Monday 4/11/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Erica and Jack are minutes away from St. Barts and getting married…again. Caleb joins Opal at Krystal’s for a little conversation concerning Erica and Jack’s upcoming nuptials. At ConFusion, a handsome, young man sends Colby e-mails while she sits at a table a few feet away. Asher comes in and watches the goings on. The young man gets up and joins Colby at her table. Asher sends her an e-mail to see if everything is all right. Colby e-mails him back and lets him know that she can handle herself. At the P.D., Jesse questions Griffin about the money and passports that had been found in Griffin’s hotel room. Kendall speaks up and tells Jesse that Griffin had been stealing drugs from the hospital and sending them to underprivileged countries. Griffin cannot believe his ears that Kendall would squeal on him after all he had done for her and that he had trusted her. Ricky listens to his messages on his cell phone from Diana. He remembers how he had strangled Diana to death. Ricky listens to the rest of the messages and then deletes them. Cara blasts Kendall for squealing on Griffin after all he had done for people and especially for her in saving her life. Arriving in St. Barts, Erica and Jack are informed that they will have to share the same hotel room which Erica is very much against. Jack begins to make Erica feel guilty as to where he will sleep tonight and thus gives in and agrees to let Jack stay with her. Opal advises Caleb not to destroy Erica and Jack’s life by interfering in their marriage. Caleb refuses to listen and vows to go to St. Bart’s and find Erica. The young man makes some very indecent remarks toward Colby to which Asher interferes and destroys the young man’s laptop. The young man brings Brot into the situation by wanting Asher arrested. Colby immediately calls Caleb for help. Kendall lets Jesse know that Zach’s death had been no accident. Griffin refuses to confess to stealing the drugs and asks for an attorney. Erica picks up her suitcase and throws it on the bed, thus breaking her makeup case.

Caleb takes command of the situation at ConFusion and turns the tables on the young man, who was trying to get Asher arrested. Caleb accuses the young man of stalking Colby to which he has no answer. Tad promises Griffin that he will help to get him out of this. Tad tries to talk some sense into Jesse over this being a mistake, but Jesse refuses to listen. Griffin is hurt by Kendall’s betrayal. Griffin lets Kendall know that he cannot trust her. Ricky watches as Griffin as Griffin is arrested. Upon seeing Ricky there, Cara questions him as to what he is doing here. Ricky lends support to Kendall. Opal arrives at the hotel, but screams when she sees a giant lizard. Opal senses something amiss when she sees Jack and Erica sharing the same hotel room. Opal warns Erica about Caleb. Cara defends Griffin’s actions to Jesse. Ricky accompanies Kendall home where she opens up to him about her feelings as to what all had been going on. Kendall and Ricky leave for St. Bart’s. Caleb makes plans to also attend the wedding.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill tells Steffy that she is absolutely breathtaking, but she needs to button up before she catches a cold. He tells her that getting a divorce may be in her plans but not his. He’s not sure why she keeps coming around. She comments that love hasn’t come easy for him. Katie thought she loved him until she got to know all about him. Brooke tells Ridge that Katie is moving in for a while since times are rough with Bill. She wishes everyone could be as happy as they are. Tawny drops in on Hope and says there comes a time when an adult must put aside their differences and she’d like to see her and Amber do this and become friends. Hope shows her the door. Donna helps Katie move her bags to Brooke’s and warns her to be wary in getting back with Bill. He didn’t, but he was prepared to commit murder. There might be other things he is hiding from her. Bill tells Steffy that she has to go home. He is not going to throw her on his desk and ravish her. She realizes that is not going to happen tonight. He says Katie might come in and he doesn’t want Steffy here if that happens. He wants his marriage to work. She emphasizes that she could be there for him when his wife isn’t.

