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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall, Bianca and Marissa play with the children in the park. A.J. and J.R. come into the living room where Colby sits on the sofa. A.J. gives Colby a present which is a pic of her and J.R. J.R. apologizes to Colby for the argument that they had had. Colby asks J.R. as to what he wants. At the Confusion bar, David lets Liza know that the Mayor isn’t too pleased with the video that she had seen of Liza on the internet. Jake lets Amanda know that the board doesn’t want to hire Cara permanently. Amanda is sorry and tells Jake to help Cara any way he can. Tad comes in the door with his back out again. Cara helps him into the living room where he lies down on the floor. J.R. asks Colby to please them to stop fighting and get this family back together. Liza reminds David that she had slept with Damon David insists on helping Liza to retain her job as D.A. in exchange for her helping him to get his license reinstated. Liza refuses to help David. Cara suggests to Tad that he take her out on a date. Liza sees Tad and Cara walk in. David senses that Liza still isn’t over Tad. Amanda comes in to join Tad and Cara and tells them that Jake had gone to the hospital to talk to the board in Cara’s defense. Cara leaves abruptly to go and help Jake talk to the board. Liza, seeing, Cara leave asks Amanda how does it feel to have Cara as a sister-in-law. J.R. tells Marissa that A.J. had awaken the night before and told J.R. that he missed Marissa. At the hospital, Jake tells Joe that he doesn’t want to blow his marriage to Amanda. With the help of Joe and Jake, Cara gets hired permanently at the hospital.

Joe sets conditions to Cara when it comes to her treatment of Tad. J.R. and Amanda discuss her marriage to Jake and how she feels toward Cara being in the picture. At the Confusion bar, Liza warns everyone that she is here to have a good time and they had better lock up their sons. Liza turns around and sees Colby watching her. Liza tries to explain, but Colby just walks out. J.R. goes after Colby to try to talk to her. Bianca accuses J.R. of using A.J. to get Marissa to move back in to Wildwind. Amanda asks J.R. for a job. J.R. is skeptic, but finally agrees. Jake sets guidelines for Cara to abide by if she is a doctor at Pine Valley Hospital. Cara insists to Jake that she will not compromise her standards as a doctor. David and Liza arrive back home to her hotel room. David makes the assumption that they are just alike. They kiss. Colby looks at the video of her Mother at the Confusion bar. Cara comes in to join Tad and Joe and lets Tad know that she had gotten hired permanently at the hospital. Tad and Cara hug. Jake comes home and finds out that Amanda had gotten a job with J.R. at Chandler Enterprises.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells the audience at the press conference that yes Taboo is alive and well and nothing can stop them. He vows the Forrester House will rise to new levels and they will make a difference. When Jarrett asks what everyone is thinking, what does he think of Brooke, Thomas answers flippantly maybe a seven or an eight. All Ridge says later is – “my office, now”. Ridge reams Thomas out and tells him he had no right to tell Madison not to send out the memo or call off the press conference. He’s not in charge here. Brooke sides with Thomas and begs Ridge to give him a break and not hurt the whole house of Forrester by pulling the Taboo line and trying to teach Thomas a lesson.

