Wednesday 3/30/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Wednesday 3/30/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

On the yacht, Erica urges Jack to marry her tonight. Jack is apprehensive and wonders why Erica is in such a big hurry to marry him. Caleb joins Marissa and Bianca at the Confusion bar. Asher finds out that J.R. is the one, who had set him up for a date with Colby. Caleb lets Bianca know that he had had a date with Erica. A.J. calls Marissa to come and kiss him good-night. Marissa wonders if this is J.R.’s doing. Brot, on patrol, sits in his car and talks to the police dispatcher. Brot gets a call and leaves the car. A young woman comes out of a nearby building, carrying a paper box. Looking to see if anyone is watching her, she puts the paper box in the front seat of Brot’s car. Jack tries to explain to Erica as to why Krystal was at the yacht and that he didn’t like Erica lashes out at her. Jack questions Erica about her meeting with Caleb. Erica doesn’t want to discuss Caleb or anything about their meeting. Erica finally confesses that this sudden marriage to Jack has everything to do with Caleb. Jack refuses to marry Erica. The woman watches Brot as he finds the box in his front seat. Angie is in active labor with severe pains in her back. Angie urges Elle to hang on. Jesse calls for an ambulance. Brot hears Jesse’s plea for help and rushes to help him. Jesse tries to talk to Angie to calm her down. Jack, reluctantly, agrees to marry Erica tonight. Jack makes plans for a minister while Erica looks for a wedding gown. At Krystal’s, Jack lets Caleb know where things stand in the Jack/Erica/Caleb triangle. Bianca confronts Erica about her date with Caleb. Erica tries to explain to Bianca that she was only telling Caleb that she was going to marry Jackson. Bianca doesn’t necessarily believe her. Angie passes out during childbirth. The baby is born but Jesse cannot get her to breathe.

Marissa confronts J.R. about offering Reese a job in decorating the Chandler offices. Marissa understands that if Reese is interested in her job then she may waver in fighting for sole custody of the girls. A.J. comes running in and wants to play a game of Monopoly. Marissa hesitates, at first, but then gives in. Asher bumps into the woman, who had left the baby in Brot’s car. Brot tries to help Jesse deal with the death of his daughter. Jesse hears a baby cry and Brot shows him the baby that had been left in his car. Angie hears the baby cry and tells it that Mommy is here. Caleb finds out that Erica and Jackson are getting married tonight. Caleb goes to the Chandler mansion to leave something for Asher. Caleb tells J.R. that he fights for what he wants. Jackson delays getting married tonight, but instead sets sail to get married on the beach.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Amber calls Oliver and gloats about her plan to make Liam more involved. She has her very first ultrasound today. She confides in her mother that she was right all along. This can be a good thing to try and convince Liam that this is his baby. Liam shows up ready for the appointment. Bill calls Katie and begs her to come home. They can’t fix things like this being separated. Donna persuades her to go. She can’t feel any worse than she does now. Steffy pops in on Bill to convince him to spend time with her. Katie has left him so Steffy is the only one who cares. He did not kill Amber so he shouldn’t be so hard on himself. He won’t hear anymore and informs her that he doesn’t want to hear another word against his wife. Hope shows up and tells Oliver that she is ready to work, just don’t mention Amber’s name.

