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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Maya remembers putting her baby in the front seat of Brot’s car. She watches Brot as he talks to another police officer. Maya comes up to join Brot, but she is reluctant to tell him what she wants. Brot and the officer leave to go on a call. At the hospital, Jesse has Lucy in her carrier and lets Jake and Angie know that Lucy is fine. Griffin is frantic when he comes home and finds Diana in his bed and of all things she is dead. Kendall, on the laptop, finds Diana’s picture and finds out that she worked with Zach at the casino. Jesse finds out from Tad that there drugs have been disappearing from the hospital. Jesse wants more info. Brot and the other officer barge in on Griffin and find Diana’s dead body in his bed. Griffin is arrested. Griffin calls Ryan to let him and Kendall know what is going on. Jake tells Cara about how Angie sacrificed her eyesight for the sake of her baby. Ricky visits the crime scene to give Diana her last rights. Jesse runs into Maya at the police station, but will not let him know what she wants. Jesse begins to question Griffin as to why Diana’s dead body was in his room.

Kendall is quite upset when she finds out that Griffin was investigating Zach’s death behind her back. Maya talks to Brot, but will not let him know about the baby she put in his car. At home, Jake takes care of Angie’s baby and describes Lucy to her. Angie tells Jake that she wants more than to just hold her baby, she wants to see her. Angie tells Jake about what David had told her about helping her get her eyesight back. Jake is reluctant to believe that David is really sincere. Griffin tries to explain things to Kendall that he was set up because he had been investigating Zach's death. Tad and Cara arrive and is upset that Griffin has been arrested. Kendall finds out that Tad and Cara had known about Griffin’s investigation. Jesse finds some very incriminating evidence that makes Griffin look very guilty. Kendall confesses to Jesse that Griffin has been stealing drugs from the hospital.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Bill’s calling Katie shows up at his office. He says it is important and she lets him kiss her. He reminds her they can not work on their problems if she is living somewhere else. He realizes it is going to take some time to regain her trust; whatever it takes. Steffy looks at Bill’s photo on the internet and Thomas interrupts long enough to ask how it’s going with “tall, dark and dangerous”. He tells her that Spencer is wrong for her in so many ways. Oliver tells Amber no more advice from her. He can handle Hope all on his own. He does tell Amber that Liam came to his place last night and he’s pretty sure Liam thinks he and Hope made love. Amber tells Oliver not to go all moral on her right now. It won’t hurt Liam to think this. Oliver tells Amber not to push. When Hope is ready, he will be there for her. Liam kisses Hope and says this feels right. She is not so quickly going to forgive him, but does let him know that it is not what he thinks with Oliver. They did not make love. She needs him to explain something to her as she does not understand it at all how he could sleep with Amber on the very night that Liam told her that he only wanted her.

