Friday 4/1/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Friday 4/1/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall takes a walk in the park and remembers her date with Griffin. Ricky watches her from afar. Tad comes home with a giant teddy bear, named “Taddy bear” and a bunch of balloons for Jesse and Angie’s new baby. Amanda, on the sofa, wakes up with Jake rubbing her feet. Jake gets a call from Cara which unnerves Amanda. Angie holds the baby while Jesse stand by her. Brot and another police officer come in and tells them that the real mother had come forward and wants her baby back. The officer takes the baby from Angie’s arms. Jesse wakes up with tears in his eyes. Angie wakes up and wants to know where the baby is. Jesse assures her that the baby is fine. Kendall meets a woman sitting in a chair down the hall from the exam room. Kendall goes on to join Griffin. Griffin proceeds to examine Kendall. Kendall asks Griffin about the woman, who seems to be waiting on him. Griffin owns up that the woman had been wanting to take him to lunch for a while now. Brot visits Angie and Jesse to see how they are doing. Cara tells Jake about Angie’s ruptured placenta and how the baby had survived against such incredible odds. Angie, upon hearing the baby cry, yells for Jesse, but Jesse refuses to answer. Angie gets up and goes to the baby herself. Natalia comes in and takes the baby from Angie. Angie asks Natalia to look up some information for her on her cell phone. Jesse tells Brot to run a search on the earring that had been found in the baby’s blanket. At Fusion, Ricky questions Kendall about her date with Griffin. At the hospital, Cara urges Griffin to set up roots here in Pine Valley so he will always have somewhere to come home to. Griffin refuses. Natalia interrupts Jesse and Brot. Natalia lets Jesse know that Angie wants to see him. Jesse leaves to re-join Angie. Natalia calls Brot her “hero” for being here for Angie and Jesse when the baby was born.

Kendall tells Ricky about her firing the attorney and hiring someone else to go through with the selling of the casinos. Natalia questions Brot about Angie and how she had delivered the baby. Tad joins Jesse at the hospital and questions him if everything is alright. Amanda warns Cara about interfering in hers and Jake’s life. Jake listens to their conversation. Sara joins Griffin in his hotel room and wants him to have a nightcap with her. Kendall walks up behind Griffin. Kendall acts as though she is Griffin’s girlfriend in order to get rid of Sara. Sara leaves in a huff. Griffin thanks Kendall for helping him to get rid of Sara. Diana and Ricky discuss Kendall and her possibly selling the casinos. Diana wants to kill Kendall. Jake confronts Amanda about her having the talk with Cara. Cara comes home quite annoyed by Amanda ordering her to stay out of their lives. Tad tries to help her, but Cara refuses. Tad tells Cara a joke in order to get Cara to laugh. Jake tries to make Amanda understand that he only wants her when they are interrupted by Tad and Cara. Tad asks Jake and Amanda to join them in putting some furniture together for Angie’s new baby. Ricky reprimands Diana for wanting to kill Kendall. Ricky tells Diana that he will deal with Kendall in his own way. Jesse holds the baby and mumbles, “Oh, Angie.” Angie hears him and wants to know what is wrong.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope stands there, shocked and appalled that Liam is kissing Amber. He insists that he did not initiate the kiss and wants to talk to Hope alone on the patio. She says that she came there to tell Amber to back off, how stupid was that? He says he loves her, but he can not back away from his child. This fighting with Hope is not working out. He thinks he can be a good father and be with her at the same time if she will give him a chance. Tawny returns and looks very satisfied at what is happening. While they are sitting playing cards, Carl shows up. He is impressed with Amber’s new digs and figures she must be in the cash now. She assures him she has a place to stay and good food, but Bill is not handing cash out. He’ll get his share as soon as there is some. He looks around and picks out some champagne and fine chocolates for now. Steffy calls Bill again and tells him he’d better hurry….the owner of the boat, Nick, just showed up and things are looking chummy with him. Katie thanks Nick for letting her stay here and all he has done for her. He’s so not into chitchatting about other people’s problems so he won’t judge her by hers. She asks about Aggie and finds that she wanted more of a commitment than Nick so she’s moved on to the east coast and looking for a job there.

