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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At the condo, Emma yells that she hates Ryan for sending Annie away. Both Greenlee and Ryan tell her that Annie is sick needs help. Scott tells Madison about trying to help Annie, but it was J.R., who got her to get help. In the Chandler living room, J.R. looks at a photo when Amanda calls and asks about Annie. They agree to meet in a few minutes. Jake comes out of the bedroom just as Amanda is getting her things together to leave. Jake asks where she is going. Amanda reminds him about her meeting with J.R. Cara is impressed with Tad being able to run three miles. Tad tells Cara that he wants to kiss her for persuading Krystal not to move out. Cara finds out that Tad is working on a case with Griffin. Cara has her doubts about Griffin looking into this mess with the casinos. In his room at the Yacht Club, Kendall asks Griffin why he will not let her accompany him to the fundraiser. Jake reminds Amanda that he loves her as she goes to meet J.R. Ricky and Diana discuss her upcoming meeting with Griffin. Ricky assures her that things will be taken care of this evening. Diana asks Ricky if Kendall knows about Griffin’s meeting with her. Kendall arrives at Fusion and sees Bianca, who is just coming out of the back. Bianca informs Kendall that Emma is home and is sate. Ricky calls Griffin and cancels the meeting with Diana for that evening. Emma yells at Ryan that she wants Madison. Ryan wants to take Emma to see a doctor, but she insists she wants Madison. Frankie visits Madison with two bags of baby clothes. Madison lets Frankie know that Ryan knows that the baby is his. Madison gets a call from Ryan, who wants her to meet him at the hospital. Cara brings Jake some leftover chicken for his dinner. Cara lets Jake know that she and Tad had been running. At ConFusion, Amanda sees J.R. with a drink in his hand. She takes the drink and pours it out. J.R. asks her what she is doing.

Ryan and Emma meet Madison at the hospital. Emma finds out that Madison is expecting a baby with her dad. Emma wants him and Madison to get back together, but Ryan insists that he is married to Greenlee now. When Jake and Cara arrive, Ryan tells them that Emma is upset with him over Annie. Cara makes friends with Emma and asks to talk to her a few minutes. Ryan thanks Madison for coming to meet him. Greenlee tells Kendall about Emma’s attitude toward her and Ryan. Tad tells Griffin to hold off on investigating the casino owners, because Cara is worried about him. Cara tells Ryan that Emma needs therapy. Jake joins Amanda but is upset to see her with J.R. Cara orders a new stereo system for Tad as a way of thanking him for helping her. Opal sees a change in Tad and likes what she sees. Kendall asks Griffin why he lied to her about where he was going that night. Emma sees Greenlee and Ryan hugging and resents their closeness.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that his mother and Taylor have gotten him all confused. He tells her that she has no right to interfere with his relationship with his son. This is professional. She just doesn’t want to see Ridge put a clamp on Thomas and ruin their relationship. Dayzee advises Thomas to make things right with his dad and back off, do not undermine him. She says he doesn’t want to lose Ridge; he is his father. Thomas says he is tired of apologizing. He did something wrong, but no one got hurt and they need to get past it. He says Dayzee is the only one that tells it to her straight. Liam gets a little woozy at work and Bill tells him that he is not taking any chances….he is sending him back home. Jarrett comes in and shows Bill the memo where Ridge was going to cancel the Taboo line. Bill knows something must have pushed Ridge’s button and he wants to find out what that was. He asks how or why Thomas was able to override it. He tells Liam to forget the swimsuit cover; this is the new one.

