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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall has a visit from a woman supposedly named Sheila, the woman is really Diana, whose car has broken down and is in need of calling a tow truck. Kendall, reluctantly, lets her in to use the phone. Kendall hands her the phone and then asks her if she would like a cup of tea. Diana accepts the cup of tea and when Kendall goes to fix it, Diana pulls out a switchblade. Upon returning, Kendall notices Sheila’s wallet by the phone and accidentally knocks it off. Kendall takes her foot and pushes it up under the sofa. Sheila begins to question Kendall about her family. Ricky arrives and interrupts Sheila questioning Kendall about the family. After they leave, Kendall opens the wallet and finds out that Sheila is really Diana Holden. At the hospital, Griffin lets Tad know that Kendall is going through with the sale of the casinos and that Kendall’s life is in danger. Tad is surprised that Griffin is not only Kendall’s doctor, but her bodyguard. Madison works with a video camera to videotape her pregnancy to her baby. Scott takes the camera and tells Madison to talk to the lens. Madison is nervous as she begins, but Scott urges her to say what she feels. Ryan lets Emma know that she has an appointment with Dr. Meyers. Emma blames Greenlee for trying to get rid of her. Bianca and Marissa are having drinks at the Confusion bar where the bartender is openly flirting with Bianca. J.R. joins them and asks Marissa to join him for an AA meeting. Marissa refuses by telling him that she has a date with Scott. Ryan, Greenlee and Emma catch up with Madison and Scott at the hospital. Madison asks Ryan to join her for her doctor’s appointment.

At the hospital, Kendall tells Griffin about her visit from Diana Holden and all the questions she had asked about the family. After Kendall leaves, Griffin calls Brot to let him know about Kendall’s visitor, who had asked a lot of questions about the family. In the park, Diana and Ricky argue over the fact that Diana had paid Kendall a visit. Diana assures him that she was only trying to help them for going to prison. Diana reminds him of how good they had been together. Ricky begins to cozy up to Diana and they kiss. J.R. pays Marissa compliments in front of Bianca. Marissa encourages Bianca to talk to the bartender since she is clearly interested in Bianca. Ryan accompanies Madison to her doctor’s appointment. Emma joins Greenlee and Ryan after her therapy session. Emma lets Greenlee know that she had told the doctor that she didn’t want Greenlee as her step-mom. Greenlee is speechless. The bartender approaches Bianca, but Bianca tells her that she isn’t ready yet to date. Tad accompanies J.R. to his AA meeting. J.R. sees Scott and Marissa together. Greenlee, Ryan and Emma arrive home. Greenlee actually manages to make Emma smile which gives Ryan encouragement. Ricky takes Diana back to the hotel room where he pretends to make love to her, but in actuality, chokes her to death. Kendall has an unexpected visit from Griffin, who insists on waiting with her until Ricky arrives.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Tawny is so happy and wants to hear all the juicy details of Amber seducing Liam. She is so proud of Amber, and Amber declares that she is going to be so good for Liam and make him happy. She does not want to celebrate; just concentrate on the future with Liam and this baby. She relays that she even called Oliver and shared the big news. Liam returns from his walk and Amber suggests a nice hot bath in that big old tub for two….she’d also like him to make love to her again. Hope sobs. She opens the door and Liam forces himself in. He says Amber wore him down with guilt and they made love, but it was a mistake. He is not taking no for an answer. He wants them to get married. Oliver walks in and wakes Hope from her dream stance. She laments that she was saving herself for Liam. She thought she loved him, but she didn’t realize just how much. She cries that now she doesn’t understand how or why he could do this to her. It was that darn paternity test.