Bill tells Steffy to get out when she won’t leave it alone and continues to tell him that Katie left him; she doesn’t care. She yammers on that Katie doesn’t care so why should he sit around and wait for her. He repeats it again for her to get out. She says he doesn’t want her help, but he’s going to get it anyway. As he is about to leave, Katie shows up at his door. He tells her that he is glad she came home; they need to get past this. She states that it is not that simple. He should have told her how bad it was and what he was going through. He tells her that he is the same man she married. She doesn’t have to back away from him. He did what he did out of love for his son; a love he discovered because of her. Liam watches as Amber has her ultrasound. He’s mesmerized when he sees the screen. He can’t believe that is their baby. Dr. Caspary assures him all looks okay and the heartbeat is strong. Amber tells Liam that he is incredible. She could not have picked a better guy to be the father of this baby. Carl, the lab technician, peeks in and smiles as he sees them hugging. He later catches Amber in the hallway and congratulates her on everything going so well. She is not wanting to talk to him and says they shouldn’t be seen together. He wants to know about his big bucks; gratitude won’t pay the rent. He reminds her that he did something for her. Now she needs to do something for him. Liam comes out and overhears him saying that Carl literally has her life in his hands.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Stefano was pleased that Sami was starting to crack because her white knight isn't a hero.  "Rafe" told him that he was told to work fast.  Stefano asked if "Rafe" was sure Sami wasn't suspicious.  "Rafe" said she didn't have a clue.  Stefano wanted to know how long it will be before Sami was ready to push him out of her life permanently.  "Rafe" said it was up to Stefano and EJ.  The final breakup had to go without a hitch so everyone could be on the same page.  Stefano wanted to get in touch with EJ and set up a call.  "Rafe" wanted a face-to-face.  Stefano thought the meeting should be private.  When "Rafe" was joking with Stefano, Stefano was no amused and threatened him.  At the Kiriakis mansion, Melanie asked Philip if she could see Parker.  He let her see Parker.  She spoke to Parker about her love for him.  She gave Parker back to Philip and took off her wedding rings and gave them to Philip.  At Java Cafe, Brady was on the phone with someone.  He wanted to know if they served his grandfather the papers.  He wasn't happy when the person said they were researching to find out what grounds they could use.  Brady was upset about Victor killing a deal that cost them a couple of million dollars.  Dario made a smart remark when he overheard that.  Brady thought Dario left town.  Dario told him he thought wrong.  Brady told him he might want to rethink that decision or he would regret it.  Dario thought that sounded like a threat.  Brady told him that he is the friend of the woman he tried to rob.  Dario didn't see him getting upset because he took Gabi's earrings, but then she's part of the Hernandez family.  Brady wanted Dario to go back to wherever he came.  Dario said he had business in Salem.  He is going to find the person who killed his sister.  Brady told him to let the police handle it.  Dario didn't see the cops doing anything.  Brady wanted to know why he's stirring this up again.  Dario said that since Brady wasn't doing anything, somebody may as well.  Dario told him that he was engaged to Arianna, but he didn't believe in her.  Dario said Brady let the police arrest her and blamed her for something a cop did.  Dario figured that was why they didn't care who killed her and that's why he didn't care.  Brady got in his face and told him that Dario didn't tell him how he felt about Arianna and the way she died.  Dario knew why Brady didn't want him around.  Dario thought he reminded Brady of what he did.  Brady gave him money and told him to buy himself a new life somewhere else.  Dario wasn't going anywhere until he found his sister's killer and made that person pay.

