Wednesday 4/13/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Maya sets up a romantic dinner for J.R. and Marissa. Marissa comes in and suspects something fishy is going on. Before Marissa can object too much, J.R. tells her the good news that Reese had dropped the custody lawsuit and will give Bianca full custody of the girls. Marissa is so happy that she hugs and kisses J.R. Maya walks in and interrupts the kiss. Maya runs out. Maya is invited out for a sandwich with Asher, but she refuses. Krystal gets a call from Jack about work. Erica and Jack kiss. Jack hangs up the phone abruptly which unnerves Krystal. Krystal hopes deep down that something could develop between herself and Jack. Cara arrives at the police department to lend Griffin support. Griffin wants to know how Kendall is doing. Tad lets him know that he still doesn’t have any leads on who could have killed Diana. Marissa visits Krystal and sees that she is in a bad mood. Marissa suggests that they fly off to St. Bart’s, but Krystal refuses. Marissa catches a plane and goes by herself to see Bianca. J.R. finding out Marissa’s whereabouts follows her. Kendall thanks Ricky for all his help in getting her mind off Griffin, but part of her thinks about Griffin and her turning him in for stealing drugs from the hospital. Ricky urges Kendall to forget Griffin.

Opal runs into Caleb in the hallway and wants to know what he is doing her. Opal leads him to a grumpy old man’s hotel room to give her a chance to go and warn Erica. Erica spends time with Kendall and Bianca. Erica sends Bianca to get her earrings while she has a talk with Kendall, to see how she is doing with Zach. Erica gets a visit from Caleb, who urges her to go with her feelings as he lifts her off the floor and kisses her. Erica is stunned by the kiss. Kendall, Bianca, Jack and Ricky have drinks together. Ricky tells Jack his feelings for Kendall. Bianca sits at the bar, getting ready to pull off her wedding ring, but she just cannot seem to pull it off. Bianca looks up and sees Marissa standing there. Marissa lets her know that she had good news. Griffin is refused bail which unnerves Cara, but doesn’t seem to be making Griffin mad. Ricky calls his special informant and finds out that Griffin was denied bail. Ricky tells the person that Griffin’s number was up and to make it happen. Ricky smiles as he looks back at Kendall. Caleb urges Erica to leave with him.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge okays some dresses on his models, but sidesteps their questions about the women’s Taboo line. Brooke tells him that she understands his feelings about that while still trying to maintain a relationship with his son. Dayzee arrives at Thomas’s bidding. She doesn’t know why she is there, but really loves the designs she is seeing. He shows her a gorgeous gold gown and wants her to wear it for the annual May fashion gala as his date. They kiss as Summer opens the door and spies them. She makes an excuse about asking about the women’s line and mistakes Dayzee as a model since she has on one of Thomas’s new gowns. She realizes the situation and asks Thomas to talk later. In his apartment, Liam stares at the sonogram when Hope shows up. She apologizes for not being in touch and tells him that everything changed when Amber came into the picture. It’s time for him to move on as she has with Oliver. He’s been nothing but good to her. She says her pain will go away eventually, but only if she moves on. She saved herself for him, but he has Amber now.

Ridge says his dad said it too and he’s been thinking about it all night long. Thomas needs his support and he deserves to know how much he means to this family. That’s all he will say for now, but he confesses that he has something in the back of his mind. Hope tells Liam no more blaming himself. She has forgiven him so now he needs to forgive himself. He doesn’t think it makes any sense for her to go in one direction and him in another. They kiss and say goodbye. Thomas admits to Dayzee that he made a mistake by kissing Brooke, but his dad is still over-reacting. He just wants to prove himself, but with no power since he is not a part owner. He vows that he won’t let anyone take that passion away from him though. Ridge interrupts and tells him that he doesn’t like them being at odds and he has made a decision. Thomas asks Dayzee to stay to hear this. Ridge tells him that he has more than proven himself and he wants to give him 5% of his 25% of the company. He’s a valuable member of this family and this company. They hug and Thomas is eternally grateful.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At Bo and Hope's house, Bo and Hope were worried about Ciara.  They wondered why Ciara lied to them.  Hope found the note that Ciara left saying that she ran away.  Hope realized that Ciara thought they were getting divorced.  Bo wanted to call it in and get an APB out on them.  Hope wanted to call Abe and Lexie.  Bo assured Hope that they would find the kids.  He told her that the kids weren't kidnapped and couldn't be far away.  In the forest, Ciara thought she and Theo were far away from home.  She wanted to stay there.  It was a good place for them.  She believed her parents wouldn't fight anymore now that she's gone.  Ciara wouldn't answer her phone because it was Hope calling.  If she went back, her parents would get divorced.  Theo was scared.  She told him he could go home.  She would be alright alone.  Theo said he wouldn't leave.  He said he would protect her.  She thought that her parents wouldn't have to fight anymore when they found her note.  At the DiMera mansion, EJ and Stefano talked about Sami leaving Rafe.  They were elated that their plan is working.  Stefano was convinced that no one would know what they did.  Stefano wasn't worried about Sami, but he was worried about Nicole.  He wanted to know if EJ was sure that Nicole didn't hear them talking about Rafe.  EJ thought that Nicole was caught up with her grief.

