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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Jesse is on the phone with the Philadelphia Police department, inquiring about missing children's cases. Brot listens to the conversation. Mayor Blanco warns Jesse not to play favorites when it comes to prosecuting Griffin for the murder of Diana. Frankie arrives along with Angie and Lucy. Standing in front of the mirror, Maya remembers fastening her earring to the baby’s blanket. Aunt Reyna harasses Maya about her job interview with the Chandler’s about a housekeeping position. Maya visits J.R. and inquires as to where is Asher. J.R. lets her know that he is out. Maya tells J.R. that Asher had offered her a housekeeping position. J.R .lets her know that they hire through an agency and slams the door in her office. Maya bursts in and finds J.R. in the living room. Maya points out to him how she would take pride in everything that she done for him. Maya turns to go and faints. J.R. offers her a position if she will see a doctor first. Maya is at the hospital when Angie and Jesse arrive with the baby. Maya doesn’t get to see Lucy to make the connection that Angie and Jesse have her baby. Maya is shown into an exam room where Frankie is her attending physician. Frankie asks her if she had had a baby recently and Maya, hesitantly, tells him that she had, but she had to give it up for adoption. Frankie writes her a letter to take back to J.R. as proof that she is able to hold down a job. Maya goes back to J.R. with the letter and is eager to start her new job. J.R. tells her that her new job entails something to do with his ex-wife. In the exam room, Jesse lets Angie know that he is considering resigning from the force. Angie tries to persuade him that this is not an option.

At St. Barts, Kendall and Ricky spend time with Spike and Ian before the nanny takes them. Ricky sees something wrong with Kendall and asks if she is all right. Erica is looking over the seating arrangement and remembers how Caleb told her that it would never work with Jack. Kendall urges Ricky to talk to Erica about her confused feelings. Ricky talks to Erica about love that can't be denied.. Jack assures Ricky that Kendall likes him as much as he likes her. Happy for his help, Kendall kisses Ricky on the cheek. Erica doesn't answer when Caleb tries to call her. When Jack approaches, Erica throws her phone in her purse and goes to kiss and hug Jack.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Pam jumps in the way of Oliver as he tries to enter Ridge’s office. She warns him that there is a big meeting – like the future of Taboo. Brooke has a few snarky words for Steffy before it starts when Steffy asks shouldn’t Bill be here. Brooke tells her that she wore her little skimpy outfit for nothing. And she’s watching; don’t get in the way and interfere with Katie’s marriage just because she is not living at home right now. Pam advises Oliver that she sent Hope home. She didn’t want her moping about and Oliver could help with that. Ridge tells the group that they have missed their chance of showing what Forrester used to be about and should be focusing on now – sophistication, class and elegance. The model comes in and is wearing Thomas’s red dress. Everyone, including Ridge, is stunned when Thomas says he slipped it in and it looks pretty darn good if he may say so. Ridge tells Brooke that this is so disrespectful and he thinks this is a big deal. Eric says the design is great and is something Ridge used to do years ago. Ridge forges ahead and says the women’s Taboo line has been cancelled, they are concentrating on couture. Eric says he understands the real reason that Ridge is pulling it. His son and his wife have a certain chemistry they can’t deny. Ridge seems to be trying to stifle that and it would be a big mistake. Eric says as founder of this company he won’t allow this. Ridge can slash the budget but not cut the entire line. Ridge says he needs to talk to his father alone. Staunchly he tells Eric that he can not make those kinds of decisions anymore. He pulls his old CEO card and says those decisions are his and his alone.

Stephanie agrees with Ridge. She tells Brooke and Thomas that it is Ridge’s decision. She asks Oliver for the Taboo shots. Madison comes on to Thomas and asks if he has picked his lead model for the line as she has someone who’s interested. She plants a kiss on him. He dodges the bullet by saying they still have to discuss the line yet. Ridge complains to Eric how uncomfortable this is to see his wife and son splashed over all the tabloids in various stages of undress with Thomas’s hands all over his wife. Eric counters that this isn’t much different than he and Brooke years ago when Ridge took Brooke away from him. Stephanie doesn’t care about the line being continued. She cares about the relationship between Thomas and his dad. Steffy tells Brooke that she could do the right thing by pulling herself from the Taboo line; just let Thomas and Ridge work this out. Stephanie points out that this is gonna create a rift between Ridge and his dad all over again. Ridge feels like this is payback for all those years long ago. Eric says a part of him will always resent that. He and Brooke were happy and had children. Ridge doesn’t want to talk about this. He wants to get back to the issue. The bottom is gonna fall out. It is not a solid foundation. He warns his dad not to undermine him. Eric says he may not be punishing Thomas, but that is what he thinks and what it feels like to him. Thomas wants to step out and needs Ridge’s love and support. It’s Thomas’s turn and there is no greater love than to see your own son succeed.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Carly apologized to Daniel for snapping at him.  She reassured him that there wasn't anything to worry about, but he didn't believe that.  He wanted to know if there was a reason why she didn't want him to check her elbow.  She said she had someone look at it.  He still wanted to check her elbow so she could have a second opinion.  Carly didn't want him to hover because she will be fine.  Daniel told Carly that he and someone else were worried about her.  When Jennifer walked up on them and said she was the other are worried about her.  Carly wanted to talk to Jennifer privately.  Before she left, Carly told Daniel to leave her alone.  Carly confronted Jennifer.  Carly was furious with her for going behind her back and talking about her to Daniel.  Carly yelled at Jennifer.  Carly told Jennifer to save her sympathy when Jennifer apologized.  Jennifer left in tears. Carly pulled out her pills.  Jennifer ran into Daniel who wanted to know what happened.  Jennifer said that Carly is in bad shape.  Daniel comforted Jennifer.  Carly took the pills.  She talked to herself about pushing her friends away.  When Daniel and Jennifer saw her, she apologized to them.  She opened up to them about Nicholas and Lawrence.  At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Fake Rafe wanted Johnny to keep giving him beer.  Johnny told Sami that he got Fake Rafe a beer.  Sami was upset about that.  He was furious with her.  fake Rafe told her about Fay dying.  Sami was curious as to why Fay's death meant so much to him when he barely knew her.  The two got into an argument.  She told him that she, Johnny, and Sydney are going to stay with Eric for a few days.  He wanted to know if she wanted a divorce.  She thought they needed time apart.  

