Friday 4/29/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/29/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Eva

Krystal quits her job with Jack so they can still be friends but later she sees Jack get frustrated when he can’t finds some information that he needs to finish his phone conversation and Krystal gives him the information. Krystal waits until Jack has finished his phone call to tell him that they make a good team and she wants to continue working for him. Caleb is upset when he discovers that Asher has hacked into Bianca and Kendall’s e-mails and tells Asher he shouldn’t invade their privacy even though he meant well. Erica’s captor offers to send Bianca and Kendall an e-mail if she talks to him her about her marriages and he family life and wants to know what the most important day of her life has been so far. Erica talks about her marriages so her captor sends the e-mail to Bianca and Kendall. Erica gets upset with her captor when he /she tells her that the e-mail said that she was okay and misses them very much xo xo and tells her captor that the best day of her life will be when she gets out of that room to marry Jack. Asher gets Caleb to talk to Erica as if she was right next to him and records what he said Caleb says that wasn’t a good idea and tells Bianca about the hacked e-mail accounts and the video Asher made and apologizes to her.

Bianca gets an idea that she, Kendall, the kids, and jack should make videos asking for Erica to come hone and Krystal watches as Jack makes a video telling Erica he wants to marry her but he won’t wait too long for her so she should come home quickly. Kendall is at the safe house with Griffin when she is talking on the phone with Ricky agreeing to meet him for a date in the park. Kendall tells Ricky that her marriage was over a long time ago and she and Zach were only staying together for the sake of the kids. Kendall tells Ricky she has never told that to anyone and Ricky is so touched he gives Kendall a kiss and Kendall has to fight the impulse not to hit Ricky. Griffin is hiding behind a bush to keep Kendall safe and when he sees the kiss he moves closer and steps on a twig. Ricky almost sees Griffin but Kendall tells him she has to leave but she can’t wait to see him again. Kendall and Ricky argue at the safe house later because Griffin thinks that she enjoyed kissing Ricky but Kendall tells him it was disgusting to her but she had to do it to make Ricky think that she was falling in love with him. Kendall thinks Griffin is jealous but Griffin tells her that he is only trying to keep her safe.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke urges Thomas to eat some of the berries; they are good. Thomas stares at them and finally eats one and then more. They can’t get enough. Ridge tells Nick that he hopes he is right about this and they will head for his course. Bill tells Steffy that the man should be here soon with the components they need for the satellite. Eric, Stephanie, Pam, Stephen and Donna wait for the news. Hope tells them that she left R.J. at a friend’s house and they know not to watch TV or hear any news. Stephanie confides in Dayzee that as much as she usually hates Brooke, she can’t imagine life without her and doesn’t want to lose her.

Brooke and Thomas act silly and dance on the beach and roll in the sand. They leapfrog, they play tag. Donna hugs Eric and says she will say a lot of prayers and keep in touch. Stephanie tells Hope that Brooke will be back; don’t think any other way. Bill tells Steffy that he knows this is tedious work, but they must keep at it, looking for any vegetation on any island where Brooke and Thomas could be holed up. He has a good feeling about this. They will keep looking until they find them. She tells him that he is special. She went to Paris and looked high and low for a French Bill Spencer. There just weren’t any. He means what he says. He gets the job done. Nick tells Taylor that both Brooke and Thomas are clever people. They are probably having a good laugh just waiting for them to show up. Brooke and Thomas go tripping and stumble upon a gorgeous waterfall where they frolic. Their hands touch. They are like magic. He scoops her up and holds her up to the light.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Sami told fake Rafe that his stuff was gone.  It looked as if he was moving out.  She wanted to know where he was going.  He said he was coming back.  Sami wanted to know when.  She told him she was angry and confused about what was going on with him.  She thought there was a reason why he acted the way he did.  She thought he might have pushed her away to save her from himself and all that he is going through.  Fake Rafe wondered what changed her mind about making the marriage work.  She said she didnít want a future without him.  She couldnít grow old without the man she loves.  He said they could start over.  They kissed.  She decided to check on the kids.  When she came back, he was ready to make love.  After he kissed her neck, she wanted him to unpack.  She took his luggage in the room.  Fake Rafe called Dario and told him to come to the loft.  Sami came back and the mood was tense.  She left the room to do his laundry.  Dario showed up.  Dario wanted to know if Fake Rafe was staying for good.  Fake Rafe said it was up to him.  They went to talk outside the door.  Fake Rafe said he planned to make his marriage work.  Fake Rafe begged Dario not to tell anyone what happened because if Sami found out he cheated, she would never give him another chance.  Sami overheard.  Dario promised not to say anything.  They continued to talk about the affair.  Fake Rafe said he wanted a fresh start.  Dario told him that Sami loves him.  Dario had to leave to start his new job tending bar at the Cheatiní Heart.  Dario warned Fake Rafe that he had his eye on him and left.  Fake Rafe went back inside where Sami was waiting for him.  At the asylum, the order must deal with Stefano who knew he left his pass key in the prisonerís cell.  Stefano wondered how to handle the orderly.  The orderly told him that they did track down the prisoner who fell in the ravine and died.  Stefano wanted to know if the body was found.  The orderly said no.  Stefano doubted that Rafe was dead.  The orderly never knew Rafeís name.  Stefano considered Rafe to be a threat.  He demanded that Rafeís body be found and then never cross his path again.  Rafe came to his feet at the ravine and left.  He dropped the key.  He realized he dropped it and picked it up.  He was out of strength to go on. 