Ridge tells Thomas that he can not run this company if his decisions are not going to be followed. Thomas states that he needs to ease up. Everything he learned was what he learned from Ridge. He thinks he is doing the exact same thing Ridge would have done at that age. Jarrett finds a copy of the memo that Madison accidentally dropped on the floor; he’s astonished. Dayzee pays Thomas a surprise visit after Stephanie calls her. Thomas tells her that he is not interested in his father’s wife at all. He is a better man, the world is a better place with Dayzee. Ridge feels Brooke is taking Thomas’s side but she says she is not. She is just going to stay true to Thomas and to the Taboo line they worked so hard on. She does feel Ridge over-reacted to all of this and will regret it later and she won’t let him destroy his relationship with his son. She will continue to promote the Taboo line. Stephanie tells Taylor that Ridge and Tom will work this out, but she is sure the marriage to Brooke is over because she deliberately defied him.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Jennifer got papers in the mail, which made Abby curious.  Jennifer told her that they were divorce papers.  Abby was happy and wondered what changed her mind.  Jennifer wasn't sure.  She told Abby about having a good time with a friend.  Jennifer doesn't want to wait for Jack since he doesn't love hr.  Abby told Jennifer that she deserved better.  Jennifer wants to be strong.  Abby questioned whether jack needs to sign the papers.  Jennifer said he didn't but the divorce will take longer since Jack can't be found.  Jennifer told Abby not to tell the family.  Daniel got his divorce papers too.  He wanted to go with Melanie to the police station to see the guy who tried to steal from Melanie.  Melanie told him she took care of it and didn't want him to go to the police station.  Will and Gabi were in Justin's office talking about Dario.  Justin told them that Dario had priors.  Gabi still wants to help him.  Justin took the case, but couldn't promise anything.  Gabi wanted to tell Rafe, but she didn't think it would do any good.  She told Justin about Rafe's change and how he treated Dario as if Dario was a complete stranger.  Justin got a call from Dario's "lawyer".  Gabi didn't think he had a lawyer.  Justin wanted to wait until they got to the police station.  Dario's "lawyer" showed up at the police station.  Dario wanted to know if he had what he asked for.  The "lawyer" told him that he didn't get anything and that Dario was on his own.  Dario was upset because he can't do this alone.  Taylor and EJ thought about each other at the mansion.  Chad showed up and told EJ that he wanted to see Stefano.  Stefano wasn't there.  EJ barked at him that he should call next time and looked at his paperwork.  He informed Chad that he was busy.  Chad made fun of his accent and left.  Taylor went in the living room and was uncomfortable when EJ told her that Nicole was out and they had the house to themselves.  He wanted to talk to her.  EJ warned Taylor about giving Brady information.  Taylor sarcastically told him that she is a spy.  EJ went back to his paperwork and told her to leave.  Taylor wanted to know how EJ really feels about her sister.  He said he loved her in the past, but now they don't have a conventional marriage.  He said she makes him and his children happy and that was all that mattered.  Taylor told him that wasn't love.  EJ said he loved Nicole, but he was not in love with her.  Taylor questioned why he married her.  He told her he was feeling indifferent about love when he proposed.  He didn't think he would love again.

