Monday 4/18/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Monday 4/18/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Eva

JR goes to St. Barts with AJ to surprise Marissa and AJ is happy that they are all on a family vacation like before when AJ and Marissa were married. JR thanks Bianca because he thinks that she is a good influence on Marisa and he also asks Bianca to put in a good word for him with Marissa but Bianca tells him she wants remain neutral about their relationship. Bianca is grateful when Marissa offers to help the Miranda center lawyer with a legal mess because Miranda center donors want to pull their donations because of Griffin’s arrest. Erica’s captor threatens to hurt Miranda and Gabby unless she calls jack to tell him that she has gone away to think and can’t marry him now. Erica’s call leaves both jack and Caleb with more questions about why Erica needs time to think. Krystal listens to Jack as he talks about his confusion about Erica’s phone call and she assures Jack everything will be okay.

Krystal confides in Angie that she likes Jack a lot and thinks that Erica is using both Caleb and Jack because she enjoys having men fight over her. Angie tells Krystal that she is frustrated because she used to be able to tell by looking and Jesse when their was something wrong and now she can’t see but isn’t good at hearing the changes in his tone of voice. Jesse explains to Brot that he can’t hold Lucy because when he does he can only think of Ellie and Angie can tell there is something wrong. Kendall talks to Griffin at the hospital and he is hurt that she thinks he could be involved with Erica’s kidnapping but he warns her to be careful because she could still be in danger. Ricky yells at the jail guard who stabbed Griffin because he didn’t kill him and also orders him to leave town. The police spot the jail guard at the airport and Jesse orders Brot not to let him get on the plane. Jesse tells Griffin that the grand jury has decided to charge him with first degree murder since the forensic evidence is conclusive against him Kendall cries on Ricky’s shoulder saying she doesn’t know who to trust Ricky tells her everything will be okay and calls her sweetheart. Kendall remembers that that is the word that was in Zach’s letter so she asks Ricky to leave because she needs to be alone. Kendall recalls that Ricky was visiting when she lost the last page of Zach’s letter and then found it again. Kendall starts to think that Ricky had something to do with Zach’s death.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Steffy offers her lips to Bill and he kisses her. When he pulls away, she begs him not to stop. He says he can’t do this; he won’t. She tells him that Katie is only trying to control him. But he’s powerful and strong and that is what turns her on. He tells her she is enjoying this game a little too much. She thinks it is turning him on. She admits that she doesn’t take marriage lightly, but Katie is a mistake and he needs to get away from her. Nick is in a foul mood and makes fun of Owen and his mother licking each other, as well as Taylor and Whip. They tease him about his busted lip. Katie feels like a third wheel when Justin and Donna take her to a bar on the beach and she sees all the other happy people paired off. She spies Nick and Taylor at the same table and approaches them. She knows it is probably a bad time, but would like to speak with Taylor and Nick. She tells Taylor that she wants the best for her husband and her marriage and she’d like to seek advice professionally with Taylor.

