Friday 4/15/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/15/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Eva

Opal finally tells Jack that Caleb came to St Barts and declared himself to Erica but she told him no and she was all ready to marry Jack. Kendall and Bianca tell Jack that Erica would never do this to him and he should go find her. Jack thinks Caleb kidnapped Erica and heads back to Pine Valley where he confronts Caleb about Erica’s location. Caleb tells Jack that Erica turned him down and told him that she intended to get married. Caleb tells Jack that Erica changed her mind and didn’t choose either one of them. Jack sends Kendall a text telling her that Erica isn’t with Caleb so Kendall tells Bianca that she thinks that Zach’s Casino partners kidnapped her. Greenlee continues to have problems with Emma when Emma overhears Greenlee saying bad things about Erica she calls Greenlee mean and says she hates her before she locks herself in the bathroom. Greenlee tells Emma that she loves her and would never take Ryan from her because she wants them to be a family. Emma comes out of the bathroom and asks Ryan if she can visit Annie and he says he will see what he can do. Greenlee talks to Ryan in the hallway and tells him Emma visiting Annie wouldn’t be a good idea because Annie will only turn Emma against them even more. Emma overhears and is angry because Greenlee is trying to keep her from her mother and she takes the petals of a flower to express her anger.

Amanda can’t help but notice the connection between Jake and Cara as they work together to help Griffin. Amanda tells tad that Cara still wants Jake but Tad tells Amanda that isn’t true and Amanda tells tad that she can’t ignore what she sees every time Jake and Cara are together. Jesse promises Cara that he will find who stabbed Griffin but they can’t get any prints from the knife except for Griffin’s so the person who stabbed Griffin wore gloves. Cara persuades Jake to lie to Jesse and make Griffin’s condition worse then it is so he won’t have to go to jail and he can stay in the hospital. Jesse posts a guard at the door and assures Cara that he will make sure Griffin won’t get stabbed again. Kendall finds out about Griffin being stabbed and decides to go see him face to face because she is sure that she will be able to tell if he was involved in Erica’s kidnapping. Ricky can’t talk her out of going back home despite his best efforts and Bianca and Marissa stay behind and wait for news on Erica because Ricky doesn’t think Kendall should go home by herself. Erica hears a distorted voice over a speaker telling her that he or she doesn’t want to harm her and they kidnapped her because she is Erica Kane. The voice tells Erica that it isn’t Caleb as she thought and that they hope she is comfortable in an almost exact replica of her bedroom except of course for the brick wall where a window should be.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Katie that he loves her and wants her to come home right now. He is not going to stand here and discuss their marriage in front of her sisters. He was protecting his son and he is not going to apologize for that. Katie is not sure why he is so scared to have therapy. She is begging him to do this for them. He makes it clear that he wanted to keep this between just the two of them without bringing Lucy and Ethel into it. He doesn’t like the position she has put him in and now she won’t even apologize for it. He will not discuss it further in front of them and he leaves. Steffy tells Thomas that Bill is the man for her and she is exactly what he needs. No one can tame him, certainly not Katie. He is fighting for her because he doesn’t like to lose. Donna and Brooke turn their back for a second and Katie slips out. Like a bad penny, Steffy shows up at Bill’s office. He asks what she wants. He doesn’t need her to point out the obvious. She says she wants to help him and he should kick Katie out. Katie walks in and has a few choice words for Steffy. Steffy fires back that Katie doesn’t deserve him if she is not willing to share his bed. Bill finally tells Steffy to knock it off and leave.

