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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Krystal’s, Jack tells Erica about the honeymoon trip that he has planned for them. All Erica has to do is sign the papers. Erica and Jack hug, but Erica’s eyes are on Caleb. Caleb wishes them to be happy. Bianca lets Kendall know that Reese is suing her for full custody of the girls. Kendall vows to fight Reese to keep her from getting the girls. Kendall offers Bianca her help in keeping the girls. Ricky lets Diana know that he had taken care of Griffin. Griffin visits Tad at home and wants a drink of whiskey which is unusual for Griffin. Tad senses that something is wrong. Tad brings Griffin into the hospital. Cara examines him and finds he is bleeding. Cara opens up his shirt and sees that he is badly hurt and in need of stitches. Cara blames Kendall for getting Griffin involved in this mess. Erica tells Jack that she wants to tell the girls the good news about the wedding. Jack asks Caleb if he is prepared for what is coming when Erica is gone from work for awhile. Griffin lies to Cara and tells her that he had been beat up. Krystal interrupts Jack’s and Caleb’s conversation about Erica. Krystal assures Jack that he is the winner and he shouldn’t be antagonizing over Caleb being in the picture. Erica visits Kendall at Fusion and lets her know that she and Jack had set a wedding date. Kendall is thrilled. Kendall tells the other girls in the office which Erica doesn’t necessarily like her doing. Erica wanted to keep her wedding private. Erica finds out from Kendall that Reese is suing for full custody of the girls. At the Confusion bar, Caleb has a drink to drown his sorrows. In the park, Marissa cannot understand why Bianca isn’t showing any remorse about Reese suing for full custody. Marissa picks up a snowball and throws it at Bianca in order to get Bianca’s mind off Reese and to show some emotion. They fall into the snow, laughing. Bianca asks Marissa if they will win the lawsuit. Marissa assures her that they will. Jack lets Krystal know that Caleb had been after Erica since her plane had crashed on his mountain. Marissa joins Caleb at the bar to discuss Bianca’s case. Kendall walks into the exam room and sees Griffin. She immediately wants to know what had happened.

Griffin assures Kendall that he is fine, but then tells her that he was beaten up by a jealous boyfriend. After a drink, Jack admits that he may have overreacted when it came to Caleb. Krystal informs him that Cara talked her out of moving out of Tad’s home. Opal is overjoyed that Erica and Jack are finally getting married. Bianca comes in and joins in on the happy news. Bianca also finds out that Erica and Caleb kissed. Opal, Bianca and Erica begin to make wedding plans. Opal wants Caleb excluded, but Erica assures them that she will take care of the guest list. Krystal lets Jack know that she is happy for him. Caleb tells Marissa that Erica makes him feel alive. Erica overhears. Ricky enters the hospital, pretending to be looking for some young men, who had been hurt. Kendall runs into Ricky in the hospital. Ricky makes up a story that some young men were beaten up and gives Kendall a description of Griffin as the aggressor. Kendall begins to doubt Griffin's story about sending drugs overseas.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge realizes that hostility has been fully restored between Stephanie and Brooke. All he can do is throw up his hands. Taylor reminds him that this seems to be a behavioral pattern with Brooke. All the wishing in the world won’t make it go away. Tawny cases the mansion and tells Amber that she told her that all she had to do was follow the plan and all would work out okay. She should be jumping up and down for joy; sitting here pretty in Bill’s fancy new beach house. Things are looking up. Amber tells Tawny that Liam called and wanted to see her so this sounds important. Tawny says they need to step up their plan. Liam and Hope have broken up and he will have needs; enter Amber who could snag the most eligible bachelor in the world. Liam tells Amber that he heard about the fall and wanted to be sure the baby was okay. She says yes, it was just another freak accident, her karma. Katie shares her hopes for the beach house and wants to remodel. Bill is the most generous man she has ever met, but she does have her limits and Amber will have to go.

