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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Kendall sits at a table in Krystal’s when Griffin comes in to join her. Kendall is still upset over the letter that she had received from Zach in which he had called her “sweetheart.” Griffin urges Kendall to talk to Brot, who stands at the counter. In the park, Erica and Ricky have a chat about Kendall and how she is doing now. Erica receives a phone call from Jack, who wants to see her ASAP. Erica leaves in a hurry. Jack picks up a key on the counter and holds it in his hand. Madison brings a garbage bag full of shampoo, conditioner and hair spray out of the bathroom and lays it down by the door. Madison suggests that she would like to start an organic line at Fusion of hair care products designed just for pregnant women. Scott tells her to go for it. Madison is skeptic about pitching her idea to Greenlee and Kendall. Ryan, Greenlee and David wait patiently for the phone call from Annie and Emma. David answers the phone when it rings, but Ryan takes it from him and finds out that Emma is on the other line. Ryan asks her where she is and she tells him Boston. Emma gives him his instructions on where to leave the money. Emma insists to Ryan that she had wanted to talk to Madison. Erica comes home and finds luggage packed by the door. Erica is confused and thinks that Jack is leaving her, but he coaxes her into coming with him on a little trip. Diana meets up with Ricky outside of Krystal’s as he watches Griffin and Kendall talking. Griffin urges Kendall to talk to Brot about the letter. Kendall, reluctantly, gets up and goes over to where Brot is. Diana warns Ricky as to what will happen if Kendall finds out the truth and goes to the police. Ricky assures her that he has info on Griffin that he has been stealing meds from the hospital and giving the drugs to poor people. Brot reads Zach’s letter, but assures Kendall that the police cannot do anything about it. Kendall sits down, frustrated, by the news.

Madison comes to work and starts to tell Randi her new cosmetic line idea when Randi gets a call that she has to take care of immediately. David asks Greenlee to help him to get his medical license back, but Greenlee insists that he hasn’t done anything to help her to get Emma back. David accuses Greenlee of being angry right now because Ryan needs Madison’s help instead of hers. Greenlee gets a call from Randi that there is something wrong with the product line which contains a toxic substance. David offers his help, but Greenlee refuses and tells him to leave. Greenlee tells Ryan about the toxin in the product line. Ryan tells Greenlee that he is getting Madison to accompany him to Boston. Jack brings Erica to the yacht which once had belonged to Zach and Kendall and now belongs to Jack. Erica and Jack make love to celebrate them being back together. Erica meets with Caleb at the Confusion bar. Erica tells Caleb her new idea for Cortlandt Electronics. Kendall and Griffin argue over Brot’s attitude toward the letter. Ricky interferes which leads to Kendall telling Griffin to back off. Erica tells Caleb that she had considered quitting Cortlandt Electronics, but had changed her mind. Scott catches David on the hospital computer and orders him to leave the hospital. David raises opposition to Scott’s order. Ryan asks Madison to accompany him to Boston. Madison has reservations about going, but looks to Greenlee as to how she feels about it. Ryan tells Madison that Greenlee wants Emma home as much as he does. Greenlee sets ground rules for Madison accompanying Ryan to Boston. Kendall picks up a fireplace iron to hit Ricky in the head as he pokes his head in the door. Erica and Jack come to visit Kendall and once again she picks up the fireplace iron to hit them. Kendall realizes that she is ruining her life and vows to stop this right now. Madison has yet another pain in her stomach as she prepares to leave with Ryan.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Taylor tells Ridge that she knows this is shocking, but Thomas and Brooke were kissing on the airplane on the way back from Paris. He doesn’t want to believe it, but she fills him in on the details and thinks the only way to stop all of this is to pull the Taboo line today. Thomas tells Brooke they need to pre-empt this and to tell his Dad right now. If Taylor is already telling him, then let her rant and they will go in and calmly explain what happened. He appreciates Brooke’s concern, but he will be fine. He knows how to handle his dad. He runs into Steffy first who sees his foul mood and demands that he spill what is wrong. Taylor rushes to Stephanie’s office and relays her news to her. She doesn’t know how Brooke will talk her way out of this.

