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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Having slept on the couch in an awkward position, Tad wakes up unable to feel his legs. As Cara tries to help him to the bed, he accidentally falls on the floor. At the hospital, Griffin plays on Jake's guilt feelings to make sure his sister gets a permanent position at PVH. Greenlee is upset with Kendall for not being available the previous night during the disaster that has befallen Fusion. She then admits that she's upset that Madison went with Ryan to Boston to look for Annie and Emma. To make it up to her friend, Kendall offers to go out and buy coffee for everyone at the office. Jake reams Scott for having used the hospital computer to make Madison an appointment for a sonogram, but gives him one more chance. Amanda walks up behind him and asks if she can have one, too. Upon returning to Ryan's condo, Madison experiences more cramps but doesn't want Ryan to call Scott. When Tad and Cara arrive home, he carries her across the threshold and hurts his back again. Jake and Amanda are there waiting for them to return, so they can make amends. Scott goes to Fusion to check on Madison and finds out that she was gone all night with Ryan. Scott asks Greenlee if she minds her husband being with his ex-girlfriend. Greenlee assures him that she just wants Emma to return to her dad. At the condo, Madison has another cramp, so Ryan takes her to the hospital.

Tad asks for Jakeís help in getting him over to the sofa. Jake tells Cara that he had put her name before the board to offer her a permanent position at the hospital unless she wants to work somewhere else. Cara admits that she likes working at the hospital, but becomes angry when she thinks that it was Amanda’s idea that she work at a different place. Griffin advises Kendall about drinking coffee and her heart condition. Kendall tells Griffin that she is giving up on trying to find out any info on Zach, and she is just going to let it go. Kendall throws the letter in the trash. Scott lets Greenlee know that he wants to do stuff for Madison as a way of making up for things that he had done in the past. Jake inquires of Tad as to how far he had gone with making this marriage legit. Tad confesses that they didnít go all the way. Ricky visits Kendall and finds out that she is dropping the investigation on what really happened to Zach. He then offers to help her remember all the special moments and places she and Zach shared. The doctor questions Madison as to how far along she is. Ryan interrupts and tells the doctor about 11 weeks. Madison gets Ryan to go and call Scott while she tells the doctor that that she lied about how far along she really is. Madison confesses that she is 19 weeks along. Ryan walks in and tells them that Scott wasn’t out of jail then and figures out that the baby is his. Greenlee overhears the conversation.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Brooke tells Ridge that she feels so sorry for disappointing him by not telling him about the kiss. It was small and insignificant, but she will never keep anything from him again. She hopes he can forgive her. She realizes now keeping it a secret made it worse. He hugs Brooke and says this really hurt him, and he needs to see Thomas. She asks him to have patience. Neither of them will make a mistake like that again. Taylor rants to Stephanie that this won’t fly this time. Brooke kept yet another secret from Ridge. Stephanie wonders if that is what Taylor really wants – Ridge to leave Brooke and come directly back to Taylor. Thomas is around when Pam shows Dayzee some photos that she is making up for Marcus to put in his apartment in Paris. He’s homesick. Thomas confides in Dayzee that his mother is here causing a little trouble about the Brooke kiss. But he’s not worried about the Taboo line; it’s too important. He steps into his Dad’s office and says they need to talk.

Taylor tries to convince Stephanie that Brooke is still the slutty tramp she always has been. Brooke wants to tell her side. Ridge asks Thomas how any of this could have happened. Thomas tells his dad that he was the one who convinced Brooke not to say something, just to avoid what is happening now, seeing how upset he is. Ridge tells him not to try and whitewash this and make it less than it is. Thomas reminds him that it must be like father, like son. His dad did a lot worse when he kissed Brooke while she was married to Eric. Ridge asks if this is about revenge. He needs to understand why Thomas would kiss his wife. Again Thomas tries to pin his behavior on Ridge’s past behavior. Ridge doesn’t appreciate his attitude and lack of respect for his wife and marriage. He hands him the memo he is going to send out – canceling the Taboo line. Stephanie is so disappointed in Brooke and states that if she betrayed Ridge this way, then she might do the same to Stephanie. She wants her to leave as she can not even talk about it right now.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Gabi attacked Kinsey because she thought Kinsey stole her earrings.  Bo showed up and wanted to know what was going on between them.  Kinsey wanted to press charges against Gabi.  Bo questioned Kinsey about the earrings. Kinsey had a receipt for the earrings, but she didn't have it with her.  Bo tried to talk Kinsey out of pressing charges.  Bo tried to talk to Gabi about the situation too.  He didn't want her to get arrested on Rafe's first day back on the force.  Dario went back to the pawn shop with more jewelry.  He said the jewelry was his mother's jewelry.  Adrienne told Jennifer about her engagement to Justin.  Jennifer had a surprise for her.  She wants to divorce Jack.  They talked about the way Jack has been acting.  After they talked, Adrienne left Jennifer alone.  Jennifer rushed off.  Nathan yelled at a nurse because no one told him Melanie was released.  Maggie saw him yelling and ordered him to stop.  He told Maggie that Melanie said they were through.  Maggie advised him to give Melanie some time.  Daniel and Carly took Melanie home.  Carly was worried about Melanie.  She thinks that Melanie is holding back her pain.  Daniel noticed that Carly is doing the same thing about Bo.  Daniel wanted to talk to Bo.  Bo was discussing the stolen earrings when Daniel showed up.  Daniel told Bo that he was a jerk for what he did to Carly.  Daniel didn't want it to come out that way.  Bo explained that it was a complicated situation.  Bo was glad that Carly has Daniel in her corner.  Sami walked in on "Rafe" advising Johnny to hit someone.  She was upset about it.  They ended up arguing over it.  Carrie ended up calling Sami while she was fighting with "Rafe".  "Rafe" wanted to make up with Sami.  Johnny told Sami about "Rafe" teaching him how to punch and eating ice cream.  Johnny thinks "Rafe" is the best and likes him the way he is.

