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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Griffin asks Kendall to talk to the hospital board to help David get his license back so he can practice medicine again. Kendall refuses to help David but she does tell Griffin that painkillers are being sold to teens on the street she doesn’t think he is responsible for it but wants him to be aware just in case there is a hospital investigation. Ricky tells Diana that Griffin is becoming a real problem and the casino partners call Dianna to let her know that Griffin wants to meet one of them and they ask her to handle the situation. Griffin is on his way out of the hospital when Kendall arrives and tells him that she wants to go to the Miranda Center benefit with him which is the story that he told her to hide the fact he was going to meet with Zach’s casino partners.

Madison, Scott and Ryan find a scared Emma in the park and Madison and Ryan drive her home. Scott heads to the Chandler mansion to tell JR that Annie has been arrested and he wants the commitment papers so that they can take her to Oak Haven instead of jail. JR goes to the Beacon hotel with Scott to try to calm down crazy Annie. Scott tries to persuade Annie to go to the hospital and get better for Emma’s sake but she won’t go anywhere until asks her to go to a place where she is safe and cared for and she goes because she thinks that JR has planned a special secret wedding for them. JR cries as he sees Annie walk out of the hotel room with the men in white coats. Ryan is happy to be reunited with Emma but Emma isn’t so happy with Ryan when he tells her that Annie has gone to Oak Haven to get better. Emma remembers Annie told her she was scared of that place and said that she would die if she went to Oak Haven. Emma yells at Ryan that she hates him because she thinks he put Annie in Oak Haven.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

CBS is pre-empting the show today so they can air basketball.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

"Rafe" was upset with Sami for letting Dario stay with them.  Sami was surprised that he was so angry.  He wanted to be left alone.  She tried to defend herself, but it didn't do any good.  He told her things are not working out.  He thought she undermined him.  She defended her actions again.  He thought she was putting pressure on him.  He didn't know how much longer he could put up with her undermining him.  She told him things weren't working out for her either.  She loved him, but he is not himself and she's getting scared.  She finally realized that Ally was right about him and she has to think of her children.  He stops her by pretending to have a headache.  He collapsed.  Sami called 9-1-1.  Melanie and Dario got into an argument about whether or not she should press charges against him.  He teased her about liking the way he looks with his shirt off.  She started to hit him, but he stopped her. He warned her that she doesn't know who she's dealing with.  He poured a bottle of water over her head.  Dario didn't understand why she was upset with him since he gave the necklace back. She told him that bad things keep happening to her.  He said it had nothing to do with him and went to take a shower.  After his shower, he admitted that he stole the necklace because he needed money to do something important.  Carly flashed back to being buried alive.  Vivian also flashed back to being buried alive.  Vivian told Carly about being in Isabella's crypt and wanted her to tell Bo.  Then she snarked that Bo left her for Hope.  Carly was upset about that.  She told Vivian she would never forget what Bo did to protect her from Vivian.  Vivian told her she should have tried harder and she might still be with Bo.  Carly flipped out on her and left.  Maggie showed up at Java.  Vivian congratulated her on winning.  Maggie didn't know why Vivian congratulated her because she didn't do anything.  Vivian intimated that Maggie and Victor can be together now that she's out of the way.  Maggie denied being with Victor.  Vivian told her how much Victor wants her.  Vivian left Java.  Maggie thought about what Vivian said.

