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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Ryan and Emma come into ConFusion. Emma asks to see Annie, but Ryan stalls from taking her to see her. Greenlee comes in and tells Emma that she will be spending the day with her. Griffin watches a news broadcast on television about his arrest. In a waiting room in the hospital, Tad refuses to let Cara help him to find who had set Griffin up for murder. Kendall questions Ricky as to where he wants to take her. As Cara begins to walk off, Tad questions her as to what she is up to. Cara insists to Tad that she will clear Griffin’s name. Ryan, Greenlee and Emma arrive at Fusion where Greenlee shows Emma the new ad campaign for a new line of products. Madison brings Scott a present which is a new tie. Scott in turn surprises Madison with a present for the baby. Kendall remembers Ricky calling her “sweetheart” a name that Zach had never called her. Opal joins them in the park to let Kendall know what a saint that Ricky is. Greenlee lets Ryan know that she loves Emma. Emma acts as though she has a tummy ache in order to get to go home. Greenlee comes up with an idea to let Emma be part of a photo shoot. Greenlee gives Emma some pics to look at. Emma is happy until she sees a picture of Annie. Emma lashes out at Greenlee and tells her that she will never be her mommy. Emma runs into the elevator which is torn up. Mr. Kemper gives Scott a letter which doesn’t seem to be good news for Scott. Tad and Cara walk into Krystal’s and immediately recognizes a man, sitting at the table as the man, who had stabbed Griffin. Tad tries to get Cara’s mind off the man by getting her to talk about the hospital. Tad and Cara search the park for the man, who has stabbed Griffin. A man watches Cara’s every move. Kendall tries to pry into Ricky’s life to learn more about him.

Ricky tells Kendall some things word for word that Zach had said to Kendall. Ricky is quick to cover up his remarks. Ryan intercepts Kendall and Ricky in the park and asks for Ricky’s help in looking through the evidence that he had gathered about the casino owners. Ricky is quite upset when he is left alone with Ryan. The man attacks Cara for following him. Tad is quick to rescue his wife. Tad immediately calls the police. Jesse arrives to take the man into custody. Jesse takes the man to see Griffin, who makes a positive identification as the man, who had attacked him. The man acts as though he was just protecting Diana’s reputation. Ryan arrives at Fusion to help get Emma out of the elevator. Emma lets Ryan know that she doesn’t like Greenlee and doesn’t want her as her mommy. Ryan orders Emma that this attitude will stop today. Greenlee sees the pics in the floor and knows what Emma is upset about. On the yacht, Kendall finds the missing page of the letter which Zach had written to Kendall about the casino owners. Ricky listens from outside the door..

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Ridge and Thomas that she knows she was outvoted, but she wants to go on record as saying she is far from okay with this Australia trip with Thomas and Brooke. Thomas thanks his dad again for believing so much in him. At his call, Dayzee drops in to say goodbye to Thomas. Brooke catches them kissing. Madison is next as she also plants a kiss on him to Brooke’s chagrin. Katie shows up for the appointment with Taylor first. She tells Taylor that Bill is not in favor of this. He shows up and immediately assumes the position – laying on the couch. He declares he does not want to be here. He’s only here because of Katie. Katie kisses him and admits that she has missed him. She thanks him for doing this for her.

Summer shows up on the jet to say her own personal goodbye to Thomas. Brooke seems amused. Steffy tells her dad that she is trying to sort her life out a little bit. She doesn’t want him to think she feels unappreciated. She loves this company, but it’s only fair that he know that her future may not always be with Forrester. Taylor asks Bill if he’s here just at Katie’s request, what does he expect to happen or they accomplish. Bill tells Taylor that Katie thinks something is wrong with him. Nothing has changed though, he’s the same man. It’s just the way Katie looks at him now. He needs to be fixed. He doesn’t think they need to waste their time or Taylor’s by repeating each who said what. He realizes Katie is afraid of violence, but there has been no violence in their marriage. Katie looks in disbelief and disgust that he is saying he does not like this. The only violence or abuse in their marriage is due to the woman that he loves always running out on him….. and the power for him to be forced into this ‘blab-all-your-feelings nonsense” that he has no respect for. He says he loves his wife and he wants her back, but he has his limits too. Thomas is just beginning to tell Brooke how much he likes women when they suddenly experience a lot of turbulence.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

GH Recap Written by Mary

Abby comes to visit Sonny. Sonny asks for her help with Michael. Jax visits with Josslyn as Carly arrives. Carly asks Jax to take Michael on a camping trip to get him out of town and away from Johnny. At the hospital, Robin and Patrick go over the treatment for a patient, but their conversation escalates into an argument. Lisa overhears every word. Alexis confronts Lisa over her interference in Kristina’s life. Kristina sits at a table at Kelly’s when the other Corinthos children walk in to join her. They plan a party for Sonny for his birthday. Shawn visits Anthony in prison where he is offered a position. Sonny offers Abby a job to help her pay off her debt in exchange for her helping him to keep Michael away from Johnny. Carly tries to persuade Jax to take Michael out of town to keep him away from Johnny, but Jax is not at all for the idea. Michael comes to visit Sonny and finds Abby there with him. Lisa watches as Kristina makes plans to possibly babysit for Robin and Patrick again. Johnny visits Anthony. Anthony asks Johnny to talk to the warden into letting him have a garden. Anthony also asks Johnny to keep Michael in check and to gain leverage over him so he can control what Michael does. Carly orders Sonny to stay out of this between Michael and Johnny. Sonny resists Carly’s orders to him. Michael questions Abby as to why she was visiting with Sonny and what he wanted.

