Monday 4/25/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/25/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Greenlee and Emma sit at a table at ConFusion when Madison and Scott join them. Scott takes Emma in his arms. Randi calls Greenlee to tell her about a problem at Fusion. Scott and Madison want to take care of Emma, but Greenlee objects. Emma insists that she wants to go with Scott and Madison. At the mansion, Scott spends time with Marissa. To J.R.’s dismay, Scott and Emma arrive for the party. Ryan meets with his investigator concerning the evidence against Ricky. In looking through the evidence, Ryan notices that something is missing. Kendall reprimands Ricky for picking up her boys from Bianca’s. Ryan calls Kendall but Ricky intercepts the call. Ryan lets Ricky know that he is stopping by to talk to Kendall. Kendall asks Ricky who was on the phone and Ricky tells her that it was Ryan and he is stopping by. Ricky tells Kendall that Ryan must be upset about something.

J.R. gives Emma an update on Annie, but Emma accuses him of not caring about Annie at all. Greenlee opens the lid on the laptop and sees Madison’s sonogram of the baby. Greenlee lays down some ground rules concerning Madison’s time with Emma. Greenlee starts to tell Madison that this baby is a mistake, but Madison finishes the sentence for her. Ryan lets Kendall know that Zach had been killed. Bianca notices how Marissa smiles at J.R. A.J. tells Emma how Annie had hurt Marissa. Emma denies the accusation. Ryan watches Kendall and Ricky together at ConFusion. Kendall cannot listen to Ricky without imagining herself drawing a knife on him. Ricky tries to propose to her, but cannot get Kendall’s full attention. Marissa sends the kids on a treasure hunt. Emma comes in and demands to go home. J.R. tries to fix Bianca up on a blind date in which he and Marissa would accompany them. Ricky tries to kiss Kendall, but she pulls away. Marissa tries to convince Bianca to go on the blind date. Ryan watches Ricky when Emma and Greenlee join him. Ryan and Greenlee watch Ricky when Ricky turns around and sees them watching him. Kendall finds Griffin in her living room.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Eric and Ridge are both on the phones trying to find information on the missing plane. Stephanie assures them that Brooke and Thomas will be found. They call a family meeting to let everyone know. Ridge tells them that he has been on the phone all night looking for data from the Aviation Commission and with authorities near Fiji. He is going to be on a flight there as soon as possible. Taylor cries that she is going with him. Ridge explains to R.J. that he has to go meet Brooke and Thomas on business. Thomas and Brooke wash up on the shore. Justin tells Bill that he’s sorry that therapy didn’t go well. He knows how much he misses his wife. Bill is ticked that Katie walked out on him. Steffy calls crying that her brother’s plane crashed. She doesn’t know what to do. Bill gets her to calm down and lets her know that his jet is available. He tells Justin to be sure the jet is fueled and ready to go in a moment’s notice. He calls Katie and leave a message on her voicemail. He is going to take Ridge and Taylor to Fiji and asks her if she gets this message in time to meet him at the airport.

