Thursday 4/7/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall is quite put out because Griffin wants to remain with her until Ricky arrives. Jesse and Angie bring Lucy into the hospital for a checkup. Cara takes Angie and Lucy to an exam room while Jake talks to Jesse. Jake inquires as to what is bothering. Jesse insists that it is just new father jitters. David and Liza wake up together. They kiss and make love again. Griffin encourages Kendall to take a nap while she waits for Ricky to arrive. Angie tells Cara what had happened the day that Lucy was born, and how that Jesse was reluctant to show her the baby. Maya prepares for her job interview with Asher or J.R. Ricky tells Diana that he is sorry that he had to kill her, but she should have left Kendall to him. David insists to Liza that he wants his life back as a doctor. Kendall dreams that Griffin is rubbing her cheek. She wakes up and sees him watching her sleep. Kendall begins to lash out at him. Jake watches Cara as she holds Angie’s baby. Jesse gets a call that there is an unruly patient in the emergency room. Jesse goes to investigate. The girl demands to talk to someone, who can help her. Amanda interrupts Jake and Cara’s talk. The girl tells Jesse that someone had stolen her baby. Jesse is in fear that his and Angie’s baby is this woman‘s baby. The woman demands that Jesse give her her baby back. Jesse insists to the girl that he doesn’t have her baby. Cara listens at the door. Ricky prepares Diana’s body for transport to another location. Kendall and Griffin argue as to why he is really here. Griffin is ready to explain when Ricky arrives. Feeling relief, Griffin makes his exit despite Kendall begging him to explain. David talks to Angie about having surgery that would restore her eyesight, but Angie refuses. Frankie shows off his baby sister to the hospital staff. Ricky leaves Diana’s body and her personal belongings in Griffin’s apartment. Maya visits the Chandler mansion, looking for Asher, but is turned down at the door. Cara lets Jake know that the baby that Angie and Jesse has may not really be theirs. Griffin comes home and finds Diana’s body in his bed.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope tells Brooke that she was not with Liam last night. He was with Amber, the mother of his child. She tells Brooke that she was with Oliver, however, Liam did come over. Brooke says that she knows it is hard to let go, but she would have always been sharing Liam with Amber and the baby. She doesn’t think that she wants that. She’s even more sure when Hope tells her that Liam and Amber had sex again and this time he had no concussion. Oliver confides to Steffy that he spent the night with Hope. They aren’t quite there yet but they are getting there. She says she almost feels sorry for Hope and she is lucky to have Oliver. He feels lucky too to be getting a second chance. Liam confesses to Bill that he had a beautiful thing going, but then he went and messed up again. He let Amber seduce him. Tawny tells Amber that she wouldn’t worry too much about Hope. She just needs to concentrate on Liam. Keep that smile on his face and that fire in his pants and all will turn out all right.

