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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Ricky orders a hit on Griffin in jail and is happy when he gets a call that his orders are being carried out. He even jokes that Griffin’s family may ask him to officiate at the funeral. After Griffin is stabbed three times, Cara arrives to stop the bleeding and frantically works to save her brother’s life. Jake and Amanda are having an Easter picnic with Trevor when Cara calls Jake to tell him that Griffin has been stabbed and she needs his help. Tad asks Liza to help persuade a judge to grant Griffin bail, but she says she can’t do that because there is too much evidence against him.

In St Barts, Ryan, Greenlee, and Emma arrive for the wedding and Emma is excited to see the ocean until Greenlee says she wants to go too and then Emma changes her mind. Greenlee talks to Emma and asks her to remember how much fun they had when they were friends and Emma tells Greenlee that she remembers a lot of things like the fact that Greenlee was too busy to notice when Annie took her away from her wedding to Ryan. Jack tells Greenlee to be patient with Emma and never give up on her because Emma will have a good relationship with her. Marissa arrives in St Barts to tell Bianca that Reese has given her full custody of the girls. Marissa also tells Bianca that she decided to come and take a vacation because she needs time away because she and JR kissed each other. Erica is about to walk into the room where the wedding rehearsal is but a gloved hand reaches out and puts a handkerchief over her mouth. Erica wakes up blindfolded in a dark room while everyone at the hotel is wondering if Erica is a runaway bride.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Brooke’s house, Katie picks up a photo of her brother, Storm, and recalls his pent up anger. And then she re-lives the gun going off that caught her in the chest, and is startled when Brooke and Donna come in. She says she is just thinking that although she just got here, she feels she should be going home. She has to be sure she is doing the right thing. Donna reminds her what Bill did and nothing has changed. Brooke hasn’t heard all the details so Donna wants Katie to fill her in. Katie says Bill must deal with the violence and anger inside him or it will destroy him. Just like Storm had so much anger in him that it destroyed him in the end and she tried to protect him and did not tell anyone just how bad it was his last years at home. They all ignored the problems and all their good intentions led to her being shot. They all thought prison was the worst thing that could happen to Storm, but it wasn’t. She would never protect him like that again. She and Bill can not solve his problem if he won’t admit that he has one. Thomas kisses Dayzee and says he definitely did not see it coming what his dad just did, giving him Forrester stock that makes him a part owner. It’s a show of confidence, but the women’s Taboo line is his dream and he’s not going to give up on it. Steffy walks in and catches them smooching. She makes a snarky remark about him as part owner now so that he doesn’t have to work, but can hang around like Brooke does. She jokes about getting him a cover of Eye On Fashion since she is a confidant of Bill Spencer. Thomas is galled when she reveals that she loves Bill. She thinks Katie is wrong the way she is treating him. He could do better with Steffy. Liam tries to get Bill to confide in him about his problems with Katie and her moving out. Bill tells Liam he is not involved and he can fix this on his own. Liam rants at him that he can’t stop until he has tried everything. Bill says they are at an impasse and it sucks. But he does not negotiate from a place of weakness. He sets the terms, no concessions, no counter offers. He makes a fair deal, take it or leave it. She does not want to live with her sister. He knows that she wants to come home and that is exactly what she is going to do.