Ridge tells Taylor that she told him right from the start that Taboo was a bad thing. She says if he forgives Brooke again this time, he will always have to move that bar higher and higher as it won’t stop. He should finally have had enough. Amber assures Liam that she has a doctor, has been taking pre-natal vitamins and is watching what she eats. She says she would not mind company if he is offering. She’d love it if he would come back here for dinner unless he has better plans. He gives in finally and says why not? Steffy locks the door behind her and surprises Bill at the office by suggesting he called so that must mean one thing. They need to just get down to it. He can tell her his deepest fantasies and talk dirty. He says all he wants to ask is what is going on with her brother and Brooke. He doesn’t understand this memo. She’s not seen it and wonders what he’s doing with it. She has not heard about Taboo being dead. Bill wonders what would make Ridge kill the most successful line in their history. Something tells him there is a story behind this. Katie comes back and overhears Steffy tell Bill that no one understands him like she does. Tension builds up. He admits he pushed the envelope to the limits. He wanted Amber dead for the misery she was putting his son through. Katie steps out of the shadows and with a look of disgust and disappointment accuses Bill of wanting Amber dead.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Dario went to the hospital to check on "Rafe" and saw that he wasn't there.  When he went to the nurses' station, he found out that Melanie worked there as a nurse.  He accused her of doing something to him.  She said she didn't do anything to him and that he was released.  the two got into it about Arianna.  Stephanie walked up on them and assumed something was going on between them.  Melanie walked away.  Stephanie warned Dario about Melanie being a slut.  She realized she shouldn't judge Melanie, but couldn't believe that she could be married to one guy and in love with someone else, and dump them both for someone new.  Bo, Hope, Ciara, and Theo were at Alice's house.  They were carrying boxes.  Ciara was curious as to what was in the boxes.  Hope said it was Alice's stuff.  Bo and Hope looked at a photo album and saw their wedding picture from their first wedding.  They talked about the day.  They found a picture of the day they left on the Fancy Face.  they started talking about old times and she apologized for everything that was gone wrong.  they told each other that they loved each other.  They kissed while Ciara was watching them.  Hope told Bo that their problems started when they lost Zack.  Their marriage really fell apart once Ciara was kidnapped.  Bo agreed with her.  They continued to talk about it not knowing that Ciara was listening.  Ciara went in the kitchen while Bo and Hope were talking.  Bo was concerned they will work things out.  Hope wants to, but she doesn't want to rush things.  He agreed that they shouldn't rush and the two hugged each other.  Hope told Ciara, and Theo that they were going to get some things from the car.  Ciara and Theo were in the living room.  Theo noticed that she was sad.  Ciara blamed herself for why her parents broke up.  She decided to run away so they wouldn't break up again.  She wanted Theo to promise not to tell anyone.  Theo agreed and offered to go with her.  EJ saw Brady and Taylor at the pub and wanted to know what they were up to.  Brady got defensive about it.  EJ thought Brady was putting too much pressure on Taylor, but she wanted him to stay out of it.  EJ warned her that Titan is a dictatorship.  She stopped Brady from going after EJ.  When EJ stepped out to take a call, Brady was suspicious of EJ being protective of her.  She said it was because of Nicole, and that he felt as if it's okay to interfere in her life.  She told him about the DiMera mansion.  Brady suggested that she leaves the house.  She said she planned to.  EJ was reassured that Rafe's memory wasn't returning.  When he was finished, he called Fay and manipulated her into saying she needed one of her daughters.  EJ went back in the pub and told Taylor that Fay called her, but didn't get an answer.  EJ told her that Fay needed her.

Sami wanted to know what "Rafe's" secret was.  He wanted her to promise to believe him no matter how crazy the secret is.  Sami wanted to know what to believe.  He told her that he did something he's not proud of because he didn't have a choice.  He thought about beating up Rafe.  "Rafe" didn't want her to be mad at him.  He wanted her to understand what he did.  Sami wanted him to tell her what he did.  He told her how much he loved living there with her and the kids and he didn't want it to end.  She said it didn't have to.  "Rafe" wanted to know if Sami felt the same about him as he does about her.  She dodg3ed the question by saying they're married.  He wanted an answer to the question.  She said she did and they kissed.  Sami thought about when she put the pill in the coffee. She wanted him to get rest, but he resisted.  He wouldn't do it unless she went with him.  She told him she would.  When "Rafe" left, she called Carly.  Sami wanted to know how strong the pill was because he was acting strange.  She told her she didn't give him alcohol.  She noticed the flask by the couch cushions.  She quickly got off the phone with Carly.  She realized "Rafe" spiked the drink after she put the pill in it.  In the bedroom, "Rafe" said he's going to tell about the real Rafe.  Sami checked out the affects of mixing drugs with alcohol.  "Rafe" came out of the room and started talking about her ex.  She thought it was EJ, but "Rafe" said it was the other one.  She got the wrong idea about his secret.  She thought it was the drinking.  She told him she wasn't mad at him.  Sami was confused because she thought the drinking was the secret.  "Rafe" said it wasn't.  He was convinced that she loved him.  She was confused again and wondered why he was saying that.  He said he wasn't his old self.  He told her that alcohol wasn't why he wasn't his old self.  She wanted a direct answer about what he was talking about.  At the Java Cafe, Vivian was there with Gus.  She saw Kate walk in the cafe.  Vivian wanted Gus to get a list of Stefano's crimes.  She believed that people use the same patterns of destruction over and over and thought that Stefano did the same thing.  Gus agreed to do it. When Kate was about to leave, Vivian stopped her.  Vivian wanted to apologize about before.  Kate told her there was no need to apologize because her behavior was understandable.  Kate continued to insult Vivian and Vivian agreed with what she said.  Vivian started talking to her about Stefano and his plan.  Kate didn't believe that Vivian knew about the plan.  When Vivian mentioned Allie, Kate was convinced to stay.  The two got into an argument that turned violent.