Hope wants to see the sonogram picture. She kisses Liam and says she will always love him, but she can’t do this and storms out. Tawny whispers to Amber that she needs to move her plan up to the next level. It’s now or never. She tells them they need to talk so she is going to get lost. Amber coos to Liam that this is the way it should be. Hope is gone and there is no reason for him to be frustrated any more. She knows what to do and she is there to help him and make him feel good. He gave her something and she is going to be there for him and give something back to him. Oliver hears from Aggie just before Hope walks in crying and they hug. She fills him in about Liam and how he is succumbing to Amber’s charms. Liam tells Amber that he loves Hope. She says she knows, but soon they will be a family. He will love this child and he needs to stop thinking about Hope and concentrate on them. She asks him to let her love him. Slowly she starts unbuttoning his shirt and kissing him. Nick is feeling Katie’s heart scar and telling her this is another case of pain, but the pain with Bill will gradually fade away. Bill walks in and demands that Nick take his hands off his wife. He berates him for laying his hands on his wife and he lights into Katie for coming to see her ex-boyfriend. He demands that Katie come home with him. She cowers in fear. She says she loves him and does not want to be apart from him, but she does not know him. Steffy is watching the whole time as Bill decks Nick. He kisses Katie and begs her to come home with him. He can not get her to trust him and fully love him again if they are apart.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the DiMera mansion, Taylor heard a noise.  Fake Rake was setting the flowers back on the table.  He leaned over Fay and took her necklace.  He thought Fay could be worth something after all.  He stuck the necklace in his pocket.  Taylor and Nicole got inside the mansion and found Fay on the floor.  Taylor told Nicole to check for a pulse while she called 9-1-1.  Nicole didn't know how.  Nicole found Fay's slipper and realized how far she fell down the stairs.  Taylor asked if Fay had a pulse.  Nicole thought so.  They were panicked about Fay.  They started talking about Fay's medication.  Fake Rafe slipped into Taylor's room and hid behind the door when Nicole was in there.  Nicole found the pills.  Taylor yelled for Nicole because Fay stopped breathing.  They were horrified to see Fay's blood on her hair and carpet.  Daniel went to Jennifer's house.  She wanted to talk about Carly.  She thought there was something wrong with Carly.  She told him that she couldn't reach her.  She hadn't heard from Carly and she tried everything.  Daniel thought that didn't sound like Carly.  They talked about Carly's bad dreams about Lawrence and Carly's behavior.  Jennifer noticed a crooked picture so she got on a stool to fix it.  Daniel came in and asked what she was doing.  She slipped and fell into his arms.  She thanked him when he set her down.  He was glad she was okay. she hoped he didn't pull a muscle catching her.  At Java, Carly thought about how she injected herself.  She talked to herself saying that it couldn't happen again.  When she was about to leave, she saw Justin and Adrienne kissing.  Carly dropped her coffee and spilled it.  Justin and Adrienne rushed to see if Carly was okay.  She said she was and was happy that they were happy.  Carly had to go back to the hospital. Sami was at the Brady Pub.  She thought about Fake Rafe asking her to name one thing she liked/loved about him.  She didn't think she could.  Johnny asked her where Rafe was.  She said he wasn't there.  Johnny said Rafe was going to give him more fighting lessons.   Sami wanted to talk to Johnny because they talked about not fighting.  EJ walked in as Johnny said Rafe promised to make him a better fighter.  EJ wanted to know what Johnny was talking about.  Johnny told him he's going to beat up a kid in his class.  Sami told Johnny to go get his sister ready to leave.  EJ wanted to know what was going on.  Sami said it wasn't a big deal.  EJ thought it was.  He thought that Rafe didn't have the right to teach Johnny how to attack another child.  Sami tried to defend fake Rafe.  The two of them got into an argument over fake Rafe and Nicole. 

At the hospital, Carly was at the nurse's station with some charts.  She saw a newspaper and saw the article about her patient dying.  She thought about what the kid said to her during surgery.  Maxine wanted Carly to do a favor.  She wanted Carly to give Mrs. Lyman her anti-anxiety medication.  Carly agreed.  She took the pills and headed to the waiting room.  She poured the pills in her hand.  She told herself she couldn't do this.  She put the pills in her hand.  She told herself she couldn't do this.  She put the pills back and went to the nurse's station.  She wanted Kendall to take the pills to Mrs. Lyman.  Justin and Adrienne got into a conversation about Bo, Hope, and Carly.  They ended up deciding to elope since their boys were busy and far away.  EJ was at the DiMera mansion and saw the blood on the floor.  He thought it was Taylor, but found out it was Fay.  when Fay got to the hospital, Carly asked Nicole and Taylor what happened.  They told her that she fell down the stairs.  Nicole blamed herself for what happened.  EJ rushed in the hospital to comfort Nicole.  Carly said that Fay needed surgery.  They had to wait until the swelling in her brain went down and her heart condition was a problem too.  Fay thought about the conversation she overheard and what Fake Rafe did to her.  She moaned.  Nicole thought she was waking up.  At Sami and Rafe's apartment, Fake Rafe almost got busted with Fay's necklace by Sami.  She thought he looked terrible.  He didn't like her sneaking up on him.  He wanted to know where the kids were.  She told him it was alright for him to see the kids.  Taylor called to tell her about Fay.  The kids were going to have to stay with her.  When Sami told Fake Rafe about Fay's fall, Sami was suspicious of his reaction.  He made it seem as if he knew more about the accident then he should.  Carly told Nicole that Fay wasn't waking up and she was afraid that Fay could slip into a coma.  The next few hours would tell Carly everything.  Daniel walked in and asked what was going on.  Carly filled him in about Fay.  Daniel and Carly left to check on tests.  Nicole talked to Fay and asked her not to leave them.  EJ walked in and told her to be with Taylor.  Carly and Daniel were back and said Fay wasn't sedated when she fell.  Nicole and Taylor were confused.  Daniel said there was no sign of medication in Fay's system.  Carly said Fay was fully conscious and alert when she fell down the stairs.  Fay opened her eyes when EJ was by her bed.  She thought of the conversation again and gasped.  Her heart rate spiked as EJ leaned over her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante asks Luke how much he had to drink the night he hit Jake. Luke says he was not impaired. Dante says they are ruling it as an accident. Lulu asks Luke to abstain from drinking while Lucky is grieving. He tells her that wouldn't change anything; he will still be the person that hit Lucky's kid. Luke switches to water anyway. Lucky assumes he is drinking vodka.