Nicole flashed back to EJ and Taylor kissing.  EJ asked if she was alright.  She asked what was new with him and Taylor.  He said he wanted to talk to Nicole and asked Taylor to leave them alone.  Nicole stopped Taylor from leaving because she already knew what he planned on telling her and wanted Taylor there to hear it.  Nicole wanted to talk about where Taylor was going to live now that Fay is gone.  EJ didnít understand.  He reminded her that she wanted Taylor to stay.  Nicole said she knew how they felt about each other.  Taylor apologized.  Nicole said it was EJís fault for the feud.  Nicole said she noticed at the wedding.  Taylor didnít realize it was that obvious.  Nicole said sometimes people donít hit it off and every time Taylor was in the room, EJ clammed up.  When Nicole was praising Taylor stopped her because she didnít deserve it.  Nicole got a call and agreed to a meeting.  She lied and said that Chloe needed her.  EJ was upset because this was important.  Nicole said so was Chloe and left.  Taylor was upset.  EJ wanted to know what Nicole knew.  He thought this was how she acted when sheís hiding something.  Taylor didnít want to do this now.  EJ wanted to know if she wanted to continue deceiving Nicole.  She didnít.  He said there would never be a right time.  Stefano came in and wondered why they werenít at Lexieís celebrating that the kids were found.  Taylor left to see Lexie.  Stefano asked if EJ told Nicole about the divorce.  EJ said no.  They talked about Fake Rafe saving Theo.  Stefano said he ordered Fake Rafe to leave town, but he hadnít heard from him since.  They also talked about the real Rafe.  EJ wanted Fake Rafe out of town before the plan was ruined.  EJ wondered if Sami would stay with Fake Rafe.  Nicole met with her contact on the pier.  Rafeís blood matched the DNA.  Nicole was thrilled with the proof that Rafe was the prisoner.  She knew that this was the secret Fay knew and wondered what to do with the information.  Taylor showed up.  She was on her way to see Theo and Lexie and invited her.  Nicole turned her down.  Taylor sensed something was wrong.  Nicole wanted her to leave her alone and walked off.  At the Brady Pub, Will Gabi, T, and Kinsey were studying for high school finals.  Abby walked in and the teens got her advice about school and university.  Chad walked in and thought Abby was the perfect person to ask about things since she knew everything.  He walked out.  Abby went after him for an explanation.  He thought she played him about the internship because of his father. Kinsey said her fatherís business was bankrupt so she couldnít go to college.  Will and T talked about living on campus.  T suggested that Will take Gabi to Willís apartment since no one was there.  Chad and Abby made up.  She was worried that his family will turn on him and doesnít want that to happen.  Taylor followed Nicole to the Cheatiní Heart and wanted to know what was going on.  Nicole wanted to be alone.  Taylor was ready to hear what Nicole had to say.  Nicole doubted that.  Nicole said what she had to say would freak her out.  Sami confronted Rafe about sleeping with another woman.  Stefano suggested that EJ postpone asking Nicole for a divorce.  EJ refused.  Rafe lost consciousness.  A figure slowly got closer to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda tells Sonny and Suzanne that she has decided to take the DNA test. Suzanne pretends to leave but stays in the foyer to eavesdrop on Brenda and Sonny's conversation. Maxie goes to Jason's penthouse and invites Sam to join her and Matt at Jake's. Sam declines because she is having the reconstructive surgery tomorrow. Maxie says getting pregnant now would be a bad idea. Jason tells Sam that he supports her if she wants to have the surgery, but that she shouldn't do it for him. Kristina babysits Emma while Robin and Patrick go to Jake's. Her friend with a lower G.P.A. calls her and says she got into Yale. Kristina says she is still waitlisted. She takes one of the herbal supplements that Lisa gave her to calm her nerves. Kristina texts Lisa because she has run out of the supplement. Lisa comes to the Scorpio-Drake house with another bottle that contains pharmaceuticals instead of herbal supplement. Kristina falls asleep on the couch and Lisa roams the house. At Jake's, Coleman and Matt talk about the women in their lives. Maxie, Robin, and Patrick arrive. Patrick receives a text message to return to the hospital. After he finishes at the hospital, he goes home instead of back to Jake's. Robin meets Brenda at Kelly's and Lucian is fascinated by the jukebox while they talk. When Brenda's head is turned, two men in black take Lucian.