Bill tells Liam and Jarrett that Thomas somehow called Ridge’s bluff and won. He commands them to start writing teasers. Liam isn’t sure they should do this since they don’t know the entire story or if there is a story. Thomas barges in and tells his dad that he took a shortcut to winning, but they both made a mistake. And now he is punishing Thomas and wants to slap him down. He might have to slap back. Ridge thanks him for baring his soul, but says all is not forgiven. He loses both ways. He can reinstate the Taboo line and Thomas wins for bad behavior and usurping his position. Or he can kill the Taboo line as he intended and the whole world will know something serious caused it and dig to find why. Bill tells Liam this is the perfect storm. The tabloid press is a very lucrative part of their publishing business. It’s a double sided sword so welcome to the other side. Liam begs him not to do this to Hope’s mother. Bill says they can hold it for a day. Ridge gets an urgent phone call and tells Brooke that he has to go to Paris as International is having another one of their strikes. People will have to be wined and dined to make them feel important. She assures him that he doesn’t have to worry about her and Thomas. She knows she disappointed him and he feels betrayed, but that will be nothing compared to how he will feel if he loses the love and respect of his son. She tells him to take as much time as he needs and she will be there when he gets back. Taboo is not a threat and neither is Thomas. His only threat would be to lose his son and she loves him too much to let that happen.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Stefano overheard Sami tell Carly that there's something wrong with "Rafe".  He heard Sami say that she doesn't like this "Rafe".  Sami thought that Carly thought she was a fair weather wife.  Carly believed that's what Sami thought of herself.  Carly wanted to run more tests on "Rafe".  Carly believed there was something wrong with "Rafe".  Stefano was upset to hear their conversation.  "Rafe" wondered how he was going to get out of this problem.  Sami told Carly that "Rafe" thinks she's putting pressure on him.  Carly didn't think that sounded like Rafe.  Carly wanted to rule out any medical problems.  If nothing was wrong, she would get him psychiatric help.  Sami thanked Carly and the two left.  Stefano confronted "Rafe" about what he's done now.  "Rafe" told him that Sami invited Dario to stay with them behind his back.  He told Stefano how he reacted to the news.  He told Stefano how he faked a seizure to get out of what he did.  He said things got worse when Carly said she knew him and knew about stuff EJ and Stefano didn't.  "Rafe" wanted to know what to do.  Stefano wanted to end this plan.  "Rafe" was against the idea.  Sami felt guilty for having Carly run tests on "Rafe" so Carly told her to talk to him instead of going behind his back.  Sami called Gabi and told him about "Rafe".  Maggie called Victor, but quickly hung up. Victor called her back.  Maggie admitted that she hung up on him.  Maggie looked at a picture of her and Mickey and asked if she's sure about this.  She asked him to eat lunch with her at Chez Rouge.  He agreed to lunch.  Philip walked in while Chloe was on the phone.  Philip wanted to know what was going on.  She told him the Seattle Opera company offered her a role in their next production.  Philip was happy for her.  He wanted to know when she had to leave.  the company wants her there next week.  He is going to miss her.  He questioned whether it's a good part.  She said it's a great part, but she couldn't do it.  Philip was shocked that she turned down the part.  He thought she would be turning down the job for nothing if child services didn't give her back Parker.  Chloe thought it wouldn't be for nothing and that she made a promise not to leave Parker.  She declared that she's never leaving him again.  She was grateful to Philip for letting her spend time with Parker.  He said stay for as long as she liked.  Chloe has to prove to the social worker that she can take care of herself and Parker on her own.  She said she has to change.  She has to get a job so she can stay in Salem and spend time with Parker.  She decided to give voice lessons.  She posted an ad online to put one up at Salem University's music department. Chad was at The Java Cafe using the laptop.  He was checking the Salem University website when Abby and Gabi came in the cafe.  He walked off to get air.  They noticed the college website on the screen.  He told them that he knew who was responsible for his tuition.  He called his "father" and was upset.  He couldn't believe he thought his "father" would have taken care of his tuition.  He talked about Charles Wood and how he's treated him.  Abby talked about her father and Chad believe that Abby understood his plight. 

