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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Jesse arrives at Krystal’s with Angie. Everyone is there to welcome Angie home. At the hospital, Madison confides in the doctor that she is nineteen weeks pregnant. Ryan comes in and tells Madison that Scott wasn’t even out of jail then and the child must be his. At home, Tad urges Jake to watch the wedding video with him, but Jake refuses. Tad assures him that they need to present a united front for the Immigration men, who are watching the house. Amanda tries to make friends with Cara, but all Cara can think about is how that Amanda had betrayed her by turning her in to Immigration. Greenlee walks up just as Madison has told Ryan that the child is his. Madison and Greenlee exchange looks. Amanda lets Cara know that her life and her marriage hadn’t been the same since Cara had come to town. Jake and Tad discuss how that Amanda hadn’t been able to accept Cara’s feelings for Jake and how that Amanda had turned Cara in. Tad tells Jake that Amanda needs to accept the fact that Cara and he are married now and she is staying in Pine Valley. Amanda and Cara walk in to overhear Tad’s conversation with Jake. Greenlee acts as though she hadn’t’ known about Madison’s pregnancy until today. Madison confesses to Ryan that he is the father of her child. Angie and Jesse confess to Krystal and Brot that they are nervous over the impending birth of their baby. Madison lets Ryan know that she will raise this child on her own. Amanda lashes out at Jake as to how he will never trust her again over this tragic mistake that she had made concerning Cara. Jake lets Tad know how much he loves him and always will. Jake reaches out and takes Amanda’s hand while Cara comes to Tad’s side. Cara promises to be the best wife she can be. Randi arrives at Fusion and finds Scott there, waiting for Madison. Randi lets Scott know that Ryan had taken Madison to the hospital. Scott rushes out to go check on Madison.

Ryan finds out from Madison that she may or may not have ever told him about the baby. Madison gets good news about the baby. Amanda, Jake, Cara and Tad decide to stick together through all this. Madison lets Scott know that Ryan knows about the baby. They hug. Jake and Amanda join the party at Krystal’s for Angie. Angie asks Jake to continue being the Chief of Staff for a little while longer until after the baby is born. Angie and Jesse asks Jake and Amanda to be the child’s god-parents. Jake and Amanda agree. Madison lets Scott know that he is off the “daddy hook”, but Scott lets her know that he is not letting her go. At home, Ryan complains as to how Madison could keep this secret from him. Greenlee starts to confess something to Ryan when the phone rings. It is the F.B.I. Ryan asks Greenlee what was she going to tell him, but she makes up another excuse to keep from telling him the truth. Tad and Cara are in the man-cave. Tad is practicing his Spanish with Cara coaching him to say the right words.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Thomas tells Ridge that he’s making a big mistake over something so silly. Taylor has got him convinced that this is a big deal and Brooke corrupted him. He begs his dad not to pull the Taboo line. Ridge listens to Thomas rant on, but in the end he says this was more than just a little runway stunt and he is still sending out the memo. It’s done; the Taboo line will be pulled. Brooke stands before Stephanie and Taylor and says she understands she was wrong now. She made a mistake and should have told Ridge about the kiss. Stephanie says she made a mistake too. She should not have given Brooke her trust. She seduced Thomas into kissing her and then deliberately did not tell Ridge. It’s mind-boggling. She can’t believe she took her into her life and gave her friendship, and then she betrayed her. She really let her down and she should have known she was not going to change. Time and time again she is going to screw it up. Brooke doesn’t want to listen to any more and leaves them with that she is going to her wonderful husband and get a wonderful hug. Thomas goes to Taylor and Stephanie and tells Taylor that because of her he has lost everything he has worked for so hard.

Thomas tells Stephanie and Taylor that his dad is pulling the Taboo line all because of Taylor’s paranoia. She is sorry as she is proud of all the work he has done, but this is the way it has to be. Brooke tells Ridge that she’s been there before and has survived it. They should not blow this out of proportion. He tells her that it’s already done, he has pulled the Taboo line. She states that Thomas got carried away, but pulling the line would be a bad publicity move as well as destroying his relationship with his son. She begs him not to take this away from Thomas. Madison stops by Thomas’s office to inform him of the memo. He knows about it and convinces her not to call off the press conference and not to send out the memo. He tells himself that if his dad wants war, he’s got war.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

