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AMC Recap Written by Mary

J.R. meets Marissa at the door as she is soaked to the bone from the rain. J.R. urges her to take a hot shower. J.R. tells Asher to tell the board members that he cannot make the meeting. Scott finds Madison wearing one of his shirts. Greenlee urges Ryan to go and check on Annie. When Emma finds out that her dad went out, she insists on going too and tries to run after him. Jesse holds the baby and exclaims, "Oh, Angie.” Angie wants to know what is wrong. Brot runs a check on the earring. Angie asks Jesse what is going on. Greenlee holds Emma back and tells her that she has some makeup samples home. Emma accuses Greenlee of trying to keep her away from Annie. When Bianca comes by to visit, Emma acts sweet to her. J.R. lies to Marissa that his meeting was cancelled but Asher tells her the truth. Maya remembers putting her baby in the box to give away, crying. Jesse relives the past and how much Angie’s father hated him. Jesse tells Angie that every decision he made, he thought was the right one. Greenlee tells Bianca that Emma has been hostile since Annie took her. While Bianca and Greenlee are on the terrace, Emma sneaks out of the apartment. J.R. tells Marissa that he cannot get her out of his mind. Marissa tells him that she cannot do this and goes back upstairs. Madison tells Scott that J.R. came by and told her that he and Marissa have a history together. When Emma stops by to see her, Madison calls Ryan. Maya writes in her notebook about the last 24 hours. Maya’s aunt orders her to get a job. Ryan calls Greenlee to tell her that Emma is with Madison. Ryan reprimands Emma for sneaking out of the apartment. Emma asks Ryan why isn’t he married to Madison instead of Greenlee. Greenlee feels guilty that Emma got out of the apartment on her watch. Ryan takes Emma home to apologize to Greenlee for sneaking out of the house. Ryan orders Emma to hug Greenlee. When Emma starts to pull away, Greenlee holds her arms and tells her she won't let go. Emma tells Greenlee that she doesn’t want her there. Marissa starts to leave when Scott arrives. Scott accuses J.R of stirring up trouble between him and Madison and orders his cousin to stay away from her and stay out of his life.

Angie talks to Jesse about her feelings when she found out that she was going blind and how she kept things from him. Brot tells Jesse that the fingerprints on the note did not yield any matches. Jesse feels bad for lying to Angie. Brot assures Jesse he can count on him. When David asks him what he is doing, Brot tells him that Angie just had a baby girl. David tells Brot that he is happy for Angie. Angie talks to the baby while Jesse listens from the door. Asher goes to visit Maya and offers her a job at the Chandler mansion. Scott and Madison kiss in front of the hospital staff. Jesse holds the baby and talks to her. David visits Angie and is surprised that her baby survived her dangerous birth. Angie insists this is her miracle baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

With Steffy watching, Bill holds Katie and asks her to please come home with him. She pulls away and says she can’t. She needs more time. Bill tells her that he is not leaving there without her. Nick tells him that he got his answer so give it a rest. Bill barks at him that he better not push him. Katie begs them not to fight. Violence will not play a part of their lives and he needs to get himself in control. He confesses that he made a mistake, but it won’t happen again. She says she believes he means that and she knows he loves her, but he will have to give her time to work this out on her own. He says they are going to fix this; he is going to fix this. He gives her a passionate kiss, glares at Nick and then leaves. Steffy follows. Liam pulls away from Amber’s clutches and says he can not do this, continue kissing her. She coos that she wants to learn everything she can about him – the father of her baby. He says he does want to be a good father, but he hates this situation. She laments that it is too late to change that now. She guesses she could take the baby and just move away. He says that is not the answer. She replies that she knows what the answer is, for them to get together as a couple, the parents of a baby. That is what she is trying to make happen here. Amber tells Liam that she knows she is not Hope, but she doesn’t think she is that horrible. She wishes Liam would at least look at her. She is worried how this will affect their baby. They need to show their baby a warm, loving family. They have been given a miracle and what a responsibility that is. They care for their child, now they need to care for each other. She wants him to touch her. She wants to feel his arms around her, to hold her. He has to be coerced but he does. She says this will make all the difference in the world to their baby who will feel this love even though it is not born yet. If he would just try, she thinks he could like her a little more and she knows she could make him feel so much better. She makes him close his eyes while she kisses him and slowly leads him to the couch.