Liam tells Amber that he is not in love with her and what they did today was not right. He can not do that again. He needs to go home. She’s disappointed, but doesn’t pressure him. Oliver tells Hope that maybe all of this happened for a reason to bring Hope closer to him. He plays their song and tells her not to keep torturing herself. On the couch, he kisses her….then unbuttons his shirt and takes it off……then starts unbuttoning her blouse…..more hot kisses. Amber tells a disappointed Tawny that Liam wasn’t hungry for seconds. And she is not in it just for quickies. She wants Liam now and forever, a family for her baby. She will have to do this her way without Tawny’s interference. Tawny warns her that Hope is competition out there and then there is the little weasel, Carl, who could blow the paternity right out of the water. They simply must button him down. Hope leans on Oliver and tells him that she is sorry that she couldn’t go through with it. She doesn't want her first time to be when she is so upset. Liam beats on the door and insists for Oliver to open it as he saw Hope’s car in the driveway. He comes in and sees no shirt on Oliver, and Hope buttoning her blouse. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what has been happening. Dejectedly, he leaves. Hope shouts through the door that he hurt her last night and she doesn’t know why he did what he did with Amber.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Fake Rafe had a fantasy about telling Sami the truth about who he is and what he did to Fay.  Sami snapped him out of it when she wanted to know if he was threatening her.  She wanted to know what was wrong with him.  He apologized and grabbed his head.  He said it was his head.  He said things he doesn't mean and loses his temper.  He said he couldn't believe the things he says.  Sami wanted to know if he had control now and if he wanted to talk about their marriage.  He wanted to, but he had to go on the stakeout.  When it was over, he promised they would talk. She said she didn't believe him.  She was upset that work was more important than fixing their marriage.  The two kept going on about their problems.  At Java Cafe, Chad and Abby ran into each other.  Abby told him she was meeting a friend.  When Chad was about to leave, she wanted him to stay.  He told her he couldn't because he was moving in the DiMera mansion.  She thought he should wait.  He didn't know why he should wait.  She wanted him to think about it.  He wanted to know why he should do that.  He didn't want to do that just because she didn't like the idea.  He didn't care what she thought since they hardly know each other.  Abby was okay with that and didn't want to talk to him again.  Chad apologized for lashing out at her.  He's insecure about this right now.  He didn't need her telling him that it was a bad idea.  Abby apologized.  This was a tough time for him.  They talked about why he was willing to live with the DiMeras.  The DiMeras welcomed him.  He wanted her to meet Stefano and she agreed.  At the hospital, EJ and Nicole talked about their marriage.  She told him that she loves him, but didn't want to pressure him into feeling the same way.  He did admit that his feelings for her changed.  Taylor cried when Fay opened her eyes. Taylor asked if Fay could hear her.  She told Fay that she fell for why she was at the hospital.  She asked if Fay remembered falling down the stairs.  Fay thought about Fake Rafe throwing her down the stairs.  Fay got agitated.  Taylor wanted to know what was wrong.  Fay started crying.  Taylor wanted to get Lexie, but Fay stopped her.  Taylor told her not to speak.  Fay said they've got to get Nicole help.  Taylor wanted to know why.  Fay fell unconscious again.  Taylor came out of the room and saw EJ and Nicole kissing.

At the DiMera mansion, Stefano welcomed Chad to the mansion.  Chad wanted to know if it was okay for Abby to be there.  Stefano was okay with it.  Chad wanted to thank Kate for telling him about his father.  He also wanted to get to know her better.  Kate wanted that too.  Stefano liked seeing them getting along.  Taylor told Nicole that Fay was worried about her.  Nicole went to check on Fay.  EJ tried to talk to Taylor, but Taylor didn't want him to.  She told EJ that she's leaving town.  She was going to leave his life for good. EJ told her that her mother needed her and he needed her.  She said she wasn't leaving until Fay was better.  Then she would come back to visit.  She didn't think Nicole would need her considering all of the time that went by when they didn't speak.  EJ said she was important to Nicole.  Taylor thought it was more important that his marriage survived.  He didn't have a say.  Nicole told Fay not to worry about her.  She didn't need Taylor to help her.  She didn't need anyone's help anymore.  She told Fay that she is grateful for everything she's done for her despite how she treated her.  When she mentioned EJ and how she loved him, Fay started saying his name.  Sami went back home and opened up to Caroline about Fake Rafe.  Fake Rafe went back to the hospital.  He found scrubs and planned on going after Fay.  Taylor told EJ that he could devote himself to Nicole and the kids if she were gone.  She thought she was just in the way.  Nicole tried to calm Fay down.  Nicole wanted to know why Fay said EJ.  fay said his name again and a secret.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Brenda is reunited with her son after years of being apart. Michael and Abby discuss Brandon’s death. Lisa visits Kristina at Robin and Patrick’s and brings her a book dealing with stress. Kristina questions Lisa as to how she had known she was here. Lisa explains that she had found out at Kelly’s. Lisa leaves, but not without leaving a bracelet behind, which lies on the floor in front of the door. Robin and Patrick come into Kelly’s and sit down at a table. Johnny confronts Robin and Patrick over the fact that they had thought that she had been stalking them. Sonny questions Suzanne over her having a hidden agenda bringing Brenda’s son to her now. Jason comes home and finds Dante there. Jason finds out that Brandon had been killed. Brenda lashes out at Suzanne for keeping the secret from her about her baby being alive. Dante tells Jason and Sam that Jason had the motive to kill Brandon in order to protect Michael. Robin and Patrick come home and wants to know how everything had gone while they were gone. Sam insists to Jason that Michael has to make his own mistakes. Sam asks Jason does he think that Michael had killed Brandon. Michael insists to Abby that he did not kill Brandon. Abby assures him that if he had killed him, she would not have said a word.

