Tuesday 4/26/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Amanda sits in a chair in the corridor of the hospital, waiting for Jake to join her. Cara wakes up with Tad in the bed with her. Tad tries his best to comfort Cara over her missing Griffin. At the Confusion bar, Ryan watches Ricky when Greenlee joins him. Ryan shushes Greenlee from saying anything until he can explain to her why he is watching Ricky. Ricky turns around and sees Greenlee and Ryan watching him. Ryan in a quiet voice tells Greenlee that Zach had been murdered. At the Slater home, Kendall is upset that Griffin hadn’t left town as she had requested. Griffin insists that he will not leave her to face Ricky alone. Jake explains everything to Amanda about Griffin escaping and Tad and Cara being involved in his escape. Jake tries to call Cara, but only gets her voicemail. Jake calls Tad to let him know to get Cara down to the hospital as soon as possible for a board meeting. Tad lets Jake know that Cara is lying beside of him. Kendall urges Griffin to leave, but Griffin refuses. Tad and Cara arrive at the hospital for the meeting. Cara insists on handling this herself. A travel agent meets with Ricky about a tropical island paradise for him and Kendall. Greenlee and Ryan visit Kendall. Greenlee offers Kendall her help. Kendall confesses to Ryan and Greenlee that Griffin is back. After the board meeting, Cara lets Tad know that she had resigned from the hospital. Jake urges Tad to stand by Cara. Greenlee walks into ConFusion and sees Ricky calling Kendall. As Ricky prepares to leave, Greenlee stops him to talk about Kendall and try to find out if he's really a minister. Kendall lets Griffin know that Ricky is falling in love with her and she is going to make him fall hard for her. Tad and Cara go to Krystal’s for a bite of lunch and he tries to comfort her about her resigning her position at the hospital. Griffin gives Kendall a bottle of medicine and a syringe which she can use to paralyze Ricky. Amanda throws away her birth control. Ricky stares at a pic of Diana and vows he will make Kendall love him. Griffin and Kendall exchange intimate looks.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas holds onto Brooke and assures her they made it through the night. He says she will be with her family again soon. Now they need to find some food. He’s the Eagle Scout so he will go. He comes back and quips that he could not find a restaurant on the entire island, but he did bring her a shell full of water. He makes a spear to try and catch a fish and asks Brooke if she can look for some fruit and berries when she feels ready to walk. Bill gives his pilot instructions of where to land. They don’t care about comforts, just get them as close to the rescue mission as possible. He tells Ridge that it is going to be a coordinated effort so he should just take it easy. Bill calls Katie and explains to her that he didn’t want to take off without her, but she wasn’t answering her phone. She cries when she thanks him and says she will take care of R.J. and not let him hear about this. Liam drops by to see Hope. She runs into his arms and thanks him for coming.

Hope asks Liam if there is any more information from his Dad at all. She asks if he can just stay and pretend all is okay. She just wants to hold him and kiss him forever. He says pretending never hurt anyone. He wants her to get her wish that Brooke will come walking through that door, and he wants to be there when it happens. Bill tells Steffy that her father will move heaven and earth to find Brooke and Thomas’s location, but they need to move fast. Thomas assures Brooke that they are gonna make it. Brooke finds some beautiful berries, but Thomas warns her they could be poisonous. They need to hold out a little longer. He holds her as she cries that she just wants to go home.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nicole was determined to find out what EJ did after she read the DNA report that Vivian threw out.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano told EJ that Rafe fell off a cliff and died.  EJ was ecstatic.  EJ thought this was a win against Sami.  Taylor walked in and told them that the kids were tracked down.  Stefano and EJ were happy.  Stefano went to tell Kate.  Taylor didn’t like being alone with EJ.  Stefano was confused as to why Lexie didn’t tell him about the kids.  He complained to Kate about his children.  Kate wanted to get out of the house so they left.  Taylor told EJ that she still planned to leave.  He told her that Nicole should be the one to leave.  He told her that he is divorcing Nicole.  Taylor wasn’t going to let him.  She wanted EJ and Nicole to work things out.  EJ refused to because he loves Taylor.  Taylor said Nicole loves him and they have a family.  EJ said he must do the right thing because he loves her too.  He said he loves Nicole, but he’s not in love with her.  He loves Taylor.  The two continued to talk about Nicole and how he and Nicole got together.  Nicole went back to the Cheatin’ Heart and told Chloe that she will find out the truth about EJ.  She told Chloe how Vivian and Gus talked about a prison in the DiMera basement.  Nicole remembered a commotion in the basement before Rafe’s accident.  Nicole believed the prisoner was Rafe.  She thought that Stefano and EJ did it together just like what Stefano did to John Black years ago.  Chloe thought Rafe would have mentioned it.  Nicole told her that he didn’t remember.  She thought the DiMeras might have done the same thing with Rafe.  Chloe wasn’t convinced.  Nicole mentioned how Rafe was not acting like himself.  She thought the DiMeras might have done something to control him.  She showed Chloe the DNA report of the prisoner in the basement.  If it matched Rafe, she would be able to prove what Stefano and EJ did. Chloe asked if Nicole was afraid of EJ knowing what she knows.  She said no.  Nicole remembered that Fay died before telling the secret.  Chloe suggested she burn the paper and forget about it.  Nicole couldn’t stop wondering how EJ managed to change Rafe into someone Sami couldn’t live with.  Fay knew, but now she’s dead.  Nicole decided to go home and surprise EJ. 

