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AMC Recap Written by Mary

At home, Tad lies on the living room, asleep. Opal wakes him up and lets him know that he had had a smile on his face. Brot is on the telephone when Jesse walks into the squad room. Brot hands Jesse the phone and finds out that it is Angie and that she had been released and she was on her way home. At the hospital, Agent Trumbull questions Frankie and Griffin about Cara using a different name on her passport. Agent Trumbull lets them know that this is not over. On the sofa, in Kendall’s living room, Cara dreams of when she had exchanged wedding vows with Jake. Kendall wakes her up. Jake goes through his coat pocket and finds the ring that Cara had given back to him. Amanda walks in a and sees him with the ring. Amanda tells him that she thought that he was going to get rid of that. Jake lets Amanda know that this ring had saved Cara’s life on a number of occasions. Noticing the hurt feeling in Amanda’s eyes, Jake tells her that he cannot do this anymore. A.J. comes running downstairs and into J.R.’s arms. J.R. checks A.J.’s suit for the wedding. A.J. wants Tad to be happy, but he also cannot figure out why no one wants them. Jesse wants to come where Angie and come home with her, but Angie tells him that she is unable to travel. Frankie arrives at the police station and finds out that Angie is coming home. Frankie tells Angie that he will escort her home personally. Joe and Ruth arrive home for Tad’s wedding. Kendall gives Cara a present for her wedding day that Zach had given to Kendall when they had gotten married. Cara is reluctant to take the present, but Kendall insists. Mrs. Griffin comes downstairs to join them. Mrs. Griffin thanks Kendall for letting her stay here. Kendall leaves them alone to get ready for the wedding. Griffin arrives at Kendall’s to let Cara know that he had seen Agent Trumbull and he was not going to leave this investigation into her fake passport. Griffin suggests that if Cara wants to leave town then he will go with her. Cara decides that she will see this thing through. Jake explains to Ruth and Joe Amanda’s feelings toward Cara. Amanda comes in to say hello to Ruth and Joe. Amanda lets them know that she will not be accompanying them to the wedding. Amanda feigns illness as the reason for not going to the wedding. Joe senses that Amanda is not really sick at all. Everyone begins to arrive for Tad’s and Cara’s wedding. Kendall lets Griffin know how she is feeling toward going to this wedding without Zach. Griffin promises to accompany her to the wedding.

Krystal gathers up a few toys for the girls. Tad is suspicious as to what Krystal is doing. Krystal lets him know that she is thinking about moving out. Tad raises opposition as to Krystal’s decision, but before they can really discuss it thoroughly, Ruth and Joe interrupt. Krystal leaves Tad alone with his family to talk. Tad reveals to Ruth and Joe that this wedding is not what they think. While Ruth goes to meet Cara, Joe tries to talk Tad out of getting married, but Tad insists and asks Joe to trust him. Upstairs, Jake lets Tad know that Amanda is not coming to the wedding. Cara, outside the door, overhears that Amanda is the one, who had had deported. Cara immediately leaves to confront Amanda. Kendall lets Tad and Jake know that Cara was gone. Cara shows up on Amanda’s doorstep and asks her how had she felt when she had hung up the phone when she knew that she was going to be deported. Amanda tries to explain, but Cara insists that she will be around town for at least three years. Tad and the guests begin to be concerned as to where Cara had gone when she shows back up. Jake questions her as to where she had been. Cara confesses that she had overheard him and Tad talking and that she had gone to confront Amanda. Agent Trumbull arrives and Cara invites him to the wedding. The wedding begins. Cara and Tad exchange wedding vows. Amanda shows up at ConFusion and orders up a dirty Martini. Agent Trumbull leaves the wedding ceremony when Tad and Cara are pronounced husband and wife. Agent Trumbull comes into the Confusion bar and sees Amanda at the bar, drinking.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Donna tries to warn Katie that Bill is very distracted. Katie assures her that Bill tells her everything. If Donna has something to say, just spit it out. Donna tells her that she knows it is old news, but Steffy was in Bill’s office when she left them earlier. And Katie knows how vindictive Steffy can be. Katie states that Steffy is not part of their lives anymore. She trusts Bill, and Steffy does not have anything on Bill. Taylor storms into Ridge’s office and informs him that she wouldn‘t do this unless it was very important. He says if this is about Thomas, she needs to let it go. Taylor says it is about Steffy. She’s infatuated with Bill Spencer and that is not okay. He finds this incredulous, and perhaps just infatuation is all it is. Taylor still thinks her feelings can not be ignored and can make Steffy vulnerable. Thomas shows his newest designs to Brooke who thinks they are fabulous. In the process they talk about his dating Dayzee and she admits she was not spying on them, but she saw them kissing in her house the night he made dinner for her. Bill continues to try to convince Steffy that he had nothing to do with Amber’s accident. Steffy tells him that she won’t judge him. He can trust her, so anytime he feels like he needs to talk about it or seek advice that he can count on her.

