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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse returns home from work and finds Angie and Randi together with the baby. Angie begs Jesse to stay and spend some quality time with Luc, but Jesse insists that he has to get back to the station. As Jesse leaves to go back to work, Angie calls Tad for help with Lucy. At the Confusion bar, Jake and Tad have breakfast. Tad confides to Jake that he hasn’t found any information that will clear Griffin. Jake makes a comment and Tad quickly reminds him that he should concentrate on Amanda. Tad reminds Jake that Amanda is not at all comfortable with Jake’s friendship with Cara and the attention that he pays to Cara. Jake and Cara stop by the police department to aid comfort to him. Angie confides to Randi how Jesse had changed since Lucy had been born. David stops by to visit Angie. Upon hearing the baby crying, David picks her up. Angie demands that Lucy be given to her. David explains that he was only trying to help. Kendall is quite beside herself with worry that Ricky could have been involved in Zach’s death.

David asks Angie had she even considered his proposal for helping her to regain her eyesight. Tad and Jake lend their support to Jesse. Jesse becomes annoyed at them and orders them to leave. Jesse storms out of the office. Ricky meets with a real estate agent and tells her that he is engaged and he is looking for a home for himself and his fiancťe. The real estate agent lets him know that she wasn’t aware that he was engaged. Cara vows to fight for Griffin’s freedom, but Griffin doesn’t want her involved. Kendall comes home to find Bianca sitting on the sofa. Bianca lets Kendall know that Griffin had resigned from the Miranda Center. Kendall becomes upset over this bit of news. Bianca questions Kendall as to what Ricky is saying about all this. Kendall remains silent over her suspicions concerning Ricky. Griffin refuses to let Cara help him. Jake comes in and lets Griffin know that he is suspended from the hospital. Ricky stops by the house to check on Kendall. Kendall tells him that she is going into work, but Ricky insists that she is coming with him and he wasn’t going to take, “no” for an answer. Jesse comes home and finds David holding Lucy. Jesse demands that David give Lucy to him. David sits on a park bench when Bianca joins him. David confides to her as to how he is feeling. David asks how Marissa is doing. Cara insists on helping Tad to clear Griffin.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At the Bikini Bar, Hope daydreams about Liam. He calls and she sadly tells him that she is thinking of him. She misses him, but her life has moved into another direction. They need to stay away from each other. Oliver has flowers delivered to her and then shows up at her table. She says she needs to talk to him so that he knows where they stand. She states that she loves Liam, but she is committed to moving forward with her life. Ridge gathers everybody in the board room and tells them that it is time he acknowledged the direction the company is taking. He is giving Thomas 5% so he no longer is an employee but an owner. He is re-instating the Taboo men’s line budget and also the women’s line is on again. He believes in Thomas and in time Thomas will make him even more proud. Ridge thanks his dad for helping him see things more clearly. He makes a toast to Thomas and says he can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Thomas answers that he will take his success very seriously…..style, elegance, class, he will not be departing from that. Ridge heralds Thomas as the designer, the future of this company.

Hope tells Oliver that she would like to give them another chance. That is what he has been wanting all along. This isn’t just a rebound. He realizes Liam will be tied to Amber for the rest of his life. Oliver says that he’s loved her since forever and he knows this is going to work out this time. Steffy voices her opinion that she thinks Ridge will regret putting the women’s line back in action. The public will still associate Thomas and Brooke together and expect that. Ridge is full of surprises. He announces to Brooke and Thomas that they are leaving for Sydney, Australia today to make the official announcement about the Taboo line. Alone, Ridge and Brooke strip each other’s clothes off and use the couch to prepare to say their goodbyes. Ridge totally ignores the incoming phone call where the pilot is trying to advise him there is severe weather in their path. The pilot tells the co-pilot despite the typhoon nearby, they can fly around the storm and get them to Australia on schedule.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Philip confronted Chloe about what she said to Kate about Parker.  Chloe was surprised that Kate recorded the conversation.  Chloe confirmed that she said she was taking Parker.  Carly had trouble in surgery.  She took her medication.  While Melanie was reading, the lights went out in the apartment.  Dario told Nicole that Rafe left town.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on.  Chloe and Philip argued about what she said on the recorder.  She tried to make excuses for what she said, but Philip didnít care.  Troy attacked Melanie when she turned on the electricity.  Taylor was unconscious after the accident, but EJ was okay.  Troy confessed to Melanie that he killed Arianna and he was going to do the same thing to her.  EJ was relieved that Taylor finally woke up.  Her leg was caught on something in the limo.  After Carly took the pills, she was able to perform the surgery.  A doctor wondered how she did it.  Jennifer tried to set up Carly and Daniel to go to a concert.  Philip decided to take Parker and leave.  He wanted to make a new start away from Salem.  The limo driver said he hit a tree and wanted to go for help.  EJ declared his love for Taylor and wanted to stay there with her.  Nicole found Taylorís love letter to Fay.  She read the letter.  Melanie attacked Troy and sprayed his eyes with pepper spray.