Stefano told "Rafe" that the real Rafe is gone.  "Rafe" wanted to know if Stefano killed him.  Stefano said he didn't.  He sent Rafe away to start a new life.  "Rafe" wanted to know where, but Stefano told him it was none of his business.  "Rafe" was nervous about running into the real Rafe on the street.  Stefano told him that Rafe was gone for good.  That is what happens to people who displease Stefano.  He wanted "Rafe" to remember that.  Stefano gave "Rafe" information about Dario.  Stefano wanted "Rafe" to study the information.  "Rafe" reminded Stefano that Stefano wanted him to stay away from Dario.  Stefano told him that he wanted him around Dario now.  "Rafe" studied the information and put it on his hand.  Stefano thought he was an idiot.  Will and Gabi ran into Abby at Java Cafe.  She opened up to them about her parents getting divorced.  Chad showed up and heard the conversation.  He promised not to tell what he heard.  Abby opened up to an understanding Chad about Jack abandoning her.  She asked him about Stefano and they talked about the DiMeras and how he was a father.  Daniel went to see Jennifer because he got her divorce papers.  He hired Justin as a lawyer too.  She gave him the divorce papers she received.  He opened up to her about his divorce and they both agreed to keep their divorces a secret.  Stefano told "Rafe" to act like the real Rafe and be there for Dario.  "Rafe" was apprehensive because he doesn't get along with Dario.  He reminded Stefano that he is not a clone and that Dario would see through it.  Stefano warned "Rafe" that he better succeed.  Taylor yelled at EJ for marrying Nicole without loving her.  She said Nicole wants a real marriage and wants to be loved.  EJ said it wouldn't be with him.  Melanie was surprised that Dario is a Hernandez.  Melanie and Dario got into an argument.  Dario and Gabi talked about Arianna and how he was in Salem to find her killer.  He hired a private detective, but got arrested.  "Rafe" showed up and reminded Dario about his past mistakes. "Rafe" called him a lazy thief.  Justin spoke to the judge and got Dario released. "Rafe" was not happy.  Gabi wanted Dario to stay with "Rafe" and Sami.  Taylor told EJ that Nicole is in love with him.  EJ didn't think so.  He grabbed her arm, but Taylor pushed him away.  She told him that he didn't want this.  Her sister needs her husband to love her.  Taylor didn't want to be the one to ruin Nicole's marriage.  EJ stopped her from leaving.  She struggled to get away from him, but it didn't do any good.  The two of them kissed.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Elizabeth is on the phone and finds out that she will get the DNA test back Thursday. Lucky confronts her. Alexis confronts Ethan and Luke outside of Jax’s room. Carly confronts Jax about the jewels in his safe They argue over the custody agreement. Sonny sits beside Brenda in her hospital room. Brenda wants to get out of the hospital. Jason holds a gun on Johnny and wants to know where Theo is. Johnny recalls that Theo mentioned Paris once. Michael tells Abby that he has some things to do tonight concerning Sonny and Jason and a possible shipment that is coming in. Michael promises to call her later. Carly hopes to reach an agreement with Jax, but he doesn’t want to hear anything Carly has to say. Alexis confronts Luke and Ethan that they are trying to stop Jax from getting custody of the children. An agent from Interpol arrives to investigate Jax. Lucky and Elizabeth discuss his possible marriage to Siobhan. Dante catches up to Lulu and tells her that he is going to do something that she may not like. Brenda is really surprised about what happened after he put her into the car after their wedding. Sonny tells Brenda how he felt when he thought that it was her in the car. Sonny and Brenda kiss. Johnny tells Jason that he and Theo never crossed paths. Jason tells Johnny that he made a big mistake as he aims his gun. Luke tells the agent from Interpol that he doesn’t know what he is talking about. Luke introduces Alexis to the Interpol agent. Agent Bates arrives at Jax’s door. Carly tries to clear things up so that this will look like Theo Hoffman is the one to blame. Agent Bates arrests Jax and Luke. Alexis comes up with a solution to this problem. Robin arrives at Johnny’s door and yells for him. Robin and Lisa come face to face. Robin comes to the conclusion that Johnny is going to turn her in. Elizabeth begs Lucky not to marry Siobhan and subject the children to this. Siobhan comes up to join Lucky. Dante wants Lulu to join him when he talks to Brenda. Jax threatens to sue the agent if he tries to arrest him. Carly vouches for both Jax and Luke. Siobhan tells Elizabeth that she doesn’t want to harm her kids in any way. Lulu blasts Elizabeth for coming down on Lucky and Siobhan. Patrick gives Sam her medication and tells her not to rush her recovery. Lisa insists that Johnny would not turn her in. Robin insists to Lisa that she will get the syringe to prove Lisa’s guilt. Steve asks Patrick what happened to Lisa.

