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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the hospital, Amanda tries to coax Marissa into bidding on J.R. but Marissa gets suspicious and bids on someone else instead. Ryan and Emma come into Krystal’s for a bite to eat. Emma goes with a waitress into the kitchen to hang out while Ryan talks to J.R. Ryan orders J.R. to stay away from Annie. Scott lets Madison know that he had been chosen to be in the bachelor auction. Madison jokes with him that his date may be with Doris, who had helped him at the hospital to clear up her medical debts. At home, Amanda lets J.R. know that she had pushed a little too hard and Marissa had bid on someone else, Scott. Scott finds out that his date is with Marissa. Greenlee and Kendall finish up at work. Kendall lets Greenlee know that she had bid on Griffin in the bachelor auction. J.R. visits Madison to let her know that Scott and Marissa had slept together. At home, Emma insists on seeing Annie, but Ryan tells her that she will see Annie as soon as she can. Griffin is getting ready for his date when Kendall arrives. Griffin finds out that Kendall is his date. Scott enjoys his date with Marissa, but his mind is on Madison. Marissa realizes that Scott really cares for Madison. Madison pretends to be asleep when Scott comes in and stumbles over his own feet trying to be quiet in order not to wake up Madison. Scott crawls on the bed and whispers to Madison that she is not asleep. Madison asks him how did he know. Scott lets her know that she makes funny little sounds when she is asleep. Madison lets him know that so does he. Scott lets Madison know that this is exactly where he wants to be. Griffin and Kendall enter the Yacht Club where Ricky and Diana are watching .Ricky is angry that he cannot get Kendall to hate Griffin. Ricky wonders who his date is with. Griffin and Kendall have an awkward date together. Ryan and Greenlee discuss Emma and how they will get through to her. Greenlee tells Ryan that Emma is lucky to have him. Ryan and Greenlee hug. Cara arrives to join Ricky for their date. Kendall becomes upset when she finds out that Griffin had anything that he could not to go out on a date with her. Kendall gets up to leave. Griffin stops her and tells her to stay. Ryan and Greenlee kiss as Emma watches. J.R. lets Marissa know that he is a changed man, but how many times has Marissa heard that same story.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill asks Katie for time to understand how he can be driven to this… overwhelming it has been to protect his son. He could not get it out of his mind. She admits that yes that she is going to have to have time for that. She wonders if he would have done it if that branch had not knocked Amber down. She finds it hard to believe that this wasn’t calculated since he bought the house and let Amber move in. She points out that she is his wife and she could have helped him if he would have confided in her. Instead he chose Steffy who has a history in these areas and let her back in their lives. She says she is leaving. She deserves some time alone to think about all of this…..and if he gets lonely, well Steffy is just a phone call away. Amber has her little dinner party and keeps reminding Hope that she just wants them all to be happy. Once the baby is born it will all be worth it. Hope suddenly doesn’t feel well and wants to be excused. Liam wants to talk to her first. Oliver tells him not to go overboard. Let her go; he’s expecting a baby. Nick calls Katie about something he needs to pick up. He realizes she is crying and asks if he can help. She says she might need a place to stay. She was thinking The Marlin and he says he is there now, come on over. Steffy walks into Bill’s beach house. She comments that she sees Katie has left him. She figured she would as she doesn’t understand him. Bill fires back that he can understand why she would after he lied so much to her. He doesn’t want Steffy to say another negative word about his wife, ever!

Nick and Kate share a bucket of chicken. Donna arrives as Katie called her, so Nick gets lost to give them time together. Katie confides that Bill bought the house to lure Amber there and kill her. Mother Nature happened to take over first. Steffy asks Bill how she can help him. He says she can stop by her dad’s house and if his wife is staying there, to tell her that he is waiting for her. He makes it very plain to Steffy that he will wait for as long as it takes. He calls Katie and asks her to come home. He is not going to lose her over this. She says she is sorry but she is not coming home and she doesn’t want him to try and find her. Liam kisses Hope and she responds. She wanted him to be her first, but she can’t now. It won’t work with Amber in the picture. He begs her not to let Amber control their life. Oliver brings the car around and Hope says she must go. Liam staggers back into the house a beaten man. Amber is waiting upstairs watching the entire view below and thinking “come to Mama.”

