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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Erica gets frustrated when she opens the door with her fork and behind the door is another wall. Erica eats a roll from the tray her captor left her but she eats it by the window where there are no cameras so he captor can’t see her and her captor gets upset when he/she returns to find Erica trying to find a way out of the room. Erica’s captor gives her a scrapbook of her life and Erica notices her captor put a lot of work into the book but Erica throws the book against the way when her captor won’t admit that she is Krystal like Erica suspects. Erica tells her captor that he she won’t break her and later her captor replays the video of Erica saying that to him/her over and over again. Erica paces the room thinking of a new strategy to get out she decides if she can’t get out she can make her captor come in the room. Krystal is embarrassed when she and Jack almost kiss and tells him that she has to quit her job as a legal assistant but he won’t allow her to quit.

Kendall tells Bianca she suspects that Ricky murdered Zach and she has been trying to get solid proof to give to the police. Bianca wants to help and Kendall tells her how she can help with the plan. Bianca later sees Ricky and makes him think that Kendall’s marriage to Zach was in trouble and Kendall and Zach were only staying together for the sake of the boys. Griffin asks Kendal to help him lie to Cara because it is the only way that she will stop looking for him. Kendall later tells Cara that Griffin went to help a group of doctors near the Afghan border Cara knows the group and feels at peace that Griffin is helping people. Kendall gives Cara a bottle cap as a sign that Griffin is coming back because he used to collect bottles and bottle caps to get the deposit as a way to earn a little extra money when they were growing up. Griffin makes sure that Kendall can defend herself against Ricky and gets her so angry with Ricky she starts to cry. Griffin advises Kendall to use her closeness to Ricky to hit him in his vulnerable spots like the eyes, nose, or groin and Kendall says that she knows just which one of those spots she wants to hit Ricky. Griffin makes Kendall promise she won’t face Ricky alone and a few minutes later Ricky calls and wants to meet with Kendall and she tells him that she has been thinking about him and can’t wait to see him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge tells the family back home that they didn’t find anything, but they are going back out today. Perhaps Brooke and Thomas are holding onto a piece of the plane as a raft. Pam and Stephen show up at the house to show their support. Thomas finds a little rain water for Brooke…not even enough to share, but he says it will rain again soon. Nicks checks the maps of where the plane supposedly went down. He says he knows those lanes from the past and he thinks he can help. Bill tells Steffy that she can help him. He’s stepping this rescue mission up a notch. He assures her that everything is going to be okay. They are going hi-tech through a military friend.

Dayzee confides in Stephanie about her special moments with Thomas. The captain tells Ridge they are almost there again where the male body was found. Nick calls the boat and tells them he knows those lanes, he’s familiar with the tracking, the wind currents and it’s a good chance Thomas and Brooke went the other way. Although the captain is reluctant, Ridge tells him they need to be going in the opposite direction. Bill meets heavy resistance from the military leader, but the man does come through for him by saying he will send a man from the Samoa base with some satellite components he will need to see an aerial view of the entire island. Bill hugs Steffy and says they are now finally on their way to a rescue. Brooke finds more berries and tells herself maybe it won’t hurt to just eat one. She holds it, she puts it to her tongue, she visually tastes it before she puts it into her mouth….she savors it, then devours it. She picks more to gobble up. Thomas rushes up to advise her not to eat them. She replies that they are delicious and holds out her hands for him to eat some too.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Taylor thought it was a mistake for EJ to tell Nicole that he wanted a divorce.  EJ suggested they could be happy while waiting.  Taylor thought it would be impossible to be happy if Nicole hated her.  EJ told her that they didnít intend to hurt Nicole.  He thought that Taylorís sensitivity would not protect Nicole.  The two continued to talk about Nicole.  When Nicole went to the Cheatiní Heart, she flashed to EJ and Taylor kissing.  She wondered what secret Fay was going to tell her.  Was it about Rafe or Taylor and EJ.  Chloe overheard what she said and apologized.  Nicole told Chloe about EJ and Taylor.  Nicole was determined to fight back.  They talked about EJ and Taylor.  Chloe warned Nicole to be careful about taking on the DiMeras.  Nicole said she would be and she was going to call the shots when she gets the proof she needed to nail the DiMeras.  Chloe tried to keep Nicole from hurting Taylor since Taylor is her sister and she tried to leave.  Nicole was determined not to let Taylor have everything.  Nicole left.  At the hospital, Carly asked Melanie not to tell Daniel that she wasnít herself.  Melanie agreed not to say anything.  Carly felt bad for not being there for her and was nervous that she missed a lot.  Maxine showed up to talk to Carly about an admin.  Maxine asked Melanie if she got the memo about the meeting on the missing drugs.  When Melanie told Carly about the meeting.  Carly flashed back to stealing the drugs and suggested they leave the hospital. After Daniel and Jennifer stopped kissing, they discussed going out on a date.  While they were talking, Carly and Jennifer entered.  Melanie was alright with the date, but Carly acted happy for them.  When Daniel walked away, Jennifer and Carly talked about it being time for Jennifer to move on with her life.  Jennifer wasnít sure if Carly was okay with her dating Daniel, but Carly said she was.  Jennifer left to meet Abby.  When Carly left, she looked through her bag for her meds, but she didnít have any.  She quickly walked away.  Daniel and Melanie noticed that Carly hasnít been herself.  

