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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Bianca’s date doesn’t go well because her date Louse thinks that Bianca has feelings for Marissa so she leaves and Bianca decides to go home so JR and Marissa can go to the concert alone. Colby wonders if she is a snob because she hadn’t noticed that Maya has been working as a maid in her house for two weeks. Maya encourages Colby to keep posting her Vlog because she thinks it has helped many people including her. JR and Caleb argue when Caleb brings Cortlandt equipment for Colby to use to do her Vlog and Caleb tells JR that he intends to support Colby and he doesn't care what he thinks about it.

Asher yells at JR to cut Caleb some slack because he is going through a rough time right now and then he storms out of the mansion. Asher finds Caleb at Krystal’s restaurant later and advises him to keep fighting for Erica but Caleb thinks its time to let Erica go. Jack continues to lean on Krystal through this rough time but he feels that he can’t escape Erica because he thinks of her everywhere he goes in town and people can’t stop talking about his almost wedding to her. Jack considers leaving town to get away for a while but decides he won’t let thoughts of Erica run him out of his home or Krystal either. Erica asks her captor for food and discovers that she is in pine Valley when her captor brings her food from Krystal’s retardant and it is still hot. Erica doesn’t get a response from her captor when she calls her captor Krystal so she thinks that Krystal is holding her captive to get her hooks into Jack. Erica successfully uses her for to open the door and when she opens it she says “Oh My God".

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas manages to find some wood so he and Brooke can make a fire, but neither have found any water. She wonders as an Eagle Scout if he knows how long they can survive without food or water. He answers that they will be rescued before that happens. He urges her not to give in to temptation and eat the berries that she found. They could be poisonous. Thomas manages to get a small fire started so they won’t freeze again during the night. Brooke relays to him that Ridge saved her once before on an island and he will do it again. Thomas is very much his father’s son. Bill tells Ridge that he’s talked to Katie and that R.J is doing fine. Ridge says he and Taylor are going out on their own to search and asks Steffy to stay there and help Bill. He meets the captain of a boat and says although it is almost dark there is no time to waste.

Brooke cries to Thomas that Ridge has always been there for her, whenever and wherever and she is not going to lose the faith. He will come for them and take them home. Bill listens to Steffy, but tells her that she has been a good sister so don’t be so hard on herself. Thomas is out there somewhere alive and he is going to find him. The captain gets a message that a 40 year old male’s body has been found dead. Ridge assume it is one of the pilots, but he will not give up on his wife and his son. Brooke cries for water, but Thomas tells her there is none. He will go try to find them some. When he is gone, she stares at the berries they picked. She looks at the stars while Ridge is doing the same. She begs him not to give up. He vows that no matter where he is, he is coming. “Hang on Logan.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole walked in and saw EJ and Taylor kissing.  Nicole picked up a letter opener and examined it. She ended up leaving.  Taylor stopped kissing EJ and asked if he heard a noise.  He opened the doors and saw that no one was there.  He reminded Taylor that he is getting a divorce so they didn't have to hide anymore.  Taylor admitted that this is all she wants, but it is stressing her out that she is betraying Nicole.  EJ called Nicole so they could all talk face to face.  Nicole ended the call and didn't answer when he called again.  Taylor thought that could be a sing that they are moving too fast.  The two walked off together.  Nicole was on a bench crying and was comforted by Fay.  Fay advised Nicole to use the power she had.  She took out the DNA paper and made a call.  At the Cheatin' Heart, Chloe read the divorce papers.  Justin walked in and apologized.  He asked if there was anything he could do.  She wondered if he could get her life back.  The two talked about Victor throwing her out and where she was staying.  He reminded her that Daniel would give her alimony.  She said she wanted nothing from him.  She continued to drink.  Justin told her that Philip might let her see Parker, but she didn't think so.  She yelled at him to leave her alone.  He did what she wanted.