While Gabi and Will were at the pawn shop, Gabi was shocked when she saw the surveillance footage. She wanted the disk.  The pawnbroker gave it to her.  Will wanted to know who the guy was, but she didn't want to say while they were there.  Dario bumped into Melanie on the pier.  He apologized and cleaned her coat.  She thanked him and he started to leave.  Out of the blue, she called him a thing who tried to steal her necklace.  She got her necklace back by picking his pocket.  He pretended not to know how it got there.  Melanie was mad at him and tried to make a call.  He stopped her by threatening to throw her phone in the river if she called the cops.  She and Dario got into it until she called for help.  Brady showed up to her rescue.  Taylor and Nicole showed up at the hospital so Taylor could give Lexie back her keys.  Lexie thought it was a mistake for Taylor to live with EJ and Nicole.  Nicole said there's no privacy anyway and walked out.  Lexie was concerned about Taylor living with EJ given their relationship.  Taylor claimed she wouldn't sleep with EJ.  Taylor doesn't like having to live with EJ, but her mother is sick and wants her to live at the mansion.  Lexie apologized about Fay being sick.  Taylor said the situation will be temporary.  Lexie warned Taylor that EJ is no saint.  Lexie wanted to know what Taylor would do if EJ acted on his feelings for her.  Taylor was more worried about her mother.  Nicole came back and wanted to know if Taylor was ready to leave.  Stefano showed EJ Rafe's medical file at the mansion.  The file said that Rafe's memory was gone.  Stefano said that Rafe couldn't fake a brain scan.  EJ wanted to get rid of Rafe.  He wanted Rafe out of the house.  Stefano didn't like the idea.   Stefano told EJ that Rafe had a seizure and could die if he suffers anymore trauma.  Kate interrupts them and wondered if they were scheming.  Stefano left the room to take a call.  Kate and EJ spoke about Allie.  She wanted to know why he wanted her sent away.  She also wanted to know why Rafe is suddenly a problem.  EJ lied and said he was going to take full custody of Johnny and Sydney and dismisses her questions.  Kate said she had an appointment and left.  When Stefano came back, he screamed that he wanted Rafe out of the house.  Stefano was furious.

Brady went to see Sami and noticed she was upset.  She opened up to him about her problems with Rafe.  Brady reassured her that everything will be all right and checked on the kids.  Sami agreed with Brady.  When Brady left, Sami reminded Johnny that he shouldn't fight.  "Rafe" got busted by Officer McCarthy while he was looking at his old criminal record.  The cop wanted to know who it was.  "Rafe" said it was a criminal mastermind.  The cop thought the criminal was a psycho ready to explode.  Gabi and Will wondered why her brother would steal her jewelry.  When she couldn't et a hold of Rafe, they decided to go to the police.  Chad went to the hospital to see Lexie.  They spoke about EJ's wedding and how Abe warned him about the DiMeras.  She assured him that Abe has problems with her family and couldn't be objective.  He felt like an outsider, but she said he wasn't.  Nicole and Taylor walked in while Stefano and EJ were talking.  Stefano wanted to know what Taylor was doing there. EJ said she was moving in the mansion.  When Nicole and Taylor left, Stefano was angry that EJ would invite guests there while Rafe was in the basement.  EJ refused to make Fay and Taylor leave.  Stefano was suspicious of EJ wanted Taylor to stay at the mansion and Rafe to leave.  Melanie and Brady went to the police station.  She wanted to press charges against Dario when she saw him.  When he called her crazy, she attacked him.  Brady stopped her.  Brady comforted her because she was upset about Dario.  Stefano decided to give EJ what he wanted by getting rid of Rafe.  EJ was pleased.  "Rafe" didn't know who Dario was when he saw him at the police station.  Will, Gabi, and Sami walked in on them as Gabi screamed Dario's name.  "Rafe" stared at everyone.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Kristina tells Carly that Michael is having dinner with Abby at her apartment. Dante and Jason argue about letting Theo go. Dante calls the police. Brenda is on a ventilator. Patrick informs Sonny that the antidote is not helping Brenda. Luke tells Ethan about Carly and Jax’s custody dispute. Luke wants to blackmail Jax. Maya and Tracy confront Luke and Ethan about their strange behavior. Abby and Michael’s kiss is interrupted when Kristina calls him about Brenda. Edward visits with Brenda. Mac warns Jason to stay out of trouble. Jax and Carly argue over Josslyn. Carly tells Jax that Brenda is dying. Kristina confronts Abby at the hospital. Michael overhears Sonny making a threat about killing Theo. Patrick worries that Brenda is not improving. Luke and Tracy agree to go on another honeymoon. Dante visits Lulu; he tells her about Brenda’s condition. Dante and Lulu share a passionate kiss. Sonny speaks to Brenda; she wakes up. Patrick and Robin inform Sonny that Brenda will make a full recovery. Jason and Sam talk about Theo’s escape. Jason is adamant Theo will die. Sonny and Brenda share an intimate moment.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

