Wednesday 3/9/11 Recaps

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AMC Recap Written by Mary

Joe proposes a toast to the happy couple, Tad and Cara. Opal finishes the toast. Griffin wishes Cara to be happy in her new life. Joe urges Tad to make this marriage work. David stands at the bar at Krystal’s when Ryan and Greenlee come in. Greenlee notices that David is in scrubs and wonders if he had gotten his job back. David lets Greenlee know that he is doing volunteer work. At home, Scott offers Madison a ride to her sonogram appointment. Madison lets him know that she couldn’t get an appointment. Jake apologizes to Cara for Amanda turning her in to Immigration. At the Confusion bar, Amanda drowns her sorrow in a martini. Agent Trumbull joins her and even buys the next drink. Jake welcomes Cara back to the family. J.R. invites Marissa to move back in to the Chandler mansion, but Marissa accuses him of not ever giving up. Amanda gets a call from Jake, but ignores it. At the hospital, Scott asks a nurse to give Madison an appointment for her sonogram, but the nurse refuses. Scott gives Madison an appointment himself with the help of the computer. Scott calls Madison to tell her about her appointment. Ryan suggests some television air time in order to reach out to Annie to bring Emma home. Ryan asks David for his help in getting Emma home. Greenlee accuses David of only helping Ryan to get Emma home so he can get his job back at the hospital. Greenlee starts to get up and almost falls. David wants to check her, but Ryan insists that he will take Greenlee to the hospital. Madison sees her baby through the sonogram. Madison and Scott hold hands. Opal gets acquainted with Griffin and gives him a hug. Tad starts to dance with Cara when an alarm goes off. Jake lets Tad know that Cara knows about Amanda turning her in to Immigration. Wedding pics are taken of the wedding guests and the bride and groom. Greenlee runs into Scott at the hospital and sees the sonogram.

A.J. invites Marissa to go home with him. Marissa is taken aback by his offer. Mrs. Griffin says good-bye to Cara. Ruth lets Griffin, Cara and Mrs. Griffin know that they are part of the family now. J.R. bumps into Amanda in the Confusion bar and misinterprets that Agent Trumbull is attacking her and drags Amanda away with some few choice words to Agent Trumbull. Tad thanks everyone for their help in pulling this wedding off. At the hospital, Jake finds out that Scott and Madison are having a girl. Ryan and Greenlee watch on television Ryan’s appeal to Annie to bring Emma home. Tad sees some immigration men watching the house and suggests that they go to a motel. Cara agrees. Madison confronts Scott about getting her the sonogram appointment. Tad and Cara get a room at the Yacht Club. David calls Ryan to let him know that he heard from Annie. Annie calls back at exactly 6:00 p.m.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Ridge likes Thomas’s idea of going to Milan with Brooke and promoting the Taboo line. Nothing bad happened in Paris and he states that he has total faith in them. Oliver snaps more pictures of Brooke and Thomas. Brooke confides in Oliver that Liam broke off his relationship with Hope. She hopes there will be no pressure, but that Oliver will be there for her. He shows Hope some of her latest photo shoots and they are fabulous. He tells her that he knows she is hurting and he is sorry. Brooke tells Ridge that she is not pushing for it, but she wants Oliver to spend more time with Hope. Taylor comes by Thomas’s office and tells him that she was there last night and overheard him and Brooke talking about their kiss while on the jet. He tells her that it is not what she is thinking. She thinks it started with that very first kiss on the runway. Brooke has taken advantage of every other Forrester man, so it wasn’t a matter of if but when. He tells her that Brooke is not to blame for the kiss. It was all him, not a big deal.

