Thursday 3/24/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Marissa tells Caleb that she doesn’t want to see him unhappy. Caleb lets Marissa know that Erica makes him feel alive. Erica joins him. Amanda shows J.R. a new P.R. idea that she has for Chandler Enterprises. Cara asks Griffin does the casino guys have to do more damage before he backs off. Jake comes in and wants to know what had happened to him. Ricky lets Kendall know about some boys that had been beaten up. Ricky hopes the guy will be found before he can do any more damage. Kendall assures Ricky that she is sure that the police is on it, and will find out who the guy is. Jake gives Cara the position of finding bachelors for the bachelor auction. Cara automatically drafts Griffin to be the first bachelor. Kendall watches Griffin from afar. Erica apologizes to Caleb for overhearing their conversation. Bianca and Jack join them to discuss the bachelor auction. Marissa arrives to pick up A.J. and finds out that A.J. is on a play date. J.R. tells Marissa about Annie and her getting treatment at Oak Haven. J.R. tells Marissa that she was right about him, that he was wanting something that he couldn’t have. J.R. attempts to get close to Marissa but she pulls away and leaves. Erica encourages Jack to be part of the bachelor auction. Jack agrees. Erica delays her meeting with Caleb. Amanda arrives for her date with Jake, but he cancels the date. Cara catches up to Ricky to be part of the bachelor auction. Ricky agrees. Kendall catches up to Griffin and asks if he is feeling better. Kendall asks Griffin if he is still stealing drugs from the hospital. Griffin confesses that he is and is sending them overseas to people, who need them. Kendall has her doubts if Griffin is really selling the drugs to teenagers. Marissa interrupts Bianca and Caleb. Caleb immediately leaves. Marissa tells Bianca that J.R. wants her back. Marissa insists that she cannot go back to J.R.’s. Amanda re-joins J.R. to see if he had looked over her publicity idea. Diana meets up with Ricky and is concerned that Ricky had blown his cover. Ricky comes up with an idea to get Kendall to turn against Griffin. Jake is impressed that Cara has gotten so many bachelors for the bachelor auction. Kendall questions Cara about Griffin and if he ever kept secrets from her. Cara gets a page to go back to work thus leaving Kendall alone with a pic of Griffin and the other. Griffin walks in and sees Kendall eyeing the pics of the bachelors.

Griffin finds out from Kendall that she intends on bidding on a date with him. Griffin is against the idea and tries to talk Kendall out of it but Kendall insists on having a date with him. Cara joins Jake at the nurse’s desk. Cara wonders if he wants her to cover for him. Jake confesses to Cara that he had forgotten a date with Amanda. J.R. senses some tension between Amanda and Cara. J.R. asks for Amanda’s help concerning the bachelor auction. Bianca gives Marissa some helpful advice concerning men and that the right one will come along. Kendall finds Griffin speechless that she is going to bid on him. Erica runs into Caleb at the hospital and they make plans for the next evening to discuss their feelings. Erica calls Jack to push up their date for the next evening. J.R. asks for Amanda’s help in getting Marissa to bid on him in the auction. Bianca lets Kendall know that Erica is going to bid on Jack in the auction. Kendall lets Bianca know that she is also going to bid on a man in the auction and that man is Griffin. Kendall explains that her date with Griffin will be a fact finding mission. Bianca asks Kendall if she doesn’t trust Griffin. Kendall confesses that she doesn’t trust him. Griffin gives Cara a check to use to outbid Kendall in the auction. Cara starts to make the bid, but changes her mind and decides to use the money to make it look as though Kendall had made the bid. Griffin finds some incriminating evidence against Diana.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Katie is livid. She confronts Bill and accuses him of wanting Amber dead and somehow she went over the cliff. Steffy starts to speak and Katie tells her to shut up. Oliver calls Amber and thanks her for her invitation, but he’s going to have to pass. She points out that this is his golden opportunity to Hope. He will want to be there when Hope realizes that Liam has moved on and he’s devoted to this baby. Hope can pick up the pieces with Ollie. He gives in and says okay. Then he convinces Hope to go with him. He opines that her life has been at a standstill and she needs this. She says she will go and be her own person. Liam is not happy when he realizes that Amber set a table for four and the other two are Hope and Ollie. Katie reams out Bill for his thoughts of killing Amber even if fate intervened first. She tells him that he certainly wasn’t thinking of just his family as he apparently left her out and now Steffy is his confidant. He flares back that sometimes when a sword is drawn in the sand, you have to cross that line. This was one of those times. He was overwhelmed and consumed by his paternal instinct to protect his son. Katie wants to know the truth right now. Just why is Steffy Forrester involved in this.