At Bo and Hopeís house, a photographer took a picture of Abe and Fake Rafe.  Abe apologized for not warming up to him sooner.  Fake Rafe was ready to leave since he gave his statement, but Bo wanted one more thing.  There was a knock on the door.  Bo wanted Fake Rafe to get it. He did and it was Sami.  Roman called her.  Bo, Abe, and the photographer went to the kitchen.  Sami congratulated Fake Rafe or what he did for the kids.  She said that wasnít all Roman told him.  She knew about his request to leave.  He said he only planned on being gone for a little while to clear his head.  He was ready to go.  Sami said she missed him.  He said she missed the old Rafe.  She was hopeful that he was still in there.  She wanted to work through their problems together.  She wanted to go home and discuss things.  When the Bradys and Carvers went into the living room, Theo screamed for Fake Rafe to go away.  Abe apologized.  Lexie assumed he was stressed because of his busy day.  Fake Rafe though about pressuring Theo to keep his silence.  He wanted to speak to Theo to clear things up.  Fake Rafe started to tell Theo that he was just worried about him and Ciara when he found them.  Theo said he wanted to go home.  Lexie apologized and left with Theo and Abe.  Hope told Fake Rafe that Theo has been through a lot.  Sami thought it was time to leave.  The two left.  Bo, Hope, and Ciara talked about Fake Rafe.  Ciara said Fake Rafe is mean when he is alone with kids.  Bo and Hope talked about what Ciara told them.  Bo blamed Fake Rafeís behavior on the accident.  When they talked about Ciara, Bo hoped Ciara didnít blame herself for anything.  Hope is happy that Ciara was fine.  The two hugged and were ready to work on getting their family back together.  When Carly was back at the hospital, she saw her meds.  She didnít get them because Maxine brought up the missing drugs.  A lab rep showed up looking for Lexie with medical samples.  Carly suggested he leave them with her.  EJ decided to talk to Nicole so he ended the moment with Taylor.  Nicole was on the pier and demanded to get the results now.  She said she would have EJ right where she wanted him.  When Taylor and EJ went back to the mansion, she said she was scared.  He said he would take care of everything.  Nicole walked in and asked what they have been up to.  At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Sami wanted to talk about their relationship, but she wanted to unpack first.  He blamed Theo and Ciara for why he wasnít gone.  He threatened to handle Sami the way he did Fay.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke wakes up from being drugged and finds himself duct taped to a chair. Lucky arranged an intervention with Lulu, Ethan, Tracy, Nikolas, Carly, Sonny, and an interventionist, Calvin Blaine. Mr. Blaine has them all read prepared letters to Luke. They all reminisce about good times with Luke and ask him to quit drinking. Luke says he won't change. Tracy tells him they don't want him to change; they just want him to stop drinking. Sonny tells him they want to help him save himself. Lucky tells him they are not there to judge him. He says they both have the same disease. Luke insists that he doesn't have a disease. Mr. Blaine suggests that Luke admit himself to rehab. Luke refuses. Mr. Blaine says he can't force Luke into rehab; he has to make that decision for himself. Everyone at the intervention tells him that they will have to turn their backs on him if he doesn't get treatment. 

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Viki "recovers" and manages to send both Nikki Smith and Jean Randolph (her alter egos) away, in the courtroom, it's too late for her to win custody of baby Ryder. The judge concludes that after what she saw in her courtroom, she cannot put a child in the care of Viki. Tess and Robert Ford rejoice when they hear that. But the judge informs them that she won't grant their petition either. She knows that their marriage is a scam and solely motivated†by their wanting to get their hands on Ryder's trust fund. The judge then concludes that her only alternative is to send baby Ryder to foster care. But Viki urges her not to do that. Natalie offers to let her nephew stay with her and her infant son, the baby's cousin. But knowing that Natalie and her baby reside in Viki's home,†the judge†tells Natalie she cannot let Ryder stay there. At that point, knowing that she has to find a way to get "power" with Joeys' family, Aubrey steps up and offers for herself and Joey let baby Ryder stay with them. Tess argues that Aubrey is scamming Joey for his family's money and lying that† the guy she is sleeping with is her brother. But the judge does not believe in Tess's credibility although Tess is not lying about what she saw and knows about Aubrey and Cutter. And she grants Joey and Aubrey custody of baby Ryder. Viki and Natalie are both eternally grateful to Aubrey for saving the day. But Tess and Robert are clearly not, both knowing what they know about Aubrey and Cutter.