Abby tells Michael that if he gets caught with a gun, he will go back to prison. He says he won't leave her unprotected now that Brandon is on the street again. She tells him Brandon isn't Carter. Brandon goes to Abby's apartment, thanks her for dropping the charges, and attacks her again. Michael goes after Brandon, points his gun at him, and tells him to stay away from Abby.

Spinelli gives Maxie a copy of his book. He says she was the inspiration for the book. Sonny gives Brenda a necklace for her birthday. He suggests that they look into what really happened to her son. Robin tells Brenda that she and Patrick are back together. Carly watches Jason read to Josslyn. She tells him that he wants him to be as close to Josslyn as he is with Michael. Jason wonders if giving up Jake was the right thing to do.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex and Gigi rush to the high school to confront Jack Manning after they've found out what he's been doing to their son. He denies it. But Starr, who is there to take him to the hospital to see their father overhears and agrees that what he's done to Shane is despicable and she backs Rex and Gigi in reporting him as she would do if it were her child. Shane goes home alone and traumatized after the boys took his clothes and put him on the internet. He's alone in the house when Viki comes by looking for Charlie and Echo. He tells her he knows that his "real" grandfather, Clint, does not care about him and believes he's above the law because he is rich. Charlie again goes to see Echo in an attempt to break it off with her. But he admits that he does not believe that Viki fully understands him but she does. He admits he cannot tear himself away from Echo. And they end up sleeping together. Viki, then walks into Echo's motel room and catches them in bed together. Before Clint's trial for the murder of Eddie Ford, he tells Bo and Nora they have nothing on him and he did not do it. Nora admits to Bo that she blacked out her memory about the night Eddie was shot and questions whether she shot him because she does not remember. Clint then reveals to her that he knows the reason she did not want to remember. He reveals he knows she did not kill Eddie. Matthew did James finds his old girlfriend, Deanna ready to shoot a porn flick because she's desperate for money. He gets her away from that. She kisses him and he does not stop her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lauren and Michael both yell at Daniel for being irresponsible because he let Daisy get away and they also accuse him of not wanting to find his daughter because he never wanted to be a father. Lily asks Lauren’s advice on therapists and she tells her it would be good for her to get her feelings out and talk to an impartial person. Lauren suggests to Lily that she go see her therapist Dr. Mason and Lily makes an appointment to see Dr. Mason. Primrose comes close to holding Jana hostage when Jana tells her that she is a friend of the mother of the baby that was found in ST Joseph church but Jana gets away with the pictures she took on her camera. Jana looks at the pictures she took and discovers a long list of numbers that she thinks are phone numbers but with Kevin’s help she finds out that they are bank routing numbers from all over the country and one is from Genoa City. Chloe pleads with Victoria to fire Jana because she acts crazy when she is around Kevin but Victoria refuses to fire Jana because she is a good nanny and has never behaved strangely around Lucy.

Adam and Phyllis find the camera and then search for the memory card after finding the man who sold them the camera and buying an empty memory card the man informs them that he erases all the memory cards of the camera’s he buys. Adam loses hope until Phyllis reminds him that Koa also saw the video so all they have to do is persuade him to testify on Sharon’s behalf. Adam and Phyllis return to the hotel and find that Koa has escaped from his handcuffs and is gone. Vance’s two main witnesses a cop and investigator from Hawaii don’t show up because they are on a case so Sharon takes the stand in her own defense. Sharon does well until the DA questions her about her past and under his badgering Sharon cries Vance objects and the judge calls a recess until tomorrow.

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