With fire blazing in his eyes, Bill pushes the door open at Brooke’s. He can see the look on their faces and knows Katie has told them everything. Her husband is a monster. He tells Katie that he doesn’t need a shrink. He needs her and wants her to come home with him. Katie tells him that she loves him, but she can’t come home and just pretend nothing happened. She knows he says that it won’t happen again, but she can not ignore the problem. For the sake of their marriage, she is drawing a line in the sand and can not go back and lay her head on the pillow next to his until he gets professional help. He accuses her of letting this thing with Amber get so out of hand that she can’t get around it. He claims that he is a husband and a father and a brother-in-law who looked after his family and he thinks they could all appreciate that. He hasn’t changed. He’s the same man that she married. He’s the same man who would go to any lengths to keep their dad from going to prison. He cups her face and tells her that he loves her and wants her back. He needs his wife and wants her to come home with him now and they will work this out.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Cheating Heart, Philip was on the phone with a social worker from Social Services.  Chloe walked in.  Philip told the social worker that he and Chloe were hoping to share custody of Parker.  He said they were going to fight this with all they've got.  When he got off the phone, he told Chloe that it wasn't good.  Chloe thought Philip wasn't convincing enough when he told the social worker that Parker needed his mother.  Philip didn't agree with that.  He blamed Social Services for deciding that.  Chloe wanted Philip to have the courage to say that she's an unfit mother.  He told her that it wasn't over.  He was going to talk to a lawyer.  They were going to have shared custody.  She wished she could be sure.  He left to see the lawyer.  At Bo and Hope's house, Lexie was upset about Theo.  Theo has no tolerance for unfamiliar places.  Abe reminded her that Theo was with Ciara.  That didn't make Lexie feel better.  When Bo told her that the kids couldn't have gotten far, she snapped at him.  She thought that someone could have picked them up or they got on a bus or a train.  Bo told her that people would have noticed that they weren't with an adult and would have said something.  Lexie blamed Ciara for Theo being gone.  Hope told her not to blame Ciara. Ciara is just an unhappy girl.  Lexie knew that and apologized.  Bo/Hope/Abe/Lexie continued to worry about Ciara and Theo.  Abe and Lexie left to go to the hospital to check the databases of other hospitals to see if the kids were brought in.  Hope blamed herself for not seeing this coming.  Bo blamed himself too.  Roman arrived and told them there was a report that a boy and girl Theo and Ciara's ages were admitted to University Hospital. Everyone rushed out.  At the DiMera mansion, Taylor didn't get how Fay could have known a secret about Rafe.  Nicole wanted her to leave it alone for now.  Taylor thought the secret couldn't be good if it was about EJ and Rafe.  Nicole wondered why she cared.  Taylor knows how much EJ means to her so she doesn't want any problems.  Nicole told her not to worry because the secret had nothing to do with EJ.  They talked about Fay's death.  When Taylor left to run errands, Nicole thought about what EJ and Stefano were saying.  She wondered what EJ did.  At Sami and Rafe's apartment, EJ wanted to know why Nicole was there.  Fake Rafe didn't see what the big deal was.  EJ wanted an answer.  Fake Rafe wondered if he was jealous.  EJ was suspicious because Nicole doesn't like him so why would she see him.  Fake Rafe joked about EJ being jealous.  EJ shoved him in the door with his hand on his throat.  Fake Rafe told him that she came there to offer condolences.  EJ left the apartment.  Outside the apartment, EJ called Stefano and told him he needed to talk.  Stefano assumed it was about Nicole.

In the forest, Theo told Ciara that he wanted to go home.  Ciara thought he wanted to protect her.  He told her he was scared.  Ciara told him they couldn't go home.  The truck took them far away.  If she went home, her parents would never be happy.  Theo wanted his parents.  Ciara shushed him and told him not to worry.  They heard a noise in the bushes.  Ciara asked Theo if he saw it.  He said it was a dear.  Ciara's phone rang.  She made Theo promise not to answer the phone.  At the pier, EJ told Stefano that if Nicole kept digging, Fake Rafe would open his mouth and tell everything.  He wanted to know what they should do.  Stefano wanted to kill two birds with one stone.  Fake Rafe joined them.  He wanted to know why they wanted to see him.  Stefano told him that it was over.  EJ gave him a wad of cash and a bank card for an account in his name.  Fake Rafe wanted to know if the account had the money they agreed to.  the new name was Javier Morales.  Stefano said that was his new name.  they gave him all the identification he needed and enough money to start a new life.  Once Fake Rafe was gone, he was never to contact them again.  Fake Rafe was okay with that.  EJ told Fake Rafe that he had to make his disappearance believable.  Fake Rafe knew what to do.  EJ gave him orders on how to say goodbye to Sami's family.  EJ warned him not to mess up.  He had 24 hours to get it done.  EJ wanted to get Nicole out of town so Nicole wouldn't put the pieces together.  Abe and Lexie rushed in the hospital to ask Maxine about the kids that were brought in.  It wasn't Theo and Ciara.  Abe told Bo and Hope the news.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole say a vision of Fay and wondered what Fay was going to tell her about EJ.  Nicole started questioning whether EJ had something to do with Rafe's accident.  She was suspicious about Rafe's behavior since the accident.  Hope left a message on Ciara's voicemail.  She told Bo to leave a message too.  He told her everything was great between them.  He told her the only thing that was wrong was she wasn't there.  He asked her to come home.  Ciara held her phone and decided not to answer or listen to the message.  While she was looking at her phone.  While walking, she tripped and knocked her head on a rock.  Theo tried to wake her up, but he couldn't do it.  At the Cheating Heart, Kate and Chloe got into an argument about Parker and Philip.  Fake Rafe decided to leave town without doing what Stefano and EJ said.  He didn't want to risk Nicole figuring out what he did to Fay.  When he opened the door, he saw Will and Gabi.  She wanted to know what he was up to.  Bo had a theory that the clues to where the kids are were at home.  When they got home, they checked Ciara's emails and saw how she planned to run away.  there was no mention of where they were going. Bo thought there had to be a clue.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam tells Jason that Carly wants him to have a baby. Maxie puts Elizabeth’s DNA report, which indicates Lucky is Aiden's father, into her purse. She later returns the envelope to Elizabeth and says she took it to keep Lucky from seeing it. She suggests that knowing Aiden is really his son might help Lucky with his grief. Steve encourages Elizabeth to go to California for a while. Elizabeth and Lucky each thinks the other blames them for Jake's death and neither wants to see the pain in the other's eyes. Steve tells Elizabeth and Lucky that they need to lean on each other. Tracy offers to hire a cleaning crew to clean the Haunted Star. She wonders why Luke has not been home and he admits that he can't bring himself to drive his car. She tries to encourage him to stop drinking and go back to work. Steve tells Luke that Elizabeth needs him to stop wallowing in guilt. Tracy goes to Lucky and asks him to help Luke.