Lucky and Siobhan go to the Haunted Star where he apologizes for involving her in this mess with Elizabeth. Siobhan lets Lucky know that they don’t have to go through with the wedding, but he insists. Lucky begins to make up excuses for Elizabeth and how she is feeling toward Lucky’s marriage to Siobhan. Siobhan fears that Lucky may still have feelings for Elizabeth. Lucky assures Siobhan that he wants to go through with this wedding and they kiss. Luke enters and heads straight to the bar. Lucky fears that Luke is having trouble with Tracy. Sonny attempts to spoil Brenda rotten by planning a honeymoon in a very exotic place. Steve gets tired of the constant arguing between Lisa and Robin. Patrick gives Brenda a clean bill of health. Sam comes to the penthouse to pick up some files. Spinelli wants to know how her doctor’s appointment went. Sam assures him that it went fine. Spinelli realizes that Sam is going to work instead of relaxing. At Pier 2, Sonny’s men unload a truck when the police sirens sound in the distance. Michael tells the men to run as does he. Dante chases after Michael and tells him to stop. Dante is surprised to see the man is Michael.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Natalie talks to Viki about Liam, Brody, John, and Kelly Cramer. John sits at Rodi's alone, drinking and thinking about Natalie lying to him about her baby's paternity. Brody comes in to report on the findings at the crime scene but remains to confront John about Natalie and the Liam. Kelly tells John that he can either pull himself out of his wallowing or he can ruin his life and career by becoming a bitter old drunk. She tells him to give her his car keys, but he says he has a case to work.

Starr worries about Todd after his shooting. Tomas goes into a hospital room to tend to his bullet wound. Blair tells Tomas that she will make the person that shot Todd pay. Jack won't answer Starr or Blair's calls. At La Boulaie, Jack tells his friends they can't have fun with what Dorian has in her doctor bag, but they will have fun with "Wheezy." Shane reads negative comments about him on his MyFace page. Gigi tries to get him to open up to her. He worries about his mother almost being shot, but doesn’t tell her about Jack's harassing him. She tells him he should make peace with Jack. Jack invites Shane over to "make it up to him," but the plan is for Beth to get Shane’s pants off in the closet and then videotape it when she opens the door. Blair calls Jack on Todd's phone, knowing that he won't ignore his father's calls, and tells him that Todd was shot and that she is sending a car because he needs to get to the hospital right away. Jack throws everyone out of La Boulaie. Gigi is frantic about Shane's absence in the middle of the night, but Shane returns. He won't tell her where he was and tells her not to give him anymore stupid advice.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Angelo intensifies pressure on Jeffrey to pay his debt when he leaves him without a tooth and Kevin tells Jana that they can’t have any contact with each other to help her recovery but it is really to keep her safe from the mob. Billy intervenes when Angelo is threatening Chloe and warns him to stay away from her and forget her name. Billy once again tells Chloe he will seek sole custody of Delia unless she really breaks up with Kevin. Chloe tells Billy that she will always protect Delia no matter what happens in her personal relationships. Jana thinks that if she finds Daisy’s baby and gives it to Kevin he might reconcile with her again so she goes to the church where Daisy left the baby but the priest tells her that he knows nothing about a baby. Jana is unaware that the lady who found the baby is there and the lady follows her out of the church to talk because she feels guilty because she sold the baby to a baby broker. Victoria takes Jana’s advice to do whatever she can to make up with Billy because it would really hurt deeply to lose the man she loves. Billy makes it clear to Victoria that he loves her very much and will always side with her over Jack and Ashley even though they are his brother and sister and the couple kiss and make up.

Adam finds Koe and starts to question him but Koe is suspicious of all the questions and soon figures out Adam is using a fame name. Adam tells Koe his true identity and that Sharon is being framed for Skye’s murder and wonders if Koe knows anything about the situation. Sharon heads to Thailand to look for Adam but Phyllis follows her onto the plane because Phyllis didn’t believe Sharon when she told her that she was going to a spa not too far away from the city. Sharon is pulled off the plane because they discover that she is using a passport for Faith who is only one year old. Phyllis stays on the plane because she wants to know what she is going to find in Thailand. Phillip and Nina tell Chance that he must go back into witness protection because they don’t want him to die as Cane did for trying to put the mob behind bars. Chance is sent a text before he takes the stand from Owen’s people saying that they have Heather and she will die if he testifies against Owen

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