Amber tells Liam this is just an innocent little get-together. She is just trying to make things friendlier. They may not realize it now, but will thank her later. Ollie tells Amber that she’s really lucky. She lays it on thick for Hope just how happy she is and how perfect their little family is. Steffy corners Thomas and wants to know what is up with Brooke and the memo that did not go out. He turns the tables back to her and Bill. She says after tonight his life with Katie will never be the same again. Katie can’t believe that Bill is trying to twist things and justify why he did what he did. He claims he only wanted Liam to be free of Amber. Now he realizes he was wrong in how that would happen. She cries that she does not know him anymore. She defended him to everybody because she loved him so desperately. He says they will get through this. He just needs her to give him some time to try and understand.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Chad showed up at the Horton house.  Jennifer wondered how long Abby knew him.  She told Jennifer that they have two classes together.  She didn't like Chad at first, but now she does.  The two talked about Jennifer's new job, Jack, and Chad.  Dario thought about Stephanie's warning about Melanie and got the wrong idea when she saw Melanie and Daniel hugging.  Dario thought Melanie was scamming Daniel.  When Melanie walked away, Dario went to Daniel.  Dario told Daniel that he looked like a guy who knew local talent.  Daniel didn't know what he was talking about.  Dario told Daniel about Melanie's party girl rep.  Daniel didn't know about that.  Dario told him that Melanie has a thing for older guys.  Daniel didn't know what Dario was talking about so Dario kept going on and on about the things Melanie has done.  Daniel wanted to know what else he heard.  Dario told him plenty.  He believed that Melanie's nursing job was a cover to get rich, old doctors.  Melanie showed up just as Daniel hit Dario.  Daniel informed Dario that Melanie is his daughter.  Daniel asked Melanie who Dario was.  She told him that he's Arianna's brother.  Daniel went after Dario again when he realized that he was the one who robbed Melanie.  A security guard stopped him and warned him that he could get arrested.  Dario decided not to press charges because he's not out for revenge.  Daniel told him to leave the hospital.  Melanie wanted to know what happened.  At Sami and Rafe's apartment, "Rafe" continued to talk in circles about who he is.  Sami was confused about what he was trying to tell her.  "Rafe" wanted to go in the bedroom, but Sami turned him down.  He went after her anyway.  He grabbed her, but she pushed him away.  She wanted to know what was going on with him.  He said he's going through a rough time.  She understood, but didn't think it was because of the accident.  It was about him not being him.  He started to feel strange.  She admitted to giving him the anti-anxiety pills.  She told him that they were supposed to make him better, but he was acting worse since she gave them to him.  He was furious.  She admitted it was a mistake, but he didn't want to hear it.  She told him the pill wouldn't have had this affect if he didn't slip alcohol in the coffee.  He was livid.  He wanted time to be alone.  She left him alone.  He tossed the pills on the floor and passed out.  Sami came back out and apologized.  She couldn't understand why he could be the same and different at the same time.  She wondered if things would ever be right for them.

At the DiMera mansion, Taylor and EJ have a conversation about him being married to her sister.  He told her that she was all he thought about.  He tried to ignore his feelings for her, but he couldn't.  She wanted to know why he told her that.  What did he want her to do?  EJ grabbed her close to him.  She put her hand on his face and then asked him to let her go.  He told her he couldn't control the way he feels about her.  He knew how she felt about him even if she couldn't be honest with herself.  She didn't know what he wanted from her.  He wanted the truth.  She reminded him that he's married to her sister.  EJ smashed a vase on a table.  She wanted to know if he's always going to be like that.  EJ reminded her that she wanted him to be honest.  She said the truth was crazy and they couldn't be together.  She wondered when he would let it go.  EJ walked out of the house.  Stefano ran into EJ and asked what was going on.  Stefano asked if Sami figured out the truth.  EJ told him she didn't.  Stefano asked if there was a problem with Rafe.  EJ told him there wasn't.  Stefano demanded to know what was going on.  EJ finally confessed to being in love with Taylor.  They discussed EJ's love for Taylor.  Stefano thought this could ruin everything. He wanted EJ to control his feelings.  He told EJ that he has to make it look as if he's happily married and the children love being with Nicole.  EJ wondered what he should do about Taylor.  Stefano all but told him to discreetly be with her.  Daniel told Melanie that Dario knows about her past in Europe.  Dario know more than Daniel.  Melanie was humiliated.  Daniel told her that was a long time ago.  She is a different person know.  Stephanie and Dario ran into each other at Java Cafe.  She asked about the bruises on his face.  He wanted to know if she told the truth about Melanie.  She said she did and that wasn't all.  Dario wished that she told him her father is a doctor.  Stephanie wondered if Daniel hit him.  She told him that Melanie's mother is a doctor too.  He was intrigued by the fact that Melanie is rich.  She told him that it was because of her soon to be ex husband.  Stephanie left the Cafe when Melanie showed up.  Melanie confronted Dario about the things he knows about her.  He wanted to know if it was all true.  They got into an argument.  Chad told Abby that he decided to move in with Stefano. Abby wasn't happy about that.  She thought it was a mistake.  Chad couldn't believe her attitude change about Stefano.  Chad thought they were done.  The two apologized to each other.  She asked if he's going to change his mind about moving in.  He said no.  She wished him luck.  Taylor thought about EJ coming into her room and kissing her.  She left a note for Nicole and Fay saying she's staying at a hotel for the night.  When she was about to leave, EJ was there.  She told him she was leaving, but he didn't want her to leave.  EJ wanted to talk about a solution to their problem.  He believed that they were trying too hard to fight their feelings for each other.  He kissed her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick confronts Johnny and tells him that Lisa was so desperate to get her hands on the syringe that she tried to run Robin off the road but hit Elizabeth Weber's little boy instead. Robin confronts Lisa and says she killed a little boy in her quest for something that she can never have. She tells her that she and Patrick are back together and more solid than ever. Mack tells Lisa that her car passed forensics, but that he is going to cite her for reckless driving. Lisa goes into a storage room and hacks up a picture of Robin with a surgical instrument that she took from a tray.