Ridge and Brooke discuss Hope, Liam and Oliver and he advises her that she can’t control their lives, just show them that love can work out in the end like theirs did. Katie doesn’t want Donna to tell anyone, not even Justin, as it is not anyone’s business. Katie tells her that she won’t go home until Bill sees a therapist. Bill tells Steffy that his marriage is not over. It is at a sticking point. Katie wants him to go to therapy and he sees that as a sign of weakness like building a house brick by brick. Hope tells Tawny that she and Amber will never be friends. They have nothing in common. Tawny doesn’t know what she has ever done to Hope to get her so riled up. Bill calls and Donna warns Katie not to answer it. She weeps as she listens to her voicemail. He tells her that he can’t tolerate this. They can not resolve anything until they see each other. They can get through this if they see each other. He misses her in his life, but he will only chase her for just so long. He wants her to come back to him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Fake Rafe was at the DiMera mansion and thought about killing Fay.  He got a call from Dario.  Dario wanted to talk to him about paying rent.  Fake Rafe suggested that he pay 2 or 3 thousand dollars a month.  Fake Rafe said he would talk to him later.  Nicole had a nightmare about Fay.  In the nightmare, Nicole talked to Fay about EJ's secret.  Nicole told Fay that she couldn't trust EJ after she told her about the secret.  Nicole wants to know the secret.  When Nicole woke up, she was determined to find out what Fay was trying to tell her about EJ.  EJ found Taylor in the living room and tried to comfort her.  Taylor didn't want to talk.  The doorbell rang and it was Fake Rafe.  EJ wasn't thrilled to see him.  Fake Rafe said he had huge news.  EJ reminded him that he is supposed to call first and set up an appointment.  Fake Rafe saw Taylor and offered his condolences.  When Taylor left to check on Nicole, Fake Rafe told EJ that he wanted a bonus.  EJ wanted him to get out.  Fake Rafe said he wouldn't be around much longer for EJ to kick around.  Fake Rafe told EJ that he and Sami had a huge fight the other day.  Fake Rafe thought the marriage wasn't going to last much longer.  Fake Rafe thought that would cheer up EJ.  Nicole told Taylor about her nightmare.  Nicole asked if EJ was downstairs.  Taylor told her that EJ was talking to Rafe.  Nicole wondered why.  At Java Cafe, Melanie and Daniel talked about the reward money she put up to find Arianna's killer.  She got a partial plate number.  She thought that the make and model of the car should help.  Daniel went to a meeting he had with Jennifer and Melanie went running.  She was followed out of the cafe.  At the hospital, Jennifer thought about falling in Daniel's arms.  Maxine showed up in Jennifer's office.  Jennifer thought she was going to be Daniel.  Maxine suspected that Jennifer didn't want to be alone with Daniel.  Jennifer told her about a PR campaign that would feature Maxine as the nurse and Daniel as the doctor.  Jennifer wanted to see them together to get a feel of their relationship.  Maxine said their relationship is professional.  They kept talking about the campaign when Daniel walked in the room.  At the nurse's station, Carly and Stefano talked about his diabetes and Fay's death.  He told her about Chad moving in with him and she thought about Nicholas telling her that she's dead to him.  She opened up to him about the problems she's having with her son.  Stefano comforted her.  Lexie showed up and wanted to know what Carly was talking to Stefano about.  Lexie joked about Carly opening up to Stefano which made Carly snap.  Lexie was curious about Carly being back at work already after what happened last night.  Carly told her work was all she had.  Lexie was worried that she's pushing Carly too hard.  Carly said she was fine, but Lexie didn't believe her. 

Melanie was attacked from behind by a man.  He put a knife to her throat and told her she had to drop the reward thing.  She had an hour.  She attacked the guy just as Dario showed up.  Dario and the attacker got in a fight.  The attacker shoved Dario down and ran away.  Melanie suspected that the attacker was the one who killed Arianna.  Carly told Lexie that she slipped in the shower the other day and banged her elbow.  She tried to work through it, but it bothered her at night.  This pain is keeping her up at night.  She made an appointment with Dr. Eldridge to get an X-Ray, but she couldn't get in to see her.  When Lexie found out the over-the-counter pain medicine didn't work.  Lexie offered to write Carly a prescription to get her through the day.  She wanted to use Carly's pen.  Daniel and Jennifer talked about their relationship.  They thought that it wouldn't be a good idea for them to get together.  Lexie gave Carly a prescription for four pills.  One every four hours.  Carly suggested a refill in case the day ended up being crazy busy and she didn't get to see the doctor.  Lexie agreed.  When Lexie left, Carly changed the prescription.  Maxine walked up to Carly at that moment.  Taylor told EJ that Fay wanted her to help Nicole.  Taylor decided that meant Fay wanted her to help Nicole.  Taylor decided that meant Fay didn't tell Nicole about the two of them.  Taylor thought that Fay told Nicole something that Nicole had to tell EJ.  Taylor wanted to stay away from him because she's grieving her mother and she wanted to help Nicole.  Nicole came downstairs and wanted to talk to EJ.  She confronted him about his secret.  He wanted to know what she was talking about.  She told him that Fay said he was keeping a secret.  She told him that Fay was upset about it.  EJ thought about Fay's reaction when she saw him in the hospital.  EJ had no idea what Nicole was talking about.  EJ said that Fay was medicated and didn't know what she was saying.  He said it wasn't important.  Nicole said it was important to her.  EJ said he didn't have one secret, he had thousands.  He said none of his secrets have anything to do with her.  He said he keeps secrets to protect the people he cares about.  Stefano came in just as Nicole and Taylor left.  Stefano wanted to know what was going on.  EJ thought something wasn't right.  Dario and Melanie went to the police station.  Dario saw Fake Rafe and was upset with him for not calling back.  Dario told him that Melanie was attacked.  Fake Rafe told him another cop would handle the case.  Dario was furious with him.  When Dario didn't get anywhere with Fake Rafe, he decided to handle things on his own.  Melanie agreed to help him.  EJ and Stefano talked about Fake Rafe's update with Sami.  They also talked about what Fay told Nicole.  Stefano told him not to worry about Nicole, but EJ wasn't so sure.  He suspected that Nicole would figure out what was going on in the basement.  Stefano thought Fay would never figure that out, but EJ wasn't convinced.  Daniel bumped into Carly and noticed she had painkillers for her elbow.  He offered to check her elbow, but she had to go.  Stefano thought it was funny that an ex-waitress would figure out what he and EJ did.  Nicole went into the living room and overheard EJ tell Stefano that Fay was going to tell Nicole about Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Lulu has a nightmare about Luke and his drinking. Lucky convinces Luke not to start a fire at the Haunted Star. Michael tells Jason that Ronnie called Abby in for questioning. Carly offers to be a surrogate for Sam and Jason’s baby. Patrick accuses Lisa of stalking him. Robin confronts Johnny about his relationship with Lisa. Jason calls Diane and asks her to represent Abby. Brook Lynn says goodbye to Nikolas. Kristina talks to Sam about her college options. Johnny is irritated when Lisa rambles on about Patrick. Patrick and Robin enjoy a dinner date together. Lulu cleans up the casino. Jason warns Michael that Ronnie is using Abby as “bait”. Michael agrees to stay away from the police station. Jason and Lucky talk about Luke’s drinking. Carly asks Michael to avoid Abby until Brandon’s killer is caught. Dante tells Jason that a powerful attorney bankrolled Brandon’s release from jail. Lucky and Lulu talk about their father’s alcoholism. Johnny tells Luke about his plan to buy back into the Haunted Star.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

