Tuesday 4/5/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 4/5/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse reads a note while he thinks that he doesn’t want to leave his baby girl. Jesse walks into Angie’s room and hears her singing to the baby. Angie tells Jesse it is time to take the baby home. Tad, Jake and Amanda prepare the house for the arrival of the baby. Cara watches Jake and Amanda kiss. Tad goes outside to comfort Cara. Bianca tells Caleb that Erica and Jack are on their way to St Barts to get married. Caleb vows to never give up on Erica. Kendall invites Griffin to Erica and Jack’s wedding. Jesse asks Angie if she is ready to go home so soon. Angie senses that Jesse doesn’t want them to come home. Amanda sees a change in Jake and asks him if she had done something wrong. Jake tells Amanda that she doesn’t have to send Cara a sign of how happy they are together. Tad tries to lift Cara’s spirits. Cara tells Tad that she thought that she was pregnant once with Jake’s child. Cara explains everything to Tad as to what had happened. Tad assures Cara that she has all the time in the world to have another child. Tad and Cara hug. Caleb finds out that Bianca is going to the wedding, too. Bianca begs Caleb not to be so down about this and to let Erica go. Kendall lets Griffin know that Erica is getting married in St. Barts. Griffin refuses her offer. Kendall tells Griffin how much fun she had had on their date. Griffin tells Kendall that she doesn’t really need him anymore since he had gotten her lab results back and she is fine. Amanda is quite put out when she sees Tad and Cara laughing and having a good time together. Cara overhears Jake telling Tad to be a good husband to Cara. Griffin urges Kendall to take care of herself. Kendall tells Griffin that the new lawyer is running the will through probate. Ricky orders Diana to back off of Kendall. Diana tells Ricky the lawyer already contacted the casino owners, and the sale of the casinos is going through. Bianca tells Ricky that Erica and Jack are getting married in St. Barts and all the family is attending. Caleb visits Opal to find out if where Erica’s wedding is going to be. Caleb insists on attending the wedding despite Opal’s protests. At home, Angie cradles the baby in her arms while Jesse nervously watches her. Angie notices that he is awfully quiet about something and wants to know what is bothering him. Griffin joins in the party at Jake’s and Amanda’s. After Cara, Amanda, and Jake leave to go to Angie’s and Jesse’s, Griffin tells Tad that Kendall hired a new lawyer and is going through with the sale of the casinos. Griffin fears for Kendall’s life. Kendall meets up with Ricky at ConFusion and lets him know that Erica and Jack are getting married in St. Barts. Ricky wishes he could marry Erica and Jack. Kendall thinks for a moment and invites him to perform the wedding because there is extra room. Ricky accepts the invitation.