John admits to Kelly that he is going to go to have dinner with Marty for the sole purpose of getting Marty to confess what he suspects about her. Before he gets there, Marty's shrink tells her even if what is said in their therapy sessions is confidential, Marty needs to be honest to John about Marty's falsifying Natalie's paternity tests. Yet, the shrink's receptionist has switched Marty's tape recorded confession with the tape thea Gigi secretly recorded of Shane's conversation with the same shrink. Rex and Gigi conclude that even if they need to respect some aspects of Shane's privacy with his therapist, this is an exception if it regards suicide. So they get ready to listen to it, still not knowing that SHane's tape got switched with Marty's.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Paul arrives at the Chandler mansion to help to find Kevin. Chance fills Paul in on the evidence. Michael and Lauren arrive at the mansion. Gloria and Jeff arrive to help to find Kevin and to clue him in on the evidence. Gloria lets them know that Chloe tried to warn them against Jana. Kevin is locked up in a closet as he plays basketball. Jana lets him know that he is getting on her nerves. Jana tries to come up with a plan to get Kevin to fall in love with her again. At Billy’s, Phyllis lets Billy know that Daniel knows how it feels when one’s daughter is missing. Victoria and Lucy comes downstairs and find Phyllis and Daniel there. Victoria, automatically, fears the worst. Phyllis and Daniel soon makes their exit, but outside, Phyllis questions Daniel as to what is up with him. Paul runs a check to see if either Kevin or Jana had used their credit cards recently. Katherine tries to put everything into perspective and ease everyone’s mind that Kevin will be found. Jeff and Gloria stop by to see if there is any news. Gloria lets them know that Chloe had warned them about Jana. Jeff pulls Michael aside and lets him know what Kevin had been up to recently. Jana lets Kevin out of the closet to go on a little field trip. Katherine tries to relieve Chloe’s worries that Kevin will be found. Phyllis and Daniel arrive at Katherine’s to check on Kevin’s whereabouts. Chloe lets it slip that they had been working on trying to find Daisy’s daughter. Lauren worries that Daisy would return to Genoa City. Victoria fears that they will lose Lucy.

Kevin and Jana visit the bus station, but all the time Jana has a gun in Kevin’s ribs. Jana urges Kevin to buy a bus ticket to Florida for both of them. Victoria questions Billy as to how he had bought Lucy. Paul gets a lead on Kevin and Jana that Kevin had used his credit card recently. Phyllis demands an explanation from Daniel about his actions. Daniel tells Phyllis that he hadn’t been searching for his daughter because he may know where she is. Paul and Chance find out that Kevin and Jana are headed for Orlando. Jana and Kevin go back to their safe place to wait to see what happens. Michael finds Angelo at the Athletic Club bar and questions him as to Kevin’s whereabouts. Angelo denies knowing anything, but promises to help Michael in exchange for help in the future. Phyllis puts two and two together and finds out that Lucy is Daniel’s daughter. Phyllis vows to fight for Lucy.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jana decides to lead everyone looking for Kevin on a wild goose chase and takes Kevin to the train station and makes him buy a ticket using his credit card so that the police can trace it. Paul who has taken over the search for Kevin goes to the train station and manages to obtain security footage and Kevin and his family and friends view the security footage searching for clues. Jana takes Kevin back to the classroom and makes him get back in the closet while she waits for a sign about what she should do next. Jeffrey tells Michael that Kevin has been taking meeting with the mob and maybe he made one of the mob guys angry and they are holding him hostage. Jeffrey makes a point to tell Michael that he doesn’t know why Kevin is involved with the mob. Jeffrey leads Michael to Angelo who tells Michael he isn’t holding Kevin hostage. Michael makes a deal with Angelo that if he helps him find Kevin he will be his lawyer if he ever needs legal help.

Chloe tells Lauren and Phyllis that Kevin found out that Jana was searching for Daisy’s baby and had discovered that the baby was sold on the black market to someone in Genoa city. Phyllis continues to wonder why Daniel keeps undermining the search for his child and Daniel tells her that he knows the baby is in a loving home somewhere in town and Daisy knows nothing about it. Phyllis wants to know where the baby is and Daniel remains silent about the identity of the baby’s adoptive parents but Phyllis talks about how the baby was stolen just like Billy and Victoria’s baby was stolen from them. Phyllis remembers that Billy and Victoria adopted Lucy around the same time Daisy was due to give birth. Phyllis also figures out that Jana must have found out that Lucy was Kevin’s niece and he kidnapped her because she wanted to make him happy. Daniel confirms to his mom that Lucy is his daughter but he doesn’t intend to take her away from Billy and Victoria. Phyllis tells Daniel that Lucy is one of them and he can’t turn his back on her and leave her with Billy and Victoria.

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