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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall starts to leave the restaurant because she feels that Griffin doesn’t want to be on a date with her. Griffin urges her to stay and even makes plans for them to have their date elsewhere. Cara surprises Ricky that she is his date for the evening. Jake and Amanda prepare a special photo album for Angie and Jesse. At Fusion, Frankie and Randi prepare to go to Angie and Jesse’s party. Brot comes in to join them. Brot is disappointed that Natalia isn’t there to celebrate with them. Natalia walks in and surprises Brot. Angie lets Krystal know that this party is exactly what she needs. Kendall is taken aback by Griffin’s plan for dinner which includes her wearing a pair of boots, eating by lamplight and of all things, eating outside in the woods. Everyone begins to arrive at Jake and Amanda’s for the party. Jake surprises Angie and Jesse with a pic album of their past life together. Cara surprises Ricky by persuading him to help her with her patients at the hospital. Angie has a meltdown, but Jesse promises to be there for her through it all as does the rest of the Martin family.

Griffin and Kendall both vent their feelings as to how they are feeling about how things had happened in their lives. Cara and Ricky argue over the fact that Ricky wants Griffin to stop seeing Kendall and Cara feels that Griffin and Kendall are meant for each other. Ricky orders Cara to back off. Cara accuses Ricky of being jealous and thus tells him to back off. Tad comes in to pick up his wife. Ricky quickly makes his exit. Jake and Amanda clear up the mess and wishes that they can be as happy as Jesse and Angie are. At Krystal’s, Brot and Natalia sit in a booth and talk. Natalia thanks Brot for being here for her parents. Brot starts to tell Natalia that he loves her, but suddenly changes his mind and tells her that he loves the French fries. They kiss. Tad and Cara arrive home. Tad confesses to Cara that he was jealous when he had seen her with Ricky. Griffin brings Kendall home. Kendall tells Griffin that she will be able to sleep tonight with the lights turned off. Ricky watches from outside. Frankie and Randi make love in the elevator at Fusion. Cara lets Tad know that Ricky has feelings for Kendall. Cara surprises Tad with a special gift.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor doesn’t stay on the jet and ends up in Ridge’s hotel room. Over the phone she tells Whip that she has her own room. He’s still not happy that she is half way around the world with her ex. Brooke and Stephanie are on another plane to Paris as well. Stephanie doesn’t want to speak and rues the day she ever trusted Brooke had changed. Ridge asked them to come as there is something he has to do. Steffy is amazed at Thomas’s new designs. They end up talking about the Brooke kiss. He says his dad should have given him more love and respect. Brooke is not his type to be romantic with. It was an innocent kiss. Meanwhile Taylor tells Ridge that subconsciously or not, Brooke uses her obvious power and attraction over men. Brooke tells Stephanie that she didn’t say anything about the kiss as she did not want to start a battle over something so innocent. Stephanie says maybe they can be friends again someday, but not until she divorces Ridge. She does not want someone so disruptive in the family.

