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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Griffin asks for tad’s help in investigating Zach’s Casino partners because he can’t shake the feeling that Kendall was right and Zach was trying to tell her something in his letter to her. Griffin tells Kendall he is going to New York to raise money for the Miranda Center and Cara worries that Griffin could be in danger investigating Zach’s casino partners but Griffin is determined to keep Kendall alive and protect her because he owes it to Zach and his boys. Cara persuades Krystal not to move out of the house by telling her that she is happy having Tad’s family with her and she doesn’t want Tad to sacrifice any more of his life for her sake. Annie arrives back in town looking for money to continue her big adventure with Emma. Annie thinks she sees Scott in the park but it isn’t Scott and when she realizes that she steals the man’s wallet and uses the man’s hotel room key to get into his room and take a shower

Emma calls Madison from the hotel and tells her she is worried about her mommy because she stole a wallet from a man she thought was Scott. Brot calls Ryan and tells him what Annie stole from the man and after Ryan interviews the man and Madison calls him to tell him about Emma’s phone call Ryan figures out Annie is at the hotel. Ryan heads to the hotel and almost persuades Annie to tell him where Emma is but then Annie sees Greenlee and loses it again telling Ryan that he doesn’t want to help her he just wants to lock her up in a padded room. Madison and Scott are tired of everyone trying to run their lives and Madison tells Scott how much she appreciates that he allows her to make her own decisions and doesn’t control her and then they kiss. Ricky lies to Kendall and tells her that the kids from the youth center have been buying painkillers on the street and the drugs come from Pine Valley hospital. Ricky tells Kendall the lie to try and make Griffin look bad in her eyes and although Kendall doesn’t say anything to Ricky she is thinking that maybe the kids are buying the drugs Griffin stole from the hospital. A frightened Emma holds on to her doll tightly as she sits on a park bench alone.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

CBS is pre-empting the show today so they can air basketball.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Nathan went to see Melanie.  He wanted to know if she was okay after she was mugged.  She told him she was.  He thought she should have called him.  She told him to stop holding out hope that there's a chance for them.  Sami went to see Daniel to talk about Rafe. She thought that Dario would be the one to help Rafe.  Gabi suggested that Dario stay with "Rafe".  Justin thought it was a good idea, but "Rafe" didn't.  Taylor and EJ kissed despite Taylor's objections.  Melanie continued to tell Nathan that they didn't have a future.  Nathan accepted it and wanted her to tell him what happened.  She told him someone tried to mug her and she wanted to make him pay.  "Rafe" said he needed to get Sami's okay before letting Dario stay with him.  Dario didn't want to stay with him anyway.  "Rafe" suggested that Dario stay at a hotel.  "Rafe" walked away and realized he did a dumb move and had to fix it.  Taylor slapped EJ and rain out of the living room.  She ran into a curious Nicole who wanted to know what was going on between Taylor and EJ.  Nathan didn't want to give up on Melanie because he loves her.  She told him that they didn't have a future.  He wanted to talk later, but she wanted to talk about it for one last time.  Justin wanted Dario to stay out of trouble.  He warned him not to leave Salem and that he needed a place to stay.  Gabi wanted to find Dario a place to live and find the people he stole from.  He wanted to know what happened to "Rafe" because he turned into a jerk.  Sami told Daniel that Dario was the one who stole from Melanie.  She believed that "Rafe" was back to his old self when he talked to Dario.  She also told him about "Rafe" encouraging Johnny to fight.  she said it wasn't "Rafe's" nature to do that.  Daniel advised Sami to be a strong woman and set boundaries with "Rafe" when it concerned the kids.  Nicole wanted to know what Taylor and EJ were up to.  She didn't believe it was nothing.  They lied about having a conversation about Fay.  Nicole believed it and was relieved that EJ and Taylor are getting along.  Melanie and Nathan continued to talk about how she can't be with him.  Nicole wanted to hang out with Taylor, but Taylor had to leave.  Nicole was worried about Taylor and wanted to check on her.  "Rafe" wanted Sami to meet him at the pier.  They both wanted to talk to each other.  "Rafe" called EJ to meet him at the pier, but he had to stay out of sight of Sami.