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Carly and Nathan are at the hospital with a patient.  They try to revive a young boy.  Carly ordered Nathan to charge to 400.  He told her it was 14 minutes.  Carly told him to call the death.  She saw Bo at the hospital by the nurse's station.  He was there to question a bystander that was shot in a drive by.  Bo told her the boy was just a kid.  He asked if she knew what room he was in because he needed to talk to him.  She told him they worked as hard as they could.  He was sorry.  He assured her that she did everything she could.  He wanted to know if the boy said anything about who shot him.  Carly said he didn't.  He told her he would be there for her if she needed anything.  He had to start filling out police reports.  Lexie was with Fay and Nicole.  When Fay went for tests, Lexie and Nicole started talking.  They talked about EJ and Taylor.  Nicole said everyone knew what was going on between EJ and Taylor.  They can't stand each other.  Lexie wasn't so sure.  Nicole wanted to know if she was talking about something.  Hope and Jennifer were at the Horton house going through Alice's things.  Hope told her how she and Bo went through her photo albums and reminisced.  She said it brought them closer together.  Ciara and Theo were listening.  She thought that she and Theo might not have to run away.  Hope and Jennifer continued to talk about things working out between Hope and Bo.  Jennifer told her that she made a mess with Daniel and Carly.  EJ and Taylor continued to kiss passionately.  He told her that she couldn't deny wanting him. He could see and feel it.  He wanted her to admit it and she did.  They made out in the living room.  He told her he never felt this way before.  She said she didn't either.  When Taylor saw EJ and Nicole's wedding picture, she put the brakes on their make-out session.  She couldn't ruin things for Nicole when she is happy with him and the kids.  EJ said he would find a way for them to be together so Nicole wouldn't get hurt.  Taylor thought that would be impossible.  She thought Nicole would be devastated when she found out.  EJ said she wouldn't.  He said Nicole didn't have to know.  Taylor wanted to know what he was saying.  She wanted to know if he wanted to have an affair.  He said he wasn't asking her to do anything. Bo got Carly to sign the police report.  The young boy's mother showed up at the hospital.  She wanted to see her son.  Carly told her how her son suffered a cardiac arrest and they couldn't revive him.  The mother cried and wanted to see her son.  Bo asked if Carly was okay.  She wasn't worried about herself.

Hope showed up at the hospital with Ciara and Theo.  Bo told Hope that there was a drive by shooting and they lost the witness.  Ciara wanted to buy a doll, but Hope reminded her that Ciara was going to buy it with her allowance.  Ciara went over her head and asked Bo for the money.  Bo was about to give her the money when Hope pulled him aside to talk to him.  She told him that Ciara was supposed to buy it herself.  Bo apologized.  Hope understood after everything Ciara has been through.  She was afraid that she would look like the bad guy if she's the only one saying no.  Bo agreed and didn't think it was fair that he was the only one giving Ciara everything she wanted.  From now on, Ciara has to save her money.  Hope asked if he was upset with her about the Ciara situation.  He thought there was nothing more important than talking about their daughter.  Hope told him he's a good father and thanked him for being open.  Bo reminded her that they grew apart after Zack's death and Ciara's kidnapping because they didn't talk about their feelings and differences.  He didn't want that to happen again.  Ciara told Theo that her parents were sad again.  She blamed herself and wanted to run away again.  She thought if she didn't run away, they wouldn't be happy.  Carly came back just in time to see Bo and Hope together.  She gave Maxine an order for a patient.  She told her to give the patient 250 milligrams of trizene.  Nathan overheard it and asked if she meant micrograms.  She snapped and said that was what she said.  She looked at Maxine to confirm what she said, but she didn't.  Maxine said she would give the correct dosage.  Carly thanked Nathan.  She usually didn't make mistakes like that.  He asked if she were okay and she said she wasn't.  When Abe took Ciara and Theo to Java Cafe, he wanted them to stay in the booth.  Ciara thought this was their chance to run away.  She said they would go outside, then by the river, and they would keep walking until they are far away.  Theo agreed, but he didn't want to leave Abe.  She thought it was okay and that he didn't have to go with her.  She said his parents are happy and would be sad if he left.  When Abe came back to the booth, Lexie came.  Theo declared his love for his parents.  Abe loved hearing Theo say that.  Ciara told Theo that she's running away after school the next day before Hope picked her up.  Nicole went to see Fay.  The doctor said Fay's tests were good.  Fay told her that she was proud of the way Nicole turned her life around. It was a relief for Fay to see her happy.  Nicole thought it was because she married EJ with her eyes open.  They continued to talk about Nicole's relationship.  Carly didn't think that losing a patient was an excuse to prescribe the wrong dosage for a patient.  Nathan thought that if it were a mistake, she would have corrected it.  Carly wasn't sure.  Nathan didn't want her to punish herself because she couldn't have saved the boy.  The bullet damaged his heart.  Nathan continued to make her feel better about what she did.  Bo and Hope talked about how they should raise Ciara.  Carly went to Jennifer's house.  Jennifer apologized for setting Carly up with Daniel.  Carly told her that she has to get over Bo.  They talked about Bo and Lawrence.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Luke tells Lucky that Carly is on the suspect list. Lucky is certain that Carly hit Jake. Carly tells Jason that she is on the suspect list but she can't remember anything about the drive to the hospital. Jason says she may not hit Jake. She recalls hitting a planter the other day and says she is a terrible driver. Mac tells Dante that they have identified the vehicle with the fake plates as belonging to Theo Hoffman. They receive a forensics report that identifies the car that hit Jake. Dante calls Carly and tells her that her vehicle did not hit Jake. Jason returns Jake's toy motorcycle to Elizabeth. She apologizes for keeping Jake away from him. Lucky goes to the PCPD. Dante tells him it wasn't Carly and lets him look at the file. Lucky tells Luke and Dante tells Jason that Luke hit Jake. Michael is finally ready to face his nervousness about making love to Abby. Carly receives a video message from Franco, telling her that he will be watching Josslyn more closely.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora reveals to Bo that for the first time, she remembers what happened the night Eddie was shot. She went back to the motel room for the soul purpose of finding Eddie, after she and Rex were in the car accident. And she believes she shot him. She then later reveals she knows she tried but could not open the door because it was locked and is relieved to know she did not shoot Eddie. But she then concludes something else shocking. Meanwhile, Rex is determined to search for clues by investigating all guests at the Minuteman Motel, including Cutter who is secretly there with Aubrey. He also talks to a porn video producer who shows him his film and it shocks everybody with a secret revealed. David and Dorian are determined to get married and let no one stop them. Dorian asks Viki to be her matron of honor. Viki graciously accepts and encourages Dorian not to let Clint ruin her special day. Clint however, sees the two of them and finds out that Dorian intends to marry David. He also gets questioned by Matthew after David convinces him that he must know that his parents would not lie about what Clint did to them. Matthew is beginning to suspect his uncle. But right when David goes to the courthouse to marry Dorian, he gets a mysterious call and concludes he cannot marry her. Tess is messing around with Cutter when Aubrey is away and unaware. Brody finds Robert and informs him that somebody matching her description got arrested for shoplifting.