Just as Fake Rafe grabbed Theo, Bo showed up.  Bo told Ciara that she wasn’t the cause of his and Hope’s problems. He told her that they are working things out, but they would never be happy without her.  They told each other that they loved each other.  Bo promised Theo for being there for Ciara making sure she wasn’t alone.  Bo told the kids that running away is never the answer.  Ciara promised to never do it again.  Bo called Hope and let Ciara speak to her.  Lexie told Stefano not to come over because Theo will need time.  Stefano was upset, but he was glad Theo was safe.  At the police station, Hope thanked Fake Rafe for finding the kids.  Bo wondered how Fake Rafe found them.  He told Bo that he was having a hard time since the accident and wanted to take time off.  He also told Bo that he remembered a case when a kid took off on a delivery truck.  Bo mentioned Fake Rafe’s grip on Theo and asked if he was worried that Theo was going to leave again.  Fake Rafe said the boy gave him an attitude and looked like he was ready to leave.  Bo bought the excuse and thanked him.  Chloe opened an envelop from the court.  When Fake Rafe was going to leave, Bo stopped him so he could make an official statement.  Bo told him he couldn’t leave town.  In the bushes, Rafe sat up with scratches on his face.  Taylor couldn’t deny her love for EJ.  They were about to kiss when Nicole opened the door.  Her mouth fell open.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie urges Elizabeth to tell Nikolas the truth about Aiden's paternity. Elizabeth doesn’t want to be an obstacle between Lucky and Siobhan. Sonny tries to convince Luke not to provoke Jason in to killing him. Sam tells Lucky what Luke is thinking of doing. Lucky discusses with Nikolas the idea of organizing an intervention for Luke. Luke packs a bag and leaves the Haunted Star.

Michael falsely confesses to killing Brandon to prevent Ronnie from arresting Abby. Jason demands that Abby tell the truth so he knows what he is dealing with. She tells him someone is setting her up. Jason urges her not to take the fall for Michael because he needs her. Dante suggests that Abby should take the deal that Diane is going to broker. Abby insists that she is innocent. Dante asks her who would want to set her up. Jason asks Michael who would benefit from framing Abby. Johnny wants to know why Anthony is setting up Abby. Anthony tells Johnny not to worry about it; they will control Michael and then the real project will begin.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy and Victoria discover that Jana has Kidnapped Delia and Lucy and an Amber alert is issued right away and members of the Newman and Abbot families join the search for the girls. Nikki finds out about the news but since she has been putting alcohol in her juice she drinks a pot of coffee before heading to Victoria’s house. Victor arrives and both he and Nikki comfort Victoria and try to persuade her not to blame herself for what has happened. Chloe tells Jill that Jana could hurt Delia just because she hates her and thinks she took Kevin from her. Billy blames himself for the kidnapping and begins to tell Victoria how he was able to adopt Lucy so quickly while Daniel finally tells Abby he is Lucy’s biological father.

Jana tells Kevin about Billy buying Lucy from Primrose and Kevin is happy that his niece is safe and manages to persuade Jana that he will run away with her and they can have their own family but they must return the girls to their families. Jana and Kevin leave the girls at ST Mary’s church and Jana figures out that Kevin tricked her just so she would return the girls. Kevin tells Jana he will make sure she doesn’t go to jail by telling the police she was disoriented and when she came to her senses it was her idea to return the girls to their parents. Katherine prays at the church for the girls safe return and then leaves before Kevin and Jana arrive but return because Katherine forgot her purse and find both girls at the church safe and sound.

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