Thomas finds a cave that he and Brooke can call home. Although she can barley walk, she urges him to go try and find help. She thanks him for saving her life. Her dress is in shreds and she shivers as she looks around at her surroundings. Hope thanks Eric and Stephanie for being there for everyone. Bill calls Katie again and assures her that he wants her there and they will find Brooke and Thomas. Ridge thanks Bill for doing this for his family. Donna and Katie are aghast when they go to Brooke’s and hear the news. Taylor cries on Ridge’s shoulder that she has already lost a daughter, she does not want to lose her son too. As night falls, Thomas returns and tells Brooke that he didn’t find a thing. There is just “us”. She vows they will look again tomorrow.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Rafe was surrounded.  He inched back over the rocks and fell into the water.  The rocks and current made the man with the gun doubt that Rafe survived the fall.  Fake Rafe looked up after hearing the noise.  He cursed after seeing Ciara and Theo duck.  He was spotted.  The kid told him they were running away.  Ciara begged him not to tell anyone or make them go back home.  He said he wouldn’t, but they had to swear not to tell anyone they saw him.  Ciara promised, but Theo said he couldn’t lie.  Fake Rafe got frustrated and told them to do it his way or else.  Nicole, EJ, and the new Taylor (Tamara Braun) were at the DiMera mansion.  Taylor wanted to talk to Nicole about leaving the mansion.  Nicole told her that Fay’s accident wasn’t Taylor’s fault.  Nicole wanted EJ to convince Taylor of that too.  Taylor said that wasn’t the reason.  Nicole wanted to know what it was.  Taylor told her there wasn’t a need for her to stay.  EJ got a phone call about Theo being missing.  Taylor left to be with Lexie.  EJ asked Taylor to tell Lexie he loves her.  Nicole wondered if EJ was going too.  He didn’t think he would be welcomed by the others affected.  Nicole was suddenly worried about the kids.  EJ knew they were fine.  Nicole was concerned because when she spoke to “Rafe”, he didn’t seem to know when the kids would be back.  EJ said he wasn’t surprised.  Nicole said the kids loved Rafe and would be heartbroken.  EJ felt good about it.  Stefano showed up and wanted to talk to EJ.  When Nicole left, Stefano told him that Fake Rafe left Salem.  EJ already knew since Nicole talked to Dario.  EJ thought Nicole was convinced something was going on with him and Rafe.  He has to be nice to her so she wouldn’t see the divorce coming.  Stefano was surprised because EJ has only been married a short time.  Stefano didn’t like the idea of them getting a divorce.  The two kept arguing about Nicole and Taylor. Brady told Victor they are still family.  Brady told him he is on probation.  Victor thought it would be nice to have someone on his side.  Brady told him he had Melanie.  