At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Nicole tried to get out of Fake Rafe's kiss, but he wouldn't let go until she shoved and slapped him.  She was upset.  He thought it would be their secret.  She thought he was being nice to her to get info about EJ so he and Sami could get full custody.  Fake Rafe said that wasn't true.  He used the accident as his excuse for his behavior.  She was going to tell EJ until he convinced her not to.  She eventually decided not to since EJ wouldn't believe her.  When she left, she decided that she couldn't let EJ find out that she was at the apartment and that she was trying to find the connection between him and Rafe.  She had to find out what was going on.  At the Brady Pub, Abby met Chad and told him about her summer internship at the hospital.  He congratulated her.  She told him about another position if he wanted it.  He couldn't take it because he's gong to work for Stefano.  She wasn't happy about that.  He told her that his family isn't that bad.  They talked about the blood that was on the floor at the DiMera mansion.  At the hospital, Lexie saw Abe.  He was there for a budget meeting.  She noticed something wrong with him.  She thought that he was grieving over Fay.  They talked about Fay and Brandon.  Abe was about to leave when Hope called Lexie.  EJ found Taylor in the foyer looking at a picture of Nicole and Fay.  He comforted her and the two kissed.  When he left her, he called Fake Rafe to tell him he was going to the apartment.  When Nicole was back at the mansion, she talked to Taylor about being determined to find out the secret about EJ and Rafe. Taylor was surprised that Fay would know something about Rafe.  EJ went to the apartment and was pleased with Fake Rafe.  Fake Rafe told him how Nicole was at the apartment.  Abe and Lexie went to Bo and Hope's house.  Bo told them that everyone was on duty looking for them.  Hope was sorry.  She didn't know what got into Ciara.  Hope didn't understand why Ciara thought she and Bo were getting divorced.  She said they were going to tell Ciara that things were good.  Lexie comforted Hope and told her to hold it together.  Bo told Abe they were going to find the kids.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Sonny questions Max as to how it had gone with Brenda and Lucian. Sonny is quite upset that he had came back from his honeymoon and found a three year old on his doorstep. Diana joins them. Diana asks Sonny not to take advantage of Max. Sonny talks to Diana about Brenda’s son. Olivia visits Dante with a casserole and finds him down and out. Olivia wonders what is going on. Dante tells Olivia that he believes Johnny is setting Michael up. Michael tells Johnny that the police are investigating Brandon’s death. Elizabeth looks at the paternity results again just as she gets a visit from Nicholas. Nicholas offers to help Elizabeth. Elizabeth pours her heart to Nicholas concerning Lucky losing his son. Nicholas lets Elizabeth know that it is not her fault that Jake was killed. Lulu thanks Maxie for covering for her at work. Lulu tells Maxie about Luke tearing apart the Haunted Star because of the accident which had caused Jake’s death. Michael questions Johnny if any of his employees had seen Brandon lurking around at his club. Johnny tries to talk Michael out of investigating Brandon’s death. Olivia tells Dante to talk to Sonny about Johnny setting Michael up for the murder of Brandon. Sonny wants Brenda to have iron clad custody of Lucian. Diana offers to draw up the paperwork. Diana tells Sonny to look her in the eye and tell her that he wants to have another child. Sonny is speechless. Maxie is against Elizabeth and Lucky consoling each other. Diana and Sonny argue over Diana interfering in Sonny’s business. Dante warns Sonny about Michael being set up by Johnny to take the fall for murdering Brandon. Sonny threatens to shut Johnny down.