Griffin and Cara argue about Kendall and him not attending the wedding with her. Diana comes up behind Ricky and mumbles, “Isn’t that sweet.” Ricky lets Diana know that he is going to attend the wedding with Kendall and is going to keep her away from Pine Valley as long as possible. Tad senses that Jesse is upset about something and asks him about it. Jesse makes up the excuse that a lot has been going on lately and he will be fine. Cara talks to Angie about the miracle that the baby was born healthy. Jesse comes in and overhears her and reprimands Cara for bringing that up. Jesse orders Cara not to talk about the delivery again. At the hospital, Ricky catches up to Griffin and lets him know that he will be accompanying Kendall to Erica’s wedding and asks if he minds. Griffin urges Ricky to take care of Kendall. Kendall lets Bianca know that she invited Ricky to the wedding. Amanda asks Cara why is she here intruding on everything that she and Jake do. Cara tells her that this is about family. Tad walks in and tells Amanda that he wants Cara here and for Amanda to get used to it. Angie wakes up from a bad dream and screams for her baby. Diana pretends to have car trouble and lands on Kendall’s doorstep, asking to use her phone. Kendall reluctantly agrees to let her in.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber pulls Liam to the couch and proceeds to seduce him. Then she can’t wait until she calls Oliver and all giddy tells him that they did the deed. His competition has moved on so it’s time for him to make it with Hope. Hope manages to pull it out of Oliver. She knows that Liam would never do this so Amber must be lying. She calls Liam and wants to know where he is right now. When he doesn’t say, she asks if it is with Amber….and then she doesn’t want to know. She crumbles in front of Oliver and he makes her sit down and relax a few minutes. Liam regrets what he has done. Thomas tells Brooke that his dad made a mistake by pulling the women’s Taboo line. He never got a chance to even show him the showstopper. He pulls out a smashing red satin gown. Brooke thinks it is gorgeous. He says she inspired him and he wants her to try it on. He watches as her clothes fall to the floor behind the screen when she changes. She has to have help with the zipper. She looks lovely in it and again Thomas says it was made for her – “it’s you.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, Fake Rafe thought about throwing Fay down the stairs.  He thought she was tough, but not tougher than an air bubble in her IV.  Sami walked up to Fay's door, but stopped to answer her phone.  She finished her call and went in Fay's room.  She saw Fake Rafe in there and wanted to know what he was doing in there.  He stood with his back to her as he was about to inject an air bubble in the IV.  He put the syringe in his pocket.  alarms started going off.  Lexie came in and told them to wait outside.  Fake Rafe didn't want to leave the room.  Sami wondered what happened to Fay and if she's going to be alright.  Fake Rafe said it didn't look good.  In the waiting room, Taylor asked EJ if Fay heard them talking at the house before she fell.  He thought it was possible.  They both knew Fay suspected something was going on between them.  she blamed herself for Fay's accident.  EJ told her that she didn't do anything wrong.  She didn't agree.  He grabbed her and told her that loving her wasn't going to ruin him.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Brady got into it about the money Victor thought Brady stole from him.  Brady wanted to have a children's wing at the hospital named after his mother.  Victor thought that this act wasn't going to change what Brady did.  They continued to have a conversation about Isabella and Titan.  Then Brady left.  At the Cheating Heart, Dario and Melanie got into an argument about Melanie putting up the money to find Arianna's killer.  Their argument was over when Maggie showed up.  Maggie wanted to talk to Melanie about Brady taking Titan from Victor.  Victor called Maggie and wanted to see her right away.  He told her everything wasn't alright.  Maggie left to see Victor.  Melanie called Brady and asked him to meet her at the Cheating Heart.  At the DiMera mansion, Nicole wondered why Fay didn't take her pills.  She found Fay's cell phone by the vase of flowers on the table.  She asked Mary if she found Fay's phone on the staircase or on the floor and set it on the foyer table.  Mary said she didn't.  EJ wasn't sure if he could keep the promise that he would stay away from Taylor.  Taylor got a call from Nicole.  Taylor told Nicole everything was the same with Fay.  Nicole was going to the hospital to talk to her.  She told Taylor that she found Fay's pills - the ones she was supposed to take-hidden away.  While Nicole was talking, EJ stroked Taylor's shoulders and arms.  Nicole told Taylor that she found Fay's phone on the table.  Nicole wondered how it got there when she fell down the stairs.  She thought something was off.  Taylor thought so too.  Nicole wanted to know if Taylor was keeping something from her.  Taylor told EJ that Nicole knew that something was wrong.  Nicole was able to hear it in her voice.  EJ believed that Nicole didn't know anything.  Taylor was worried about what the truth would do to Nicole.

Sami asked Fake Rafe if he noticed anything wrong with Fay when he was in there.  He got smart with her.  Sami reminded him that he had an opinion about her health before he saw her.  He said that Fay was dying so he was bracing for the worst.  Sami was curious as to why he cared and why he wasn't at work. She also wondered why he was in Fay's room.  He said he had to take a statement from a witness so he wanted to stop and see Fay.  She wondered why he would visit someone he wasn't close to and why he was hovering over her. Sami told him that he would have never invaded someone's privacy in the past.  She said she didn't understand him.  She still wanted to know why he was in Fay's room.  She didn't believe his reason.  EJ and Taylor showed up.  Sami asked if Taylor heard what happened.  She told Taylor that the alarms went off and Lexie was with her.  When Lexie came out of the room, Fake Rafe asked if Fay was dead.  Everyone gave him a weird look.  Sami was shocked that he said that.  He claimed he didn't mean it the way it sounded.  Fake Rafe said there was no need to apologize because Fay's time was up.  Sami told him to stop.  EJ yelled at him.  Lexie calmed them down and told them Fay was better.  She wasn't sure why the alarm went off, but they took her off the ventilator and she was breathing well on her own.  Fay was improving.  When EJ and Fake Rafe were alone, EJ wondered why he was disturbed by the fact that Fay was getting better.  Fake Rafe said he could care less.  EJ didn't believe him.  EJ thought that Sami was on to him.  Fake Rafe reminded EJ that he and Stefano hired him to break up Sami and Rafe.  He told EJ that he was giving him what he wanted.  Sami came back and noticed that EJ and Fake Rafe exchanged looks.  She asked if they were talking about Johnny.  Fake Rafe went into the waiting room and realized that he had to finish off Fay before she woke up.  He thought that Stefano and EJ would finish him off if he didn't.  Sami came in and wanted to talk to him.  Victor told Maggie that he wanted to know if she's ever been to Paris.  She thought something was wrong with him.  She thought he was asking her to go, but he wasn't.  He just wanted dinner.  She offered to cook for him instead.  Melanie and Brady talked about him taking the company from Victor.  When Taylor saw Fay, she told Fay she loved EJ and didn't know how to make it stop.  She wanted Fay to forgive her.  Fay started to wake up.  Sami took Fake Rafe out to the woods where they got married.  He "remembered" that they got married there.  He told her what he remembered.  He got upset when she grabbed him.  He warned her not to touch him like that or she would be sorry.  She asked if he was threatening her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Johnny catches Lisa stalking Patrick, but defends her when she comes up with a work related reason to talk to Patrick and Robin asks her when she will leave them alone. Lisa asks Johnny what his motives for defending her are. He tells her he might be starting to care for her. Robin and Patrick go to marriage counseling. They decide to go out to dinner and to Lisa's delight, they ask Kristina to babysit. Lisa knocks on the Drake's door when Kristina is alone.