Liam tells Hope that living without her is not an option for him. The baby should have been his and hers. Oliver walks in and sees them kissing. They pull apart when he slams the door shut. Hope says Liam was just leaving. Oliver tries to emphasize that point. She says she can speak for herself. She tells Liam that he has to stay away. He belongs with Amber now. She goes into Oliver’s arms. Katie informs Bill that she wants him to see a psychiatrist. He tells her this is a private matter. He doesn’t need someone else to tell him that he took it too far and he was overcome with emotions. But it won’t happen again, he promises her. He needs his wife. She says she wants to go home with him more than anything, but she will not go home with him until he sees a therapist. Meanwhile she will talk to Brooke about staying at her place. He kisses her, but she walks out with tears in her eyes. As soon as she leaves, Steffy walks into the office with a smug look on her face. Bill tells her now is not the time. She locks the door and pours a drink and takes a sip before handing it to Bill. He says he is not in the mood for games. She claims that is his problem; not enough playtime. He tells her that she is not the first woman that has walked into his office on a clear day wearing a trench coat and pumps. She says maybe not, but starts to button and reveals some sexy underwear. He buttons it back up for her and says she is not messing with one of her little boyfriends now. Brazenly, she tells him that she does not want a boy. She wants a man…..she wants him. And Bill wants a woman who understands him and does not try to control him….and is definitely not afraid of him. She’d like to commit her life to him. She just wants him to have her and make her his. She kisses him but after a few seconds he pushes her away. She tells him that she loves him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Carly hands shook after she threw out the pills. When she went to the nurse's station, Lexie thought that Carly was ready to fight someone since Carly's hand was in a fist.  Lexie needed Carly to cover for another doctor who went home sick.  Carly had to work in the OR.  Carly didn't think that was a good idea.  She said there was nothing wrong with her, but the OR took a lot of mental prep on her part.  She likes to Zen out and focus.  Lexie offered to find someone else.  When Lexie left, Carly put her shaky hands in her pocket.  She had to do something.  Fay begged Fake Rafe not to kill her.  She pressed the call button, but he disarmed all the alarms and pulled the call button away from her to show her he had disconnected it.  Fay tried to scream, but he covered her mouth and slapped her.  He taunted her about Nicole's past and told her about taking Rafe's place.  He couldn't have her knowing what she knew.  She said she wouldn't say anything, but it didn't do any good.  He told her she was tough since she survived the fall down the stairs.  He took a pillow and shoved it over her face.  At the pier, Vivian bragged to Gus that she was the reason why Carly was in pain over her son.  She was ready to move on with the next fight.  She wanted to make sure that the DiMera mansion was empty.  She wanted the mansion to themselves so they could find out what Stefano was up to.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole was frustrated so Taylor asked her what was wrong.  Nicole thought about Fay telling her EJ and secret.  Taylor tried to calm Nicole down about Fay.  Stefano wondered if EJ should call the hospital to check on Fay.  EJ said they had more important things to worry about than checking on Fay.  He was more concerned about what they were going to do with Sami.  On the pier, Philip and Chloe took a stroll.  She wasn't sure if leaving Parker at the Kiriakis' mansion alone was a good idea.  Philip said there were a lot of people in the house willing to watch the baby.  They talked about living in the mansion.  She thanked him for being nice and trusting her.  They ran into Vivian and had an argument.  When Stefano left the mansion, Gus came out from behind the shrubs.  He called Vivian and told her everyone left.  She wanted to go in.  When she got there, Gus put in the code and they went in the foyer.  She told him to go upstairs and she would look downstairs.  She opened the door and saw Chad in the living room.  She wanted to know why he was there.  He told her he lived there.  She wanted to know who he was because he wasn't on her list.  He asked if he should call the cops.  She realized who he was.  He told her that she was breaking and entering.  She said she wasn't.  She introduced herself and said they were practically related.  He was one of Stefano's past indiscretions and she's out of his past wives.  Chad realized she was the one who buried people alive.  She said she was the friendly one.  She said she was there for a visit.  He said he would let her go.  Stefano came in and saw her there.  He warned her that she made a mistake.  He wanted to decide how she was going to pay for her mistake.  She thought he was overreacting and didn't appreciate being threatened.  He didn't want her breaking in his house or driving by his house.  She thought they were friends.  He told her she was wrong.  His cell rang.  She told him he confirmed that he was hiding something.  He told the person on the phone that he would be right there.  He yelled at Vivian to get out and never come back.  He warned her to stay away from him, his family, and his business.

After Fake Rafe was done smothering Fay, he shook her head to make sure she was dead.  He put the pillow behind her head and turned on the monitors.  He took off the gloves.  he put the mask back on and left the room.  When Nicole, Taylor, and EJ got to the hospital, Nicole asked Carly if Fay was awake.  Carly said Fay was sedated and calm.  Nicole wanted to check on her.  Carly wanted to clear it with Lexie.  Just as Carly asked Lexie if Nicole and Taylor could see Fay, the alarm went off in Fay's room.  Carly and Lexie rushed in the room.  Fake Rafe came out of the room and went to the elevator.  He saw EJ in the elevator so he left.  Carly came out of Fay's room and apologized to them.  Taylor started crying.  Nicole looked shocked and was ready to attack.  At the pub, Chloe and Philip talked about what made her happy besides Parker. He suggested that she should sing.  She told him there was no opera house in Salem.  He said there was other kinds of music.  Jimmy walked in with his guitar.  He told her it was open mic night and asked if she was going to sing.  Philip urged her to sing.  After a lot of convincing, she agreed to do it.  When Fake Rafe went back to the police station, Roman chewed him out for not being with his partner.  Roman got a call about Fay being dead.  Nicole was furious with Lexie that Fay died.  Taylor and EJ tried to calm her down.  Nicole wanted an autopsy done.  She wanted to know how and why Fay died.  Carly told Nicole and Taylor that Fay suffered from heart rhythm problems.  That could cause a patient to blow clot and suffer an instant, massive stroke.  It's sudden and there's nothing anyone could do about it.  It probably had nothing to do with the fall. Nicole still wanted an autopsy.  She wanted to know why Fay stopped taking the pills, why she was on the stairs, and what she needed to tell her when she called.  EJ told her not to blame Lexie or put herself and Taylor through all of this. Carly and Lexie talked about what happened with Fay.  When Taylor left a message for Brandon, EJ touched her shoulder.  She backed away and told him not to touch her.  She said she didn't want to be at the hospital because she was afraid that Fay was going to tell Nicole about them.  She was upset because she was worried about herself when her mother was dying.  EJ comforted her when she broke down.  On the pier, Vivian was upset with Gus for not telling her about Chad.  She said she was yelled at and learned nothing.  Gus told her that there was a jail cell in the basement.  Vivian wasn't impressed.  He told her that the cell was used recently.  That pleased her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Carly tells Brenda that she is unprepared for motherhood. Brenda says Carly is unequipped to lecture her because Carly is a horrible mother. Carly says she feel sorry for Lucien because he deserves better than Brenda. Later Brenda tells Sonny what Carly said and tells him that he doesn’t want his ex-wife to have keys to their home. He refuses to ban Carly because she is the mother of his children. He suggests that Brenda and Lucien have their DNA tested.

