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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse cradles his dead baby in his arms as Brot gets the other baby out of the box when it begins to cry. Angie hears the baby cry and wants to hold it. Asher runs into the baby’s Mom. Asher, sensing that something is wrong, asks her if she is alright. The woman lets him know that she is fine as she has a pain in her side. Cara sees Griffin at the nurse’s station and starts to walk away, but he sees her before she can walk away. Griffin confronts her about setting him up with a date with Kendall. Griffin lets her know that despite everything the date had turned out fine. Kendall shows Greenlee a new marketing concept that she had worked up for the new product line. Greenlee senses a change in Kendall, a change that she hasn’t seen in a while. Angie begs to see the baby as Jesse and Brot exchange looks. Angie begs Jesse to say something to her. Jesse gives Brot the dead baby to hold while he gets the woman’s baby girl out of the box. Jesse lays the baby in Angie’s arms. While holding the baby, Angie senses that someone else is there. Jesse lets her know that Brot is here. Asher offers to drive the woman home. From talking to Kendall, Greenlee senses that Kendall has changed her mind about Griffin selling drugs. Cara gets a call about Angie. Amanda gives Jake a back massage and starts to get intimate when the phone rings. It is Cara telling them that Angie had delivered the baby. The ambulance siren sounds in the distance as Brot asks Jesse what is he going to do. Brot takes the dead baby and leaves, telling Jesse that he will take care of everything. Jesse goes back to join Angie with the baby. Jake and Amanda arrive at the hospital. Cara fills them in on Angie’s condition. Angie is brought into the hospital and Jake is standing by to take care of her. Angie is wheeled into an exam room while Cara tends to the baby while Cara examines Angie and finds something seriously wrong.

Jake wheels the baby out to run some tests on it while Cara runs some tests on Angie. Greenlee arrives at the hospital and Jake fills her in that Angie had had the baby. Griffin and Kendall have drinks together at the Confusion bar. Kendall lets him know that she is going through with the sale of the casinos which doesn’t sit too well with Griffin. Angie finds out that the baby is truly a miracle baby in the way that it had been born. Brot takes Jesse to visit where he had buried the baby. Jesse says his final good-byes to the baby. Angie and the Hubbard family enjoy the birth of the baby.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Liam insists on knowing who this guy is who is saying he has Amber’s future in his hands. She quickly explains that he is her lab technician. Carl threatens her later that she better have the money soon. Ridge tells Brooke that it is too bad they had to come back from Paris and yes he needs to talk to Thomas today. Hope comes in and reveals that it has finally set in that Liam is going to have a baby. She just wishes it was anybody’s but his. Steffy spies/eavesdrops on Bill and Katie. Katie tells him that he had so much to lose. Everything she thought and loved about him was standing on the edge of that cliff. And if he can’t trust her enough to tell him his darkest secrets, then she doesn’t know how he can expect her to trust him enough to come home. She says she needs more time to work this out on her own. Tawny advises Amber to take the plan to the next level. She has to get the money somehow from Liam to pay Carl to keep him quiet.

