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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica tries to talk to her captor into releasing her, but he refuses to listen to her pleading. Jack looks at a pic of himself and Erica when Opal comes to visit him. Opal tries to offer him comfort as to why Erica had done this and that she would be home. Griffin makes a positive identification of the man, who had stabbed him, but the man insists that he had to stab him because of what Griffin had done to Diana. Cara begs Jesse not to listen to the man and his accusations. Cara apologizes to Griffin for interfering in this situation. On the yacht, Kendall reads the note from Zach and remembers conversations that she had had with Ricky. Ricky joins her as Kendall quickly hides the letter. When questioned by Ricky, Kendall acts as though she is only worried about Erica and her whereabouts. Ricky suggests taking Kendall out to lunch. Ryan joins them. After Ricky leaves, Kendall tells Ryan that she had found proof that Zach had been murdered. Erica questions her captor as to why he is doing this. Cara blasts Jesse for wanting to put Griffin back in jail with the man, who had tried to kill him. Cara pulls Tad aside and lets him know that Griffin is not going back to jail. Ricky, upon seeing Liza, tells her that Griffin is doing fine. Liza reprimands Jesse for playing favoritism and demands that Griffin be put back behind bars. Kendall shows Ryan the evidence that she had found about the casino owners. Upon looking at the chip, Kendall and Ryan find out that the casino had been keeping two sets of books. Kendall finds Diana’s name on the list of casino owners, but not Ricky’s. Krystal upon entering the diner sees Caleb, sitting at a table. Krystal questions him about his trip to St. Bart’s to which Caleb doesn’t want to discuss it. Erica tries to talk to her captor, but gets no response. Liza orders to see Griffin’s CT scan. Cara refuses to let Liza see it, but then decides to let Liza see a fake CT scan. Tad warns Cara that if she does this, it could endanger her position at the hospital. Cara refuses to listen. Krystal stops by to see Jack to check on him. Krystal offers her help to Jack if he ever needs her, he will know where she is. Kendall lets Ryan know that she thinks that Ricky is involved in Zach’s murder. Kendall makes Ryan promise that he will let her handle this her way. Kendall gets a call from Ricky about dinner. Ryan promises to stick close by to watch what is going on.

Opal sits down at the table with Caleb. Opal tries to convince Caleb to spend more time with Krystal, but Caleb refuses. The captor surprises Erica by serving her her favorite water and favorite chocolate. Erica is surprised that her captor. To keep Cara from endangering her career, Griffin tells Liza that he is fine and ready to go back to jail. Kendall comes into the hospital, but is stopped by Cara before she can visit Griffin. Cara blast Kendall for Griffin being in this situation. Kendall urges Cara to help her to get Griffin out of this mess. At the Confusion bar, Ryan sits at a table and watches Ricky make reservations for dinner Ricky looks at an engagement ring that he had purchased for Kendall. Ricky joins Ryan and asks him how the investigation is going. Ryan is suspicious of Ricky’s questions. Kendall goes into Griffin’s room and lets him know that she is busting him out of here.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet, the turbulence knocks Brooke and Thomas about. The pilot tells them it is okay for now. They can fly around the storm; they have enough fuel. Stephanie catches Steffy in a reflective mode thinking of kissing Bill. Stephanie is upset to learn that Brooke and Thomas are alone together on the way to Australia. She also guesses that the married man Steffy is talking about is Bill Spencer. She seems to know an awful lot about his married life and wonders if Steffy is the cause for him and Katie separating. Katie tells Bill that he is deliberately blaming her when he knows why they are here with Taylor. He is sabotaging this session and he knows it. Violence and rage killed her brother and almost killed her too and she can not, will not live with that with Bill. She just won’t do that. Taylor tries to get him to talk about it.