At the DiMera mansion, Nicole wondered what Fay knew about Rafe.  She backed into a table in the foyer which made a noise.  EJ heard the noise and wanted to know who it was.  Nicole went in the living room.  She said that she and Taylor were at the Cafe making funeral arrangements, but she couldn't focus.  Stefano wanted Nicole to know what was going on.  EJ told her it was business.  Stefano left to make a call.  EJ and Nicole talked about Fay saying he had a secret.  Nicole told EJ that Fay probably didn't know what she was talking about.  She invited him to go with her and Taylor to Chicago for the funeral.  He said he would go.  Nicole left to run a few errands.  When Stefano came back, EJ assured him that Nicole didn't hear anything.  Outside, Nicole realized that EJ's secret was about Rafe and she was going to figure out what it was.  At Bo and Hope's house, Bo and Hope were happy with each other.  Ciara came in and hugged Hope.  Hope told Ciara that she and Bo wanted to talk to her.  Ciara wanted to know why.  Hope told her that they would talk after school.  When Hope went to the door, Ciara told Theo that her parents were getting a divorce because of her.  She thought they were going to tell her after school so they had to run away and couldn't get caught.  Ciara and Theo snuck outside so they could run away.  Ciara left her pencil case behind.  They climbed into the back of a truck and sat by broken branches.  Ciara was convinced that they would not be found and Bo and Hope would be happy.  Sami went to the DiMera mansion to offer her condolences to Nicole and Taylor.  He told her that the funeral was going to be in Chicago.  That worked out for Sami since she wanted to take the kids to visit Eric.  She told him about her problems with Rafe.  He said she could take the kids with her.  He was sympathetic towards her situation.  Sami appreciated it.  When Sami left, he was proud of his performance.  Nicole showed up at Sami and Rafe's apartment.  Nicole appreciated him coming by the mansion to offer condolences and wanted to get the families closer.  He told her that Sami went to see Eric.  Nicole was sorry to hear it and hugged him.  While she was being supportive, he kissed her.  When Hope came back, she saw that Ciara was gone.  She saw that Ciara left her pencil case and would need it for school.  When Bo came in the room, the two realized that Ciara lied to the other about who was taking her to school.  The two started looking for her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly asks Michael to take a break from Abby until after the investigation. Michael tells her to mind her own business. Carly goes to Abby and asks her the same. Jax reminds Carly that Michael is grown now. Carly tells Jax about Brenda's son, and then Jax tells Alexis. Max tells Diane about Lucien. Jax goes to congratulate Brenda. Brenda says she just wants to keep her son safe in the world she has married into.

Dante tells Spinelli that Jason is still the prime suspect in Brandon's murder. Dante reveals that he doesn't think Jason did it. He asks Diane if she can figure out who might have hired Brandon's high priced defense attorney. Diane tells him that Angela Dwyer recently worked for the Zaccharas. Johnny suggests his attorney, Angela Dwyer to Michael for Abby's defense. Dante finds Johnny and comments on the coincidence that his lawyer was also representing the man that was murdered in his parking lot.

Patrick and Robin see Johnny and Lisa loitering in front of Kelly's when they arrive and accuse Lisa of stalking them again. Patrick warns Johnny that he will be collateral damage in Lisa's scheme. Johnny warns Lisa that she doesn't want to play him like that. Brenda introduces Lucien to Kristina. Kristina is jealous of Sonny's time that will be given to Lucien now. Lisa offers to get Kristina an herbal supplement to help take the edge off. She then goes to the hospital and puts drugs in the vitamin bottle. When Lisa returns with the drugs, Ethan has already cheered Kristina up.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chloe and Gloria almost get out of jail because Jana doesn’t own the apartment where she lives but then Chloe tells Billy she doesn’t think he would ever press Charges on the mother of his child. Jana persuades Billy that Chloe and Gloria have been stalking her and he presses charges against Chloe and Gloria. Kevin persuades Heather to represent Chloe and Gloria and after some argument Gloria persuades Chloe to accept Heather’s help. Chloe tells Kevin and Billy about the pregnancy pillow they found in Jana’s apartment and Chloe asks Billy to fire Jana to keep his daughters safe. Billy and Kevin both find each other in Jana’s apartment looking for evidence to confirm Chloe’s story and they agree to team up to help Chloe and Gloria. Kevin finds a receipt for a pregnancy pillow dated two weeks ago not anywhere near Halloween like Jana claimed. Jana finds Kevin and Billy in her apartment and wonders what they are both doing there. Heather tells Chloe and Gloria that all court hearings have been cancelled due to budget cuts and she doesn’t know when their hearing will be because the court is very behind on its cases.

Lily helps Sofia get ready for her wedding allows her borrow a beret for her hair that Dru wore for her wedding and later passed down to her and she also wore for her wedding to Cane. Neil makes sure to take care of last minute details for the wedding and not wanting to be a best man without a date asks Leslie to the wedding. Malcolm is very nervous but happy to finally be marrying Sofia. Lily arrives at the church with Sofia and sees Cane again but Daniel arrives to escort her in and her vision of Cane disappears as she walks into the church with Daniel.

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