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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Asher comes out of the Chandler living room, carrying a box that he plans on taking over to Erica’s. Ryan comes home to the condo from his meeting with the FBI about Annie and Emma. Greenlee immediately asks how the meeting had gone. Ryan mentions again as to how that Madison could have kept this secret from him for so long. Greenlee assures Ryan that this is the last thing that he should be worrying about since Emma is out there somewhere with Annie. At the hospital, Griffin examines Kendall and gives her a clean bill of health. Griffin questions Kendall as to what she is going to do now. Kendall lets him know that she is going to go to work. Griffin looks at the letter that Zach was to have supposedly wrote to Kendall. Caleb visits Erica at the townhouse and wonders what she wants with him. Erica tells him about a new promotional idea that she has for Cortlandt Electronics. Erica suggests that they work from her townhouse which doesn’t sit too well with Caleb. Colby comes downstairs and is ready to go out .J.R. questions her as to where she is going. Colby informs him that she is going into work. J.R. asks her hadn’t she caused enough publicity for Chandler Enterprises. At the Confusion bar, Liza looks at the video in which Colby had told the whole world that she had slept with Damon. Scott brings Madison some cinnamon buns before she goes into work. Madison mentions how that Ryan now knows that the baby is his. Ryan visits Madison and Scott. Ryan gives Madison a list of referral numbers. Asher arrives at Erica with the box of files. Caleb pays Asher a compliment that he is worth more than he thinks he is. Asher leaves abruptly. In going through the files, Erica finds out that they aren’t even numbered and vows revenge on J.R. Ryan lashes out at Scott for Madison living with him in such a run-down apartment with hardly no room at all. Ryan is angry because Scott had gone along with Madison keeping this secret from him and also questions Scott as to what is in this for him. At Fusion, Kendall tries to comfort Greenlee over just finding out that Madison is pregnant with Ryan’s child. Greenlee assures her that they will deal with it. Madison comes into work and Kendall immediately tells Madison about Greenlee’s new cosmetic line idea. Greenlee tries to tell Kendall that it was Madison’s idea, but Kendall doesn’t want to listen. Madison defends herself and tells Kendall that the new idea was hers. Madison pushes Greenlee into telling Kendall that she knew that she had known about her pregnancy. Greenlee confesses that she had known for months. Kendall, frustrated, tells Greenlee and Madison to deal with it. Madison and Greenlee reach a compromise in which Greenlee gives Madison complete control over the new line in exchange for Madison not letting Ryan know that Greenlee had known about the baby. Erica arrives at the Chandler home to talk to J.R. but only sees Colby, who asks for her help in how to take care of herself.

Erica and Colby discuss Adam and how that both of them miss Adam. Asher comes in ready to defend Colby, but Erica assures Colby that she can take care of herself. J.R. visits Scott and asks him and Madison to move back into the mansion. Scott refuses by telling J.R. that the baby isn’t his, but it is Ryan’s. Kendall also agrees to keep Greenlee’s secret. Madison comes home and interrupts Scott and J.R.’s conversation. J.R. tells Scott to consider his idea. Madison questions Scott as to what that was all about. Scott lies and tells her that it was about an idea for work. Madison lets Scott know that she had been put in charge of the new project idea at Fusion. Scott confesses and tells Madison why J.R. was really here, but the only place that he wants to be is right here. Ryan comes home and seeks comfort in Greenlee’s arms. Greenlee promises to stand by him for the rest of their lives. Ryan tells Greenlee that this baby will always a part of his life. Kendall confronts Griffin for following her and makes him promise not to do it again. Griffin mumbles to himself that he is not protecting her because she is sick, but because of something else.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke begs Ridge not to do this to Thomas, but Ridge says it is a done deal. Taboo is finished. Madison doesn’t like what she is doing and says there is still time to call off this press conference since Thomas is going against his father. Thomas promises her that she won’t lose her job over this. His father is just not thinking clearly at the moment. At the press conference, Thorne and Eric admit they have no idea why they are here or what Thomas and Brooke have up their sleeves. Ridge tells Brooke that this has ignited his son and he needs to stop it before it goes any further. He’s made his decision; Taboo is finished. A press conference now would only start a firestorm. Taylor pays one last visit to Thomas and says they need to talk. He moans that she has done plenty of that already, but this is not the end of his career. She doesn’t want him to hold this against Ridge, and Thomas replies that his dad over-reacted and he is going to do what he has to do. He has to cut this conversation short as he has something to attend to.