Ridge tells Thomas that he is not going to tank the Taboo line, but he is making changes. It won’t be the same. He also tells Thomas to can the attitude when he calls his Taboo line a minor part of their major couture line they have had for years. For Thomas to think otherwise would be a big mistake. Thomas goes ballistic when Ridge tells him that he is cutting Taboo’s budget. It’s time to create the next big trend. It is what Forrester does. Brooke tries to soften things. Thomas is very glum as he tells her that he hit a home run yet his dad is making him stop at second base. Amber pulls at the heart strings when she tells Liam she does not want her child to grow up like she did or as he did without a father. It means so much to her that he is here for her. She wants him to trust her that she is going to be the best mother to this child….and he and Bill Spencer will be really proud of her. He’s giving this child something that neither of them ever had. She has such dreams for their baby. He’s given himself to this child; now he needs to give himself to her. She kisses him just as Hope walks through the door. Steffy follows Katie and realizes she is staying on Nick’s boat. She calls Bill to let him know.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the police station, Bo talked to Hope about a robbery from three years ago.  She offered to look at the files from the case.  She thought that Jocelyn would have been back with the kids about an hour ago, but two hours had past.  Bo was sure they were okay, but Hope wasn't.  She called to see what was going on.  Hope was upset that Jocelyn couldn't find the kids.  Hope asked Jocelyn if it was possible that the kids went back inside or in an after school program.   Jocelyn already checked and had the teachers looking around.  Hope was on her way there.  Jocelyn told her to wait because she saw them.  Hope told Bo that Jocelyn found the kids.  They were both alright and she would bring them to the station soon.  Hope cried while Bo comforted her.  Chloe walked in the Java Cafe and saw Brady and Melanie very close.  Chloe wanted to know what was going on.  Melanie left saying she had a meeting to go to.  Brady and Chloe talked about Parker.  She then told Brady about being with Melanie when she wasn't divorced yet.  At the Brady Pub, Nicole wanted to know what Taylor wanted that was so urgent.  Taylor said she was going to move out.  She couldn't live in the mansion.  Nicole wanted to know why.  Taylor thought about kissing EJ.  Taylor wanted to know if Nicole was angry.  Nicole said she was.  Nicole said it was important to have her family around.  The two got in an argument about Taylor leaving.  Nicole suggested that she would talk to EJ, but Taylor didn't want her to.  She wanted Nicole to hear it from her first.  Nicole asked if something happened.  Nicole wanted to know if EJ hurt Taylor.  Taylor said Nicole was the one who would get hurt.  At the DiMera mansion, Fay was shocked when she realized what EJ and Stefano were up to with Rafe.  She heard that Rafe was locked up for the rest of his life without knowing who she is.  Fake Rafe thought he heard something.  He thought someone was outside of the foyer.  Stefano didn't hear anything.  EJ went over to the door, but no one was there.  Fake Rafe swore he heard something.  Stefano said Fay was upstairs and no one else was in the house.  Stefano got a call.  He told EJ and Fake Rafe that he had an appointment.  Stefano told Fake Rafe that their business is complete.  Stefano assumed Fake Rafe knew what needed to be done.  Fake Rafe said he had to give Sami the boot and make sure Johnny saw EJ as his only father.  EJ said that was right and that Fake Rafe would be getting a generous salary to take over Rafe's body.  the second the plan was over, Fake Rafe had to leave town and never came back.  EJ didn't want his kids to see Rafe's face again.  Fake Rafe was okay with it.  When EJ and Fake Rafe left, Fay came downstairs.  She wondered if Nicole knew about this.

Hope was so glad to see Ciara and Theo.  Ciara asked if Hope was crying.  Hope said she was because she was happy to see her.  Bo thanked Josslyn for picking up the kids.  Hope asked what happened.  Josslyn saw them trying to scale a chain link fence.  Bo said that wasn't like them.  why would they climb a fence at pick up time?  Ciara said they thought it would be fun.  They saw older kids doing it yesterday.  Hope told her that was dangerous.  Ciara said she and Theo were dared to do it.  Bo said they've talked about this a lot.  Ciara wasn't supposed to do something she was dared to do.  Ciara said she wouldn't do it again.  Bo hoped not.  He told Theo not to do it again and he said he wouldn't.  When Ciara and Theo were alone, she told him how the plan almost worked.  They almost ran away.  Theo didn't want to run away.  Ciara still planned to run away.  Theo begged her not to go.  Bo and Hope talked about a party that Ciara was invited to.  They weren't on the same page about the party.  Bo didn't want her to go, but Hope did.  Bo thought that Ciara not going would teach her a lesson.  Hope thought the punishment was too harsh.  Ciara and Theo were watching Bo and Hope and she told Theo she had to run away because her parents were upset.  Bo and Hope talked about the things Ciara went through.  Bo eventually gave in and decided that Ciara should go to the party.  They hugged.  Theo had his arm around Ciara.  She said it was all her fault that her parents are always in a bad mood. She started crying.  Theo wanted her to stop crying.  She said her parents can't be happy until she's gone.  Brady reminded her that she said he had no class.  She got pregnant with Philip's baby and ruined their marriage as well as her own.  Chloe thanked him and told him that was what she needed.  Brady told her she should have thought of that before she threw down the gauntlet.  They continued to argue and then she left.  Nicole wanted to know why Taylor thought she would be the one to get hurt.  Taylor said she didn't know why she said that.  Taylor told Nicole she never wanted to live in the house and now everything is intense.  Nicole wanted to know why Taylor didn't want to make things better.  Taylor said it wouldn't be better as long as she's living there.  Taylor said it wouldn't better as long as she's living there.  Taylor wanted to drop the conversation.  Taylor promised to visit Fay.  Fay called Nicole. Fay told Nicole to listen to her.  Suddenly, Fake Rafe took the phone and hung up on Nicole.  He wanted to know what she was doing.  She said she was talking to her daughter.  He wanted to know why.  She wanted to talk. He checked the caller I.D. and saw that it was Nicole.  He brought up Nicole's past as a porn star.  Fay was furious.  They got into an argument about Nicole.  Fake Rafe knew that she heard his conversation with Stefano and EJ.  She denied it, but he didn't believe her.  He wanted to know what she heard.  He threatened her if she didn't tell him what she heard.  Fay started to run. He went after her.  He caught her in the foyer.  She screamed and said she didn't hear anything.  He didn't believe her.  He told her no one was going to help her because they were alone.  He asked if she knew that he wasn't the real Rafe.  He dragged her up the stairs.  He threw her off the top of the stairs.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lisa watches intently when Robin brings her daughter to the hospital to meet Patrick. She listens when Kristina offers to babysit anytime. Then she stares at Kristina after the Drakes leave. After Kristina's therapy session, Lisa engages Kristina in conversation. Abby wants to drop the charges against Brandon, but Michael insists that her attacker should not be allowed to go free. He tells her that dropping the charges will send Brandon the message that he can abuse her any time he wants to. He tells her that if she won't stand up for herself, he will. Abby drops the charges anyway. She is shocked to discover that Michael is packing a pistol.