Nathan told Stephanie that he's leaving Salem.  She thought he was leaving because of her.  He said that wasn't why he was leaving.  She was curious as to how Melanie felt about it.  Nathan told her that he and Melanie are through.  Stephanie blamed herself because of her schemes.  Nathan blamed himself.  He believed he should have fought for her more than he did, instead of convincing himself that he loved Stephanie.  He apologized for his remark.  She wished him luck.  He told her she's a great girl who deserved someone who loves her.  Marco told Stefano that Rafe is on his way to the destination.  Stefano warned him not to underestimate Rafe.  Kate showed up and wondered how to help Stefano.  He told her he didn't need her help.  One of his adversaries was making trouble.  Kate was suspicious about his attitude.  Stefano believed he didn't make the best move.  Kate believed Stefano was upset that Chad would find out and turn on him for what he has done.  She reminded him that Lexie always forgives him for what he's done.  She told him Chad will eventually like him.  Stefano hoped so.  The two of them spoke about how life was when they weren't together.  At the hospital, Carly checked on "Rafe".  She talked to him like an old friend, but he didn't know who she was.  Sami reminded him that she saved him when he was drowning and helped in Johnny's surgery.  "Rafe" blamed it on his accident.  Carly asked him a few questions and decided to check out his MRI.  After Sami and "Rafe" thanked Carly, they spoke about Dario.  Suddenly his monitor went off, and he grabbed his head.  Nathan told Maggie that he is going to take the fellowship.  The two talked about his life and had a tearful goodbye.  Kate and Vivian got into an argument on the pier.  Maxine didn't notice any change in "Rafe" even though his blood pressure was high.  When Maxine left, "Rafe" left a message for EJ that they had a problem.  Then he called Stefano.  He told Stefano that he was in the hospital and wanted him to be there for a meeting.  Stefano agreed to show up.  Dario told Melanie that he needed money for Arianna.  He recapped Arianna's accident.  He told her how he hired a private investigator who charged him $500 a day plus expenses.  Melanie told him that Arianna was her best friend.  Dario thought Melanie should be ashamed of herself for letting the killer get away.  Carly told Sami that something is not adding up right about "Rafe".  Sami hoped that there would be something physically wrong with him.  All she knew was that this guy is not Rafe.  What they didn't know was that Stefano was listening.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sonny is driving Brenda to the airport so they can finally go on their honeymoon. Luke is driving to the justice of the peace to stand up for Lucky. Carly is driving to GH because Steve informed her that Josslyn is there. Robin is driving away from the Haunted Star with the syringe. Lisa is chasing Robin in her car. Sam is driving home after a stakeout. Jake is hit by a car that doesn’t stop.

Sam pulls over safely and calls Spinelli. Luke makes it to the justice of the peace. Sonny and Brenda make their flight. Carly gets to GH and assures Jax that Josslyn will be fine. Dr Jackson tells Carly and Jax that Josslyn appears to have tumors on one or both of her kidneys. Robin gets to GH and tells Patrick she has the syringe. Lisa arrives at GH and tells Robin that Steve will fire them both if she gives him the syringe. Steve is sick of their behavior.

Suzanne takes Theo to the house where their grandson lives, but the house is abandoned. Siobhan is having second thoughts at the justice of the piece and Lucky tells her she has to make a decision. They decide to go ahead with the ceremony, but Lucky gets a call from Elizabeth telling him Jake was hit by a car. Lucky leaves the wedding to go to the hospital. Lucky calls Jason; Jason and Michael rush to the hospital Robin tells Jason that Jake is critical. Jason calls Sam and tells her about Jake. Carly calls Michael and tells him about Josslyn. Luke tells Tracy about Jake and reveals that he is biologically Jason's son. Patrick and Robin scrub in to perform the surgery.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

The court hearing is underway with Tess and Robert Ford vs. Viki and Clint for custody of baby Ryder. Tess and Robert play the part as the happily married couple and reveal that Clint has had Robert assaulted. Tess plays the gracious and motherly Jessica, alleging to the judge that her parents to do not respect that fact that she has married the man she loves and father of her baby and are making false charges against her and her husband. Nora defends Viki and Clint but privately tells Clint she is not about to help him have any rights to the baby. Todd is still in a coma and his family members are all worried yet trying to keep hope that he will awaken and get back to them. Dorian wants to convince everyone that she is done with David and ready to move on with Cutter. But he does not buy that when she is outraged to discover a MySpace entry that says that David is seeing Alex. Bo rushes home with David and Rex. He finds Clint in the courtroom and arrests him for the illegal kidnapping and imprisonment of David. David rushes to find Dorian. But he catches her kissing Cutter when he walks through her door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

CBS is pre-empting the show today so they can air basketball.

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