Stephanie pops in on Ridge and takes one last swipe at Brooke for corrupting Thomas. Ridge says it was not Brooke’s fault, but he’s corrected it by pulling the Taboo line. Much to Stephanie’s chagrin, Brooke goes to see Thomas to offer her support. She finds him engulfed by the press and wants to know what is happening. This was supposed to have been called off. He says she better be ready to address them herself. It will start in two minutes. She is shocked that he is over-riding his father’s orders. Eric introduces Thomas and he thanks the audience by saying big things are happening. He brings Brooke on stage. Not only is Taboo their frontrunner, they may even add a women’s line. And definitely there is another European tour to Pars, Milam, Berlin, London and Israel. He looks to Brooke when he says Taboo will be everywhere and so will they. Madison tells Ridge about the PC and he walks in just as he hears Thomas say this. He glowers at Thomas just as he vows, “nothing can stop Taboo.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

EJ, Nicole, and Taylor had dinner together at the mansion.  Things turn ugly at the dinner so Taylor left.  Nicole questioned EJ about Taylor.  Taylor kept thinking about EJ putting her scarf on her while she tried to sleep.  Rafe took the key out of the bedpost in his cell.  Stefano caught him with the key and asked the guard what it was.  The guard said it was the key he came there with when he got there.  Stefano wanted the key gone because all traces of Rafe's life had to be gone.  The guard agreed.  Melanie anxiously wanted to press charges against Dario.  Luckily for "Rafe" Gabi said Dario's name.  Dario dared "Rafe" to tell him that he is a burden.  "Rafe" covered up by saying that he would have appreciated a heads up instead of seeing him in handcuffs.  Dario confessed that this was not his first arrest.  Dario was upset with "Rafe" for not telling Sami about him.  Sami claimed that "Rafe" has told her about him, but she was surprised to see him.  Gabi wanted to talk with "Rafe", but he made her wait while he stepped away.  Sami apologized to Dario for him not making it to the wedding.  He claimed he wouldn't have gone to the wedding.  Gabi asked why he missed Ari's funeral.  She said he makes the family crazy by getting into trouble.  Dario got upset with her.  Will defended Gabi.  "Rafe" called Stefano and warned him that they had a big problem.  He told him about Dario Stefano ordered him not to have little contact with Dario until he knows him better.  Stefano warned him that Dario hates him.

Gabi had a chance to talk to "Rafe".  She told him that she had an incriminating cd.  "Rafe" told her that he couldn't make the problem go away because there were other victims who wished to press charges.  Gabi was surprised by his reaction.  "Rafe" told her that everything would be fine.  Gabi complained to Will that Rafe felt like a stranger. "Rafe" went to the interrogation room where he wanted Melanie to focus on Dario's intent to steal if she wanted him in jail.  She told him that Dario's a thief who belonged in jail.  "Rafe" was happy about that.  He went back to Gabi and company and told them that the victim wished to press charges.  Dario was suspicious about "Rafe's" behavior.  He declared that "Rafe" is not the brother he grew up with.  When "Rafe" walked away.  Sami told him about "Rafe's" accident.  She thought that Dario might have helped "Rafe" find himself again.  If so, she would be grateful.  "Rafe" told a cop not to give Dario any special treatment.  Sami and Will talked about why they were at the station.  She told him that she was upset with "Rafe" for advising Johnny to fight.  Will thought "Rafe's" advice wasn't bad considering the way kids are.  Stefano went back to the cell and saw Rafe in preppy clothes.  Stefano was pleased.  When Stefano left, the guard looked for the key.  The guard couldn't find the key and decided it didn't matter.  When the guard left, Rafe grabbed the key.  when Stefano came back, Rafe wanted to know more about his life.  Philip gave Chloe tickets to the opera.  Chloe was grateful to Philip for letting her and Parker stay.  Daniel showed up at the mansion to tell Chloe that he is filing for divorce.  Chloe appreciated him telling her in person.  She said she loved him, but accepted his decision.  She thought she deserved what happened to her.  Daniel still wanted her to be happy and was happy she was getting help.  He believed that the family didn't care.  "Rafe" was okay with that and walked away.  Sami thought he should stay.  "Rafe" wanted to go home and be with his wife.  Rafe held on to the key and believed that he shouldn't let it go.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Elizabeth walks in on Nikolas and Brook Lynn making out on the sofa. She says she won't allow Aiden to visit Nikolas as long as Brook Lynn is living with him. Elizabeth calls the lab and they tell her they should have Aiden's paternity test results Thursday. Jax ask Alexis to represent him in his divorce from Carly. Carly, Luke and Ethan plan to plant hot diamonds in Jax's room. Luke and Ethan are still in Jax's room when he returns, but are able to leave when Carly comes in. Alexis sees them in the hallway. Jax tells Carly that he wants custody of Josslyn and Morgan. She warns him that he has one last chance. She tells him that some jewels that were stolen while he was in Europe are in his safe and that Agent Bates from Interpol is on his way. She says he has the choice of being busted or going back to their original agreement.