GH Recap Written by Mary

At the police station, Ronnie and Dante go over the suspect list of who could have hit Jake. Ronnie wonders what Dante will do if the one, who had hit Jake was Sonny. Luke visits Elizabeth to console her over Jake’s death. Lucky assures Elizabeth that Jake being hit and killed was an accident. Lulu visits Luke at the “Haunted Star” and reveals to him that he and Carly are on the list of suspects of who could have hit Jake. Carly watches Josslyn sleep as Jax joins her. Max arrives to let them know that Sonny’s car had just been impounded by the police to check to see if he had hit Jake. Michael and Kristina head to the police station. Kristina causes a disturbance which gives Michael leeway to steal the suspect list. Michael puts the list in his pocket and then drags Kristina out of the police station. In Italy, Sonny and Brenda discuss the little boy they had seen in the diner and who couldn’t keep his eyes off Brenda. Brenda wonders what her son would have looked like. Theo and Suzanne argue over the fact that Theo had invested 10 million dollars in ASEC. Suzanne is furious with Theo. Theo blackmails Suzanne that unless she tell him where his grandson is, she will lose ASEC. Patrick, Robin and Emma have breakfast together. Robin wants to concentrate on hers and Patrick’s marriage if that is what Patrick wants. Patrick assures her that it is. Robin lets Patrick know that the syringe is in her locker at work and she will give it to Steve. At the hospital, Lisa offers her condolences to Steve over the death of Jake. Steve vows to put an end to the differences between her and Robin. Liza goes to Johnny’s and lets him know that she had stolen the syringe back out of Robin’s locker. At the hospital, Robin finds out that Lisa had stolen the syringe, but makes no attempt to steal it back from Lisa. All Robin wants is to save her marriage. Dante tells Robin that she could have hit Jake, but is later cleared. Sonny’s car is also cleared. Michael finds a dent in Carly’s car and fears that she is the one, who had hit Jake.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Deanna Forbes arrives in Llanview, looks up James Ford's MyFace profile, and is happy to find that his relationship status is listed as single. Starr notices that James's relationship status is single so he changes it right away, but not before Deanna is already watching James and Starr from the Buenos Dias window.

Shane is nervous about his first day back at school. Jack continues to antagonize Shane. Jack overhears Nate telling Destiny that Todd can be a real psycho. Nate apologizes but Jack refuses to accept it, says Nate's father is the psycho and his mother is a whore. Destiny keeps Nate from pummeling Jack. Jack and his friends gang up on Shane in the gym, causing Shane to have an asthma attack. Jack takes Shane's inhaler and they all leave Shane alone and gasping for breath.

John tells Kelly that no has sought medical attention for a gunshot wound. John asks Kelly out on a proper date, Natalie finds a Euro in the floorboards and surmises that the shooter just arrived from or is on their way to Europe. Shaun catches Tomas skulking around at the hospital. Tomas identifies himself as Tea's brother but Shaun doesn’t believe him and says he is turning him over to the police. Tomas manages to knock Shawn to the ground so Shaun draws his sidearm. Tea confirms that Tomas is her brother. Thomas has sharp pains where John shot him, but he says it's just a cramp. He tells someone on the phone that Todd won't be talking any time soon, but that he can't return to Paris yet. Shaun tells Tea that from the way Tomas fights, he has to be a professional fighter. John goes to the Buenos Dias to talk to Gigi and Blair introduces him to Tomas. Gigi tells Tomas that he accidentally paid with Euros.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Vance represents Sharon at her hearing but her bail is revoked so she will have to remain in jail until the trial. Vance gets her a trial date next week but he tells her he isn’t sure she will be a free woman. Sharon decides to tell her side of the story to Billy who promises to write an article for Restless Style. Phyllis tells Billy that she located Adam in a small village in Thailand and promises to tell him when she finds out why Adam is in Thailand. Adam tells Phyllis he found Sharon’s camera and it had evidence of what happened on the Volcano the night Skye died but Koa hit him on the head and took the camera from him. Phyllis and Adam decide to team up to find Koa and the evidence to clear Sharon. Billy sends Sharon a text message saying that Sharon’s trial is next week

Diane, Nick, Victoria and Victor all show up for a fundraiser for Walnut Grove School and Victor continues to argue with his children about the settlement. Michael encourages Victor to give Victoria Beauty of nature as a settlement but Victor tells Michael his children won’t give him orders. Deacon tells Victoria and Nick that Nikki is drinking again because he saw an empty bottle in her room at the Athletic club. Victoria and Nick talk to Nikki but she tells them not to pay attention to Deacon because she isn’t drinking again. Nick and Victoria have doubts about what Deacon told them so they agree to closely watch Nikki for signs that she is drinking again Victoria and Nick have a long discussion because Victoria wants Nick to work with her when Beauty of Nature and jabot merge. Nick doesn’t want to at first because he wants to use his money to invest in small companies and start up projects. Nick finally agrees to work with Victoria because she tells him she needs someone she trusts to protect her from Tucker. Victor didn't like the look that Diane gave Nick when she saw him at the fundraiser and he warns her to stay away from Nick for his sake. Victor tells Michael that he will settle the lawsuit in his own way.

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