Hope giggles while Oliver creates a little magic in the studio. Ridge tells Brooke that Taylor has nothing to be worried about. Thomas is right on tract and is dating Madison, Summer and now Dayzee. Taylor is shocked when she realizes that Thomas actually kissed Brooke and while she was sleeping. That really was inappropriate. He said he wasn’t thinking, but he wanted to be sure that he was immune to Brooke’s pull over the Forrester men. She tells him that he is way too close to Brooke even if it is professionally. She has no boundaries and is a sexual predator. He tells her that he pleaded with Brooke not to go to his father and he hopes Taylor will do the same. He is afraid of what she may do. Thomas fills Brooke in on that Taylor knows, but she says she is not worried. She trusts Ridge’s love for her and that he will understand. Taylor goes straight to Ridge. She rants that she did not want to get him involved. She did not want to come here, but she can’t keep this from him. He finds it incredulous that she is saying that on the way back home from Paris that Brooke and Thomas were kissing.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Maggie tried to downplay her confession of loving Victor.  She made it seem as if she cared about his family and how she is Brady's sponsor.  Victor wanted to know who she loves.  She started listing his relatives, but Victor wanted to know where he stood.  She reminded him about the way he treated Brady.  Victor reminded her that Brady stole his company.  They continued to talk about Victor's ways.  One thing lead to another and they kissed.  Philip, Chloe, and Parker spent time together.  Chloe was happy that she and Parker are not alone in the world.  She promised she wouldn't do anything foolish.  She wanted Philip to work things out with Melanie.  Philip let her know that things are over between them.  Justin and Adrienne arrived at the pub and saw Hope waitressing.  Hope was helping Caroline out at the pub.  Hope was happy to see that they are back together.  She wanted to know if they told their boys yet.  They didn't say anything yet.  "Rafe" talked to Bo about getting back to work.  "Rafe" said it would be weird to be on the right side of the law for a change just as Sami walked in the room.  "Rafe" fumbled putting the gun in his holster.  He wanted to keep his gun in the closet.  Sami told him how Johnny likes to play FBI.  "Rafe" ended up making a snide remark about her shooting EJ.  Sami was so upset that she walked out of the apartment.  

Nicole told EJ that she wanted Fay and Taylor to move into the guest house.  EJ didn't want them to do it.  Nicole mentioned that Taylor was against it too and wanted to know what was going on with them.  He finally agreed to let them stay.  Stefano checked on Rafe and he wanted to know who he was again.  Rafe demanded to know exactly what he did to him.  Two men in lab coats showed up for Rafe.  "Rafe" called Stefano before he went to the police station.  Stefano told him to do everything by the book for now and then screw things up. Sami went to the pub to talk to Caroline, but talked to Hope instead.  Sami told Hope about her problems with "Rafe".  Hope suggested that "Rafe" undergo hypnosis.  They also talked about Hope's relationship with Bo.  While Nicole was out with the kids, EJ and Taylor talked about her staying in the guest house.  Neither one of them were happy about it.  Justin proposed to Adrienne on the pier.  Rafe was interjected with something and he's hooked up to a machine.  Rafe started to have convulsions.  After Victor and Maggie kissed, she wanted to know what he was doing. Victor showed Maggie the door.  He didn't want her to come back until she's ready to have a serious conversation.  Adrienne accepted Justin's proposal.  Taylor and EJ were having a friendly conversation and they almost kissed.

GH Recap Written by Mary

Sonny is on the phone when Dante enters and pretends he didn’t hear what Sonny was talking about. Dante tells Sonny that he has a way of getting ahead of Theo. Jules wonders if Jules is losing respect in him when he hasn’t called him “Mr. Big.” Jules insists that he is still loyal to him. In Sam’s hospital room, Sam is laughing as Spinelli reads her some of his book. Jason overhears some of the laughter as he enters Sam’s room. Jason finds out that Spinelli is writing a book and wants Jason to read it, but Jason insists that he doesn’t want to be in Spinelli’s book. Jax walks in when Shawn is dressing in one of Jax’s shirts. Jax begins to lash out at Carly for having Shawn in the house and endangering the welfare of the children. Shawn tries to defend Carly, but Jax insists that he is keeping Josslyn with him at the hotel until Carly’s lifestyle changes. Carly is completely beside herself with worry that Jax would take Josslyn away from her. Sonny argues with Dante that Brenda would not give a child away and not let him know about it. Siobhan arrives at Lucky’s with breakfast in hand. They discuss her possibly being deported. Lucky mentions again about marrying her in order to keep her in this country. Alexis arrives and has less than good news. Jason wants Spinelli’s help in finding information on Theo and where he is holding Brenda, but Spinelli will only help Jason if he will agree to be in his book. Spinelli leaves to find the info. Sam lets Jason know that she is being released as Jason kisses her.