Brooke tries on another lovely dress that Thomas designed. He tells her that she looks special and he’d like her to wear that in Australia when they make the announcement about the women’s line. They hit another turbulence and she almost falls into his arms again. Stephanie can understand how Steffy could be enamored by Bill, but he’s looking out for #1 and is probably already thinking what he can do if he has Steffy tucked away in his vest pocket. Bill keeps badgering Katie until she blurts out that he was planning murder. He can not believe Katie was so irresponsible to say that. He doesn’t like her saying that he is dangerous. She likes a strong man and he was just taking action. She could have said that. She didn’t have to drag him here to accuse him of murder. Now Taylor will be obligated to turn him in. He tells Katie that if she wanted normal, then she married the wrong guy. If she wanted normal, then she should have stuck with Marone. He is done. He walks out. The turbulence gets worse and Brooke shouts that they are going down.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Chloe tried to get her old apartment back, but she couldn’t.  There were no other vacancies either.  When she got off the phone, she saw Kate.  Kate messed with Chloe for being homeless.  Chloe knew she would find a place.  Kate suggested that she stay on the streets.  The two got into an argument.  They recapped about Kate taping their conversation.  Chloe also mentioned how Kate tried to poison her.  Chloe brought up how Kate convinced her not to take her meds.  Now Chloe is taking them and she’s better than ever.  Kate asked Chloe why she was drinking and told her that she ruined people’s lives.  After their conversation, Kate left.  Maggie went to see Victor to ask about the kids.  He didn’t know anything.  He told Maggie about the last time he saw Ciara.  Ciara said she loved him.  Victor was glad Maggie came over to see him.  Maggie assured him that they had each other.  Victor wasn’t sure if they were dating.  She said she was conflicted.  He understood that she was grieving even though Mickey wouldn’t want her to be lonely.  After talking, they agreed that they were a couple and kissed.  They told each other what they mean to each other.  At the hospital, Dario interrupted Melanie/Brady’s embrace.  He bitterly said he was glad to see her in good hands and walked away.  Brady wanted to know what happened.  Melanie started to tell him, but Brady cut her off when he heard Dario’s name.  Brady assumed Dario was the one who put her in danger by pushing her to offer the reward money.  At the Cheatin’ Heart, Fake Rafe was anxious to leave Salem and was upset that his car wasn’t ready.  Dario called him and told him he knew who killed “her”.  Fake Rafe thought he meant Fay.  He was relieved when it was Arianna.  Fake Rafe said that wouldn’t bring Arianna back.  Dario told him that he caught the guy when he tried to kill Melanie.  Dario told him that the killer was in a coma.  Dario wanted Fake Rafe to question the killer when he woke up.  Dario hoped Fake Rafe was in town.  Fake Rafe lied and said he was gone.  Dario tried to tell him again that the guy killed Arianna.  Fake Rafe said that it wouldn’t bring Arianna back.  Dario wanted justice.  Dario said he would be at the hospital all night.  Fake Rafe said he wouldn’t be able to come back.  Fake Rafe said he would do what he could and hung up.  When Fake Rafe was about to leave, he met a woman named Alicia and started talking to her.  He wanted to take her to his place.  The two made out on the way there. 

 At the mental hospital, Rafe flashed back to getting the ink out of the blue pens.  Someone approached the door of his room.  He was strong and ready.  The usual guy gave him his food.  He told Rafe that this was his last day on the job.  A new guy started that night.  Rafe took a blue hospital outfit out from under his pillow and put it on.  He lifted an access card from the guy.  He used the access card to open the door and turned out the lights.  He was stopped by the new handler. Brady approached Dario and blamed him for what happened to Melanie.  He shoved Dario until Daniel showed up.  Brady went after Dario again when Melanie told him it was her decision to put up the reward.  Brady looked in the hospital room and knew the killer.  He told everyone that Troy is a drug dealer that Arianna worked with during an undercover assignment.  Daniel was going to get an alarm immediately.  Brady didn’t think that would be enough.  Melanie wanted Dario to go easy on Brady, but he didn’t want to.  Dario considered Brady the guy who broke his sister’s heart.  He warned her to stay away from him.  Melanie didn’t appreciate being told what to do.  Dario said he cared about her.  He should not blow her second chance on the wrong guy.  She wondered if he meant himself.  He told her not to cry to him if something went wrong and then left.  Brady told Melanie to stay with him tonight.  He didn’t think she should be alone.  Fake Rafe brought Alicia to the apartment. She saw the pic of Sami and the kids.  He lied about the picture.  While they were making out, he got the call that his car was ready.  He said he would be there later.  Chloe was at the pier and thought about her suicide attempt.  Maggie showed up and Chloe opened up to her about her situation.  Maggie offered that Chloe stay with her.  Chloe wasn’t sure Victor would approve, but Maggie thought he would have to deal with it.  At the mental hospital, the new guy went to Rafe’s room.  Rafe stopped him and pretended that the patient was sleep.  The new guy apologized and walked away.  Rafe was on his way.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam is afraid the procedure won't work. Carly walks into the Corinthos house and tells Brenda she can't dictate who can walk in. She warns her not to try to push Sonny's kids away. Shawn rejects Jax's offer of money in exchange for leaving town. Jax warns Brenda that Lucien will never be safe as long as Sonny is in the business.

