Tuesday 3/22/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At Krystal’s, Erica and Jack have breakfast together. Erica urges him to stay and have another cup of coffee, but Jack gets up to leave. Just as Jack is about to leave, Caleb arrives. David watches the video of Liza when she comes in to join him. Liza begins to question him as to what he is doing. David is reluctant to tell her about the video getting so much attention. Liza opens up the laptop and sees the video. Caleb sits down to join Erica as they begin to discuss business involving Cortlandt Electronics. Erica tries to get Caleb to make amends with Asher, but Caleb insists that Asher doesn’t want anything to do with him. Colby tells J.R. about all the hits that she had received from her website and about the job that she had been offered. J.R. forbids her to take the job because it will show the Chandler’s in a bad light. Cara talks to someone about the bachelor auction when Angie and Jesse come down the hall. Angie is impressed as to how Cara is taking over the bachelor auction. Cara tells Angie how she had been helping Jake keep things running smoothly at the hospital. Angie commends Cara and tells her that she and Jake are a good team. Jake and Amanda overhear their conversation. Amanda kisses Jake bye and tells him that she has to get to work. Cara is surprised to learn that Amanda is working. Jake explains that Amanda is working for J.R. Jake asks Cara if she had checked on the patient in Room 206. Jake lets Cara know that Amanda has had a history with J.R. Liza realizes that everyone must be watching her video. Colby tries to convince J.R, to see things her way, but he refuses. Colby accuses J.R. of being jealous that she is getting attention and he isn’t. In the park, Jack looks over some legal documents for Marissa concerning the divorce case between Bianca and Reese. Bianca joins them and seems to be in a good mood. Marissa lets Bianca know that they will hear from Reese’s lawyer later in the day. Jesse and Cara have a heart to heart talk and Jesse confides in Cara that he had never seen a child born. Cara promises to give Jesse some pointers and asks Jake for his help. Liza lets David know that Colby hates her and how does Liza fix that situation. Colby comes into Krystal’s and sees Erica and Caleb together. Colby thanks Erica for her help. Colby tells Erica that she has a job proposition for her.

Bianca, Marissa and the children enjoy the birthday party for Miranda and A.J. Colby tells Erica and Caleb her new job offer. Caleb and Erica are impressed. Caleb goes to talk to Asher into working for Cortlandt while Erica and Colby watch Liza’s video. Liza walks in and sees them watching the video. Jake tells Jesse about when Trevor was born. Cara gets upset and runs out, Angie catches up to her and wants to know what is going on. Cara opens up and lets Angie know what is bothering her which is about Jake. Bianca finds out that Reese is suing for full custody of the girls. Caleb tells Asher his idea for him to work at Cortlandt, but Asher refuses. J.R. interrupts their conversation. J.R. tells Asher his idea which doesn’t sit too well with Asher either. Liza confronts Erica as to what kind of business she is doing with Colby. Liza vows revenge on Erica. Liza and David band together to bring Erica down. Angie apologizes to Jesse for leaving him out of the birth of this baby. Cara sees Jake and Amanda together with Trevor. J.R. comes home to an empty house. Jack has papers for Erica to sign which will enable them to be married in a few weeks.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

After Ridge leaves for International in Paris, Thomas pops in on Brooke at the office. She thinks it won’t hurt for Ridge to be alone for a little while. On the jet, up pops Taylor wondering why Ridge is leaving so suddenly….and why he would let Thomas and Brooke defy him. They are just about ready for takeoff and she is not through talking to Ridge, so she buckles up and says she is going too. She reminds him what he said if Brooke ever crossed that line again and created a scandal – that he would leave her and come flying back to Taylor. Eric tells Stephanie that the press conference got his juices flowing and he wants to do something for the new women’s line. She is surprised that he doesn’t know the line was pulled. She explains the kiss Thomas gave to Brooke while she was asleep. Eric insults Stephanie by saying she needs to go home and lay down. Her medications must be working at cross purposes. He won’t stand there and listen to her badmouth his grandson. Brooke is totally devoted to Ridge so this is not her fault either. He and Stephanie go to talk to Thomas. Eric sides with Thomas that he thinks Ridge acted too impulsively in killing the Taboo line. He wants Thomas to look at some designs that he has drawn.