Stephanie tells Taylor that the Taboo line is making too much money and Ridge will never pull the line. Taylor knows that Brooke and Stephanie have gotten much closer and now she is believing her, but she needs Stephanie to remember what sort of person Brooke really is. Now she will go after her grandson. Stephanie needs to listen to her now. Brooke is in control here and she has no idea why Ridge puts up with this and stays with her. She has asked for forgiveness one too many times. Steffy blows a gasket when she hears that Thomas kissed Brooke and she states that this is not going to be easy on Ridge. Ridge tells Brooke that the mistake of kissing her was Thomas’s, but the secret of keeping it from him was all her….a pretty big mistake. She was an innocent participant, but she knew his concerns about Thomas and the Taboo line. She has crossed the line again and tried to keep it from him. She said it was a small little kiss, one of appreciation but Thomas asked her not to say anything. Ridge says he had a right to know. Taylor’s concern may have planted a seed in Thomas’s mind, but Brooke should not have withheld that information from him. Her loyalty and concern should have been with Ridge, not Thomas. She said it was all innocent and she did not want to hurt all of their relationships. Not telling him was a mistake. She wants him to forgive her.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Vivian talked to Gus about her life being empty ever since she left the island.  He's convinced that she needs to start scheming again.  Sami gave Kate a package to be sent to Allie.  Kate told Sami how she talked to Lucas and he told her about Allie's problems with "Rafe".  Sami tried to deny the problems, but Kate didn't believe it.  Stefano overheard them and he wanted to know why Kate talked to Sami the way she did.  Kate was shocked that Stefano would defend Sami.  Stefano wanted Kate to think of her grandchildren.  Sami continued to downplay what was going on between Allie and "Rafe".  "Rafe" talked to Nicole about Sami.  He complained about Sami watching him all of the time.  They continued to talk about Sami as well as when Rafe set Nicole up.  After Nicole left, "Rafe" questioned why Rafe didn't hit on Nicole.  EJ realized that he is having a hard time keeping his feelings for Taylor under control.  They were about to kiss, but she stopped him.  EJ hugged her and she slapped him.  Nicole walked in as EJ and Taylor finished talking about their attraction to each other.  Nicole noticed the tension between them and wanted answers.  Taylor lied and said they were talking about Fay.  She also told Nicole that she can't move in after all.  EJ tried to cover by saying Taylor didn't want to live with the DiMeras.  Nicole begged Taylor to stay.  

Gabi was upset about her earrings being stolen.  Will wanted to find the person who took them.  Sami saw Will and Gabi and told them that "Rafe" had a clean bill of health, but something is wrong with him.  Gabi noticed it too.  Gabi thinks they should be patient with "Rafe". Dario took the earrings to a pawn shop and was offered $100 for them.  Vivian told Gus that she needs a man like Stefano in her life.  She's convinced that she can get Stefano from Kate.  Johnny talked to "Rafe" about a kid who picked on him.  "Rafe" wanted to teach him how to fight.  Johnny reminded "Rafe" that he said it's wrong to fight.  "Rafe" said it's okay to fight.  Kate and Stefano continued to talk about Sami and the kids.  Stefano didn't want to tell Kate the truth yet.  Stefano eventually called "Rafe" and told him that Sami is not as mad as she should be.  "Rafe" is working on it.  Gabi accused Kinsey of stealing her earrings.  Stefano received a call that Rafe's memory has been erased.  Stefano was pleased.  Stefano wanted "Rafe" to blow Rafe's life and job.  Gus called Vivian and told her that he overheard Stefano talking about Rafe.  She wanted Gus to continue spying on Stefano.  Sami walked in the apartment as "Rafe" told Johnny to smash someone's face.  Taylor finally agreed to stay at the mansion.  Taylor and EJ gazed at each other and then he lowered his gaze.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Maya comes into Kelly's while Kristina is trying to flirt with Ethan. She jokingly asks him if she should be jealous. Kristina overhears Ethan asking Maya if they can move out of the Quartermaine Estate and get their own place. She tells them that the guesthouse next door to her is for rent. Patrick tells Robin that Terrell has ulterior motives, but Robin doesn't think so. Maxie and Matt are hiding in Johnny's apartment waiting for Johnny and Lisa to finish having sex in the living room so they can leave. Once outside, they rejoice about having heard Johnny and Lisa discussing the syringe. They immediately go to GH and report their findings to Robin and Patrick. Later Robin and Patrick break into Johnny's apartment to look for the syringe. Johnny and Lisa return while they are still there.

