Tuesday 3/29/11 Recaps

The TV MegaSite's Tuesday 3/29/11 Short Recaps


AMC Recap Written by Mary

In the living room of the Chandler mansion, Colby sings and dances around with the music from a tape. Asher walks in and watches her. Krystal comes to the yacht to bring Jack some briefs that he needed for work. Jack, upon thinking that it is Erica, pulls Krystal inside and tells her that he has missed her. Caleb arrives to see Erica and sees that a specially planned dinner has been arranged for them. J.R. and Marissa spend time together at Tad’s. J.R. invites Marissa to go to Disney World with him and A.J., but Marissa accuses J.R. of never giving up. Marissa receives a call and asks J.R. to drive her to see Bianca. Erica lets Caleb that there have been some misunderstandings between her and him. Jack apologizes to Krystal for thinking that she was Erica. Krystal wonders where Erica is. Jack lets her know that Erica is with Caleb. Krystal is taken aback. Jack offers to walk Krystal to her car, but Krystal tells him that she can manage. Jack hears Krystal scream as water splashes. Caleb lets Erica know his true feelings for her and how she had changed his life. Jack rescues Krystal from the water and brings her inside wrapped in a blanket. Jesse brings Angie to the house where they had gotten married years ago. Angie learns from Jesse that the house in foreclosure. Jesse and Angie relive when they had gotten married years ago. At ConFusion, Marissa asks Bianca if she could take off the kid gloves in dealing with Reese and her attorney. Colby explains to Asher as to where the video had came from that she was dancing to. Colby tells Asher that she was going to meet some men about her show. Asher gets a call that his date is ready.

Erica reminds Caleb that she is getting married to Jack. Caleb warns Erica that when she lies in bed at night, knowing that she made a mistake, she will call him; then he leaves. Colby and Asher are surprised when they meet at Krystalís and realize that it was pre-arranged. Asher asks Colby to have dinner with him, but she refuses because he isnít Damon. Angie begins to have labor pains. Asher accuses Caleb of arranging this date with Colby, but he denies it. Erica walks in on Jack and Krystal and wants to know what is going on. Krystal explains to Erica as to what had happened. Erica makes insulting remarks to Krystal about her chasing Jack. Jack comes in and overhears and assures Erica there's nothing going on between him and Krystal. Bianca asks Marissa does she ever want J.R. to give up on wanting her back. J.R. comes home to see A.J. sitting on the stairs, saying that he misses “Mommy.” Erica proposes to Jack that they marry tonight.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

At Steffy’s insistence, Thomas calls his mom in Paris. He’s shocked to hear that Brooke and his grandma are also there. He wants to fly there too. Taylor tells him that Ridge has a lot on his mind that he needs to make decisions about so just leave him to make the right choices. Steffy tells Thomas that he is too defending of Brooke. There is more to their relationship than he wants to admit. It can’t all be business. She begs him to please stay away from Brooke and let him be the one Forrester male that she can’t have. Ridge admits to Brooke that he acted in haste in pulling the Taboo line. It would have been disastrous between him and Thomas. He wants Brooke and him to be trusting of each other to the point of never crossing that line again and somehow he will have to make Stephanie and Taylor believe this.

Brooke takes a shower and walks into their room, all aglow with candles, soft music, fireplace ablaze. Ridge kisses her and says it’s good to know that he hasn’t lost his touch. She inspires him……always has and always will. He takes her to the balcony and they see a beautiful lighted Eiffel Tower….with a heart shaped Brooke and Ridge. Stephanie and Taylor also look out and can’t believe their eyes….Ridge is going to forgive Brooke once again. Thomas calls Brooke and finds all is right in their world. He’s glad she is okay. Ridge overhears him tell Brooke that he can’t let his dad pull the line and he needs her help. She reminds him that she made a promise to support him and she won’t break that promise.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