Hope and Oliver have lunch on the Rooftop while they are on a break from Thomas and Brooke’s shoot. Taylor confesses to Ridge that it was Whip who took the photo of Brooke and Thomas and showed it to the press and all over the web. Ridge says he must be a very small, insecure man to do that and does not deserve Taylor. Brooke won’t justify Stephanie’s claims that she likes enticing Thomas. Stephanie declares how she trusted her and was welcoming her back into her life and now Brooke is throwing all of that back in her face. Brooke cries that she is not going to let Stephanie’s paranoia ruin Thomas’s career and she loves her husband too much to let this ruin his and Thomas’s relationship. Eric tells Thomas that he has earned this. Stephanie calls Ridge on the jet and wonders what he is going to do. She tells him that Brooke and Thomas are in a photo shoot as they speak. They are going against his wishes. He says he can not deal with that now. She advises him to find Taylor and discuss this with her as she is the only woman who really understands him and can give him good advice.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

While EJ, Nicole, Johnny, and Sydney were at Java Cafe, EJ started thinking about kissing Taylor.  When Johnny started talking about Taylor, EJ changed the subject.  Nicole noticed that EJ always changes the subject whenever they talk about Taylor.  Nicole wanted to know why EJ didn't like Taylor.  He wanted to know why Taylor didn't like him.  She insulted him by calling him abrupt, bossy and arrogant and understood why Taylor didn't like him.  He didn't want to talk about Taylor.  When Nicole took Sydney to the bathroom, Johnny told EJ that Rafe taught him how to fight.  He also told him how much cooler "Rafe" is now.  At the pub, Taylor and Brady worked on budget cuts and got into a disagreement about the people being laid off.  Brady didn't want to lay them off, but he had to.  Taylor suggested that Brady fire her instead.  Brady thought she was getting heat for being his girlfriend.  Taylor said that she isn't his girlfriend.  She didn't care what the others thought but she didn't think it was right that his ex's sister is there while the others have been at Titan longer.  Brady suggested she come up with a better suggestion for the workers.  Chloe and Nicole saw each other outside of the pub.  Chloe missed spending time with Nicole.  Nicole apologized for not being there for her.  Chloe understood.  They talked about Nicole's living situation with Taylor.  Nicole noticed Brady and sensed how cold he was to her.  She wanted to leave the pub so she and Chloe went to Java.  Taylor noticed that Brady can't talk at Nicole.  She started thinking about kissing EJ.  At the hospital, Daniel noticed Jennifer there volunteering.  He offered Jennifer a job at the hospital.  there is an opening in the PR department.  He had reservations about it, but Lexie thought she was perfect for the job.  Daniel explained the job to her even though she thought she had no experience.  Sami was happy that "Rafe" made up with Dario.  "Rafe" was glad that Dario didn't hold a grudge.  Sami was hopeful that the tests that Carly ran will tell them why he was acting the way he was.  Carly had the preliminary results.  "Rafe" assumed Carly didn't find anything, but she did.  She found something wrong.  She saw a discrepancy between the tests she ran and the other tests he took.  His blood sugar is lower than the last time.  She thought he had hypoglycemia which causes mood swings, memory loss, and seizures.  Now he has to eat frequent meals, get high protein, and low carbs.  Sami was thankful to have a diagnosis.  Carly prescribed anti-anxiety drugs to deal with post traumatic stress.  "Rafe" didn't want to take the pills because he doesn't like taking pills.