Steffy suggests that Thomas could change the name and still have his own line. Thomas nixes that and says no. Taboo made him where he is now and he needs Brooke for that. He simply won’t let his dad pull the line. Steffy reminds him that their dad is the boss. Thomas points out that he has worked his butt off and he is not going to give it up over a stupid kiss. If his dad destroys everything, things will never be the same. Stephanie and Brooke go to Ridge’s room. Brooke is surprised and wonders why Taylor is there. She replies that they both felt there was a family crisis and they needed some time to discuss it thus the plane ride. Ridge asks for time alone with Brooke. She tells him she did not come here to beg for forgiveness, and she knows that Stephanie and Taylor are just waiting for him to tell them that his marriage is over. She’d like to know what he has to tell her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Taylor finally realized what EJ was talking about.  He wanted to have an affair.  EJ thought it would be better than going crazy.  Fay wanted Nicole to check with EJ before she moved in the mansion.  Nicole believed he would be fine with it.  Fay didnít think so since he just agreed to let her and Taylor stay in the guest house.  The two went in the mansion.  Taylor told EJ that she didnít go crazy because she couldnít have a man.  She also told him that he didnít have affairs.  He wanted to know if she wanted to convince the world that they are friends.  He wanted to know how long she could keep that up.  Taylor wanted to leave. As she was about to leave, she saw the knob turn.  Nicole wondered why the door was locked.  Taylor and EJ heard Nicole call out to Harold.  Taylor wanted to know what they were going to do.  EJ opened the door to Fay and asked if Nicole was with her.  She was, but she went to check on Sydney.  Fay saw Taylor put her sweater together.  Fay asked what Taylor and EJ what they were doing with the door locked.  EJ pretended to be shocked.  He lied and said the door sticks.  He changed the subject by asking about Fayís appointment.  She said it went well.  When EJ went to check on Sydney, Fay asked Taylor what she was doing with EJ.  Taylor said they were arguing.  Fay wanted to know why they were arguing.  Taylor said it didnít matter, but she didnít want her to tell Nicole.  Fay thought she knew something about EJ and Taylor.  Fay wondered if EJ was cheating on Nicole.  Taylor said EJ wasnít cheating on Nicole.  Fay asked if EJ loved Nicole.  Nicole and EJ came back and wondered why the living room door was closed.  Taylor lied and said Fay was telling her about her checkup.  When Taylor was alone with EJ, she told him that Fay asked what they were doing and that she lied to her.  She never lied to Fay before and she questioned what was happening to her.  She blamed him for asking her to have an affair.  They got into an argument about EJís suggestion.  Taylor wanted to stay away from him.  EJ said the house isnít that big.  Taylor said she would move out.  ďRafeĒ took a call from Stefano who warned him not to pull any stunts that would land him in the hospital.  Sami showed up so he had to go.  He started kissing her, but she stopped him.  He asked why.  She didnít want to have sex with him.  ďRafeĒ couldnít believe she didnít want to sleep with him.  She reminded him that he just got out of the hospital.  He said he was fine.  He wanted to prove it to her by kissing her.  She told him to stop, but he didnít.  She snapped.  He lifted her up and threw her down on the couch.  Sami told him no and stopped him.  ďRafeĒ tried to get her to change her mind, but she slapped him.  She didnít want him to touch her again.  He wanted to know what happened.  She told him to stop, but he wouldnít.  He didnít think she was serious.  She said she was.  He reminded her that they are married.  She asked if that meant her feelings didnít matter.  They went back and forth about this issue as well as about Allie.

