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AMC Recap Written by Mary

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Stephanie advises Steffy not to go see Bill. They are working in therapy and the marriage is not over. Steffy begs Stephanie not to tell her dad as he has enough on his plate worrying abut Brooke and Thomas. Katie cries that she feels like she has betrayed Bill again by telling her what she did about Amber. Taylor says she has never seen anyone so passionate as Bill. He really does love Katie and wants the marriage to work. She does worry that her own daughter, Steffy, may be a problem. Katie says she loves her husband and trusts him. Bill returns to his office and dismisses his secretary. He’s going to be working late tonight. He pours himself a stiff drink. Steffy walks in and says she is there to be a friend. She pours herself a drink and offers him a refill. He says he has had enough and he’s not going to discuss his marriage with her. But he does tell her that Katie told Taylor about the conceived murder. Steffy tries to convince him how that is so wrong of Katie to do that.

Brooke and Thomas are in the ocean drifting about. They try to stay near the wreckage and each other while screaming for help. Bill is angry that he was betrayed again by his own wife. Steffy tells him that she is not going to abandon him like Katie did. Whip drops in on Taylor and he quips that he needs a little therapy. He suggests they go home and take care of that. She retorts that he needs to go take a cold shower and then he will join him as soon as she can. Stephanie asks Ridge how he could trust Thomas enough to send him to Australia alone with Brooke. Then he notices something strange in that their flight pattern seems to have vanished from the screen. They are not on course. Steffy straddles Bill’s lap and proceeds to kiss him. He responds, but then pushes her away. He says he took vows and he is not going to break them. That only makes her want him more so she kisses him again. Ridge tries to track the plane when the authorities call that the plane went down and a search party has been sent out, but they can’t do much until morning. Ridge tells his mother that the jet went down somewhere over the Pacific. Thomas manages to drag an unconscious Brooke to part of the wreckage that he uses as a raft and tries to revive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Bo and Hopeís house, Lexie showed up.  Hope told Lexie that there was nothing new from Bo and Ciaraís phone stopped working.  Hope apologized to Lexie, but Lexie snapped at her.  Lexie was worried about Theo and couldnít believe Hope didnít see this coming.  She didnít blame Ciara for running away considering the life her parents have been living.  Hope admitted she and Bo had problems, but they are working things out.  She said Ciara was wrong for assuming she and Bo had problems.  Lexie thought Ciara didnít get enough attention and thatís why she took Theo with her.  Abe walked in and said they may have a lead.  He told them on the day the kids disappeared a neighbor noticed the kids poking around a truck that was a landscaperís.  The neighbor thought the kids snuck a ride in the truck.  The neighbor showed up.  The cops will check out the town the truck was from and have forensics go over it.  Ciara and Theo were in an alley.  They snuck on another truck.  They ran into another teen runaway who wanted to know where their parents were.  Ciara hoped she will not call them.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady and Melanie talked about why she married Philip.  They also talked about Chloe.  At the Brady Pub, Victor found out that Chloe was staying with Maggie.  The two got in an argument about Chloe and what she did to Philip, Brady, and Daniel.  The argument got to a point where Victor threatened not to see her anymore if she let Chloe stay with her.  Maggie was okay with that.  

At the asylum, the old orderly realized that Rafe was gone.  He called security to report it.  Rafe was outside and heard the sirens.  He kept moving through the forest.  He heard dogs and hoped he wasnít being hunted.  At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Dario caught Fake Rafe with Alicia.  Dario told Alicia that Fake Rafe was married.  She didnít care and wanted to see Fake Rafe later.  Dario was upset with him for being with Alicia.  He was also upset with him for ignoring the discovery of Ariannaís killer. Victor was back at the mansion and agreed with Melanie about Chloe.  The two talked about Chloe.  Maggie saw Chloe at the pier.  The two talked about Victor.  Maggie also advised Chloe to change her life.  Maggie walked away to take a call.  Melanie showed up and got into it with Chloe about Philip.  Abe asked the neighbor to show him where the truck was parked and they left.  Lexie apologized to Hope.  Hope understood.  Lexie said how much Theo means to her and how he needs her.  Lexie cried about never seeing him again.  Hope promised she will see the kids again.  While Rafe was in the woods, the people at the asylum were on his trail.  Hope and Lexie discussed the new lead on the kids.  Lexie wished there was a sign or clue at least.  Chloe wanted Melanie to leave her alone, but Melanie refused to because Chloe hurt the people she loved.  Maggie came back and stopped Melanie from hurting her new guest.  Rafe found himself confronted with two guys from the asylum who told him he was surrounded.  One of the guys had a gun on him, but Rafe was standing close to a drop.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam discovers that she and Jason have a good chance to become parents. Jax tries to convince Brenda that she and Lucien will never be safe as long as she is with Sonny. Lulu asks Johnny to refrain from taking advantage of Michael.