Gabi told Dario that "Rafe" was in a car accident that affected the way he's acting.  Dario didn't understand how that could have changed Rafe.  Gabi tried to talk him into giving "Rafe" a chance.  Sami and EJ showed up at the same time to meet "Rafe".  "Rafe" told Sami that he didn't want Dario to live with them because it would be dangerous for the kids.  Sami was understanding about it.  He said he had to go back to work so Sami wanted to talk about her situation later.  When Sami left, EJ came out of hiding.  "Rafe" wanted to talk about his problem.  Taylor thought things weren't going to work between her and EJ.  Nicole was convinced that things would work out.  She thought that "whatever happened today" was a good start for EJ and Taylor.  When Nathan left, Daniel and Melanie talked about Nathan.  He advised her about what she should do about Nathan.  She told him how she's going to divorce Philip.  Daniel told her that he will support her.  She told him that Arianna's brother was the one who robbed her.  Daniel thought she would have been confused, but she wasn't.  She wanted to make sure Dario paid for robbing her and other people, but she was worried that "Rafe" would get him off the hook.  Daniel assured her that "Rafe" wouldn't let Dario off the hook.  EJ told "Rafe" to keep his distance from Dario.  Taylor decided to find a way to make her relationship with EJ work for Nicole and Fay.  Justin and Adrienne decided to get married right away since their kids couldn't make it.  They decided to visit them during their honeymoon.  Melanie was determined not to let Dario get away with trying to steal her necklace.  EJ went to Taylor's room to apologize to her.  Taylor didn't care to hear his apology and she didn't believe it.  He was disappointed in her reaction to it.  Nathan called Dr. Cooper so he could get the fellowship.  Melanie went to Sami and "Rafe's" place and saw a shirtless Dario open the door.  Sami told "Rafe" that she let Dario stay with them.  He was extremely upset with her.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Patrick tells Johnny to leave him and Robin out of his games. Lisa finds a clue in Steve's desk, but Steve catches her in his office and threatens to fire her. He berates her for leaving the hospital without telling anyone after he asked her for a consult. Lisa goes to Johnny's and tell him that she doesn't understand the clue "Your luck is about to run out," but he tells her she has to figure it out for herself. Carly allows Robin to find a clue Johnny left at Carly's house, which leads her to the Haunted Star, where she finds the syringe. Lisa arrives at the Haunted Star and tries to take the syringe, but Robin gets away from her.

Sonny brings Brenda home, but she is disappointed that they won't be living in the house in the woods. Abby tells Sam that she is worried about Michael because he went to oversee a shipment in Jason's place. Dante realizes that the person he caught on the docks is Michael. He tells him to stay where he is and then tells Ronnie that the suspect got away. Dante returns to Michael just as Jason is driving him away. Jason tells Michael not to get involved in Sonny's business again because he doesn’t want him to go back to prison. Dante finds Michael at Jason's Penthouse and says he isn't going to arrest him, but he will find a reason to arrest Jason. Sam tells Abby that she is looking for anything that might lead her to Theo. Abby tells her that one of the girls from the club was dating a Middle Eastern man, but that right around the time of Brenda and Sonny's wedding he became a hermit and won't leave even leave his house to get groceries. Sam goes to stake out the man's house.

Elizabeth tells Steve that Lucky is marrying Siobhan tonight, but it won't last because it is a green card marriage. Luke thinks Lucky and Siobhan are getting married too soon. Siobhan has second thoughts about the marriage. Aiden's paternity test results arrive in Elizabeth's mail. Steve calls Carly and tells her that Jax brought Josslyn to the hospital. While Carly is driving to the hospital, Luke is driving to the justice of the peace to be a witness for Lucky and Siobhan, Robin is driving away from the Haunted Star with Lisa chasing her in her car. Sonny is driving Brenda to the airport to go on their Honeymoon, and Sam is driving home, but suddenly gets a migraine. Elizabeth discovers that Jake has gone outside and screams his name when she sees him.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Bo finds David and is ready to take him back to Llanview, get Dorian back and make Clint pay for his dirty deed. Clint is with Viki ready to prevent Tess and Robert Ford from having parental rights to baby Ryder. But they are determined to win also. Tess, at first, acts like she does not care about Robert or the baby and is willing to wear seductive clothes to the hearing. But he is determined to dress and behave like the perfect husband and father and warns her that if she does not also play the part, he can get her put back in St. Anne's in a heart beat. He tells her he did not lose Langston and put himself through this horrendous situation just to lose his son. While Viki waits outside the courtroom, Nora informs her for the first time what Bo has discovered has happened to David Vickers. It was all Clint's doing. Viki is shocked to find out for the first time that Clint would do this to Bo's son in an attempt to get revenge upon him and Bo and Nora. Nora then offers to represent Viki in the custody hearing if Tea cannot. Robert is very worried that he is going up against the D.A. But his lawyer assures him that he's pretty certain he can still win the case since Robert is Ryder's bio father. And even if the judge doesn't care about that, the lawyer reveals, he knows some "secrets" to discredit the other side.

David calls Dorian from all the way on the other side of the world from Bo's phone, protesting that he loves her, would never leave her and it's Clint who is responsible for what happened. But she does not buy a word of that. She finds out that Langston has broken up with Robert because of his situation with Tess and baby Ryder. And she encourages her daughter to find a better man. Cutter is talking to Dorian on the phone while Aubrey is concerned that Rama might reveal to Joey what they are doing. Dorian tells Cutter she wants to move on with him and tells David she's found a better looking, younger and richer man than him. Cutter does not buy that she is over David. And Rama is ready to reveal to Joey what Aubrey and Cutter are doing if she does not find the money to get Vimal out of prison for a crime he did not commit. But Aubrey tells Joey she has invited Rama to live with him in Clint's home.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

CBS is pre-empting the show today so they can air basketball.

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