Donna tells Justin that she can’t imagine anything separating them as they waited so long. Katie tells Taylor that she realizes it is a little unorthodox considering that her daughter, Steffy, has tried to interfere in her marriage and then there is Taylor’s issues with Brooke, but she trusts her and needs her help professionally now. Nick says he could care less about Spencer but for Katie’s sake, he’d like Taylor to help her. Taylor advises Katie to call her secretary and she thinks she can work her and Bill in very soon. Steffy continues to cozy up to Bill and tries to change his mind. She fishes his cell phone out of his pocket and dares him to call his wife and tell her that it is over. He calls, but he tells Katie if that is her condition that he see a therapist, then he will go but only if they go as a couple. She agrees and then says she won’t come home though until after their first session, then they will walk out together and go home. Steffy’s dobber is down and she tells Bill that he is being manipulated. She loves his strength and control and she would never ever hold him back. She would just push him forward. He could have everything if he would just say the words that he wants her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Dario turned out to be the person who touched Melanie.  She sprayed him in the eye with pepper spray.  She gave him a towel soaked with milk to make his eyes feel better.  He wanted to know why she did that to him.  She told him how he grabbed her from behind.  He said he was trying to get her attention.  She reminded him that she was attacked.  He wanted her to stop trying to find Ariannaís killer.  He told her that he thought Rafe would help, but he didnít so he would handle it himself.  She wasnít having it.  She wanted to find Ariannaís killer no matter what he thought.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Philip talked to the social worker.  He told the social worker nothing but good things about Chloe.  The social worker wanted to know where Chloe was if she loved Parker so much.  Philip made an excuse for her.  The social worker understood, but wanted to spend time with Chloe to observe her emotional state.  Philip was under the impression that the courts wanted to reunite families.  The social worker said they do, but Chloeís situation was different.  The social worker recapped when Chloe tried to kill herself.  Philip defended Chloe again.  When the social worker left, Philip spent time with Parker.  Chloe wanted to tell Kate off since Kate is always mean to her.  Kate didnít want to hear what Chloe had to say.  Chloe yelled at her and demanded that Kate listen to her.  While Chloe was yelling, Kate secretly taped the conversation.  Chloe and Kate got into an argument.  Kate got Chloe to explode and say terrible things.  Chloe ended up threatening to kill Kate if Kate did to Chloeís son what Kate did to her own.  Kate hung up on Chloe.  Kate had just enough information to get Chloe.  At the hospital, Stefano wanted Max to find Theo.  He wanted every man on the DiMera payroll looking for Theo and Ciara.  Max left.  Vivian ran into Stefano while she was there for a doctorís visit.  He told her about Theo.  When she insulted Kate, he left.  At the Brady Pub, fake Rafe thought of EJís warning about him being gone from Salem when he got back from Chicago.  Roman wouldnít let Fake Rafe leave.  Roman told Fake Rafe about Ciara and Theo being missing and he needed every man on the case.  Fake Rafe would love to help, but he needed to leave town.  The two got into a discussion about Sami.  After their conversation, Roman left.

At Fayís funeral, a pastor thought Taylor and EJ were married.  Nicole corrected him.  They proceeded with Fayís funeral.  Taylor talked to Nicole about the way Nicole was treating EJ.  Nicole was more concerned about Fay than EJ.  Taylor snapped and told Nicole that she is lucky not to go through this alone.  Nicole comforted Taylor.  EJ and Taylor went to the limo while Nicole stayed behind.  EJ and Taylor talked about Fay and Nicole.  They confessed their feelings for each other.  Out of the blue, they were thrown together when a car careened off the road.  Nicole opened up to the pastor about Fay knowing a secret.  She also told him how EJ had a secret.  She told the pastor that Fay was desperate to tell her something, but was too sick to tell her.  She told him that she overheard EJ and Stefano talking about Fay and Rafe.  The pastor was familiar with the DiMeras because Fay told him about them.  She was confused about finding out the secret because of possibly losing the kids.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano saw Troy.  Stefano wanted to know what he was doing there.  Troy said he got time off for good behavior.  He has been out for months.  Stefano didnít want to talk right now, but Troy wanted to do it.  Troy reminded Stefano that he was running EJís drug business.  Stefano warned him not to push his luck or else.  Troy told him that he and EJ owed him because he didnít roll over EJ.  Stefano didnít agree.  Troy told him he would be back to collect.  At Danielís apartment, Troy was in the apartment.  He hid in the closet when he heard Melanie come in.  She told Daniel that she wasnít doing anything exciting.  Troy thought her night would be more exciting than she thought.  Melanie was on the couch with a book when the lights went out.  She wanted to know who was there.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate went to see Philip to talk about Chloe.  She played him the recording of her conversation with Chloe.  When Chloe was at the mansion, she was drunk.  She saw Kate there.  Kate left.  Chloe asked Philip what Kate was doing there.  He told her to drop off the recorder.  He played the part that he heard and wanted an explanation.  Gus showed up at the hospital to tell Vivian that they would have DNA evidence on the person who was in the DiMera basement very soon.  When Gus had the results, he said most of the DNA belonged to Stefano and EJ and their henchmen.  There was one sample the lab couldnít identify.  They had to run it against another DNA database.  Vivian wanted to get it done.  At the Brady Pub, Fake Rafe greeted Stefano.  Fake Rafe told him how Roman wanted him to find the kids.  Stefano wanted him to kill Troy and then leave town.  When Nicole called Sami and Rafeís apartment, Dario told her that Rafe left town.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Sonny confronts Suzanne about her hidden agenda concerning Lucian. Brenda and Michael have a serious talk about Carly and her parenting skills. Jason continues to blame himself for not keeping Jake safe. Elizabeth changes her mind about telling Lucky the truth about Aiden’s paternity. Maxie covers for Liz when she learns Nikolas doesn’t know the truth about Aiden. Lucky and Siobhan share a night on the town. Jason tells Michael that Carly suggested he and Sam have a baby. Sonny and Brenda butt heads when it comes to Suzanne. Nikolas shares some quality time with Aiden. Maxie confides in Matt about keeping Liz’s secret. Nikolas comes across Elizabeth’s envelope carrying the DNA results. Suzanne makes a mysterious call to someone watching her grandson. Sam and Jason discuss having a baby.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