At the Kiriakis mansion, Brady yelled at someone on the phone.  He wondered what happened.  Victor walked in and told him that a deal he made was undone.  Brady wanted the person on the phone to email him everything he had.  Victor told him that he didn't have the Liberty Corporation.  victor told him that he did pretty good with the hostile, but not with the take-over. Brady called him a S.O.B.  Victor agreed and reminded Brady that he made a mistake forgetting that information.  They continued their fight until Maggie walked in on them. Brady left Victor and Maggie at the Java Cafe.  Kate and Vivian were there.  Vivian told Kate that she still planned to destroy her.  Kate wasn't threatened.  She reminded Vivian about Stefano's threat.  Vivian remembered when Kate didn't need a man to fight her battles.  Kate thought it was sweet of Stefano to defend her.  Before Kate left, she reminded her that Stefano was not like Victor.  He doesn't get sentimental over old ladies.  When Kate left, Vivian was convinced Stefano wouldn't be in her corner for long.  At the pier, Stefano and EJ got into a conversation about "Rafe" and Taylor.  EJ talked about his love for Taylor being more than lust.  At the DiMera mansion, Fay and Taylor talked about Taylor's lie of being sick last night.  Fay knew she was just avoiding EJ.  Taylor said she wasn't lying.  Fay reminded her that she knows her.  When Fay kept grilling her, she said she had to leave.  Fay stopped her.  Fay asked her if EJ was having an affair and wanted to know if she and EJ had something going on between them.  Taylor said no.  She said things were tense because she's working for Brady, but they will get past it.  Fay didn't believe that Brady was the problem.  Taylor didn't care what Fay thought.  Taylor ended up apologizing and left.  Fay wasn't convinced.  When Taylor opened the door, she ran into EJ.  He wanted to talk, but she didn't have time.  She left.  He turned and saw Fay.  He told her he had work to do, but she wanted to ask him what his intentions were with her daughter. "Rafe" woke up to find Sami watching him.  He wondered how long she was watching him.  She said a while.  She was surprised that he was able to sleep as if nothing happened.  He said how he doesn't sleep right.  She told him she was a wreck and couldn't sleep at all.  She thought something terrible happened and they needed to talk.  They ended up arguing again.  Nicole showed up at the apartment with the kids.  Nicole noticed the couch.  "Rafe" had a favor to ask her.  

Victor and Maggie had a conversation about Brady.  Victor told Maggie that has lost money.  She wanted to know how much money he lost.  He said $46 or $47 million.  He said he is trying to live up to her moral code.  He wondered if she would still want him if he were in the poor house.  She said she would.  The two had a tender moment and kissed.  Gus told Vivian she should back down.  She refused to do it.  She didn't care if Stefano was on to her.  Gus reminded her that Stefano threatened her.   Vivian didn't care.  She thought that Stefano was hiding something big.  She thought Kate would never know what hit her.  Kate told Stefano about her encounter with Vivian.  She said that Vivian told her that he told to her.  Stefano wanted to make sure that Vivian knew what would happen to her if she kept threatening Kate.  Kate asked if Vivian was a threat.  He said she's not that big of a threat, but you never know.  EJ made light of Fay's question, but she wasn't intimidated.  she told him that he didn't answer he question.  He said that he wanted to make Nicole happy.  He said Nicole is part of his family.  His intention is to have a future with Nicole.  He wanted to know if that was enough for her.  She said it depended on which daughter he was talking about.  She hoped that staying there didn't ruin Nicole and Taylor's relationship because it's new and fragile.  EJ said he would do his best.  She wanted to get some rest.  She didn't sleep last night because the house is so quiet.  She warned him that she could hear everything that goes on in the house.  When he left, he called her a miserable old cow.  when Fay went into the living room, she said she didn't believe a word he said.  "Rafe" wanted Nicole to take the kids back because it's not the best time.  She questioned him about what's going on between him and Sami.  Sami was okay with it.  Johnny wanted to stay with "Rafe".  "Rafe" told him later because he had to talk with Sami.  He told Johnny that Sami was taking crazy pills.  He promised to do something cool with Johnny later.  When Nicole and the kids left, Sami was furious with him.  She told him to never talk about her like that to her children.  He wanted to know if she loved him.  They went back and forth about whether or not she loved him.  Nicole ran into Stefano at the pier, and he gave her the riot act.  Vivian eavesdropped on them.  When Stefano left, Vivian told her that she knew something about Stefano that she thought Nicole should know. Vivian wanted to work together so Nicole could run the mansion.  Nicole was curious as to why Vivian was talking to her.  Vivian told her she would rather get Kate even if it meant getting Nicole's help.  Kate showed up at Sami and Rafe's apartment to talk about Allie.  They also talked about Sami shooting EJ.  Sami opened up to Kate about her problems with "Rafe".  At the Brady Pub, "Rafe" told Stefano that he got Sami where he wanted her.  She's about to break.  Stefano wasn't so sure.  EJ and Taylor ran into each other at Java Cafe.  He wanted to talk things over and she agreed.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lucky asks Sam to convince Jason not to kill Luke, but Jason is already at the Haunted Star. Luke encourages Jason to shoot him. Then he offers to shoot himself. Jason tells Luke to thank Michael because the only reason he isnít killing him is that he doesnít want Michael to become that kind of man. Michael and Abby take a break from their love fest to go get coffee. As they are walking back to her place, he ex, Brandon appears from the shadows. Michael tells him that if he bothers Abby, he will kill him. Brandon announces that he has a new lawyer that will prove that Michael attacked him without provocation and Michael will go back to prison.