Lisa taunts Robin at the hospital. Patrick says Lisa's career will be over when he is finished with her. Steve threatens to suspend Lisa and Robin. Terrell asks Steve if Patrick was exaggerating, and Steve says some of it was never proven, but Patrick and Lisa did have an affair and Lisa did have a breakdown. Lisa goes to Johnny and tells him Robin was being snarky, Patrick told Terrell about all her sins, and acted as if he despised her. Johnny tells her that Patrick got married and moved on and she should move on too. Steve calls her back to the hospital to work with Patrick on two patients that were just brought in from a motorcycle accident. Johnny addresses envelopes to Robin and Lisa and then sends them text messages telling them that he left something for them. Robin gets her envelope at Kelly’s; Lisa gets her envelope at Metro Court. Both contain the same message to meet Johnny at his place at 5:00. Johnny wishes Abby luck in her job search and tells her to take her time paying back the money she owes him. Michael overhears Bernie giving Spinelli instructions about a shipment coming into Pier 52 tonight. Abby invites Michael over to dinner tonight, but he asks to move it to tomorrow because he is covering for Jason tonight.    

Spinelli continues to search for a lead on Theo. Jason doesn't want Sam to help. Spinelli discovers wire transfers between Theo and the Trujillo family. Jason goes and waits in the Trujillo office and demands information about Theo. Mr. Trujillo says he doesn't do business with men who target women, and his association with the Corinthos organization is more important. He tells Jason that he had no personal contact with Theo, but that he referred Theo to John Zacchara. Jason goes to Johnny’s and tells him that Trujillo gave him up. Johnny tells him ne never knew Theo's plans, but that he was the one that shot the man that was stalking Sam at Theo's request.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

When Todd is in the hospital and doctors don't know if he's going to make it, Tea and Dani are frantic. Tomas stays alone in the house when Blair comes by to talk to Todd. He informs her that Todd is in the hospital. When Starr and James are happily together and her phone is off so her father can't interrupt her, Blair calls James to get the message to Starr that her dad has been shot. Tomas tells Blair he will go with her to be with Todd since he needs to support his sister and niece. Starr and James rush to be with them. Tomas watches while everybody urges an unconscious Todd to come through for them so they can continue to argue with him and let him be Todd. Bo and Rex find Alex at the island that Asa willed to Nigel and Bo suspects that Clint put her up to helping him exile and murder David. Bo goes to talk to Alex and she tries to seduce him. It appears she regrets attempting to help Clint. Meanwhile, Nigel tells Clint he must resign because Clint has disgraced Nigel's memory. Clint then remembers Bo telling him the very same thing. And it appears that Rex helps Bo prevent David from being in harm's way before it's too late.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chance’s family throws him a surprise birthday party and Chloe is surprised before the party when she finds Chance in bed with Heather. Chance tells Chloe that Heather was only keeping him company because he has been going stir crazy in his room. Chance tells his family he may have to return to witness protection but he hasn’t decided if he wants to return to witness protection The DA tells Chance that they have a jury ready to hear the case and he may testify later this afternoon. Nikki hides the fact that she drank an entire bottle of booze from Katherine and tells her she will get used to Victor being married to Diane. Deacon tries to explain to Nikki that his feelings for her are real but she doesn’t believe him and tells him that if he keeps harassing her she will have him arrested for harassment. Nikki also has the manager of the Athletic club tell Deacon to pack his things and move out. Nikki sees Victor and Diane and congratulates them on their marriage and later goes back to her room opens the mini bar and drinks some more. Paul tells Sharon he found Adam in Thailand and Sharon asks him to go to Thailand and bring Adam home but Paul says he can’t because the trial is coming up and he wants to be there for Nina and Heather. Sharon looks on the Internet and tries to figure out how to get a fake passport so that she can go look for Adam.

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