At Forrester, Thomas shows Brooke his latest sketches for the Taboo women’s line. She tells him that they are quite good and she thinks his dad will be very proud of him. Ridge walks in and they show him, even bringing in the models with quick markups. He tells Thomas they are good, but not good enough. They are not going to continue with the women’s line. He gave his okay to continue the men’s line, but not for the women. Thomas points out that even his grandfather wants to help with the women’s line. Ridge emphasizes that Eric is no longer the C.E.O. so that is Ridge’s call now. He hates that Thomas is forcing him to say this, but Forrester Creations is the standard bearer. Everything they put out must be the best in the industry and his designs don’t make it. Thomas thinks he is punishing him for kissing Brooke in a moment of stupidity. Ridge assures him this has nothing to do with that. Thomas snaps that no matter what spin he puts on it, this is not a business decision, it is personal to Ridge. Brooke steps in and tells Ridge that he is not being fair. Ridge is sorry they can’t see the women’s line is just not a good idea right now, perhaps in the future. Meantime Brooke can continue to work with Thomas on the Taboo men’s line. He has another meeting now and must go. Thomas is so irked. No matter what he does, his dad keeps shutting him down. And yet there is Brooke who is always supporting him. She says his raw natural talent is in his blood so don’t let his dad discourage him. Just keep what he is doing, keep creating without going against his father. Just go for it and she will support him. She warns him that he can’t always be teasing her and playing with fire. He already has a bevy of women with Summer, Madison and Dayzee. He says yes, but there is only Brooke Logan and there is no one like her. He puts his hands on her face. She takes his hands away and gently tells him that she loves their relationship, their friendship, but they have to be really careful of Ridge’s feelings. Nothing is going to happen. Katie puts an ice-bag on Nick’s jaw and says she is sorry he got hit and also for not hitting back. His support means a lot to her. He jokes that he will take a punch for her like any good ex-boyfriend would. Bill pours a stiff drink as Steffy waltzes in uninvited. He tells her this is not a good time. Why is she here? She realizes he needs some privacy to call Katie so she will give him that time. She pops into the bedroom but listens in. Bill tells Katie that he is the same man that she looked in the eye on their wedding day and vowed to make her happy. He claims that he has not failed in anything else in his life and he’s not going to fail at this now. He says he just needs her to not shut down on him. He knows what he has to do and when the times come that she needs to let him do it.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the hospital, EJ tried to get Fay to calm down because she panicked when she saw him.  He kept telling her who he was, but she coded.  When Nicole sad Fay's nurse gave Fay a sedative, Daniel said there was no evidence of any drugs in her system.  Nicole wondered what could have made Fay fall down the stairs.  Daniel said Fay is the only one who could tell them.  Carly said dizziness was not uncommon in heart patients.  Nicole blamed herself for not going back when Fay didn't get back in touch with her.  She said she shouldn't have moved her in the mansion when the guest house was one level.  There was a code blue in Fay's room and everybody rushed out.  EJ yelled for someone to get in the room.  EJ took Nicole and Taylor out of the room so the doctors could help Fay.  Nicole wanted to know what happened.  He said he didn't know.  Daniel and Carly were able to stabilize Fay.  They didn't know what happened, but she was back.  She wasn't breathing on her own so she had to stay on a ventilator.  Whatever they did had to weigh against how it would affect her heart condition.  Nicole and Taylor went to see Fay.  EJ walked in as Nicole said that Fay wanted to tell her something.  Carly said that Fay would tell them everything when she woke up.  At Java Cafe, Melanie ran into Dario and noticed that he had a lot of money.  She wondered how he got it.  He reminded her that he has a job.  She didn't believe that he got paid in $50 bills.  He told her Brady gave him the money.  He said Brady paid him to leave town.  A woman showed up and Dario was happy to see her.  Melanie left them alone.  Dario said he didn't expect to see her.  In her profession, the rules are simple.  Whatever the client wants, they get as long as they pay.  Melanie eavesdropped and was shocked.  Dario paid the woman.  She hoped she could get what he wanted.  After the woman left, Dario saw Melanie and asked why she didn't leave.  Melanie said as long as he didn't steal from anyone she cared about, he could pass money to women all day long.  He realized that she thought he hired a hooker.  He said he was using the money to find Arianna's killer.  Justin told him she was the best private investigator in town.  