Carly doesnít want Shawn to guard her and Josslyn; she wants him to help Jason find France. Jax doesnít want Shawn to guard Josslyn either, because he is a mercenary whose last employer was the Balkan.
Sonny and Brenda return from their Honeymoon. Jason brings him up to speed on Franco resurfacing, Shawn guarding Carly and Josslyn, and Luke being the driver that hit Jake. He says it wasn't an accident and that Jake might still be here if Luke hadnít been drinking. Sonny says it is normal to want to place blame, but Luke doesnít drive when he is drunk. Sonny goes to see Luke at the Haunted Star. Brenda goes to the hospital and asks Carly if they can call a truce.

Lulu and Tracy try to deal with the news that Luke killed Jake. Dante consoles Lulu. Luke asks Tracy to talk to Lucky. Tracy thinks Lucky is right. She tells Luke that she loves him and that she married him for better and worse. Lucky tells Siobhan that he has known for years that his father was an alcoholic, but he never did anything about it and now Luke ran over his own grandson because of it. He tells her that it is his fault too, because he was supposed to have the boys that night.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jessica is "back", declaring her love for Brody and no longer angry with him. She tells him she wants to raise their baby together and after hearing from him what Tess arranged with Robert Ford involving their getting married and having legal custody of baby Ryder together, she is furious with Robert. Brody convinces her that Robert does not care about the baby. He only wanted her family's money which Tess arranged for him to take if he did what she wanted. Jessica and Brody are ready to take the baby and leave Robert high and dry without any legal rights. In a devastated and desperate state of mind, Robert then "reminds" Jessica that Brody cheated on her with her sister, got Natalie pregnant and lied to her all the while and does not care about the baby much less about her. And right then, Tess comes out, dismisses Brody, demands he leaves her alone and is ready to "resume" her original plan with Robert. Yet Robert is not ok with this even if it means he can keep baby Ryder. Starr and James ask Jack what his "secret" is when they overhear him ready to confess to unconscious Todd that he did a "terrible thing". Dani talks to Tomas alone and suspects nothing about him. But after talking to John and hearing that he believes that Tomas shot Todd, Blair is suspicious of Tomas. Dani tells Blair that she believes that Jack took Shane Morasco's inhaler from him which could have killed him although Blair does not want to believe that about her son. Bo and Nora have Clint arrested and when Natalie sees that and learns for the first time that John kept the secret from her that the cops suspecting Clint for kidnapping and murder, she is just as devastated as Brody is when he informs her that he almost got Jessica and their baby back only to have Tess come out when Robert Ford opened up his big mouth. Natalie and Brody console and cry in each other's arms. John watches them coldly. James' mysterious friend gets ready to leave Llanview and concludes that she must give up on James. But the porn producer at the Minuteman Motel finds her and convinces her not to let "this guy win"

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon’s mom Doris tells Sharon she has to turn away from her even though it hurts her but she can’t bear to watch her possibly go to jail because of Adam. In the courtroom Sharon rejects all the potential jurors and Vance gets frustrated with Sharon and asks her to let him do his job. A jury is finally selected and the judge wants to start the trial right away. Michael tells Lauren and Kevin that Daniel let Daisy get away and later after Kevin leaves to talk to Daniel Michael tells Lauren if he had been the old Michael he would have dragged Daisy out of the room by the hair and stuffed her in his trunk. Lauren tells Michael she understands because the old Lauren the one tortured by Shelia would have done something to Daisy as well but the new compassionate Lauren just wants to see Daisy brought to justice and to find the baby. Michael vows to find Daisy and have her brought to justice. Michael tells Lauren that Daniel doesn’t want Daisy to tell him where his child is because he doesn’t want to find the baby.

Neil, Olivia, Lily and Malcolm give Sofia a surprise birthday lunch and during the lunch Lily thinks she sees Cane but of course it isn’t him. Lily runs to the bathroom where Jill tells her its okay everyone understands she is still grieving. Olivia thinks that Lily should get professional help and Lily overhears and gets upset. Lily also thinks she sees Cane in the elevator but tells Neil and Olivia she is fine. Jana is thrilled that she is so close to finding Daisy’s baby. And Chloe sees the sonogram and starts asking Jana questions but in the end she tells Jana she is acting crazy. Chloe calls Angelo that she needs to talk to him and they agree to meet because Angelo is curious about what Chloe wants to tell him. Adam finds a pair of laded dice in Koa’s room and Adam figures out that Koa used the dice to hustle people so Adam bribes a hotel employee to give him the address of a private craps game and then once Adam and Phyllis see Koa Phyllis goes to her room to change into a sexy read dress and then goes back to the craps game and asks the men if she can join the game.

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