At the pier, Nicole wanted to know if Vivian was going to forgive her for leaving her in the casket if she helped her bring Kate down.  Vivian wanted Nicole to help her find out Stefano's big secret.  Vivian knew that Nicole knew something.  Vivian said they could knock Kate and Stefano off of their thrones and Nicole and EJ could replace them.  Vivian said if she had some inside information on Kate, she could use that against Stefano and pave the way for Nicole and EJ to take over the DiMera empire.  Nicole turned her down.  Vivian wanted to know why.  Nicole told her she was delusional.  Vivian thought Nicole was afraid of Stefano.  Nicole said she was.  Vivian said Stefano was a formidable opponent, but she's no slouch.  Nicole said Stefano would win in the end.  Vivian told her to start counting her losses.  Nicole warned her to leave Kate alone.  Vivian thanked her for her advice.  She said she offered Nicole an out, but she laughed in her face.  When she was finished with Kate, she was going after her.  Nicole reminded her about the picture of her and Brady, but EJ married her anyway.  Vivian told her she was naive if she thought EJ was going to protect her.  EJ and Taylor got into a conversation about their relationship needing to stop.  He said he would not pursue her anymore.  He is going to just be her brother-in-law.  Melanie saw Brady at Java Cafe.  He wanted to know what was wrong with her.  She talked to him about Parker, Chloe, Philip, and Daniel.  Then they talked about Arianna.  At the hospital, Taylor opened up to Lexie about her situation with EJ.  Taylor told Lexie that the only choice she had was tot ell Nicole the truth.  After that, she going to leave town.  At the DiMera mansion, Stefano and EJ talked about Taylor.  Stefano wanted him to focus because they were on the last part of their plan.  "Rafe" showed up.  He kept the door open slightly.  They started talking about the plan.  Things turned ugly when EJ and "Rafe" started arguing about the plan.  Stefano stopped them.  Stefano said the next step in the plan was to convince Sami that they need a break from each other.  In order for it to work, Sami has to think it's her idea.  "Rafe" and EJ ended up apologizing.  What the three of them didn't know was someone was watching through the door.  The three celebrated the plan.  EJ thought no one would be the wiser.  Fay was outside of the door.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Michael and Abby argue with Brandon. Brandon promises to make Michael pay. Dante confronts Lulu about seeing the suspects list and letting Luke and Carly know that they were suspects. At the Haunted Star, Luke blames himself for Jake’s death. Sonny tries to relieve his worries by telling him that it was only an accident. At the hospital, Robin catches up with Patrick at the nurse’s station and asked him as to how one of his patients are. Robin commends Patrick for stepping up and doing the surgery on Jake. Robin lets Patrick know how proud that she is of him. Lisa watches from behind Patrick. Lisa starts to leave the nurse’s station and bumps into Steve. Steve questions her as to what is up. Steve gives Lisa warning that he may not be able to save her job if the trouble continues between her and Robin. Theo and one of his henchmen enter the home of the supposed adoptive parents of his grandson. Theo lets the henchman know that Brenda and Sonny must not ever find out that the boy is alive. At the hospital, Brenda tries to call a truce between herself and Carly. All Carly is concerned about is Sonny. Carly orders Brenda to stay away from her children. Michael threatens to kill Brandon if he doesn’t leave Abby alone. Lulu tells Dante what a strong bond that Lucky had once had with his parents, but all that has changed now. Sonny tells Luke not to blame himself for Jake’s death. The babysitter brings Emma to the hospital to leave her with Patrick and Robin. Patrick offers to buy them dinner. Lisa watches Patrick and Robin leave with Emma. Patrick and Robin have dinner with Emma. Patrick apologizes to Robin for what he had put her through. Carly thanks Shawn for his help with Brenda. Carly opens up to Shawn about how it must have hurt Jason to give Josslyn Jake’s kidney. Michael confronts Dante for Brandon being released from jail. Sonny relives the anguish he had felt when Michael had taken a bullet which was meant for him.

Dante wants to help to get Brandon’s bail revoked. Abby refuses to testify against Brandon. Dante urges Abby not to do this. Carly watches Shawn talking and playing with Josslyn. Suzanne walks in on Theo while he awaits his grandson’s adoptive parents. Suzanne lets Theo know that she knew what he was planning and took the necessary steps for him to meet his grandson. Brenda tells Sonny that life is too short to argue all the time and she isn’t going to do it anymore. Sonny tells Brenda about how Luke is suffering over killing Jake. Elizabeth joins Luke to discuss Jake. Elizabeth tells Luke that what had happened to Jake was all her fault. Dante, on the phone, argues over all the things that Brandon had done. Dante tells Lulu that Brandon’s lawyer is going to push for a trial. Abby tells Michael that Brandon is not going to drop this that he wants to make her suffer. Michael tells Abby that he will not allow Brandon to hurt her again and there will be no trial. Theo tells Suzanne that there is no trust between them. Suzanne lets him know that she wants to rebuild that trust. Suzanne makes plans for her and Theo to raise their grandson without Sonny and Brenda knowing. Luke tells Elizabeth about the forensics report coming back that he was to blame for Jake’s death. Elizabeth takes the full blame for Jake being dead. Elizabeth confesses that she had hurt Lucky. Elizabeth apologizes to Luke that he has to live with this when it is her fault for Jake being near that street. Luke is puzzled by Elizabeth’s attitude toward Jake’s untimely death. Patrick reads a bedtime story to Emma and Robin. Lisa watches from outside. Dante reminds Lulu that Michael is straddling the line between good and evil. Abby makes Michael promise that he won’t do anything to Brandon. Abby insists on keeping Michael safe. Suzanne tells Theo that nothing means as much as their grandson. Suzanne takes out a sharp edged razor and gives Theo what he deserves. Lucky tells Elizabeth that she is not to blame for Jake’s death. Luke tells Elizabeth that he was drinking the night that he had hit Jake.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