Steffy tells Oliver to focus all his attention on Hope and not Liam. She would be a fool not to snatch him up and never let him go. Brooke is shocked that Amber and Liam are now sleeping together. That is all the reason Hope needs to break it off right now. Brooke points out that Oliver has always stood by her and he still loves her. This may be just what she needs and it’s time to move on. Liam shows Bill the sonogram and this makes it so real now. He loves Hope but he can not abandon his child, the next Spencer. Bill says Amber still took advantage of him and he should be angry. She was a conniving, manipulative bitch. Liam is shook when Bill spills to him that Katie has moved out. And it was something he did and he doesn’t want to talk about it. Liam compares that their life is very much the same and they have lost everything. Bill takes umbrage. He shows him the view of Los Angeles from his office window. This is their kingdom and this company their empire. They have that and each other. They have not lost everything. Liam tells Bill that Katie added something to his life and means too much to him to just let her walk out. He needs to fight for her. Bill thanks him for the advice and says he is going to give Liam some too. He needs to forget about Amber, Oliver and the baby. If it's Hope he still wants, then she is worth fighting for and he will fight for Katie. They are both worth it. Hope tells her mom that she misses Liam and this is not the way it was supposed to work out. She does not want to let him go. Brooke tells her to give it some time and have a little faith. She nixes her mom’s suggestion that she stay home and they have a little mother/daughter time. Amber drops in on Oliver and asks about his late night. He gives the impression that he slept with Hope. Amber is giddy with excitement. Hope will turn her attention elsewhere and Amber is falling for Liam, so with Hope off the market now Liam will totally be hers. Things could not have worked out better. But Liam shows up at Hope’s with that sad puppy dog look. He kisses her and obviously wants another chance to make things better.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Brady Pub, Bo was with Kim and Louise.  Hope came in with Ciara.  Hope told Ciara that they asked Kim and Louise to meet them.  Bo said they wanted to talk about what Ciara told them about Kim daring her to climb a fence.  Kim said she didn't dare Ciara to do anything.  Ciara said that she and Theo got in trouble for climbing a fence, but they did it because Kim dared them to do it.  Kim said she didn't.  Kim said she is nice to Ciara.  Other kids make fun of Ciara because Hope went to jail.  Bo thanked Louise for coming and apologized.  Hope didn't realize that the kids were picking on Ciara.  Ciara said it wasn't as bad as before.  Hope apologized.  Ciara didn't care what they said.  Hope did and thought it had to hurt.  Ciara just wanted her parents to be happy.  Ciara didn't want Hope to leave again.  Bo told Ciara that no one was going anywhere except to Doug and Julie's house.  At Java Cafe, Carly ran into Vivian.  They were sarcastic with each other as usual.  When Carly was about to leave, she heard Vivian talk about the gift she bought him and let it slip that he's in Monte Carlo.  Carly interrupted the conversation by asking if Nicholas has been there the entire time.  Vivian mentioned Lawrence to Nicholas.  When Vivian got off the phone, Carly confronted her about Nicholas.  They got into an argument about Nicholas and Lawrence.  When Vivian left, Carly called Nicholas.  He was upset with her because she killed his father.  Carly tired to get him to understand her point of view, but he didn't.  He hung up on her.  At the hospital, Nicole wanted Fay to tell her why she said EJ and secret.  Fay struggled to tell her the door...not closed.  Nicole didn't understand what Fay was trying to tell her.  Nicole wanted to get a nurse, but Fay told her no.  Nicole understood that Fay wanted to tell her something.  Nicole wanted Fay to tell her when she was stronger.  The alarms went off.  Fay said she couldn't breathe.  Lexie came rushing in and told Nicole to wait outside.  Fake Rafe found a hospital ID badge for a doctor in his scrubs pocket.  He was determined to stop Fay from telling what he did.  Maxine walked in on him.  She wanted to know who he was and what he was doing.  She heard him talking to himself.  He said he was doing impersonations and tried it on her.  She still wanted to know what he was doing in the room.  He said he was sent to get supplies.  Maxine asked when did residents get supplies.  He said they were shorthanded.  She wanted to know about the mask.  He said he had a cold.  He didn't want the kids to get sick.  She wanted to know what the supplies were for.  He wanted to know why she needed to know.  She said he needed keys if he wanted to get in the cabinet. 