Ronnie Dimestico tries to get a confession out of Michael by telling him that he will be saving his brother, Dante's career from ruin. Jason demands to see the video and Ronnie has to comply because Jason is in it. Dante points out that the footage doesn't capture an image of the gun so it is useless. Jason asks Michael privately if he or Abby killed Brandon. Dante goes to see Abby and tells her he needs to know who is covering up what for whom before it's too late. He tells her that if she, as the abused girlfriend did it, the courts would be lenient, but if Michael did it, he is done. He warns her that he will never let his brother take the fall for her.

Sonny goes to see Anthony Zacchara in prison and tells him that he and Johnny can come after him, but if they prey on his son, he will hunt them down and make them pay. Anthony tells him that they don't need to do anything to Sonny's kids because he hurts them enough on his own. Diane goes to see Sonny. She reveals to Brenda that Sonny doesnít want her to discuss privileged information with her. Diane then brings Sonny up to speed on Ronnie's single-minded mission to arrest Michael for Brandon's murder. Sonny asks Dante to protect Michael. Ronnie arrives at Abby's door with an arrest warrant for Michael. Johnny returns to his penthouse and finds Anthony inside after having been released from prison.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the hospital, while Shane is waiting for his parents who are talking to the therapist and talking privately about Clint, and Jack is waiting for his mom to return to the hospital with the insurance card, Jack confronts Shane. He tells him he knows that Shane's dad is behind his (Jack) getting assaulted at his mom's bar. And he informs Shane that Shane's dad informed him that Shane was going to kill himself. Shane then confronts his dad telling Rex that he does not want him telling Jack Manning his business. Rex apologizes and realizes he needs to tell Shane about what has happened to Clint. Marty admits to her therapist that she has known all along that John was the father of Natalie's baby and not Brody but does not intend to tell them. She indicates that she believes that John is "hers". And although the therapist tells Marty if she doesn't, she (the therapist) will, Marty reminds the therapist that she is bound by confidentiality laws and cannot. However, unknown to Marty, the therapist hard tape recorded their conversation right when John expresses his concerns about Marty to her. Right then, John appears to be bonding with baby Liam although not consciously aware that he is the baby's father. Nate, Shaun and John all suspect Tomas of shooting Todd although Dani does not want to believe her uncle shot her father. Tomas has a conversation with his friend from Paris indicating that he has some secret regarding Todd and about Blair.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon decides to stay at the farm and work for Sam for a little while. She cries as she thinks of the pain that her family is going through thinking that she died. In the end, she decides it's better for all of them to think she is dead than for them to have to see her in jail for 20 years. Sharon’s family and close friends attend her funeral. Nick speaks about how Sharon was his first love. Victor keeps his promise to Noah and changes the locks to Sharon’s house and has him evicted from the house. Victor also gets a restraining order against Adam and police and the DA force him to leave the church. Nikki is able to sneak a few drinks to get through the stress of the funeral. She offers her sympathies to Sharon’s mom Doris. Adam climbs a tree outside the church to get inside the bell tower and then come into the church. He tells everyone gathered that nobody is going to stop him from telling the truth about Sharon and the people who claimed to love her.

Daniel and Adam come to blows when Kevin accuses Daniel of ruining his computer because he doesn’t want him to find his niece but Kevin tells Daniel that he will find his niece no matter how hard he tries to stop him from doing it. Daniel tries to talk to Billy at the church but is interrupted because the service is about to begin. Agnes the lady who found Lucy at the church comes to see Jana because she is worried about the baby and she and Jana exchange phone numbers in case she remembers any information that could help her find the baby. Agnes notices some of Lucy’s clothes that Victoria was planning to give away because they don’t fit and she tells Jana that one of the outfits is the outfit that the baby was wearing when she gave the baby to Primrose.

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