Sonny and Carly continue to argue over Michael and his dealings with Johnny. Lisa pays Johnny a visit to let him know that she had decided to give up on Patrick and to start a new life. They kiss. Lisa and Johnny make love. Sonny is surprised by a surprise birthday party planned by his children. The warden visits Anthony to let him know that he will have a garden after all. Jax pays Shawn to leave town.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Dorian calls an ambulance for Clint. Rama screams when she sees Clint on the floor. Aubrey and Joey come running in and Rama tells them that Dorian killed Clint. Natalie comes home to find Tess arguing with Niki Smith. Niki pretends to be Viki. Joey calls to let Natalie and Viki know that Clint had a heart attack and is in the hospital. Joey thanks Dorian for saving Clint. The doctor tells them that Clint is stable. Dorian goes to Llanfair and confesses to "Viki" that she knew about Charlie and Echo but didn’t say anything because Charlie promised that he would end it, but wants to make it up to her. She gives her Clint's damning recording of Echo.

Starr shows Deanna to her room, which was once Langston's room. Starr wonders why Deanna broke up with James if he was such a great boyfriend. Deanna refuses to tell her. Ford defends Tess to James and tells him why Jessica created Tess. James surmises that Ford really cares about Tess. James mentions that Langston is in L.A. working with Markko. He tells Ford that Deanna is in Llanview staying with Starr. Ford asks James why he is bothering with Deanna after she left him for dead and broke his heart. He offers to buy Deanna a ticket back to Dayton and warns James not to let Deanna mess things up between him and Starr.

Cutter talks to Kelly in Capricorn while he waits for his date. Kelly wonders if Aubrey knows he is dating. She tells him that they are con artists and lovers, but she agrees not to tell Joey because even if she doesn't, someone will. Cutter's blind date arrives. It is Tess. Kelly and Cristian both warn Cutter that Tess is a bad choice. Tess kisses Cutter and leaves.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel feels pressured because Kevin is determined to keep looking for Daisy’s baby so he heads to Lily’s house to talk and after talking things over with Lily he decides to wait and see if Kevin finds out anything before he starts worrying that everyone will find out he is Lucy’s father. Daniel is determined to keep the secret as long as possible because Billy and Victoria are wonderful parents to Lucy. Abby is jealous because she feels Daniel is spending too much time with Lily and talks to Victoria about the problem. Victoria persuades Abby not to make a big deal about it because Daniel’s loyalty to his friends and family is one of his best qualities. Daniel tries to help Abby with the taping of her reality show but he walks out because he needs to talk to his girlfriend not the naked heiress. Billy decides not to press charges against Victoria and Chloe and they head home and Chloe is hurt that Kevin is accepting Jana’s help to look for Daisy’s baby. Billy confronts Primrose and looks at her files and discovers that she keeps a record of his account number and the date of the transaction. Billy heads to the bank and talks to the teller who called to tell him that someone was looking into his account and with her help he looks at the security video from that day and isn’t happy to see that the woman is Jana in disguise. Jana gives Kevin the account number that she found at the baby broker’s office and he tries to find out if the number belongs to someone in Genoa City.

Jeffrey returns from Vegas and Gloria is upset with him because he didn’t care about her enough to call and find out she spent a couple of days in jail. Jeffrey tells Gloria that he lost a lot of money gambling but the truth is he won enough to pay off his debt to Angelo with interest and he happily gives the money to Angelo and tells him to leave him alone now. Angelo pretends to have a cold when he sees Heather so she won’t hear his real voice and recognize him as her kidnapper. Jeffrey looks hurt when he sees Gloria take some money that Angelo gives her to buy herself something pretty and consider finding a new man because Jeffrey isn’t worthy of her. Lily talks to Dr. Mason and tells her about her visions of Cane, his text message, and all the other things that have happened with him since his death. Lily tells Dr. Mason that she thinks Cane is trying to tell her something and she even talked to a psychic trying to figure out what Cane was trying to tell her and Dr. Mason tells Lily that the mind can persuade itself anything is real if a person really believes something. Lily tells Dr. Mason to leave her house because she doesn’t want to talk anymore. Lily goes to Cane’s grave and finds a picture of a woman placed on the ground next to the gravestone. Lily tells Cane that if he is sending her a message he needs to come to her and be more clearly about what he wants for her to do. Lily hears Cane’s voice say” I’m here baby,” then she turns and sees him come out from behind a tree and wonders if he is real or another of her visions.

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