Donna and Brooke agrees that even Bill does not know when his rage is gonna come out. He’s too stubborn to go to therapy so Katie just needs to leave him for her own good. Katie asks Bill if this is how he spends his evenings. He says Steffy just showed up; he did not invite her. Katie says yeah she was like a pretty little vulture swarming over the next victim. He says he gave Katie his heart and his support and she needs to forget all this therapy nonsense. All he needs is for her to come home. She reaffirms that she will not stand by like she did with her brother, Storm, and pretend all is okay. She can not….. will not….. come home until he agrees to get help. She says she is sorry and then walks out. She goes back to her sisters and says she did not go back to Bill. She walked away and left him alone. But he is not alone; Steffy walks back in. She says she is not there to lecture him. She thinks the two of them are one and the same. They want the same thing out of life. He tells her to beat it, but she continues. They want control, they want success and unconditional love. She confesses she wants to be one with him and she wants to reward him with a gift that no woman has ever given him before….”my complete loyalty….my body…..I want to give you my soul….I want to give you all my love….I want to give you all of me.” She kisses him and he pulls away and stares at her pondering what she just said.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Stefano and Kate showed up to be with Abe and Lexie.  Stefano threatened to make Bo and Hope pay if something happened to Theo.  At Bo and Hopeís house, Hope tried to call Ciara again.  She had a feeling that she would have answered.  She was wrong.  Hope wanted assurance for why Ciara didnít answer.  Bo gave her a list of reasons why Ciara wasnít answering.  She assured him that she wasnít going to lose it.  They continued to talk about Ciara and how they were a family.  At the Cheating Heart, Melanie and Daniel talked about the PR campaign and the reward money.  They saw Chloe telling a bartender to keep the drinks coming.  She was on the wagon and had a lot of catching up to do.  Daniel wanted to talk to her.  Chloe wanted Daniel to buy her a drink.  He told her he was on his way to hospital.  He asked her about Parker.  She told him Parker was with his father.  She wanted to get a couple of drinks to pass the time.  She knew by looking at him that he didnít approve.  Dan reminded her that sheís on medication and trying to get custody of Parker.  Daniel gave up talking to her and took her drink and dumped it.  Melanie decided to talk to Chloe, but it didnít do any good.  At Sami and Rafeís apartment, Will, Gabi, and Fake Rafe talked about why Fake Rafe was leaving.  He told them the situation with Sami.  He gave them the impression that he was coming back.  Dario interrupted the conversation by getting into an argument with Fake Rafe.  Dario was upset that Fake Rafe insulted Dario.  Gabi defended Dario.  Fake Rafe told Dario that he gave the case to a good cop and was trying to save his marriage.  Fake Rafe was angry with them for saying that he didnít care about Arianna.  He was fed up and left.  Gabi wanted Dario to go after Rafe.  He didnít want to do it.  At the forest, Ciara woke up and told Theo her head hurt.  Theo held out the phone.  She asked if he answered.  Theo said he didnít, but he could.  She didnít want him to do it.  She said they couldnít talk to anybody.  She thought they could do this themselves.  Theo dropped the phone and it broke.  Theo told her he was scared.  He asked if she was okay.  She said she was fine.  She was glad he didnít answer the phone because it would have made her parents mad at each other.  She said her parents had to be together.  She was never going to go home again.  Theo asked if he could go home.  Ciara said he could, but she couldnít.  He wanted to call his father.  She told him not to tell where she is.  He lost the phone.  He looked around and found it.  She told him it was broken.  Theo apologized.  She was okay with it since they didnít need the phone.  She threw it away.  She held the bag of cookies and realized that they didnít have much food left.

Lexie was upset with Stefano for what he said to Abe.  Stefano and Lexie got into it over Abe and Theo being missing.  They also had a conversation about Ciara and he insulted her.  Victor showed up and wanted to know what he was saying about his granddaughter.  At the pub, Bo came in and asked Roman if there was anything new.  He said no, but Abe ordered an amber alert.  Bo joined Abe.  Bo apologized.  Abe asked how Hope was.  He said sheís handling it.  Bo said he was worried about Hope after everything sheís been through.  When Ciara was kidnapped, Bo felt she was in danger.  Bo felt they would find the kids and they were going to be okay.  Abe felt the same way.  Julie was at Bo and Hopeís house.  Julie believed they would find Ciara.  Hope told Julie about the note Ciara left.  They talked about Hope and Boís relationship.  Victor wanted to know what was being done to find Ciara.  He wanted to call his people.  Stefano thought that was a good idea.  Kate didnít want them fixing the problem in front of Lexie.  Kate thought Lexie didnít need that right now.  Victor realized Kate was right and he apologized to Lexie.  Lexie got a call from Abe.  Stefano told Kate he was going to find the kids.  Bo showed up at the hospital and saw Victor and Stefano on their phones.  He warned them that they would find Ciara and Theo his way, not theirs.  Melanie told Daniel about the guy who attacked her and how Dario helped her.  Daniel wasnít happy with the situation.  He thought she should take back the reward money.  She decided not to rescind the offer.  Bo warned Stefano and Victor not to do anything about the children because it would make things worse.  Stefan didnít want to listen until Lexie told him to.  Victor wanted to help.  Bo understood.  Chloe called Kate, but Kate didnít have time for her.  Chloe warned her not to hang up on her.  Kate noticed a mini-recorder in her day planner.  Fake Rafe ran into Roman at the pub.  Fake Rafe told him that he was taking a leave of absence immediately, but Roman couldnít approve of it.  Someoneís hand touched Melanieís shoulder while she was on the bench.  It startled her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maxie asks Elizabeth when she is going to share the DNA results with Lucky and Nikolas. Sam tells Elizabeth that Jason doesn't blame her. Elizabeth tells Sam to take Jake's toy motorcycle to Jason. Jason warns Michael not to get into the mob. Michael says he doesnít ever want to feel powerless again. Jason tells Sam that he realizes that a good parent knows when to let a child make his own decisions and that Michael is at that point. He confides that it scares him.