Stefano spoke to Rafe's keeper.  He wanted to know if Rafe was starting to remember anything.  The keeper told him no.  Stefano didn't want the keeper to call him unless there was a problem.  Rafe asked the keeper where he was.  He told him a mental ward because he couldn't remember who he is.  Stefano and EJ got into an argument about "Rafe".  EJ was angry that Johnny thinks he's cool.  EJ thought the plan was to alienate Johnny.  Stefano was afraid that "Rafe" was improvising.  Stefano told EJ how "Rafe" ended up in the hospital and how Sami was suspicious of "Rafe".  Stefano had two suggestions.  They had to eradicate Sami's suspicion and speed up the procedure.  they had to get rid of "Rafe" as soon as possible.  EJ was against the plan.  He thought that "Rafe" messed things up.  He wanted to take this plan slow.  Stefano disagreed.  EJ thought she would forgive "Rafe" instead of hate him.  Stefano believed that "Rafe" would handle it.  EJ didn't think so.  Jennifer wanted more information about the job.  Since Jennifer's computer was broken, she wanted Daniel to drop off the info at her house.  He happily agreed to do it since he had nothing else to do.  When "Rafe" was home, EJ called him.  EJ was upset that "Rafe" is screwing up.  EJ threatened "Rafe" to keep him from turning against the DiMeras.  "Rafe" didn't appreciate being threatened.  EJ gave him two weeks to fix things.  EJ reminded him what happened to Rafe.  Sami noticed something wrong with "Rafe" after he got off the phone.  Sami got his lunch ready not knowing that "Rafe" had his flask and poured the alcohol in the coffee she gave him.  She put the anti-anxiety pill in his coffee.  She gave him his lunch.  He drank the coffee and was relaxed.  He sipped and told her this was the best job ever.  She thought he meant being a cop, but he corrected her.  He said he wasn't talking about being a cop.  "Rafe" told her that he has a secret that she didn't know.  He was dying to tell her.  When Daniel went to the Horton house, he saw Carly there instead of Jennifer.  Carly thought Jennifer was trying to get them to spend more time together.  Jennifer showed up at the house.  Carly wanted to talk to Jennifer about setting her up with Daniel.  Jennifer decided to take the job.  Stefano wondered if EJ did the right thing threatening "Rafe".  EJ thought it was a good idea.  EJ wanted to make sure that Rafe was secure.  Stefano said he was.  They talked about Chad, Fay, and Taylor.  Stefano wanted to get rid of Fay and Taylor as soon as possible.  Rafe's handler fed him broccoli, which happened to be the vegetable that helps your memory.  When Rafe was alone, he got out of the cuffs.  He wondered how he did that.  He held the key to the safe house.  He realized this was the key to his old life.  He also realized that he could pick locks.  He quickly put the cuffs on when he heard someone coming.  Nicole and Chloe were at Java and talked about EJ and Taylor.  Taylor questioned whether or not Brady loved Nicole.  She informed him that everyone at work noticed the way he changed.  She was surprised by his behavior after all of the good things she heard about him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Dante gives Sam a list of license plate numbers of vehicles that went down Elizabeth's street around the time of Jake's hit and run. Sam identifies one of the license plates as hers and insists that forensics look at her car right away. Forensics determines that Sam's car did not hit Jake. Dante identifies Sonny’s plate number on the list, as well as Robin Scorpio, Lisa Niles, Luke Spencer, and Carly Jax's. The other plate is a fake, and the vehicle was a black town car with tinted windows. Sam suggests that it might be a mob car and says she will have Spinelli look into it.