John cannot figure out who would be shooting at him and at Todd or why. Todd gets rushed to the hospital. John is also there and acts out of obligation when he finds out that Natalie and Brody have taken baby Liam to the hospital afraid he was sick. They both protest to him that they are not doing anything behind his back and that Natalie loves him. But he is completely cold and business like to both of them. Dorian stays at Viki's home waiting for Charlie to return back from telling Echo he will never see him again or else she (Dorian) will tell Viki what Charlie and Echo have been doing behind her back. Charlie tells Echo that he has to be there for Viki and for Jessica. Meanwhile, Dorian attempts to tell Viki she has to work on her marriage and know that Charlie is there for her. However, she does tell Viki she knows there may be something going on in that Charlie "needs to be needed" when Viki is not asking him for emotional support the way Echo is. And goes back to see Echo and confirms to her that he told Dorian he'd break it off with her so Dorian would leave him alone. But he lied. And he kisses Echo. Tess appears outside the door and watches them unseen.

Tess affirms to Langston that she is not going anywhere yet will "share" Robert with his inferior teenage mistress. Robert protests to Langston that he has no choice except to stay married to Tess. Otherwise, he will be broke. His baby will be taken from him. And he realized that Tess might be correct that if Jessica comes back, Brody and Clint will convince her and Viki to disregard him and never let him see the baby again. So he has to do what Tess wants in order not to lose his child. But she tells him that it's unacceptable for him not to trust her and expect her to be his mistress and it's over.

After Todd has been shot, Tea and Dani rush to be with him. Dani meets her uncle Tomas for the first time and affirms to him that she loves her father. Alone in the house, Tomas appears suspicious when we see he's bleeding from a gunshot wound that looks like it might have come from John in the shoot out and he has a phone conversation that reveals he might know all about Todd being shot and had something to do with it.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Kyle informs Jack that he wants to live with Diane at the ranch because he misses her and wants to get to know his new stepfather. Phyllis tells jack that she blames herself for Kyle moving out because he doesn’t like her. Jack worries that Victor is just using Diane and Kyle to get back at him for advising Abby to sue him. Jack worries that once Victor gets tired of Diane and Kyle he will hurt them just like he has hurt the rest of his family. Victor and Diane have a small wedding reception at Glowworm to celebrate their marriage. Katherine finds out from Jack that Tucker had a role in the huge rift in the Newman family and demands the truth from Tucker. Tucker tells Katherine that he made business deals based on things that could happen and Katherine figures out that he pitted Victoria and Jack against each other to force Newman enterprises to go public just like he did with Chancellor Enterprises. Katherine tells Tucker she is ashamed of him and will do everything in her power to stop him from destroying Newman Enterprises.

Nick looks for his mom everywhere and is upset with himself for telling Nikki about Victor’s marriage to Diane over the phone. Nikki wants to take a drink and thinks about it but she goes over to Victoria’s and tells Nick, Victoria, and Billy they were all right about Deacon he can’t be trusted. Nick tells everyone at Victoria’s house that he tried to persuade Victor to end things the day of arbitration decision but he refused and he can’t understand why. Nick also talks about Victoria’s deal with Tucker which Billy didn’t know about and once Nikki and Nick leave Billy tells Victoria that she should have trusted him enough to tell him about his deal with Tucker but she didn’t because she was afraid he would tell Jack. Billy tells Victoria that she doesn’t know the kind of person he is and they argue about this for several minutes. Nikki goes back to her suite at the Athletic club and throws all of Deacon’s things out in the hallway. Deacon knocks on her door and she tells him to take his things and leave because she never wants to see him again. Nikki ignores a call from Katherine and decides to drink to drown her sorrows.

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