Chloe begged Philip not to take Parker from her, but it didnít matter.  He allowed her to tell Parker goodbye.  He told her to say goodbye, but she refused.  When Troy looked for Melanie, she hit him in the head and tried to leave.  Nicole wondered what Taylor wanted to tell Fay.  When the pastor asked if Nicole was finished her letter, she said she would catch up with EJ and Taylor.  EJ was furious that he couldnít be with Taylor and declared his love for her.  The two kissed.  Victor suggested that Chloe do what Philip said if she wanted him to be nice to her.  Philip told Victor he was leaving.  Victor was under the impression that Chloe was leaving.  Philip promised to stay in touch. Carly was surprised that she took all of her pills.  She claimed she didnít need them anymore.  All she needed was rest.  Jennifer offered Carly tickets, but she didnít want them.  Dario showed up at Danielís apartment and fought with Troy.  Dario took off Troyís mask.  Melanie thought she saw him before.  Daniel hinted to Jennifer that he wanted to go with someone where it could lead to more than a date.  When Carly was at the pier, Maxine told her about Ciara and Theo being missing.  Carly wanted to be there for Bo, but she realized she couldnít be there for him.  Philip went to see Kate to tell her he was leaving.  Dario said the police were on their way.  Melanie was afraid Troy would wake up.  Carly didnít want anyone to see her shaking the way she was.  She wanted to get something to help her.  Jennifer found out that Ciara and Theo were missing.  She and Daniel went to the pub to join the search party.  Victor kicked Chloe out of the mansion.  Nicole saw how the limo was in an accident.  Inside, EJ and Taylor were kissing.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky sees Siobhan's ticket back to Ireland. He tells her he wants her to stay. Nikolas sees the envelope from the DNA lab, but assumes it is the old paternity test. Jason and Sam discuss her having surgery to increase her chances of carrying a baby to term. Robin and Patrick have a good Marriage Counseling session. They discuss what to do now that their babysitter, Stephanie is taking an internship in the city. They both think of Kristina. Kristina asks Ethan to go to the prom with her. He tells her it wouldnít look good for her to go to her prom with a married man. Kristina goes to talk to Lisa about how stressful it is waiting to hear from Yale. Lisa gives her a vitamin bottle, but she had replaced the herbal supplement with drugs she stole from the hospital.

Johnny visits his father in prison and asks if he was behind Brandon's murder. He denies it. Johnny tells him that he has been "helping" Abby and Michael with money and advice. When Johnny leaves, Anthony Zacchara calls his attorney, Angela Dwyer and congratulates her for her good work. Jason tells Carly about Johnny trying to lure Michael to the Zaccharas. Carly storms into Johnny's house and tells him that she is not going to let him drag Michael into a life that will destroy him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex proposes to Gigi telling her he is committed to her and to Shane. Meanwhile, Clint suffers a heart attack alone in his home with nobody except for Dorian to "help" him. She smirks and tells him she knows that Echo has lied to Charlie and to Rex that she's known all along that Clint is her son's father and Clint has kept his mouth shut as not to ruin Echo's relationship and lose Charlie's trust. She shows him that she has a tape recording of Clint's and Echo's conversation about that very thing. Meanwhile, Viki is ready to suffer a heart attack after being threatened by Tess when Nikki Smith comes out. And the two "alters" agree to work together so that Tess can get full custody of baby Ryder in exchange for Tess keeping the secret from all interested parties that Nikki has come out. Starr notices that there is not enough room in James' and Robert's apartment for Deanna to be staying with James so she invites Deanna to stay at Dorian's home.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Malcolm and Sofia arrive in ST Barts and he finds the pregnancy test in her purse so he encourages her to take the test. Sofia takes the test and finds out it is positive and Malcolm is excited but Sofia is shocked because she thinks the baby may be Neil’s. Sofia asks Malcolm not to tell anyone the news until she has confirmed it with her doctor back home but Malcolm is so excited he calls Neil and tells him the news and Neil is distracted from his conversation with Leslie for a few minutes because he also thinks he could be the father of Sofia’s baby. Lily goes to Cane’s grave and finds some mementos of her marriage to Cane and wonders who could have left the things there. Lily also meets a psychic named Judy that she feels Cane’s love strongly around her and Cane feels the need to protect her from danger.

Adam almost gets arrested but when the DA questions him he tells the DA he went to New Mexico to persuade Sharon to turn herself in but when he arrived at the motel where Sharon was staying she was already gone. The DA is told that there was a mistake and Sharon was cremated and then her remains were shipped back home. Adam tells the DA that he identified the body because she was wearing the ring that belonged to his mother. The DA accepts the identification and releases the body to Noah who tells Adam he won’t be involved in planning Sharon’s funeral. Sharon discovers that the barn she stayed in belongs to the local veterinarian named Sam and she helps him with the birth of a baby goat. Sharon tells Sam her name is Sherry Coleman and he tells her that she can stay in his barn as long as she wants since it has a bed a stove and a bathroom because he stays there when an animal needs round the clock care. Sharon thanks Sam for the offer and tells him that she will stay there for the night.

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