A stranger approached Chloe and hit on her.  At Daniel's apartment, he received the divorce papers.  He left a message for Melanie telling her the locks have been changed.  When he was about to leave, he bumped into Jennifer.  Their eyes met when they both picked up the box she dropped.  He told her what happened to Melanie.  He invited her in the apartment.  They talked about Melanie and how he kissed Carly.  He explained why Carly kissed him.  They continued to talk about Carly.  At the hospital, Carly obsessed over her meds.  Melanie showed up.  Carly was upset to hear about Melanie's attack.  Melanie said she left her messages.  Carly said she was tired and overslept.  Melanie noticed something was wrong with her, but Carly sidetracked the conversation.  Melanie was going to catch up with her later.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about the things he lost.  He thanked her for helping him.  Jennifer reached for him.  He muttered that she would only consider him a friend.  While EJ and Taylor were outside, they talked about Nicole.  The two ended up kissing again.  At the pier, Nicole paid a man to check the DNA in the report against Rafe's DNA.  She told him she needed it fast in writing.  She gave him money and he promised she wouldn't be disappointed.  Daniel and Jennifer kissed.  Taylor agreed to trust EJ, but they couldn't be together until Nicole knew the truth.  HE said it would be tonight.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Robin visits Brenda and finds out how that Carly had been interfering in hers and Sonny’s life. Brenda lets Robin know that she wished that Sonny could love Lucian as much as she did. At the hospital, Patrick questions Lisa about her treatment of one of his patients. Later in the conversation, Patrick thanks Lisa for the treatment that she had given to his patient. Tracey opens the safe and finds the money gone. Nicholas walks in and Tracey fills him in on Luke and how he had taken all the money and had left. Nicholas tells Tracey that Luke had tried to get Jason to kill him. At home, Luke and Elizabeth discuss how that Luke had killed her son because of his drinking. Elizabeth tells Luke that he isn’t to blame. Ethan, Lucky and Lulu discuss the 12 steps of intervention and how to get Luke off his drinking. Lucky insists on finding a way to get Luke to stop drinking before he ends up dead. Tracey and Nicholas arrive to fill Ethan, Lucky and Lulu in that Luke was gone. Ethan sees Kristina at Kelly’s and tells her about Lucky’s plan to get Luke to stop drinking. After Ethan leaves, Kristina takes one of the pills that Lisa had given to her. Luke enters Jake’s where Siobhan is tending bar. Siobhan pours him a drink, but then calls Lucky that Luke is there. Ethan comes in and pretends as though he doesn’t know that Luke was there. Lucky beats himself up for not helping Luke to stop drinking. Robin arrives at the hospital and lets Patrick know that Kristina can babysit for them the month of May.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Viki awakens in her head and realizes her alter, Niki, got out. Her other alter, Jean Randolph, tells Viki that she doesn’t have the power to let her out, because Viki gave Niki the key. In the courtroom before the custody hearing, Tess plays dumb when Natalie demands to know where Viki is. Joey confronts Tess about Viki being Niki Smith. When Niki arrives in the courtroom, pretending to be Viki, Natalie and Joey try to coax Viki out. A new judge takes over the case. Niki discloses Charlie's infidelity and says she can't take care of Ryder. Joey tells the judge that the woman in the courtroom is not their mother, but her alter, Niki. Niki then confirms her identity and says she doesn’t like kids so Ryder should be with his mother. Viki tells Jean that since she can't get Niki back into her head that she chooses to invoke Jean. Jean enters Viki's consciousness, thereby sending Niki back into Viki's head. Jean tells the judge that she is the only logical choice to care for the child. The judge asks her if she likes kids, and Jean replies that she does not but she can take care of one nonetheless, that it can't be more difficult than taking care of a pet. The judge says babies need love. Tess is certain that Viki will lose the court case after seeing the alters. Viki and Niki struggle for the key to the outside. Viki's body faints in the courtroom, sending Jean back inside of Viki's head. While unconscious, Viki defies both Jean and Niki and forces her way back into consciousness. Viki wakes up on the courtroom floor and wonders what is going on.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby is hurt that Daniel confided the secret that Lucy is his daughter to Lily instead of telling her and she heads to church to ask God how she being shallow can competes with a woman of substance. courage and beauty like Lily. Billy tells the whole truth to Victoria about Lucy's adoption to Victoria and she tells him to leave the nursery because she can't look at him right now. Billy calls Daniel who comes over to assure Victoria that Lucy couldn't have better parents then she and Billy an he will sign whatever papers are needed to make things legal. Billy and Chloe question Delia who tells them that Kevin was with Jana and Billy assumes that Kevin was Jana's accomplice. Chloe , Katherine, and Murphy defend Kevin and insist that if he is with Jana he was the one who persuaded him to return the girls.

Chloe calls Michael telling him he is worried that Jana has kidnapped Kevin and Kevin is in trouble that is why he hasn't called anyone. Michael asks Heather to check with her contacts at the DA's office to see what she can find out about Kevin. Heather gets in touch with her contacts and finds out that an APB has been put out on Kevin because the police suspect that he works for the mob. Chloe asks Michael to help find Kevin and clear his name because he isn't Jana's accomplice and he knows the reason why he works for the mob. Jana locks Kevin in the closet of the classroom because given his history she thinks it is the easiest way to break him and she knows that he will love her again. Kevin does his best to keep calm in the small space and tells himself that there is nothing to be afraid of and that the important thing is that the girls are safe again.

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