Sam thinks it was selfish of Sonny to ask Jason to be Lucien's bodyguard. Carly tells Shawn that she knows Jason is stuffing his feelings down and she won't let him spin out of control. Shawn advises her not to help because Jason needs to work through his grief on his own. Carly suggests to Sam that she and Jason have a baby. Lucky goes to see Jason. They briefly discuss Jake and Luke. Then Lucky says he needs to ask Jason some questions about Brandon's murder. Jason says he cannot do it so soon after losing Jake.

Luke throws booze bottles against the wall. Nik tells Luke that Lucky needs him. Lucky asks Sonny to help Luke deal with his guilt. Sonny says Luke needs his son, not his friend. Sonny tells Luke that he and Lucky need to work it out together. Lucky asks Siobhan to marry him today. Siobhan says Lucky needs to grieve first. Siobhan goes to the Haunted Star and tells Luke he needs to talk to his son. Luke pours gasoline all over the Haunted Star games room and lights his lighter

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tess and Robert Ford are "tolerating" each other while she wants to go after Cutter. They go to the gym where Joey, Aubrey, Cutter Rama, Brody and Cristian are all at. Rama seems like she might be "interested" in Cristian. She hides Aubrey form Joey so that he does not catch her with Cutter. Cutter tells Aubrey that since Clint has been acquitted of all charges, there's no way they can get his money and they must move to a plan B, involving his moving in on Tess, although Aubrey does not approve of that. Marty finds out that John is "seeing" Marty and is ready to reveal a "secret" to him that she cannot reveal when Natalie is present in John's office. Natalie and Brody are taking care of baby Liam together and appearing like they are getting closer. Dorian and David return from their honeymoon, both furious that Clint has beat the charges. They also reveal to Langston that their movie about David fighting his obstacles won't be produced since their Hollywood producer won't work with them. And the tell her they want her to be their film producer.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Before the verdict comes in, Adam promises Sharon that he will help her escape if she is found guilty. Nick and Noah arrive in the courtroom to hear the verdict and to lend support to Sharon. Billy and Jack also arrive since Billy is going to cover the story for “Restless Style.” Phyllis is on the computer, trying to find evidence that will help clear Sharon of the murder of Skye. Tucker calls Neil and tells him that he needs to see him immediately. Michael and Katherine see each other at the Athletic Club where Nikki soon joins them and tells them that Sharon’s verdict will soon be in. Victor calls Michael to come to the house for a meeting. Katherine urges Nikki to go and see Victor and offer him support for his help during Sharon’s trial. Nikki insists that he has a wife to offer him support. At the ranch, Victor and Diane prepare to watch the broadcast to hear the verdict. Phyllis joins Jack at the courthouse to also hear the verdict and to finish her article in “Restless Style.” Phyllis has a few words with Nick and finds out how upset Noah is over his Mother. Phyllis offers to have a talk with Noah. Nick joins Sharon to see how she is doing. Sharon asks Nick to let her see Faith, but Nick refuses. Vance urges Nick to step away from Sharon so that her eyes will not be puffing from crying when the camera rolls during the reading of the verdict. Sharon is found guilty of murdering Skye. Sharon screams and cries, “No.” The judge orders Sharon be taken to the bathroom to compose herself before returning to jail. Victor, Diane, and Michael are stunned by the news. Victor feels overwhelmed by the news and hires Michael to get Sharon exonerated. Katherine finds out some very interesting information from her telephone conversation. Tucker comes in to join her. Katherine confronts him about buying Adam Newman’s stock options.

Everyone reels from the guilty verdict. Vance gives Spencer fair warning that he will appeal Sharon’s verdict. In the bathroom, Sharon finds a Ziploc bag in the tank of the commode. Noah lets Nick know that he is once again leaving town and going back to New York. Diane sees Nick in the park and tries to comfort him by telling him that Victor hired Michael to appeal Sharon’s case. Nikki visits Victor and manages to give him some support. Phyllis begins her article about Sharon’s trial and the guilty verdict. Sharon chloroforms the guard so she can escape. Tucker lets Michael know that he wants to buy more of Newman stock. Michael balks at the idea. Katherine runs a check on Tucker’s business dealings. Phyllis tells Billy that she has good news about the memory card that was in Sharon’s camera. Sharon escapes from the bathroom.

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