Michael sees the damage on Carly's car. Carly tells Dante to check her car immediately because she has to know if she is responsible for killing her best friend's son who saved Josslyn's life. When Dante gets to the parking garage, the car is gone so he issues an APB. Michael calls Dante and says he was in a fender-bender. When Dante meets Michael, he observes that it is Carly's car. When Michael tells his story, Dante tells him he should stop lying before he makes things worse.

Olivia consoles Steve. Sam consoles Jason. Spinelli asks if he can do anything and offers to backburner his book to focus on finding the driver that hit Jake. Jason says the book is important to Spinelli and he wants him to work on it and let the police handle the investigation. Carly goes to Jason's penthouse and tells him that she was on Lexington the night Jake was hit.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Jack abandons Shane leaving him to fend for himself without his inhaler and goes of to Buenos Dias. Dani and Destiny finally find Shane and get the school nurse to help him. She has an extra inhaler for him and calls Gigi and Rex who wonder why Shane's inhaler is missing. Afraid to report the bullies for taking it from him, he tells his parents that he threw it out because it makes him appear to be a "loser". They both wonder what he is not telling him. Later Dani finds Jack and questions why it is that Shane would be without his inhaler when he could die without it and how coincidental that Jack was nearby yet did not know it and suddenly leaves school and she finds him at Buenos Dias. James' "old friend" is spying upon him unseen. Nate takes a picture of James, Starr and baby Ryder and posts it in Facebook after they declare they are a couple. And his friend concludes that the two of them must have a baby together. David and Bo go to ask Nigel what he might know about Clint's secrets. Rex investigates leads in Cherryville who might know what happened to Eddie Ford and be able to find out about his murder. Nora then concludes that maybe she knows exactly what happened. Tomas is under suspicion for the shooting of Todd. John finds evidence that the shooter was recently in Paris and confirms from Blair that Tomas is Tea's "secretive" brother who showed up out of nowhere after many years of living in Paris and leading a secretive life. She also tells him about the wedding photo of herself and Todd that Tomas so coincidentally found in Paris and painted from.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby is insulted when a man interested in producing her reality show wants to do a reenactment of the lawsuit and arbitration for the first season of the show. Abby tells the man he can take his idea somewhere else because it isn’t right for the Naked Heiress image. Victor decides to abide by the judge’s ruling about the lawsuit. Michael is shocked when he reads the settlement proposal and asks if that is what Victor wants to do and he tells him to handle the details. Michael gets a call from Vance about the settlement and overhears him asking for a table for lunch at Glowworm for him and Nikki. Michael tell Victor the news and he heads over there for lunch with Diane and Nikki and Victor play the make each other jealous game although Nikki is also making Deacon jealous at the same time. Deacon pleads with Nikki to get help for her drinking and Nikki tells Deacon she isn’t drinking again because he wasn’t so important to her as to ruin her sobriety over what he did to her.

Victoria persuades Abby to be a silent partner when she and Nick ask for Beauty of Nature in lieu of a cash payment. Victoria promises Abby she will help her launch her reality show and entertainment company. Billy fins out from the minister that Lucy’s birth certificate is a copy and he can’t Christen Lucy without the original birth certificate. Billy demands that Primrose fix the problem or nothing will save her from the consequences of his anger. Primrose puts the state seal on the birth certificate and promises he won’t have any more problems. Michael tells Daniel that a private detective thinks he has found Daisy in Canada so Daniel decides to go with Michael to Canada and search for Daisy. Nick tells Diane that her loyalty should be to Victor and they can’t be friends because they need to stay away from each other. Diane tells Nick she was only with him for a good time and d they had fun while it lasted. A guilt-ridden Agnes cries as she tells Jana that she and her husband sold the baby girl they found at the church to a horrible woman.

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