Dario met a shady character who wanted his money.  Dario was able to get some of it.  He needs more time to get the rest.  Jennifer bumped into Daniel while she was out.  They ended up playing darts.  They had a lot of fun.  Will and Gabi showed up at the pawn shop to get answers about her earrings.  Will mentioned Bo and the pawn man showed them his footage.  Gabi was shocked.  Bo handed "Rafe" paperwork that needed to be done.  Bo wanted to know if "Rafe" brought back all of the DiMera files he had taken earlier.  "Rafe" got nervous, but said he would bring them tomorrow.  Bo told him not to forget and left the room. Melanie went for a walk.  Dario spotted Melanie and noticed the expensive necklace she was wearing.  "Rafe" deleted his criminal record from the police computer.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Jax won't let Carly take Josslyn home because Carly puts her in danger. Luke offers to blackmail Jax for Carly. Maxie admits that she has feelings for Matt. Michael tells Kristina that pursuing Ethan is a bad idea because he is married. When Abby gives Michael her address, Kristina writes it down. Kristina goes to Carly and tells her that Michael and Abby are planning to have sex. Johnny threatens to press charges against Robin for breaking and entering. Patrick wonders what Lisa has on him that he would turn on Robin. He says it can't be the sex, because it isn't any good. Johnny defends Lisa's honor and throws Robin and Patrick out.

Theo holds Suzanne in front of him as a shield with an armed man standing on each side of him aiming at Dante and Jason. Theo tells them that if they are there to save Brenda, then they will have to let Theo leave. Sonny finds the poisoned Brenda inside and carries her out. He tells Jason to hurry up and take out Theo so they can get Brenda out of there. Theo tells them that Brenda will stop breathing in an hour so they will have to choose between saving her and getting revenge against him. Sonny tells Dante and Jason to let Theo go. Jason and Dante go after Theo. They manage to shoot Theo's henchmen, but Theo and Suzanne get on a plane. Sonny gets Brenda to GH but Patrick discovers that they don't have the exact antidote, but that they will try the next closest.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Viki, Clint and Tea draw up a legal agreement to authorize Robert Ford liberal rights to his infant son if he agrees to help them get Tess committed to St. Anne's. But before they get to his apartment, Tess works on him reminding him that he needs her financially in order to raise his child. If she goes to St. Anne's, Clint and Brody will prevent him from seeing his baby and Viki and Jessica could care less about him. Although he's assured Langston that he plans to sign the agreement and have Tess committed, he chickens out and tells Viki he cannot agree to her terms. Bo and Rex go to Morocco and find a guard who wants to help them find David and Bo concludes he bets that David's ex wife, Alex has held him captive at the request of Clint. Todd and John get involved in a shoot out and it appears Todd is shot. Dorian corners Charlie, tells him she knows that he is ready to cheat on Viki with Echo and tells him if he does not break it off with Echo, she will tell Viki. He then goes to see Echo to do what Dorian asks. But he finds he cannot go through with it and kisses her passionately again.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Sharon hires Paul to find Adam and although Paul doesn’t want to take the case he agrees to help Sharon so that she can find closure. Michael tells Diane the stipulations of her pre nuptial agreement with Victor which state that she gets $250.00 after 1 year of marriage $500,000 after 2 years and so on with the money capping off after 10 years of marriage. Diane doesn’t sign the agreement to marry Victor until she finds out that Victor has provided Kyle with a generous trust fund that remains in effect even after they divorce. Diane feels like she has no choice but to marry Victor since she talked to Nick earlier and he told her they can’t go back to their former relationship and they can’t even be friends since she is with Victor now. Victor sends all of the contents of Nick’s office home to him as a way of telling him he no longer works for Newman enterprises. Kyle tells Phyllis that Diane may be marrying Victor and he is going to move into the ranch so they can be a family. Phyllis talks to Michael on the phone and hears Victor and Diane in the background talking to the judge and she knows that Diane and Victor are getting married.

Nick refuses to be Jack’s partner in an attempt to further sink his family business and Phyllis arrives at Nick’s house and tells both Nick and Jack that Victor went to Vegas to elope with Diane. Maggie is caught by the police trying to escape so she calls Nikki to tell her that she has something important to tell her since Maggie figures that Deacon double crossed her and told the police about her escape. Nikki arrives at the jail followed a few minutes later by Deacon and Maggie tells Nikki the way she and Deacon made her start drinking again. Nikki doesn’t believe Maggie at first until Deacon asks Nikki to believe that his feelings for her are real and he never wanted to hurt her. Nikki is lived with Deacon and tells him she never wants to see him again. Nikki calls Nick telling him she made a terrible mistake and needs to talk to Victor. Nick tells his mom that Victor isn’t in town because he went to Las Vegas to elope with Diane.

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