At the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe walked in and heard Philip talking to a social worker.  Philip told the social worker he really needed to understand what was going on here.  He wanted her to put this at the top of the list.  She said she would.  When the social worker left, Philip saw Chloe.  He thought she was teaching a voice lesson.  She said it was canceled.  Chloe flipped out on him.  She thought he was taking her baby.  He said he wasn't involved in a conspiracy, but she didn't want to hear it.  He told her that he met the social worker to tell her that Chloe was doing so much better and deserved a chance to get Parker back.  He thought he made a good case.  It would be healthy for Parker to have his mother around.  He wanted joint custody.  He thought it might not be a good idea anymore since she doesn't trust him.  She said she did trust him.  She didn't know why he went behind her back.  They talked it over and came to an understanding about it. Sami and Fake Rafe talked about Fay.  The two kept going back and forth about Fake Rafe's interest in Fay's situation.  When Sami left, he decided he had to keep Fay from talking.  Nicole wanted to know what Taylor was going to tell her about EJ.  Taylor didn't want to say anything now.  Fay opened her eyes and thought about Fake Rafe throwing her down the stairs.  She tried to reach out to Nicole and Taylor, but fell unconscious.  EJ told Lexie that he was the reason why Fay went into cardiac arrest.  He told her what happened.  Lexie asked if Fay had a reason to be afraid of him.  He said she didn't.  He wondered if it was possible that Fay didn't know it was him.  Lexie wondered if Fay knew about him and Taylor.  He said there's nothing going on between him and Taylor.  Lexie said could Fay sense the attraction between them.  He said maybe.  At the Brady Pub, Daniel told Carly that he's worried about her.  Carly said everything was fine. Melanie walked in and the three talked about Philip.  Fake Rafe snuck into Fay's room and tried to finish what he started.  Sami was on her way to Fay's room just as Fake Rafe was about to inject the air bubble in Fay's IV.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Dante suggests that Lulu go to a support meeting for alcoholics. Lucky confronts Luke about being absent from Jake’s memorial service. Abby shows up at Jason’s penthouse, claiming that Michael is going to kill Brandon. Michael points a gun at Brandon and threatens to shoot him. Patrick and Lisa pretend to get along at work. Robin and Patrick go to Kelly’s to talk about the future of their marriage. Both agree to marriage counseling. Lisa witnesses Robin and Patrick sharing a kiss. Jason shows up in time and asks Brandon to leave. Jason criticizes Michael for having a gun. Luke is adamant to Lucky that he wasn’t drunk the night of the hit-and-run. Lulu intervenes on Luke’s behalf. Lisa and Johnny share an intimate moment. Jason and Sam argue about Michael’s anger issues. Michael returns to Abby’s apartment. Dante tells Michael and Abby that Brandon’s body was found in the river. Lucky sees Luke is drinking again.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Starr informs her mom she has proof of what Jack has done to Shane Morasco. Blair does not want to believe all that Starr says she knows he's done and assumes it's only a reaction to Jack's worries about his dad being shot. But Starr tells her she knows that it's been going on for months before Todd got shot and she shows Blair proof online of what Jack has been doing. Blair is shocked and horrified. Jack goes to be with them and his sister and mom rip into him. Gigi and Rex go looking for Shane after he wrote what appears a suicide letter to them. At the high school, Destiny tries to talk to him and tells him she has been there with kids being mean to her and knows he can get past it. But he tells her after Jack has posted him naked on the internet, it will never go away. He then goes up to the rooftop of the high school after Rex and Gigi rush to find him.

Viki goes to Echo's room at the Minuteman Motel and catches Charlie in bed with Echo. She furiously tells Charlie that she will never trust him again. He protests to her that he loves her and wants to be there for her. Things, however, will never be the same. James reveals that he has moved on because he was once in love with Deanna but she dumped him. When he finds out she has nowhere to go and no money to get home, he tells her she can live with him and his brother.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Diane tells Victor she saw the reports about Sharon’s trial on the news and Victor just feels sad that he couldn’t do more to help Sharon. Diane asks Victor about Hawaii but he doesn’t want to talk about Hawaii with her. Diane gets a call from Kyle’s school telling her Kyle was hurt playing basketball so she and Victor head to the school to pick up Kyle and take him to the doctor. Jack gets a text message from Phyllis saying that she will be home soon and they will talk when she arrives home. Sharon holds her own against the DA and Adam arrives in court and is arrested by the police and a recess is called for a few hours and Adam and Sharon are taken to jail. Adam tells Vance and Sharon everything that happened everything that happened in Thailand. Adam wants to testify for Sharon but Vance says that Adam’s testimony will only hurt Sharon’s case. Vance gets a call informing him that the D.A. intends to call Adam as a witness for the prosecution.

Chloe tries to persuade Kevin and Billy that Jana is nuts and doesn’t belong in Billy’s house as Delia and Lucy’s nanny but Billy thinks that Chloe is acting jealous of Jana and tells her to stop the campaign to get Jana fired because he isn’t going to fire Jana. Victoria tells Jana to watch her back with Chloe because she wanted her fired but she and Billy aren’t going to fire her. Jana is touched that Victoria and Billy trust her so much and promises Victoria she won’t regret her decision. Jana goes to the bank with the number of the bank account from Genoa city that she found in Primrose’s files. Jana is, of course, in disguise and she asks the teller to find out if the bank transfer went through and the bank teller says it did but when Jana asks for a confirmation the teller won’t give it to her without an ID so Jana makes up a story and leaves quickly. The teller calls Billy and tells him about the woman who was checking on his account and advises him to shred his bank statements and change his pin number and password. Billy calls Victoria and she tells him she will call Jana so she can shred the statements. Jana shreds the bank statements inside their envelopes so she doesn’t see the account number. Chloe tells Billy she intends to fight him for custody of Delia if he doesn’t fire Jana. Chloe tells Billy that Delia is sick and can’t see him today but Delia comes in the room and is fine so Billy tells Chloe not to lie about Delia again. Chloe is upset when Kevin thinks that she is overreacting about Jana because she would never hurt a child. Gloria calls Chloe and tells her that she is on her side about Jana and suggests that they team up to prove Jana is crazy and shouldn’t be around children.

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