Dante warns Michael to stay away from John Zacchara. Sonny tells Johnny he knows he framed Michael for Brandon's murder. Johnny denies it and says he is trying to save Michael from Sonny. Sonny tells Johnny that he can come after him, but he needs to stop involving his children. Michael asks Johnny if he set him up. Johnny says no. He tells Michael that Sonny doesn’t want him in the business because he doesn’t want him to have blood on his hands. He says he is never going to offer Michael a job but he won't say no if Michael asks him for one. Sonny and Jason agree that Johnny is trying to recruit Michael. Sonny thinks they should nail Johnny for Brandon's murder and get him off the streets. Jason wonders what would stop Michael from joining Johnny's organization knowing that he will never be a part of Sonny's organization. Jason tells Michael that Johnny is recruiting him and orders him to turn Johnny down when he offers him a job. Sonny asks Dante to convince Michael to stay away from Johnny or send Johnny to prison for something to save his brother from turning out like their dad.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Cutter and Aubrey are doing "damage control" after she kissed him right in front of Tess, which confirmed that they are not brother and sister. He tells her that he now has no choice except to do what Tess wants unless, of course, she wants to cancel her "plan" with Joey. Blair takes Jack to Rex's home so her son can apologize to Shane although Jack argues. Rex lets them know that he is furious with Jack and that his son tried to kill himself. Jack still does not feel remorse. Tea notices that Tomas has pictures and old articles about Todd from many years ago and asks him what is up with that. He asks her if she believes he shot her husband. Clint goes to talk to Viki and finds out, from her, that it's true that Charlie has declared that he is in love with Echo and not with Viki. He also informs Viki that Echo informed him that Shane has been bullied at school and maybe he does care about his grandson after all. Dorian wants Kelly to get back with Joey and tells her she needs to blow Aubrey and Cutter out of the water with the jump drive Clint has. But they both know that it's Clint's word against Cutter's and Aubrey's.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Victor doesn’t pay any attention to Diane so she knows he is upset with her about Nick so she tells him that she and Nick had a few dates but it ended after Valentines Day and the relationship wasn’t serious. Victor appreciates Diane’s honesty but when she leaves to go get food for dinner he has her followed. Diane calls Nick apologizing to him for the way they left things and asks him if Summer needs a ride to the school play. Nick explains that Summer is with friends and he is in the Caribbean Diane gets annoyed when she hears Phyllis ask Nick who he is talking to so she tells Nick goodbye so he can get back to work. Phyllis calls Jack who is also at Glowworm and tells him she is out of town on a story. Jack hangs up the phone and Diane asks him where Phyllis is and he says she is out of town on a story and Diane tells him Phyllis is in the Caribbean with Nick. Jack taunts Diane by suggesting that she has something going on with her stepson but she says they are just friends. Diane tells Jack she is happily married to Victor who treats her like a queen and suggests that he should try catching more flies with honey.

Jack decides to take Diane’s advice and calls a truce with Tucker because he needs allies against Victor. Victor tells Tucker that he crossed the line when he bought Adam’s stock and he also warns Tucker that he is in for a big surprise if he things he is going to do the same thing with Newman enterprises that he did with Chancellor Industries. Nikki goes to the ranch to bring Faith to visit Victor and tells him that she is babysitting Faith while Nick is in the Caribbean following Adam. Adam persuades Sharon to stop at a motel and rest and he tells her he will soon meet her in Sedona Arizona. Noah tells Nikki and Jack that he doesn’t intend to put his career on hold for Sharon because when she escaped from police custody she willingly broke the law. Adam switches clothes with a hotel bellhop and manages to give Nick and Phyllis the slip when the bellhop dressed in Adam’s clothes leads them on to a ferry to ST Barts and the boat captain tells Nick and Phyllis they are stuck on the boat overnight. Diane is not happy to arrive home and find Nikki and Faith with Victor but she is civil to Nikki and when Victor thanks her for being nice she tells him she isn’t jealous of Nikki and he shouldn’t be jealous of Nick. Sharon writes good-bye notes to Noah, Noah, Faith and Adam telling them how much she loves them and what each of them mean to her. Sharon leaves the motel crying and telling herself that she will never forget Adam but its best that they not be together.

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