashed back to seeing Taylor and EJ kissing.  Nicole told Taylor that she understood why EJ would never love anyone.  She said he wasn't capable of it.  She said that EJ does one thing then says another and she couldn't live with it.  Taylor wanted to know what she was going to do.  Nicole said she couldn't discuss it and walked off.

Sami asked Fake Rafe if he slept with a slut in their bed.  He pretended to be troubled she overheard him.  He said he went crazy after she left which was why he cheated.  Sami said that the Rafe she knew wouldn't have done something like that.  She said he wasn't Rafe.  Fake Rafe grabbed a knife while Sami's back was turned and asked who she thought he was.  He stopped when she criticized the person he became after the accident.  She said the man she loved is gone and she never felt alone.  She continued to rip into him even though he tried to defend himself.  The two ended up getting into a huge argument.  She wanted him out and never wanted to see him again.  He felt the same way, but he wanted his laundry done first.  She said she was leaving and when she got back all of his things better be gone.  Rafe was approached by a nun who introduced herself to him.  Her name is Sister Rose.  She found him while she was jogging.  She was worried that he had pneumonia.  The nun thought he was in trouble.  He realized that she wasn't connected to the ones holding him and told her what happened.  The nun told him he could stay at the church.  Taylor went back to the mansion and told EJ that Nicole said their marriage is over.  EJ wanted to know what Nicole said.  Taylor said that Nicole implied that EJ didn't love her and couldn't love anyone.  EJ thought that Nicole said that because she realized their marriage was over.  Taylor didn't want to be seen with EJ until Nicole knows the truth.  EJ agreed to wait for her.  When Nicole came home, EJ wanted to talk to her.  EJ said Taylor told him that Nicole wasn't happy.  If that was true, he suggested a divorce. Nicole laughed.  Stefano called Fake Rafe and told him to finish things between Rafe and Sami and get out of town.  Fake Rafe said he already ended things.  Rafe held the key to the safe house and looked at his room at the convent.  He said he was in a place like this before.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

While Kristina is sleeping, Lisa hides listening devices throughout the Drake home. Johnny accuses Anthony of setting up Abby for Brandon’s murder. Sonny and Dante are unable to convince Michael to stop seeing Abby. Brenda freaks out when Lucian goes missing at the diner. Dante shows up at the scene to question Brenda. Sonny and Brenda bicker in front of Robin and Patrick. Sonny is sure that Suzanne has something to do with Lucian’s disappearance. Sam and Abby talk about the murder case. Michael and Abby share an intimate moment. Jason is horrified to learn Anthony was released from Pentonville. Sam is having second thoughts about the fertility procedure. Nevertheless, Jason urges Sam to go through with it. Brenda wonders if one of Sonny’s enemies kidnapped Lucian. Lulu and Dante talk about Luke’s intervention. With the use of her laptop, Lisa listens to Robin and Patrick’s private conversation at home. Jason breaks into Johnny’s apartment and then Abby shows up minutes later. Dante questions Suzanne about Lucian’s disappearance. Sonny reassures Brenda that Lucian will be found.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When John goes to Marty's for dinner, he attempts to get her to confess her secret although she does not. Natalie privately plays the tape that she assumes is Shane's therapy session which Gigi has stolen from Dr. Buhari's office. But when she plays it, she discovers that it's not Shane. It's Marty's confession. She is not able to hear the entirety of the conversation where Marty reveals that she knowingly altered Natalie's DNA test so that John would falsely believe that Ryder was Brody's and not his and consequentially break up with Natalie. Yet she hears that Marty mentions both Natalie and John and wants to find out more. Blair decides to let Tomas kiss her for the first time and she lets her guard down with him. But right then, she gets a call informing her that Todd has regained consciousness. Suspicion about Tomas is no longer in the works when Dani and Nate conclude that there are other suspects. But when Tea asks Todd who he saw with the gun before he got shot, he names Tomas. Deanna informs James and Starr that although she accepts that James has moved on and is now with Starr, she plans to stay in Llanview and be near James.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Michael tells Lauren that Lucy is Daisy’s baby and she asks him not to represent Phyllis in her court battle against Billy and Victoria because she fears all the press attention will bring Daisy back to town. Michael gets Lauren and Phyllis to agree to agree to let him mediate a private agreement between Phyllis, Billy, and Victoria. Rafe tells Daniel, Billy, and Victoria that the best way to keep Lucy out of foster care due to the illegal adoption is to stop Phyllis from seeking custody of Lucy. Phyllis arrives at Billy and Victoria’s with Michael and Lauren and Daniel, Billy and Victoria stand with Rafe ready to negotiate Lauren tells Chloe that Daisy’s baby is Lucy Abbot and Chloe asks Heather to file papers seeking sole custody of Delia because she thinks Billy has made some bad decisions lately and it isn’t a good environment for Delia. Chloe sees the security DVD of the train station again and notices that Kevin is doing rock paper scissors so she knows that Jana is holding him against his will and goes on the news with Gloria to tell everyone Kevin was kidnapped by Jana and tells Kevin to hang on because help is on the way.

The police search the classroom but don’t find Kevin and Jana because they are hiding in the closet Jana gave Kevin a drug to put him to sleep so he won’t make any noise while the police are searching. Kevin can’t stand being locked in the closet and the rock paper scissors game isn’t working to keep him calm anymore so he tells Jana to let him out and he will do anything she wants him to do. Neil meets with Sofia and asks her to do a DNA test on the baby and if he is the father and not Malcolm he will tell Malcolm the truth. Sofia says no to the DNA test so he tells her to find out the date of conception and if he is the father he will tell Malcolm the truth. Sofia begs Neil to let this go and takes Neil’s hand and Olivia walks in to the athletic club and sees them. Olivia waits until Neil leaves and then asks Sofia what is going on between her and Neil and Sofia tells her there is nothing going on between them. Lily gets flowers from Cane with a note telling her to meet him at the usual place.

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