Abe spoke to Taylor at the hospital.  They spoke about Fay's accident.  When Nicole came out of Fay's room, Taylor wanted to know what happened.  Nicole told her what happened.  Nicole told Taylor that Fay was trying to tell her a secret about EJ.  Lexie came out of the room and said Fay was stable.  Fay was agitated about being sedated, but was convinced to take something.  Nicole wanted to get to the bottom of why Fay didn't want to be sedated.  Lexie stopped her from going in the room.  Lexie thought Nicole would upset Fay.  Fake Rafe was listening and wanted Lexie to get everyone out of the room.  Nicole was convinced that Fay would rest better if she told the secret.  Lexie wanted Nicole to wait until tomorrow.  Lexie asked Taylor if she knew what Fay wanted to tell Nicole.  Taylor said that Fay mentioned that EJ ahs a secret.  Lexie said EJ has a lot of secrets.  This secret didn't have to do with him and Taylor.  Taylor said Fay knew something was up with EJ and asked if he cheated on Nicole.  Lexie thought Nicole would have a fit and that wouldn't be good for Fay.  Abe asked about Fay.  Lexie told him.  Abe comforted Nicole about Fay.  Bo and Hope made love.  Vivian and Gus were on the pier.  Vivian was happy that Carly's life is in ruins.  She told him that Carly forgot about Nicholas because she was wrapped up in Bo and Melanie.  Gus asked if Vivian could change Nicholas' mind.  She didn't think so since Carly murdered his father.  Vivian wondered if he knew something important since he wanted to see her.  He said he did.  Fake Rafe was at Fay's bed.  He sat at the edge of her bed and apologized to her because it was her time to die.  Fay opened her eyes and saw Fake Rafe.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jason tells Carly that Michael didnít shoot Brandon but he appears guilty. He tells her that he is going to find Brandon's killer to clear Michael. Sonny forbids Brenda from taking her newfound son, Lucian in public before he rearranges security. She says she doesnít want her child raised by bodyguards. Sonny tells Jason to arrange security for Lucien. Jason tells Sam about Lucien. Brenda introduces Lucien as her son to Carly. Carly predicts that Brenda will be a terrible mother.

Nik warns Lucky that overwork will not lessen the pain of losing Jake, but it could kill him. Carly tells Lucky to come to her if he ever needs anything. Lucky apologizes for speaking badly of her when he thought she was the driver that hit Jake. Luke dreams that Jake is alive. He shaves off his beard. Ethan and Maya return from their trip to Las Vegas. Luke tells Ethan what happened the night he killed Jake. Luke relives the event in his mind and starts breaking all the liquor bottles in the Haunted Star. Lucky asks Sonny to help Luke.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi take Shane to the hospital E.R. appearing awkward when hospital staff ask if Shane has had any "injuries". A doctor asks them what happened and she tells them she needs to talk to Shane again. They need to watch him closer and remove anything he could use to endanger himself from their home. Meanwhile, Blair and Starr are wondering what to do with Jack and how it is that he appears to have no conscience nor feel remorse for hurting Shane. Viki goes to tell Echo she wants her off her property and that she is trash. Echo tells Viki she knows she has problems and is not "perfect" like Viki is. And that might be why Charlie chose her over Viki. Bo and Nora are worried what they will do with Matthew finding out for the first time that he shot Eddie. Destiny comes by to talk to them and informs them for the first time what happened to Shane. Bo goes to be with Rex at the hospital and assures him he will be there for him and for Shane. James takes Deanna home to stay with him at his apartment although he upholds that he is seeing Starr. Yet, they have no sleeping accommodations except in his bedroom.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel spends the day babysitting Lucy because both Victoria and Abby have a meeting and later Michael and Lauren tell Phyllis what happened with Daisy in Canada and their suspicions that Daniel let Daisy go on purpose. Daniel tells Michael if he wants to continue searching for Daisy he should leave him out of it. Phyllis defends her son to Michael and Lauren but once they leave she tells Daniel she knows that he is lying and she will never stop searching for Daisy’s baby. Tucker offers Abby more then double the price for the Newman Enterprises stock Brad left her but she refuses to sell him her stock so that he can use it against Victor. Adam later comes to Tucker and sells him his Newman Enterprises stock for double the price because Adam needs some quick cash.

Chloe and Gloria think that Jana planned to fake a pregnancy and tell Kevin she was having his child so that she would marry her again. Chloe and Gloria confront Jana and she tells them the fake pregnancy belly was part of an old Halloween costume. Chloe and Gloria tell Kevin their theory about Jana and what they did to get the fake pregnancy belly and he tells them to stop overreacting about Jana because they could get in trouble. Jana has Chloe and Gloria arrested and Kevin asks Jana to get Gloria and Chloe out of jail but she says they both need to be taught a lesson. Sharon is heartbroken when Noah pays her a visit and doesn’t believe that she didn’t kill Skye because he thinks she has done a lot of unbelievable things since she fell in love with Adam. Nick promises Sharon he will talk to Noah and both Nick and Victor tell Sharon not to give up hope. Adam arrives to visit Sharon and a few minutes later gets a call from Vance telling him that the jury is back with a verdict.

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