Spinelli's book hit the bookstores. Diane threatens to quit if Sonny doesn't sign a document granting Spinelli's publishing company permission to use his name in the book. Brenda signs hers and orders Sonny to sign his. Spinelli and Diane go to a book signing that Maxie arranged. Suzanne arrives at the Corinthos house with Brenda's son.

Sam coordinates a search for Jason. She tells Spinelli that she is afraid Jason may have killed Brandon after he stopped Michael from doing it. Dante questions Michael about Brandon's death. He says he wants to help him as his brother. Michael says he doesn’t know who did it. Dante informs Johnny of the murder that occurred in the parking lot of his strip club. Johnny tells him to talk to the manager about it. He says Dante should focus more on protecting his brother than finding the truth. Dante then goes to Jason’s penthouse and tells Sam that Jason is a suspect in Brandon's murder. Johnny goes to Abby's apartment and offers to help Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Gigi and Rex find Shane on the rooftop ledge ready to jump when he tells them the bullying will never go away, since the kids posted him online. He tells them he's tried to be nice to his schoolmates and that didn't work. He tried to ignore the harassment and that did not work. So now his only solution is to end it. They urge him to know that they will make sure this stops, and they must trust him. But he don't know the outcome or Shane's final decision. Blair lays down the law to Jack that he cannot get away with what he did to Shane, although he has a very flip attitude and no remorse.

After Viki catches Charlie in bed with Echo, she concludes that he never confides in her when he is in trouble. He admits to her that what he has with Echo is more than just an affair. Hearing that, she knows he means he is in love with Echo and she is devastated. Starr runs into Marty who has recently gotten out of St. Anne's and tells her she's getting her act together and wants to help take care of baby Hope. But she also appears to have a secret about John and Natalie and the conception and birth of baby Liam. Dani and her uncle Tomas bond together when he talks to her about his and her mom's childhood. She returns from hearing John tell her he believes that it's highly likely that her brother shot her husband.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Malcolm tells Sofia and Neil that there is an opening at First United church so they can get married next week. Sofia and Neil don’t think it’s a good idea for them to get married at the same church where Cane died because it will bring bad memories to Lily. Malcolm thinks it will replace a bad memory with a good memory. Malcolm tells Lily about the church and she agrees to think about it and let him know if she feels uncomfortable about the wedding being there. Lily foes to see Dr. Mason and tells her about her and Cane’s history together and as they talk she admits that she is mad at Cane for lying to her and dying and leaving her alone. Lily also tells the doctor about her talking to Cane and seeing him after his death. Lily later calls Neil and tells him to put her on speaker phone so she can talk to Sofia and Malcolm and she tells them it is okay for them to have the wedding at the church where Cane was killed. Sofia wants to talk to Malcolm later because she doesn’t feel right getting married at the church where Cane died. Lily later talks to Daniel about Malcolm and Sofia’s wedding and he offers to take pictures for them. Lily hears Cane’s voice saying, “We will always have Paris baby” and tells Daniel who doesn’t hear it but believes that Lily heard the voice.

Collin opens up to Jill and tells her that his son was indirectly responsible for his daughter Samantha’s death because she got involved with the wrong crowd and her brother the hot head tried to get her out of the mess and the people who were after her killed her and later they killed him too. Jill tells Collin they must get to know each other better if they want their marriage to work. Collin tells Jill he already feels closer to him because she has been his safe harbor. Chloe sneaks in to Jana’s apartment and searches it while Gloria distracts Jana in Victoria’s house. Chloe searches for a long time and finds Jana’s fake pregnancy belly and sneaks out the back door before Jana and Gloria come into the apartment. Chloe and Gloria quickly leave as Billy wonders what they were doing lurking behind his house. Adam testifies for Sharon but it doesn’t go well even though he does manage to tell the jury that he saw a video that shows Sharon trying to help Skye but Skye slipped from her grasp and fell. Phyllis asks Malcolm to help her lift the video of Sharon helping Skye and gives him a stack of empty memory cards. Vance advises Sharon to take a deal that would give her a lesser sentence but Sharon refuses because she doesn’t want her kids to think that she is a murderer. Adam tells Sharon that she made the right decision. If she is found guilty, he will help her escape before she goes to state prison.

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