Maggie ripped into Melanie for attacking Chloe.  The two got into an argument over Chloe.  Melanie said she wouldn’t be able to see Maggie anymore if Chloe lived with her.  Maggie said she could see her.  Melanie didn’t think so as long as Chloe was living with her.  Maggie suggested that they meet somewhere else.  She said she would always be there for her.  Melanie didn’t agree and walked away.  Hope and Lexie told Bo about the lead.  Bo got a call about a teen runaway who found Ciara’s necklace, but she wouldn’t say how she got it.  Hope believed the girl would tell them.  Bo and Hope went to the Centerville police station.  Hope was shocked that the runaway has a record for prostitution.  Hope introduced herself to the runaway and asked where Ciara was.  Leah (the runaway) wanted a lawyer.  Leah recognized Hope as the serial mugger.  Leah wasn’t surprised Ciara ran away.  Bo offered Leah a deal.  If she helped them find Ciara, they would get her off the streets.  Leah refused.  Bo brought up the name of her pimp and threatened to tell him she was working his turf and keeping the money.  Leah gave in.  Taylor and Lexie talked about the accident she was in with EJ.  Taylor told her how she’s leaving Salem.  Lexie told her that EJ may follow her.  When Melanie was back at the mansion, Brady comforted her.  Outside the mansion, Victor ran into Maggie and thanked her for his new start with Brady.  Maggie wondered why he couldn’t be forgiving of Chloe.  Victor understood Maggie’s compassion, but was afraid she would get pulled under by Chloe.  Maggie said she was tough.  Chloe and Nicole met at the Cheatin’ Heart to talk about Parker and EJ.  Nicole told Chloe that she suspected that EJ had something to do with Rafe’s accident.  Leah told Bo and Hope that she saw Ciara by a diner.  Bo was on his way.  Fake Rafe asked Theo if they were cool.  Theo said no.  Fake Rafe said that was the wrong answer.  He grabbed Theo to prevent him from leaving just as Bo showed up.  At the pier, Vivian assured Gus that she can win over Stefano with sex appeal even thought they didn’t find out the identity of the prisoner.  She threw the paper in the garbage and they kept walking.  Nicole came around the corner and took the paper.  She read the results and was shocked that it was DNA results on a prisoner.  She flashed back to the renovations in the basement and wondered what EJ was up to.  Stefano heard from the asylum that Rafe was dead.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sam tells Jason that she’s a good candidate for the fertility procedure. Jason believes he would be a terrible father. Sonny and Dante butt heads about how to protect Michael. Michael witnesses Ronnie arrest Abby for Brandon’s murder. At Kelly’s, Lucky and Maxie have a short chat before Elizabeth interrupts their conversation. Elizabeth and Lucky reminisce about the old days. Lucky announces his plans to wed Siobhan. Elizabeth wishes Lucky the best. Siobhan criticizes Luke on his drinking. Siobhan implies she’ll be going back to Ireland. Siobhan asks Nikolas to speak to Luke. Luke shows up at Jason’s doorstep and has an outburst in front of Sam. Kristina and Sonny have a talk about Brenda and Lucian. At the police station, Michael and Ronnie argue in front of Abby. Jason arrives just in time to defend Michael. Maxie asks Liz why she hasn’t told Lucky the truth about Aiden. Nikolas interrupts a heated debate between Maxie and Elizabeth. Sam speaks to Sonny about Luke’s volatile behavior. Sonny pays a visit to Luke. Michael hits Dante when he suggests Abby killed Brandon. Michael confesses to the shooting.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John goes and talks to Marty's therapist after Kelly has told him about the unstable behavior she noticed in Marty when they spoke and Marty appeared to believe that she has some sort of "ownership" of John. The therapist is ready to tell him what Marty told her, regarding how Marty falsified the DNA test results to make it appear that Brody was the father of Natalie's baby and not John. But the therapist later concludes that she cannot betray doctor/patient confidentiality laws.. She encourages John, however, to investigate on his own. Marty's therapist has tape recorded Marty's confession. Gigi has also gotten her hands on a private tape recorded session between Shane and his therapist. And they later conclude that the two tapes have gotten switched. Brody goes to investigate Jack Manning getting assaulted and reporting to the cops that he believed that Rex was behind it because of what Jack did to Shane. But Rex and Shane tell Brody what Jack did to Shane and Brody does not seem concerned about Jack experiencing cause and effect for his actions. Blair is asking Tomas out so she can find out about him. His friend warns him about Blair potentially wanting to set Tomas up. And there is suspicion still emulating that Tomas might have been the one who shot Todd. Deanna seems to have some "unfinished business" with James. And she reveals, for the first time, that she did not intend to break up with him and was "forced" to do so by her father.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon helps Sam save fanny’s life and she is relieved because she has become very attached to the little lamb. Phyllis tells Jack what he has suspected since she returned from ST Martin that she and Nick had sex and he ends their relationship because he just can’t give her another chance. The reverend allows Adam to speak at Sharon’s funeral and he tells off everyone in the room bringing up the ways everyone in the room hurt Sharon in the past. Victor has Adam arrested for trespassing and Adam later summons Victor to the jail telling him about Sharon’s letters to Noah and Faith. Adam offers to give the letters to Victor but first he must persuade Noah to drop the charges against him. Victor tells Adam he won’t be blackmailed by him and walks out of the jail.

Jana finds the shredded pieces of paper that have Billy’s bank account and she compares them to the bank account that she found in Primrose file and since they are the same she knows that Billy bought Daisy’s baby. Jana plans to tell Kevin the truth but she can’t get him alone so she decides to tell him later. Daniel tells Billy he is Lucy’s biological father and he doesn’t intend to take Lucy away from him but Jana and Kevin are trying very hard to find the baby. Billy assures Daniel that he won’t let anything happen to their daughter and later Daniel offers to help Kevin find Daisy’s baby. Nikki continues to drink by putting booze in her coffee cup and then she hugs Noah and tells him good-bye because he plans to go back to New York in the morning. Jana takes baby Lucy after everyone is asleep and tells her that she plans to take her away so that she and Kevin can be her mommy and daddy. Delia awakens and gores into Lucy’s nursery and asks for water so Jana heads downstairs with Lucy and Delia.

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