Melanie and Dario got into another argument.  He told her he wants to figure out who killed his sister, but she did nothing to help.  Melanie didn't appreciate him making her feel guilty for not finding the driver.  They went back and forth about Arianna.  Gabi called and told Dario about "Rafe's" seizure.  He agreed to meet her there.  Melanie wanted to know what happened, but he told her it was none of her business.  Chad told Abby that he got a scholarship for being Stefano's son.  Abby thought that meant that Stefano was ready to be his father.  She wondered if there were strings attached since he did it anonymously.  Chad believed that Stefano was trying to buy him.  She wanted to know if he's going to turn it down.  He wanted to.  He didn't like Stefano thinking people can be bought.  She wanted him to talk to Stefano first.  Stefano was upset with "Rafe" for telling him they couldn't end the plan.  "Rafe" thought the seizure worked, but Stefano said it didn't because of what he overheard Sami say to Carly.  Stefano thought that Sami was closer to the truth.  The longer the plan went, the greater the risk of getting caught.  "Rafe" wanted Stefano to wait a week and Sami will divorce him.  Stefano didn't want to.  He thought the seizure didn't work and it made things worse.  He thought "Rafe" screwed up big time.  He threatened to make "Rafe" pay for messing up.  "Rafe" promised to make things better.  Stefano believed that Sami got to him.  "Rafe" denied it.  Stefano reminded him that he has orders to follow.  He warned him to do what Rafe would do.  Sami thought about "Rafe" telling her that he's never going to be the man she wants.  She was afraid of how he's going to react when she tells him about the tests.  Sami and Carly went to "Rafe's" room to tell him about the tests.  "Rafe" wanted to talk to Sami alone.  Victor and Maggie had a great lunch together.  Chloe told Justin that she didn't want any money from Daniel.  Justin was surprised by that. He is going to tell Daniel that, but Daniel will insist on paying her alimony.  Chad went to the DiMera mansion to tell Stefano about the scholarship.  Stefano was happy for him.  Chad asked if Stefano set it up.  Chad was upset with him for buying him and his mother.  Chad wanted to know what he was signing up for with this program.  He wanted to know if he was going to owe the DiMeras.  They played a game of chess.  Stefano asked Chad to move in with him.  "Rafe" apologized to Sami for the way he acted.  He didn't remember anything that happened earlier.  He told her he didn't know why he freaks out all of the time.  When Gabi and Dario showed up at the hospital, Sami told them "Rafe" was fine and the doctor wants to run more tests.  Gabi was suspicious about "Rafe" not remembering anything.  When Gabi and Dario went to see "Rafe", "Rafe" told Dario that he was glad that he's staying with him and Sami.  Philip told Melanie that it's not too late to be a part of Parker's life when she was at the Kiriakis mansion.  She said it was too late.  Philip wasn't going to change her mind.  Melanie was surprised that Philip wasn't fighting the divorce.  He wanted to make her happy and hoped.  She will find someone she deserved.  She hoped he would too.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Josslyn’s test results confirm she has cancerous tumors on both of her kidneys. Jax and Carly are devastated by the news. Terrell says that a kidney transplant might save Josslyn. Luke and Tracy have a serious chat about Jake. Lucky and Elizabeth wonder if Jake is going to survive. Jason watches in horror as Jake’s surgery begins. Steven worries about his nephew. Sam shows up to the hospital to support Jason. Nikolas, Lulu and Dante get an update from Lucky. Patrick is unable to save Jake’s life; Jason is devastated. Jason breaks the news to Lucky. Sam wants to help Dante find the hit-and-run driver. Carly wants to call Jason but Michael tells her about Jake’s condition. Carly overhears Steven talking to Lucky and Elizabeth about Jake’s death. Elizabeth and Lucky are unsure if they want to keep Jake on life support. Steven speaks of donating Jake’s organs. Lulu tells Luke about Jake. Robin and Jason have a brief chat. Patrick blames himself for not saving Jake. Nikolas offers to bring Cameron and Aiden to Wyndemere for the evening. Abby is shocked to learn about Josslyn’s cancer diagnosis. Lucky breaks down outside of Jake’s hospital room. Carly finds Jason on the hospital roof. Carly gives her condolences then tells Jason that Jake can help save Josslyn’s life.