Jason doesn’t try to make up excuses for Michael but insists that he has to protect him. Sonny tells Suzanne that she hadn’t brought Lucian here without an ulterior motive. Suzanne tries to explain why she had done the things that she had done concerning concealing the identity of Brenda’s son and his whereabouts. Brenda finds out that Lucian’s adoptive parents are dead. Lisa pays Johnny a visit. Johnny tells Lisa that her paranoia is getting the best of her. Johnny and Lisa hug and kiss. Patrick tells Robin that he hates that Lisa is coming between them again. Robin tells Patrick that there are more important things to focus on than on Lisa all the time. Patrick finds Lisa’s bracelet, lying in front of the door. He is deep in thought as to what to do with it. Sonny tells Brenda that Suzanne’s story is very compelling but that doesn’t mean it is true. Sonny tells Suzanne not to skip town until they find out the truth. Brenda orders Suzanne out and she will not be taking care of her son any longer. Kristina comes back for a book that she had forgotten. Patrick shows Kristina the bracelet and asks if it is hers. Kristina tells Patrick that the bracelet is hers. Johnny gets a call from his father. Dante comes to meet Abby at Kelly’s. Abby tells Dante that Michael hadn’t killed Brandon. Michael visits Jason and tells him about the visit from Dante. Jason tells Michael that he will take care of this matter. Jason tells Michael that he had not killed Brandon. Sonny watches Brenda bonding with her son. Patrick shows Robin that he had sent to a doctor on the surgery staff. Patrick and Robin make love. Abby explains to Dante about her visit from Johnny. Jason and Michael wonder if they hadn’t killed Brandon then who had. Dante wonders what Johnny is up to.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Shane is standing on the roof of the school intending to jump. Rex and Gigi talk him down. Rex wants to take Shane to the hospital to talk to a psychologist, but Shane doesn’t want to go and Gigi just wants to bury her head. Destiny tells the principal that Jack Manning posted the video. Blair tells Jack to take down the video and delete his MyFace account. Starr is shocked to hear that Blair hit Jack.

Viki is shocked to discover Todd's room empty. Tea tells her he just went to have an MRI. Viki reveals to Tea that she found Charlie in bed with Echo and he said it wasn't a meaningless affair. After Clint's release from jail with all charges dropped, he and Natalie reconnect and he becomes acquainted with Liam. Matthew confesses to his parents that he killed Eddie Ford.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

Ashley, Tucker and Abby take a walk in the park to discuss their wedding .jack joins them. Adam suggests that Sharon break out of jail if she is found guilty. Malcolm, on the computer at Crimson Lights. Phyllis joins him and asks what is he doing. Phyllis finds out that he and Sofia are getting married. Malcolm tells Phyllis that nothing is going to ruin this wedding. Sofia is questioned by Neil if she is making sure that she is doing the right thing is marrying Malcolm. Michael and Victor discuss business while Diane looks on. Kyle comes in to join them. Diane and Kyle start to leave when they meet up with Nick at the door. Victor watches the looks that are exchanged between Diane and Nick. Neil tells Sofia that it isn’t too late to change her mind about the wedding. Nick tells Diane that Victor will not be comfortable with them talking. Diane tells Nick that she is worried about him because of this trial and cannot pick up the phone to check on him. Victor tells Michael that he is keeping an eye on the situation between Nick and Diane. Neil asks Sofia if she is having second thoughts abut the wedding. Ashley wonders what will happen to Faith if Sharon is found guilty. Tucker invites Jack to join them for dinner. Jack declines the invitation. Phyllis gets a call from Billy, telling her that he needs her at work. Phyllis assures Malcolm that he will find something to clear Sharon. Sharon is surprised by Adam’s suggestion to escape if she is found guilty. Adam tells Sharon to let him keep her safe. Sharon tells Adam not to take away her hope right now. Neil advises Sofia that she would still have these doubts if she had never met him. Sofia warns Neil if the truth ever came out it would have devastating effects on Malcolm. Malcolm walks up and hears Sofia blasting Neil for his questions. Diane tells Victor that she has a meeting with a contractor at Gloworm. Victor tells her that he will meet her there.

Abby arrives at the Athletic Club and finds out that she had been stood up for her meeting, Abby invites Victor to have a bite to eat with her, but he lets her know that he has plans. Michael urges Abby not to give up hope in reconciling with Victor. Malcolm tells Neil to apologize to Sofia and it will make things better. Neil promises to help Malcolm and Sofia any way he can as he makes his departure. Malcolm tells Sofia to tell him what was really going on between her and Neil. Jack arrives at “Restless Style” and tells Phyllis how much he has missed her. Jack invites her out to eat, but she declines the invitation. Tucker and Ashley arrive at Gloworm and sees Diane, sitting at the bar, waiting on Victor. Ashley gives Diane helpful advice on how to deal with Victor. Tucker makes a business proposition to Abby about working for him. Remembering when she had seen him and Diane together, Abby tells him that she will not work for someone she doesn’t trust. Summer runs downstairs and gives Nick a big hug as Phyllis watches from outside the window. Neil remembers kissing Sofia. Michael sees Neil with Leslie and questions him as to how long this had been going on. Abby watches as Tucker and Ashley dance. Diane tries to convince Victor that nothing is going on between her and Nick, but Victor asks her, who is she trying to fool.

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