Y&R Recap Written by Mary

At the church, Billy and Victoria along with Lucy prepare for the christening. Billy gives the priest Lucy’s birth certificate. Jana calls Mrs. Primrose for a meeting. Victoria thanks Jana for all her help. Daniel and Michael burst into a vacant hotel room to try to find evidence on the whereabouts of Daisy. Jack greets Katherine at the door as she arrives for the baptism. Katherine tells Jack that she doesn’t approve of Tucker’s business tactics. Jack suggests that they go into business together to revenge on Tucker, but Katherine wants no part of this. Colin, Jill, Ashley and Tucker arrive for the ceremony. Abby asks Nick what her position will be when they get Beauty of Nature. Nick doesn’t want to discuss this now. Traci also arrives for the ceremony. Under disguise, Chance comes into Crimson Lights and tries to call Heather, but with no luck. Heather and Victor have a meeting in his office. Victor asks Heather to arrange a press conference for him. Nikki arrives and tries to get Victor to accompany him to the christening of his granddaughter, but Victor is less than impressed by the invitation. Nikki tries to let Victor know how much it would mean to Victoria for him to be there, but he reminds her of all his children had done to him over the last few months. Heather interrupts Nikki and Victor and lets him know that the press conference had been set up. Michael and Daniel search the room for clues. Daisy comes back to the hotel room and Michael catches her before she can escape. Jack pulls Katherine aside to discuss what will happen with Jabot. Abby asks Billy what benefit Beauty of Nature will be to her if she doesn’t have a position. Jack lets Billy know that Tucker intends to merge Beauty of Nature with Jabot. Katherine lets Ashley know that she will not allow them to have their wedding at the mansion because she cannot condone Tucker’s actions when it comes to Victor. Ashley is surprised that Katherine will take Victor’s side over Tucker’s. Nikki arrives at the church and takes a drink from a decanter before she is caught by Jill. Jill accuses her of waiting out here on Victor to arrive. Abby, once again, questions Nick about her position at Beauty of Nature. Tucker asks Jack for an update on Beauty of Nature. The christening begins. Victor arrives for the christening.

Victoria reads a lovely poem in honor of Lucy. Victoria looks back and sees Victor in the crowd. Heather and Chance meet at Crimson Lights, but she is less than happy to see him. Chance questions her as to her feelings for him, but she refuses to let him know her feelings. Jana gets a call from Mrs. Primrose. Michael demands answers, but Daisy refuses to give him any answers unless she can strike up a deal with him that she won’t go back to jail. Michael leaves to get the police and a warrant for her arrest. Daisy finds out that Daniel hadn’t told anyone that he had delivered the baby and that it was in Genoa City. Jana, pretending to be pregnant, meets with Mrs. Primrose. Jack tells Ashley and Traci that Victor intends to give Beauty of Nature to his children. Victor holds a press conference and tells the public along with his family that he is taking Newman Enterprises public.

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