Lisa goes to Johnny's penthouse and takes off her coat revealing that she is only wearing underwear. Anthony comes into the living room and startles her. He tells her that her file doesn't do her justice and that her willingness to do anything to get what she wants reminds him of Claudia. He says it's a shame that she is wasting her talents on getting Patrick into bed, she should think bigger, and he has some ideas. Johnny comes home, rescues Lisa from the conversation, and she leaves. Johnny wonders why Anthony is so interested in Lisa and what he is up to. Dante, Michael, and Jason take Abby home after Jason bailed her out. Dante reminds them that it isn't over because Ronnie has someone willing to testify that he saw Abby pull the trigger. Dante tells Michael that he has to come home by curfew because being with someone out on bail for a murder charge violates his parole. Jason tells Abby that the best way to protect Michael is to prove that she is innocent. He asks her if Johnny has ever done anything to indicate that he has an agenda. She thinks about it and remembers that Michael went with her the night she quit Vaughn's and tried to pay Johnny the money Abby owed him, but he declined and said it's always nice to have a Corinthos owe him one. Jason goes to Johnny's house and tells him he wants the name and contact information of the blonde woman he hired to kill Brandon. Johnny doesn't know what he is talking about. Sonny goes to Abby's apartment looking for Michael, but he has already left. Sonny tells her that he will do everything in his power to ensure that she is acquitted of the charges. He says it is best for her and Michael to stay away from each other until it is over. She refuses. Sonny asks for Dante's help in making Michael see that he is jeopardizing his freedom. Michael goes to Sonny's house and Sonny tells him to stay away from Abby until the case is over and that he doesn't have a choice.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea and Dani sit beside Todd and Dani at first does not want to speak to Nate for going behind her back by taking the suspicious syringe to the cops and implicating her uncle Tomas of attempting to kill her father. Tea is worried. But Todd finally awakens. Starr is getting "impatient" about Deanna following through on getting to the bus station, boarding a bus and going back to Ohio. At first Deanna tells Starr that she is ok with the fact that James has moved on and they are no longer together. But, she admits that she does not plan to leave town.

Marty's tape has gotten lost and unkown to her, to Dr. Behari and to John, it's fallen into the hands of Rex and Gigi who believe it's the tape recording of Shane's session. WHen they explain their dilemma to Natalie about wanting to protect their son's privacy but seeing that as less important than protecting him from killing himself, Natalie offers to take and listen to the tape. Little do any of them know that that is the tape of Marty admitting to her shrink that she falsified Natalie's paternity test in order for John to break up with Natalie.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Daniel talks to Lily and tells her that Phyllis knows that Lucy is his daughter and he has to figure out a way to protect Lucy and make sure she stays with Billy and Victoria. Lily advises Daniel to consult a lawyer who tells him the best way to make sure that Lucy stays with Billy and Victoria is to sign away his parental rights to Lucy. Lily tells Daniel to think about this before he takes such a drastic step but Daniel is sure that he needs to do this to give Lucy the best possible life. Phyllis tells Michael about Lucy and asks him to be her lawyer if need be even though he also thinks that it is best for the baby to stay with Billy and Victoria. Phyllis goes to talk to Billy and Victoria to try and explain that she and Daniel should raise Lucy. Daniel arrives and signs the papers giving up his parental rights to Lucy. Daniel tells Phyllis to let this go now because it is over but Phyllis tells Daniel that she will never give up on Lucy.

Sam gives Sharon a very slow laptop so she can connect to the outside world and she checks her faceplace page to read the messages that people have left about her some of the messages are kind but some are harsh saying that she was a bad mother and the world is better off without her. Sharon gets depressed but Sam introduces her to Piper who will be using fanny as her 4H project and Sharon is happy to help the little girl make a connection with the lamb. Noah decides to drop the charges against Adam because he wants Faith to have Sharon’s last words to her so that she will have more then a picture to remember her mom. Noah reads his letter and feels happy that Sharon wasn’t angry with him about their last argument. Nick reads the letter Sharon wrote to Faith and finds it hard to hold back tears. The DA reads the letters and suggests to Nick that Sharon may have committed suicide but Nick tells him that Sharon would never do that and tells him not to mention the possibility to anyone. Michael and Leslie tell Adam and Victor that Sharon left a codicil in her will that leaves her house to Adam meaning that he can’t ever be evicted from the house.

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