Maxie comes into the hospital and pulls Matt aside to have a talk with him. Maxie lets him know about the conversations that she had had with Lulu about Elizabeth and Lucky. Maxie confesses that she had had not so good feelings toward Elizabeth in the past, but she hadn’t wanted anything bad to happen to her like losing a child. Maxie also confesses that she had done everything she could do to get Lucky to fall for her. Lulu calls Lucky to check on him, but only gets his voice mail. Lulu pours out her heart to Dante about all the things that had been going on with her family since Jake’s death. Michael visits Sonny, who fills him in on what Dante had told him. Sonny warns Michael that Johnny may be trying to set him up for Brandon’s murder. Lulu doesn’t believe that Johnny would try to frame Michael for Brandon’s murder. Michael confronts Dante for going behind his back and talking to Sonny about Johnny and his motives. Maxie brings Elizabeth some flowers, but finds no one at home. Maxie gets an envelope (the paternity test) to write a note to Elizabeth. Maxie opens the envelope and sees the paternity results.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Echo tells Clint that she and Charlie are having an affair and that Charlie is leaving Viki. She asks Clint to keep quiet about Echo orchestrating the lie that Charlie was Rex's father. Charlie tells Viki that he will play the part to help her get custody of Ryder. She tells him she doesn't want his help and tells him to go to Echo. She says she will send his things to Echo's motel and she doesn't ever want to see him again. Viki sits and cries. Clint goes to see Viki.

Echo tells Clint about Shane being bullied and suddenly Clint becomes protective of his "grandson." Gigi and Rex try to bolster Shane's self-esteem. Gigi asks him to promise that he won't try to hurt himself again. Blair takes Jack to apologize to Shane but Rex won't let Jack go anywhere near Shane. He reveals to Blair that Jack's torment drove Shane to try to kill himself.

James wants Deanna to tell him why she broke up with him. Starr shows up at his apartment distraught about Langston moving to LA and is shocked to see Deanna there and learn that Deanna is staying there and is James's first love from Dayton, Ohio. Starr invites James and Deanna out to dinner so she can get to know Deanna. Dani tells Tea that Tomas had an envelope that he was trying to hide. Tomas has a picture of pre-plastic surgery Todd on the envelope. Tomas goes to La Boulaie and asks Blair if he has done something to make her avoid him. He starts to take off his shirt to prove to her that he has not been shot, but she stops him. She tells him she is too busy worrying that she and Todd have raised a sociopath. Tea sneaks into Tomas's hotel room while he is out, but Dani catches her. Tea returns later and finds the picture of Todd in the envelope. Tomas comes home while she is looking at it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jana tells Billy and Kevin that she used the fake pregnancy belly to pretend she was pregnant in order to investigate a local baby broker named Primrose whom she believes may have bought Daisy’s baby. . Kevin is stunned at the prospect that Daisy may have sold her own baby and Billy leaves Jana’s apartment to call Primrose and make sure that there is no way that anyone can connect her to him. Sofia and Malcolm have a beautiful wedding surrounded by family and friends and later at the reception Sofia gets sick and goers to the bathroom to vomit. Sofia gets to the hotel and sends Malcolm to get her some water and once he is gone she calls the desk to find out if the gift shop sells pregnancy tests. Lily arrives home from the wedding and has a vision of Cane once Daniel has left to go home and she tells herself to stop that Cane isn’t really there but she will always love him and heads to her room to go to sleep.

Phyllis and Nick spend the night in a cheap motel sharing a room and keeping watch over Adam who is enjoying the wild goose chase that he has lead them on to St Martin and smiles to himself and calls them suckers because they fell for his plan. Sharon gets nervous when a cop stops her for a broken taillight and when the cop notices that she is nervous she tells him she is just tired because she hasn’t slept. Sharon calls Adam crying and telling him that she is too tired to keep going and Adam tells them that they will be together soon and she can make it because she is strong. Nick and Phyllis are in the room next door to Adam’s with a glass pressed against the wall listening but they can’t here what Adam is saying because he is mumbling. Adam keeps talking to Sharon but she falls asleep while driving still holding the cell phone in her hand.

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