Carly injected herself with anti-anxiety medication.  Jennifer showed up and asked Daniel if he saw Carly.  They were supposed to meet at Chez Rouge, but she never showed up.  She wondered if he and Carly were in an emergency, but he told her no.  She wanted to know if she saw Carly.  He ran into her when he did his rounds, but not since then.  Jennifer felt something was wrong.  This wasnít like her.  Carly got up just as Daniel and Jennifer came into the room.  Daniel asked Carly about the syringe.  Carly said a patient was in there to get an injection, but was taken down to X-ray.  Daniel said a nurse could have given the injections.  Carly said she didnít trust anyone, but her.  She asked Jennifer what she was doing there.  Jennifer reminded Carly about their dinner plans.  Carly apologized.  It slipped her mind.  Jennifer wanted to go out, but she got a text from Abby.  The radiator was leaking.  Jennifer took a rain check.  At the pub, Vivian and Stefano had a conversation.  He didnít like her butting in his business.  He threatened her if she did it again.  Vivian acted as if she didnít know what he was talking about.  He warned her to leave him and Kate alone.  She reminded him that Kate was the one who lied about his son.  He said that is behind them.  She didnít believe that.  He thought she was trying to get back at Kate.  She said she was because Kate left her in the crypt.  He warned her that the crypt would be like a vacation compared to what he would do to her.  Vivian argued back with him about something coming between him and Kate.  Stefano defended his relationship with Kate.  He thought that Vivian was wasting her time.  She reminded him that there was a time when the two of them had something special.  He told her that was a long time ago.  Carly admitted to having a bad day. She lost a patient that was the age of her son.  The son who wanted nothing to do with her.  Daniel apologized.  She thought she could have handled things better if she had gotten some sleep.  She had a dream about Lawrence again. She put him out of her head for a year, but now heís back.  The worst part was remembering what Lawrence said to her.  His words hurt just as badly as his fist.  She told Daniel about the dream.  Daniel believed it was because of her situation with Bo.  Carly said she felt safe with him.  Chad was on the pier and got a reminder tone on his phone.  It is his motherís birthday.  He realized he was at the spot where his mother died.  He talked to her about moving in with Stefano and about the dreams she had for him.  Ally was at the pier and saw Chad.  He told her how it was his motherís birthday and he didnít remember until today.  This was hard for him.  She took his hand.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Michael and Abby make love. Afterwards, Michael tells Abby that he loves her. Carly confides to Sam that she received a message from Franco. Lucky confronts Luke about being the driver that hit and killed Jake. Lucky is convinced Luke was drunk when the accident happened. Dante tells Jason the identity of the hit-and-run driver. Lulu apologizes to Elizabeth for her treatment toward her. Dante shows up at Liz’s doorstep to give her the news about the hit-and-run driver. Lulu and Elizabeth are shocked to learn Luke hit Jake. Carly comes clean to Jason about Franco’s message. Carly hopes that Jason won’t go after Franco. Lucky learns from Dante that Jason knows the truth about Luke. Shawn tells Carly that he’s her new bodyguard. Lulu runs into Tracy and rambles on about Luke’s involvement in Jake’s death. Lucky shows up at the penthouse looking for Jason; Sam is shocked to learn the identity of the driver. Jason and Luke have a heated argument. Jason accuses Luke of driving drunk. Luke urges Jason to shoot him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Tess is at the Minuteman Motel with Cutter, Jessica suddenly returns with no recollection of anything Tess has done, least of all, that she married Robert Ford or that baby Ryder lives with them at Robert's apartment. Rex finds some porn film producers shooting a film in the same room where Eddie was shot. He urges them to play the video for him and low and behold, he sees Clint in the video. He urges them to let him have the video because it's part of a murder investigation and rushes to deliver it to BO and Nora who are confident they can issue and arrest warrant to Clint for the murder of Eddie Ford as well as other crimes. Dorian finally persuades David to marry her although he wants to continue his acting career after he's gotten an offer to portray his experience of being imprisoned in Morocco in a movie. Cristian Vega gets arrested and meets a female lawyer at the gym when he assaults a bully. And Phyllis the gossip reporter is reporting all the gossip on her television show Access Llanview.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Daniel and Michael find Daisy in Canada and Daniel allows her to escape from the police because he wants to protect Lucy. Daniel then leads Michael and the Canadian police on a wild goose chase for Daisy who leaves a so long suckers message on Daniel’s cell phone which he put in her purse to track her. Jana pretends to be a pregnant woman named Stella who wants to give her baby up for adoption so that she can try to get information from Primrose. Primrose asks Stella to provide her with medical records and an ultrasound to make sure her baby is okay before she can help her with the adoption. Jana goes on the computer to get an ultrasound and medical records to give to Primrose. Primrose then calls Billy to tell him about the woman who was asking questions about the adoptions. Billy tells Primrose he paid her a lot of money to make sure that there were no problems and she had better make the problems go away.

The battle begins between Ashley, Jack, Tucker, Victoria, and Nick to see who will grab the most stock in Newman Enterprises now that it has gone public. Abby decides to take the cash settlement and not go into another battle with her father because the previous court battle has hurt too many people. Tucker wants Katherine to help him get stock in Victor’s company by pooling their resources but she tells him that she will not betray her friend Victor. Katherine also tells Abby, Nick, and Victoria that she is ashamed of them because they drove Victor to take the company public. Nikki also tells her children and Abby that it is time they stop this war with Victor. Nick thinks that Victor got Diane to lie to him and tell him that he intended to give them Beauty of Nature and tells her so and Diane tells Nick she would never lie to him she really heard Victor telling Michael that he intended to give them Beauty of Nature. Nick doesn’t believe her and tells her that everyone was right when they warned him about her. Katherine arrives and tells Victor that she has a way that he won’t have to take the company public. Diane arrives at Victor’s office just before Nikki is going in to see him and Nikki tells Katherine that Victor doesn’t need her anymore. Diane and Victor drink champagne and celebrate that taking the company public will make him even richer.

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