Patrick tortures himself with guilt for leaving Jake brain dead. Robin apologizes to Patrick for wasting so many months hanging onto resentment. She asks him to come home. Carly asks Jason to donate Jake's kidneys to Josslyn. Jason asks Elizabeth and she slaps him. Lucky tries convinces Elizabeth to let Jake save Josslyn's life. Terrell takes Josslyn to operate on her. Jax tells Alexis that he is grateful that Josslyn got a donor, but he can't be happy about another child dying to make their miracle happen. Jason goes to Elizabeth's house, picks up Jake's toy motorcycle, and cries.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Robert Ford goes looking for Tess after she's escaped with Cutter. Remembering that Dorian is not available and that Kelly told him he needs another "heiress" to "cozy up to", he knows what he might want to do with Tess. Dorian talks to Viki and admits that she was right that David did not leave her at the alter. Viki tells Dorian she is happy for her but admits that she (Viki) is not so "happy" in her relationship. Dorian then appears to want to help Viki with her situation and with Tess. Dorian remembers Charlie promising her to never see Echo again but hears Viki tell her that Tess knows something about Charlie and Echo that neither of them do. Right then, Charlie goes to see Echo and they end up ready to sleep together again. Aubrey and Rama appear at Capricorn suspicious that Joey may be "back" with Kelly. Rama talks to Cristian about what happened to her husband and learns that he is a friend of the Buchanans Kelly reveals that she knows Rama but never heard anything about Aubrey and implies that Aubrey is a "fake". Tess similarly questions Cutter's "validity" of being the "brother" of Aubrey who is part of a rich and influential family. She knows he is lying, poor and looking to scam somebody. Back at Viki's, Natalie and Brody are happily sharing taking care of baby Liam and getting along well. She wants him to have confidence that he can get baby Ryder and Jessica back. But he has his doubts. And it seems they console and support each other in their respective situations. David goes to confront Clint with a shotgun. He decides he won't kill Clint since he's not worth the consequences of doing so. But he vows to make Clint pay for what he did to him.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby gives a press conference at Glowworm and takes her clothes off and tells the press that her reality show will be on the air soon and Kent tells the press the show hasn’t gotten a distributor yet but he will keep the press posted on new developments with the show. Kent set it up so the police would arrest Abby and take her to jail in order for her to get more publicity for the show. Abby asks Daniel to call Ashley and tell her to go the police station and bail her out. Ashley gets the call and tells Tucker that she has to go bail Abby out of jail. Katherine tells Victor that Tucker plans to take over beauty of nature in the same way he took over Chancellor Industries and she has a plan to teach Tucker a lesson. Victor thanks Katherine for telling him and he tells her he will help her with her plan to teach Tucker a lesson. Katherine goes to Tucker’s place and tells him that he can’t marry Ashley at her estate because she is very upset with him for helping to tear the Newman family apart. Katherine tells Tucker he isn’t welcome at her home anymore but Ashley can stop by anytime she wants and Tucker is hurt but he doesn’t let Katherine see it.

Katherine tells Victor that she found out from Tucker that Abby was arrested and that he should try to forgive her because Victoria and Jack manipulated her and she didn’t want to hurt him. Ashley arrives at the jail and tells Abby that she will have a police record for the rest of her life and that she hoped she was done with the naked Heiress business. Abby is happy to see Victor because it means he cares about her enough to come see if she is okay. Victor pays Abby’s bail but then Abby makes some nasty comments about Diane and Ashley gets in on the argument and Victor tells them they have no right to judge him and he leaves angry at Abby. Abby later stops by the ranch to apologize for their argument and Victor hugs her and tells her he never meant to hurt her. Lily is upset when she gets a text message on her phone asking her if it isn’t too early to be kissing someone else and the message is signed C. Lily tells Daniel about everything she has been experiencing with Cane and he thinks someone is trying to mess with her. Lily tries to show the text message to Daniel but her cell phone goes missing and when she finds it the text message isn’t in the phone anymore. Chance and Paul search for Heather after the van they used to kidnap her is found near Como and Heather sets fire to the warehouse hoping someone will see the fire. Chance and Paul get Heather out of the fire and once she can breathe again all she says to Chance is “the baby”. Chance tells heather he loves her and she is the one for him.

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