At the gym, Brody confronts Robert Ford for what has happened to Jessica. They both accuse the other of being responsible for Tess coming out. Brody tells Robert he wants Tess to stay in control so he can take the Buchanan's money. Robert protests that he has the right to baby Ryder who is his son and not Brody's. They both disapprove of Cutter and Tess wanting to have sex. When Aubrey finds out that Joey is not ok with Kelly seeing John and clearly jealous and not over Kelly and finds out that Cutter wants to mess around with Tess and she has to hear about it through the grapevine, she is furious. She goes into the steam room and kisses Cutter to let Tess know that he is "taken". But she realizes that Tess does not want to see that since it will blow their cover that they are brother and sister. Dorian and David bring Markko to the house to encourage Langston to work with him to produce Dorian and David's screenplay. At first they hesitate but later agree to work together although they have both moved on and gotten on with their respective personal lives. Natalie discovers that John appears to still have a "memory" of her and baby Liam when he believed they'd all be together. She tells him that if he won't forgive her, get back with her and recognize that Liam is his child regardless of biology, then she will tear up the picture that is no longer relevant if they are through. She also gives him back the ring he gave her. He tells her he does not care but he may be lying. And Brody seems to be much more attentive to her than John is. Marty goes to visit Cole at Statesville but mistakenly runs into Vimal. He tells her that they have a lot in common and it's more than a coincidence that they were both at the hospital DNA lab at the same time, ran into each other, are both involved in the situation and it's caused both of their previously successful lives and careers to be ruined.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon escapes and everyone is searching for her Adam pretends he doesn’t know anything and offers to help the D.A. by making an on air plea for Sharon to turn herself in to the police. Victor offers to do the television plea for Sharon because he is positive that Sharon will return if he asks her to do so but the D.A. wants Adam to do it. Sharon drives and opens her purse and finds a fake ID and brown hair dye so she can make herself into a brunette like the picture on the fake ID Adam gave her. Sharon goes into a gas station bathroom and dyes her hair and puts on the dress Adam also provided for her as smiles as she tells herself Adam thought of everything. Sharon heads to her mom Doris’s house to ask her to be there for Faith while she is on the run but Doris pleads with her to turn herself in because Faith needs her mother even if she will be in jail. Doris also tells Sharon that she doesn’t care about Faith and Noah because she is putting her own needs before those of her children. Sharon tells her mom that she is doing this for her children because she is trying to buy time until she is found innocent. Sharon pleads with her mom to believe in her for once in her life but Doris calls the police and Sharon leaves crying and hurt. Phyllis wants to get a scoop for Restless style so she and Nick follow Adam to the airport and get on the same plane Adam does headed to St. Martin. An undercover cop radios in to his men and tells them Adam is wearing a black baseball cap and black jacket. Sharon cries as she drives and remembers her mother’s words and everything that happened in court.

Katherine tells Victoria that Victor gave Adam stock in exchange for his testimony at the arbitration and that Adam has just sold that Newman stock to Tucker and Victoria assumes that Tucker offered Adam the presidency of Beauty of Nature and Katherine just allows her to think that when that didn’t happen at all. Katherine and Victor later laugh and joke because their plan to divide and conquer is working and soon everyone who is after his company will knock themselves out of the game and his company will be safe again. Victoria talks to Tucker and she asks him about Adam’s stocks and he tells her he bought them but denies that he offered Adam the presidency of beauty of Nature. Victoria doesn’t believe Tucker and tells Billy that she can’t work with Tucker if she can’t trust him Billy again suggests that she start her own company and Victoria seriously thinks about doing that and letting go of Beauty of Nature.

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