James has not yet accepted Deanna Forbes's friend request on MyFace. Deanna is devastated. Tess shows James and Bobby the headline that says her dad was arrested for killing their dad. Langston admits to Starr that she misses Ford. Ford comes into the Buenos Dias and tries to make casual conversation, but it is awkward for both of them. Deanna shows up at James’s apartment. Tess opens the door and tells her that James is with the baby. She then recognizes her as Deanna from James’s MyFace page and tells her that James is never going to accept her friend request. Deanna asks if she can wait, but Tess tells her no. Tess tells her that she should stop trying because James is into Starr Manning and whatever Deanna had with James is over. When Deanna returns to the motel, the producer that is staying there apologizes for suggesting that James dumped her. She reveals that she has no money and that if she went home, there is nothing for her there. He tells her that he can make her a star. James meets Starr at the Buenos Dias. She sees the friend request on his MyFace page asks who Deanna is. Ford tells Tess that they are going to court because the judge is ruing on Ryder's custody today.

John wakes up with Kelly and tells her that her headline "Bo Books Bro" is Shakespearean. Marty shows up at Llanfair. She apologizes for everything she did and tells Natalie that she knows now who Liam's parents are. She reveals that John facilitated her discharge from St. Anne’s. Brody tells her that if she does anything to Natalie or Liam, she will have to answer to him. Natalie storms into John's apartment while he and Kelly are making out and demands to know why he let Marty out of St. Anne's. He tells her that he didn't make that decision; the doctors did. Kelly leaves, Natalie apologizes for interrupting his booty call for a little "life or death," and John observes that Natalie seems pretty cozy with Brody and suggests that she call Lovett when she has a crisis. Natalie asks him when he is going to stop punishing her. He tells her to get out.

Cutter brings a copy of the Sun to the Buchanan mansion to show Aubrey the news of Clint's arrest. Joey grabs him by the collar and berates him for having Tess in his motel room after they warned him to stay away from her. Aubrey concludes that Tess is the "wrong number" that called Cutter when she was at his hotel room. He says so and tells her that he has observed that she is falling for Joey. Joey overhears his ultimatum for her to choose Joey or him and asks what that is supposed to mean. Cutter says they were talking about how Aubrey blasted him about Tess. Joey says Cutter is not allowed to talk to his "sister" that way in the Buchanan house. Kelly goes to the Buchanan mansion to apologize to Joey about the story. She asks if she can do anything and Aubrey pushes her hand off Joeys and declares that she will take care of her husband.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the courthouse, Sharon’s trial is in recess. Sharon looks around the room and doesn’t see a familiar face, and realizes that everyone has turned against her. Nick runs into Billy outside the courtroom. Nick lets Billy know how bad that he feels for Sharon thanks to Victor. Adam waits outside the building while Phyllis gets involved in the game. Phyllis joins the game thanks to Koa. Chloe offers her sentiments for Daniel letting Daisy go. Kevin urges Chloe to go before anyone sees them together. Chloe sees Heather and tells her that she is glad that she is fine. Heather gets a call from Chance to meet him at the Chandler mansion. Paul and Nina walk in and is happy to see Chance downstairs. Nina asks Chance his plans if he is going back into Witness protection. Chance lets her know that he will make that decision today. Chloe meets with Angelo and finds out that he wasn’t really going to hurt her at all that he only wanted to scare Kevin into doing his will. Heather and Kevin meet at Crimson Lights and she lets him know how good it is to be alive. Heather tells Kevin about the men, who had abducted her. Billy calls Phyllis for an update on Adam. Nick arrives at the courthouse with Faith. Sharon is surprised to see Faith. Heather arrives to see Chance. Chloe lets Kevin know that she had just come from talking to Angelo. Kevin is upset, but Chloe assures him that things are fine. Kevin calls Angelo for a meeting. Koa is put out of the craps game thanks to Phyllis. Koa sees Phyllis and accuses her of setting him up. Adam knocks him unconscious. Sharon’s trial resumes.

Chance tells Heather about the text message that he had received before his testimony. Heather lets Chance know that she was the one, who had started the fire. They hug. After Kevin and Angelo’s meeting, Kevin gets him and Chloe a room upstairs. Phyllis and Adam bring Koa back to the hotel room and ties him up. Phyllis demands answers from Koa about Sharon. Koa refuses to give them any information about the camera until Adam threatens to call the police. Koa opens up. Heather is reluctant to tell Chance her feelings. Paul and Nina worry about Chance and Heather and what their future will hold. Heather tells Chance that she doesn’t love him enough for him to stay in Genoa City because of her. Koa tells Adam where he can find the camera.

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