Jason and Elizabeth dread going to Jake's memorial service. Jason decides not to go. Elizabeth goes, and afterwards she questions God. She reads the letter from the DNA lab and then has a violent fit of grief. Brenda doesn’t want to go to the memorial service and risk Carly getting into it with her. Sonny stays home with Brenda to celebrate her birthday. Sonny brings out an elaborate birthday cake for Brenda. He tells her to blow out the candle and make a wish. Afterwards, he asks her what she wished for and she says it is impossible.

Luke thinks it would be in poor taste to attend Jake's memorial service. Luke tries to visit Josslyn in the ICU but Shawn won't let him in because he isn’t on the list. Jason says Josslyn doesn't know Luke so he would probably scare her. Luke agrees. Jason says Luke will have to live with what he did for the rest of his life and he is never to say to Jason or himself that it wasn't his fault. Carly watches Jason playing with Josslyn. Lulu is disappointed that Luke didn't attend the memorial service because Lucky needed him. Dante goes to the Haunted Star to take Luke's statement. He asks routine questions, which Luke answers. Then he asks Luke how much he had to drink that night.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Rex goes to talk to Echo who reveals to him that she knows that Shane is being bullied. He gets on the laptop to find out that Jack Manning is the ring leader and that kids have tormented his son about having asthma and have made death threats to him. Right when they have gone too far in the high school and nobody is there to stop them, Rex rushes in to confront Jack. Charlie is torn between being with Echo who has helped him stay on the wagon or be there for Viki in her custody battle and mission to help Jessica. Clint is in custody and Bo and Nora hope to convict him of murder. Tess is completely confident that she and Robert have a slam dunk chance to win custody. Robert and his lawyer both warn her that with Clint out of the picture, Viki could easily get sole custody and Charlie could help her with that. But Tess reveals that she knows that Charlie is cheating on Viki with Echo and she can prove it with a photo she took unseen outside the Minuteman Motel. The film producer at Minuteman convinces Deanna to do film and tells her she can make money. Gigi informs James she saw Deanna at the Buenos Dias not long ago and she may be staying at Minuteman. James goes looking for her.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Jana pretends to be “Stella” again to meet with Primrose and Primrose gets suspicious when Jana asks too many questions about how her adoptions work. Jana pretends to feel dizzy and Primrose offers to get a protein bar from her car. Jana uses the time to take pictures of some of Primrose files she is so nervous she drops the files and is picking them up when Primrose returns to the shed. Primrose demands to know what Jana is doing and Jana almost persuades her that she is concerned about where her baby is going until she starts asking questions again and since Primrose is suspicious she opens Jana’s blouse to reveal her fake pregnancy belly. Neil and Billy both advise Victoria to start her own company and forget about Beauty of Nature because Victor will never give it to her. Victoria tells them both that she isn’t ready to give up on Beauty of Nature yet because she has put her heart into the company.

Lily tells Daniel she had visions of Cane in the elevator and he advises her to see a therapist just to get all her grief out not because she is crazy. Daniel tells Lily that he let Daisy escape because he had to protect Lucy and he hopes Michael will forget about everything and not keep searching for Daisy. Lily buys a book about ghosts from the bookstore and when Neil arrives to pick her up she tells him she is sure that her visions of Cane are real and that he is trying to tell her something. Lily asks Neil to tell her that he believes her and all Neil can do is hug Lily while he looks worried about Lily’s sanity. Victor’s testimony hurts Sharon more then it helps her because he pleads the Fifth Amendment on all the questions that have to do with his and Skye’s involvement in the collapse of the Newman fund. Michael tells Nick that if he were Sharon’s lawyer he would prepare her for a possible conviction for Sky’s murder. Nick can’t stand to see Sharon without any hope so he tells her that Phyllis told him that she and Adam are very close to finding the evidence to clear her name. Adam and Phyllis are able to find Sharon’s camera after a long search through an open market in Thailand but when they look for the pictures Sharon took of Skye as well as the video they discover that the camera’s memory card is gone.

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