Brenda tells Theo that if he lets her go she will explain to Sonny that Theo was simply acting out of grief for his son and grandchild, but Theo tells her that Sonny is nothing more that an obstacle that will be removed. When Theo tires of Brenda's failure to reveal where his grandchild is, he has one of his men hold her down and inject her with a neurotoxin poison. Brenda's guard looks for Sonny. Another of Sonny's henchmen stabs him in the back but he is able to tell Sonny with his last breath that the Balkan is going to kill Brenda. Dante contacts Agent Bates at Interpol and asks him to run a background check on Suzanne Stanwyck. Agent Bates tells him there is no record of her existence prior to 1985. Jason and Spinelli tell Suzanne that they know she is Theo's wife and demands that she tell them where Brenda is. She draws them a map. Sonny, Jason, and Suanne are about to go to the cave when Dante arrives and says he is coming too. Suzanne goes in first and Theo knows she has betrayed him. He uses her as a shield when he and his men confront Jason and Dante. Meanwhile, Sonny goes inside and finds Brenda.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

While Tess is alone and distracted in the apartment with James and Starr, Robert takes the baby to Buenos Dias and meets Langston to tell her he has a plan. He tells her he wants to devote his life to raising his baby and is not going to let Tess intimidated him. So he is going to get her committed with the help of a lawyer. When she meets the lawyer, she is skeptical with how much it's going to cost. But he tells her it makes no difference to him. He cannot put a price on his child or on getting rid of Tess. Meanwhile, Clint tells Viki he needs to put a stop to any chance Tess or Robert Ford have of raising his grandchild. But she tells him they need to offer Robert parental rights so that he will cooperate with them in getting Tess committed so that they can have their daughter and their grandson back. And she informs Tess she understands why Robert has no reason to trust him after he got Robert assaulted and threatened his mothers and brothers and all the other stunts Clint has pulled. Viki has Tea represent them who agrees that they need to work with Robert and not against him in order to get Jessica the help she needs and get baby Ryder back.

Thomas confronts Todd telling him he's not going to let Todd hurt his (Thomas') sister, Tea or his new "friend" Blair. Todd then tells Thomas that he and both women have reason to be suspicious of Thomas who has been hidden all these years and then comes out of nowhere. He goes to talk to a drunken and discouraged John at Rodi's telling him that maybe the cops need to check into Thomas' past before somebody else gets hurt. But John tells Todd that's not the way the law works. John does not want to get back with Natalie although Tea tells him she knows he needs to come to his senses. She is furious to see that John disregards her and is sleeping with Kelly. She goes and talks to Brody who feels similarly helpless to get Jessica back.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nick finds out that his mom moved in with Deacon and isn’t happy about it but he tells his mom not to be ashamed to come to her family if things don’t work out with Deacon. Katherine also talks to both Victor and Nick to see if she can persuade them to begin to put the Newman family back together but both Victor and Nick feel like they have lost their family and it will never be like it was again. Victoria is also feeling sad because her family is torn apart although she isn’t sorry that she joined Abby in the lawsuit. Billy tries to cheer Victoria up by offering to take her to the circus but Victoria decides its time to thank Billy for being so supportive of her so she puts on the bunny suit he bought her and they make love. Nikki admits to Katherine she slept with Victor but says it is just a one-time thing because she wants to see where her relationship with Deacon will lead her.

Deacon comes up with a plan to help Maggie escape from jail so he tells the prison guard he wants a conjugal visit with Maggie and he gives her a pair of hospital scrubs he snuck in under his shirt and tells her to change into them and escape. Maggie promises Deacon that if his pan works she will never contact him again. Diane gives some serious thought to Victor’s marriage proposal and asks Kyle his opinion as well. Kyle tells his mom that he wishes that Nick would be his step dad since they have fun together because they have the same sports in common but he knows that Diane and Nick are just friends and don’t have a romantic relationship. Kyle tells Diane that if Victor makes her happy then she should marry him. Victor tells Diane that he bought her a dress and the jet is ready to go to Vegas and he will be waiting on the jet for her. Diane finally decides to accept the proposal and is heading out the door with the dress on when Nick arrives and the look on his face says where are you going and why are you wearing a white dress?

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