On the Access Llanview gossip television show, Phyllis announces that she will soon reveal who really killed Eddie Ford. Nora and Matthew are alone in the apartment where they agree that too many innocent people could have had their lives ruined because Matthew listened to his uncle Clint. Bo goes and talks to Clint who urges him not to turn Matthew in because Matthew has a bright future and parents who need to put him before their jobs in law and order. Phyllis also reveals on her show that Charlie has cheated on Viki. Natalie watches that with her mother and does not believe it for a minute. But Viki tells her daughter it's true. Charlie has declared to her that he is in love with Echo. And it would have had to be Tess who fed Phyllis that information. At that point, Natalie goes to confront Tess. But Robert is alone in the apartment after finding out, for the first time, how Tess cam out in the first place. After learning that Viki's "alter", Nikki Smith, let a child molester take Jessica, he begins to wonder, for the first time, why everybody believes Viki is a saint and vilifies Tess. Tess goes to confront Viki. At that point, V8iki is ready to have a heart attack. And it appears that Nikki has come out again. Clint returns home alone and also appears to be having a heart attack.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

In New Mexico Adam identifies a badly burned body as Sharon because the body is wearing the Engagement ring he gave to Sharon, which belonged to his mother. Adam then heads back to Genoa city to break the news to Sharon’s mom Doris and gives her the notes that Sharon left for Faith and Noah. Doris reads the notes and thinks Sharon was saying goodbye to her family because she planned to commit suicide Doris tells Adam she doesn’t want him involved in planning Sharon’s funeral and he isn’t welcome at the funeral either.

The Newman’s and the Abbott’s put their differences aside and come together at the ranch to mourn Sharon. Billy tells Daniel that Jana is searching for Daisy’s baby and she suspects the baby was sold on the black market. Daniel tells Billy that Daisy loved and wanted to keep the baby and she probably has the baby with her because she would never sell it on the black market. Jack feels badly for turning his back on Sharon but he says Victor and Adam are responsible for her death. Phyllis feels Ashamed because she slept with Nick and Nick tells her not to feel ashamed because they didn’t hurt anyone but she feels like she hurt Jack. Phyllis finally answers Jack’s call and he tells her the news about Sharon and she relays the news to Nick. Nick tells Phyllis he has no right to mourn Sharon because he turned his back on her but Phyllis tells him that he should mourn Sharon because she was the mother of his children. Victor flies to New York to pick up Noah and assure him that Sharon still loved him despite of the argument he had with her the last time he saw her in jail because parents always love their children no matter how much they may disagree with each other. Sharon walks around the little town where she stopped to rest and ends up on a farm and decides to sleep in the barn where the farm’s owner finds her sleeping in the hay.

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