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While court is in recess and Bo and Rex return ready to get Clint arrested, Viki and Nora side with them to confront Clint telling him they know what he's done to David as well as many other crimes that he can be charged for. Viki then realizes that although she wants to help Bo, Nora, Rex and David and not let Clint get away with what he's done to them, she needs Clint's help in their custody battle with Tess and Robert Ford who want to take baby Ryder from them. At that point, Rex offers to testify what he can prove what Clint did to David even if it means he goes down with him for his failure to report it. At that point, the others offer to help him get immunity if he can help them nail Clint. Tess then goes off to Capricorn and raises the concerns of Cristian who refuses to serve her alcohol as well as Kelly who calls Joey with her concerns about his sister. Robert also finds her and urges her not to ruin his custody case although she tells him he's ruined his own case when he called her Tess in court so she could care less about what he wants. Joey notices that Aubrey has "invited" Rama to stay with them at Clint's home and he knows his dad won't approve. Aubrey has him believing that she merely wants to help her friend. But Rama oversteps by demanding a better room than what Nigel offers her. Joey tells Aubrey that her "friend" is out of line. Nigel later tells Clint that he observed the "uncharacteristic" behavior of Aubrey wanting to help her ungrateful friend when he overheard the two women arguing. Clint seems to know what that is all about. When Joey gets the call from Kelly, he rushes to attempt to help his sister (Jessica) although Tess does not listen to him. Observing Joey rushing off as soon as Kelly calls, Rama reminds Aubrey that it won't take much for her husband to dump her and all she has to do is reveal Aubrey's secrets if Aubrey does not do what she wants.

David catches Dorian with Cutter but convinces her to get rid of him. He even manages to persuade her to believe what he says but cannot prove about Clint having him kidnapped and falsely imprisoned. After getting kicked out of Dorian's home, Cutter goes to Capricorn. Kelly gloats about her aunt dumping him and not buying his scam. But Tess knows how to make the situation benefit her seeing Cutter alone and gets into his car as soon as she gets a chance to leave the bar. When David finds out what Clint has falsely accused him of online, he goes to confront his uncle with a shotgun.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick is stunned when Leslie calls him to say that Sharon is in jail for trying to skip bail and he heads to the jail to see Sharon. Nick can’t believe that Sharon used Faith’s birth certificate to fake a passport. Sharon explains to Nick that she loves Adam very much and she had to try and help him prove her innocence so that he could come home. Sharon tells Nick she loves her kids but he tells her that love is more then just words it is considering the decisions you make and how they will affect your children. Nick thinks that Sharon’s decisions show that she loves Adam more then her children and he asks Sharon if Adam is worth it. Adam tells Koa that he will stick to him like glue until he finds the information that will clear Sharon. Once Koe leaves for a walk Adam gives the bartender money to make Koa a special drink that will make him very sleepy. Koa returns and drinks the drink and takes a nap when he arrives at his hotel room. Adam sneaks in to search Koa’s room and he finds a video camera, which contains footage of what really happened between Sharon and Skye on the volcano the night Sharon died. Koa awakens and bashes Adam over the head knocking Adam unconscious. Phyllis calls Nick and tells him that she is in Thailand to find out the truth about Adam and why he left town.

Daniel and Lily watch the March Madness basketball games together and are both happy they can still be friends despite everything that happened when they were married. Lily and Daniel bet that the person whose teams lose the next round of games has to wash the other person’s dishes for a month. Paul tells Chance to tell the truth on the witness stand despite the fact that Owen’s people have Heather. Chance tells the truth on the stand about everything and tells Own he won’t get away with his crimes but Owen tells him he just killed Heather with his testimony. The policeman that works for Owen tells Angelo to kill Heather but Angelo tells Heather he has a clause in his contract that says he doesn’t kill women so he just leaves her where she is with nothing to eat or drink. Christine tells Chance he must go back to witness protection now so he won’t be killed in retaliation for his testimony. Chance refuses to go into witness protecti0on because he loves Heather and he must find her.

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