Olivia walks into the hospital and sees Johnny. Johnny tells her that she looks good. Olivia sees Steve and they leave to go to lunch. Maxie pulls Matt aside when she sees Johnny leave with Lisa. Matt thinks that Maxie has something else in mind, but she informs him that this would be a great time to search Johnny’s apartment for the syringe. Jason brings Sam home from the hospital and is at her beck and call. Theo questions Brenda about the baby and where it is. Brenda denies that the baby is alive. Theo wants to know everything that she and Suzanne had done and where they had gone. Jules agrees to help Brenda escape the clutches of Theo. Matt and Maxie break into Johnny’s apartment to search for the syringe. Jax meets with Diane to let her know that he wants to change the terms of the custody agreement. Sonny walks up to join them. Jax exchanges slurs which concerns Sonny’s shady lifestyle. Johnny and Lisa walk into the restaurant and Lisa immediately sees Olivia and Steve. Lisa asks Johnny if he had wanted to come here to make Olivia jealous. Dante visits Jason to let him know his idea concerning Brenda and the possibility that her baby may be alive. Theo accuses Jules of trying to poison him when Suzanne walks in. Luke arrives at Lucky’s with fake passports in hand. Lucky lets Luke know that he and Siobhan are considering getting married in order for her to stay in the country. Carly calls Diane for help. Theo questions Suzanne about where she and Brenda had spent their vacations. Sonny meets with Diane to ask her help in finding Theo and Brenda. Spinelli reveals to Jason that he has found out that Suzanne is really Theo’s wife. Suzanne arrives and Jason asks where Brenda is.

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Clint catches Joey going through his safe. Joey finds the flash drive that has the footage of Aubrey with Cutter, but he thinks he has found evidence that Clint killed Eddie Ford. Aubrey convinces Joey that he doesn’t want to watch it. Joey crushes the drive and leaves. Aubrey gloats to Clint, but Clint tells her that he has her right where he wants her.

John and Kelly go into the back room at Rodi's to make love, but Kelly thinks about Joey and backs down. She tells John he should get back together with Natalie. John kisses Kelly again. Natalie walks in on them. Joey goes to Rodi's and sees Kelly. When Natalie sees them talking, she asks Kelly if she was telling Joey about how she was just christening the storage room with John.

Jack taunts Shane at school, takes the box of Rally money from him, and then puts it in Shane’s locker to implicate him for stealing it. Jack threatens Shane if he tells. Tea tells Tomas to stay away from Blair. He leaves and goes straight to La Boulaie, and Todd answers the door.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Abby apologizes to Victor and tells him that she still loves him and he tells her that he loves her but he can’t forgive her, Victoria and Nick for taking away the Company that he built on his own. Victor tells Michael to tie the settlement in so much litigation that his spoiled Children will have to spend a lot of money to get the money the court awarded them. Maggie leaves a message on Nikki’s phone to tell her about Deacon’s involement in her plan but he takes the phone from her saying that he will help her escape. Victoria arrives to ask Victor to give her Beauty of Nature instead of the settlement the court gave her but he tells her no. Victoria then goes to Nick hoping that he will help her persuade Victor to give her the company but he doesn’t like the idea of merging beauty of nature with jabot so he tells her that he wants no part of the deal. Jack and Victoria are aware that Tucker offered them both a fifty-fifty partnership in the new cosmetics company if either of them can bring him Beauty of Nature.

Jack is happy that Victor is finally getting what he deserves and allows Billy to write an article talking about how the Abbots will soon be in control of Jabot again. Diane tries to become friends with Nick again since she thinks Victor will soon get back together with Nikki but Nick tells Diane they were never friends and thinks she only wants him back because of the settlement the court gave him. Victor and Nikki decide that making love was wonderful but they can’t go back since they have hurt each other too much. Victor tells Diane that they are eloping tonight and she is stunned. Tucker tells Ashley the truth about both the deals he has made with Jack and Victoria and says he will understand if she doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him anymore. Ashley tells Tucker that she won’t get involved in the battle between Jack and Victoria but she will do everything she can to make sure Abby isn’t used or hurt in the battle. Tucker understands her feelings and the two kiss and make up with each other.

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