Ethan opens up to Johnny about Luke, Maya being gone, and being afraid to drink since Luke hit Jake on the road. He asks Johnny if he has any work that he can focus on instead of his problems. Johnny asks if Ethan would have a problem training Michael when he comes to work for the Zaccharas. Diane is concerned because Jason, Michael, and Abby don't have alibis for the time of Brandon's murder. Abby is suspicious of Johnny’s motives for going out of his way to help her and Michael. She doesn't want Johnny to lure Michael into the mob. Dante tells Lulu that Johnny is working Michael to get an advantage over Sonny. Ronnie tells Dante that there is new evidence that implicates Michael in Brandon's murder. Dante tells Jason that a video of Michael pointing a gun at Michael has surfaced. Ronnie summons Michael and Diane to the police station and tries to convince Michael to confess for Dante's sake.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Suspicion surrounds Tomas for the shooting of Todd. John tells Bo that he believes Tomas did it although he's come to a dead end and asks if Bo can check out some leads. Dani and Nate find it odd that they see Tomas alone in Todd's hospital room and when he leaves, they notice a syringe on the floor that the hospital does not use and is not familiar with. Tomas is on the phone to his contact acting like he knows all about Todd's shooting and wants to cover his tracks. Blair takes Jack to Capricorn to get him to do some work to learn responsibility and know that he is grounded until he changes his attitude and apologizes to Shane. She leaves her son alone in the bar. And right away, men come out of nowhere to assault Jack and inform him that they are there on behalf of Shane Morasco and wont let Jack hurt him again. When they leave and Blair returns, Tomas comes out of nowhere, appearing suspicious. Jack suspects Shane for what happened to him. But suspicion surrounds Tomas for the unsolved case of who shot Todd. John and Bo both believe Tomas might have done it although they cannot prove it. Dani and Nate go to see Todd while he's still unconscious and discover Tomas, strangely there alone beside Todd's hospital bed. And as soon as he leaves them alone in the room, they notice a syringe on the floor that the hospital staff say they do not use. Marty tells Kelly that she and John do not have a future and behaves as if she (Marty) has some sort of "hold" on John. Marty then reveals that she knows that Natalie did not get pregnant by Brody and it is in fact, John who is her baby's father.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy goes to the bank and changes his account number; pin number and password to make sure that nobody can get to his bank account again. Billy and Victoria later discuss possible guardians for Lucy in case anything should happen to either of them. Billy and Victoria also celebrate the fact that Lucy is able to roll over on her own. Billy gives Jana a raise because she has been such a good nanny to Lucy and Jana is thrilled that Billy has so much confidence in her. Daniel sees that Kevin is close to getting Billy’s account number so he takes a magnet and erases Kevin’s hard drive and later talks to Lily and fills her in on Kevin’s progress and what he did slow down Kevin’s search for the baby. Sharon decides it would be best if her family didn’t know she was alive and tells Sam that she doesn’t have a family. Adam stops at a church and lights a candle for his mom Hope and asks her to watch over Sharon in Heaven. Adam struggles to understand how God could take away his mom as well as the only woman he ever loved.

Nick, Noah, and Victor stop by the church to make arrangements for Sharon’s small but private funeral and are not happy to see Adam there. Noah tells Adam that he doesn’t want him at the funeral and the Reverend asks Adam to leave the church the back way because the family doesn’t want him there. Victor assures Noah that Adam won’t crash the funeral. Lily has an emotional encounter with Cane who she still thinks is a ghost she touches him and he is real but in the end she doesn’t care how it happened she is just glad to see him. Cane tells Lily that he doesn’t know how long he can stay or what the rules are about ghosts staying on earth. Cane tells Lily she can’t tell anyone about this and explains to her that the picture of the woman she found on his grave was a picture of his sister Samantha. Jill and Collin interrupt Lily’s conversation with Cane and he tells Lily that he will find her later so they can talk. Jill later talks to Cane’s grave at the commentary and tells him how much she misses him and the audience discovers that Cane is alive because Cane is watching Jill from behind a tree.

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