Steve asks Luke to talk to Elizabeth and to get Lucky to tell Elizabeth that he doesn't blame her. Tracy tells Lucky that he is the only person that can help Luke, but Lucky refuses. Maxie tries to console Lucky. Nikolas goes to visit Lucky. Elizabeth comes in with the DNA results in hand.

Brenda and Suzanne reconcile through Lucien. Sonny encourages Brenda to get a DNA test to determine if Lucien is really her son. Brenda says she already knows he is her son. Sonny goes to see Suzanne and questions her motives. Suzanne tells him that if he doesnít think Brenda can handle Lucien, then she would be happy to take him. Brenda asks Michael about growing up in Sonny's lifestyle. He tells her that the mob is no place for kids.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Clint goes to visit a very guarded Rex, after hearing that Shane has had a crises with being bullied in school. Rex tells Clint he is not a part of Rex's family and is nothing to Shane, biological father and grandfather to them or not. Clint protests that he has nothing against Shane, a child, but tells Rex that he, as an adult, has some responsibility for his failure to earn Clint's respect. Rex dismisses Clint but wonders if it's true that he is not a good father to Shane. Nora and Boa are panicking about what to do with the startling revelation that Matthew shot Eddie Ford. Matthew goes to talk to Destiny at Buenos Dias and is spooked to see her watching Phyllis Rose on Access Llanview. When Phyllis announces that she will be "right back" after a commercial to reveal the real murderer of Eddie, Matthew rushes home to get his mom to turn on the television to find out if she knows. Dorian is discontented with Bo and Nora dropping the charges against Clint, when it appears obvious to all that he killed Eddie. She reminds them both that she is their boss as the mayor and she demands that they find out who the killer is if it's not Clint. And they do not know what to say or do.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Diane confronts Victor about his feelings for Nikki and she tells him that she knows he still has feelings for Nikki and wonders why he married her. Victor tells Diane that he married her because she doesn’t judge him and allows him to be himself. Victor assures Diane that he is happy with her but he wonders if she has feelings for Nick and Diane tells Victor that she only had a few dates with Nick and it wasn’t a serious relationship. Nikki almost takes a drink when she sees Victor and Diane at Glowworm together but Jack pretending to be her date in front of Victor keeps her from drinking. Nikki thanks Jack for pretending even though she knows he was happy to annoy Victor. Nikki and Jack both worry that something could happen between Nick and Phyllis in ST Martin but Jack decides to trust Phyllis because he loves her. Victor and Diane get back to the ranch and kiss passionately but Diane is thinking of Nick and Victor can only think of Nikki.

Nick and Phyllis share the honeymoon suite in a luxury hotel in ST Barts while they wait to take the ferry back to ST Martin in the morning. Nick orders all of Phyllis ‘s favorite food and a bottle of wine as they eat and drink wine they look at the beautiful scenery and Nick tells Phyllis he doesn’t have feelings for Sharon anymore because she has hurt him to much. Nick does regret how his marriage to Phyllis ended and then they decide to play a game of slap and when their hands touch Nick kisses Phyllis and they make love. Adam stops by the hotel and finds the goodbye letter that Sharon wrote to him telling him that she loves him very much but they can’t be together. Sharon gets carjacked and the two robbers take her car and her jewelry a scared Sharon walks around until she finds a bar where Adam is also but they don’t see each other. Sharon hears a report of a bad car accident where an ID of a woman who looks like Sharon Newman was found Adam doesn’t hear the report because he is on his way to the motel. The motel desk clerk tells Adam about the accident and he rushes to the scene where he finds the car is on fire and he falls to the ground from shock because he thinks Sharon is dead.

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