Katie gets all dolled up in a teddy, perfume and fresh lipstick for the night to welcome Bill home. She leads him to the couch to relieve his tension. Both wiped out, he tells her that he doesn’t want to talk about his day. She leads him into talking about Steffy being at the office. She knows he hasn’t been himself lately and wonders if Steffy is part of it. She admits that she wants him to be careful with her so she won’t have anything to use against him later. She’s hurt them once before, so don’t let her do that again. Ridge tells Taylor that he just wants her to admit that she could be wrong. Steffy may have just been yanking her chain. He will watch out over Steffy and Brooke too because he believes in Taylor’s good instincts, but in this case he thinks she is way off base. Brooke tells Thomas that she is not blushing, but Dayzee doesn’t seem like a girl who would kiss and tell and she doesn’t really want to discuss it. She thinks he is lucky though. He says Dayzee has affected his life in a brand new way. He’s grateful to have someone like that in his life. He tells her that nothing like their own kiss is gonna happen again. Brooke says it was inappropriate and that line must never be crossed again. Taylor walks up and overhears from the door when Brooke says she can only imagine what would happen if anyone knew about their kiss.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

EJ went to the hospital to get Lexie to recommend Taylor for a job at New York Memorial Hospital.  She thought he wanted her to do that to get Taylor out of town because he has feelings for her.  He admitted that he is attracted to her.  EJ has no intention of changing his situation with Nicole.  Lexie understood his predicament and told him that he has to get over her.  He said he would, but Lexie didn't believe that.  Taylor decided to forget about EJ when Nicole called her to come to the DiMera mansion.  Fay had disturbing news for Nicole and Taylor.  Fay told them that she has an enlarged heart and has to be put on medication.  Nicole decided to invite Fay to stay in the guest house.  Nicole also suggested that Taylor move in too.  She was not happy about that at all.  Fay hoped that she would change her mind.  Jennifer read Jack's blog and found out that he is in India.  All of his family's messages have gone unanswered.  Maggie talked to Jennifer about why Jack hasn't called them.  Jennifer wasn't buying it.  Maggie reminded Jennifer that she and Mickey also had problems, but they overcame them.  Jennifer believed that her marriage was unofficially over for years.  Jennifer also told Maggie that Abby wants her to have an affair.  Jennifer didn't know what to do.

Victor walked in on Brady talking on the phone about a business problem.  Victor thought the company was falling apart.  Victor warned Brady that Titan will be his again no matter what Brady does.  Brady told him not to underestimate him.  They continued to fight about the company when Maggie showed up.  Maggie told Victor about the way he's treating Isabella's son and he told her to butt out.  Abby realized that she was wrong to think that Chad was a father.  She apologized for the assumption.  She had a problem with guys who get girls pregnant.  Chad told her his situation with Mia.  Just as they were getting along, T showed up and announced that Chad is a DiMera.  Abby didn't like that and walked out on him.  Gabi and Will kissed and someone was watching them.  It turned out to be Dario Hernandez watching them.  He stole his sister Gabi's earrings out of her purse when she left it unattended.  Jennifer left Jack an angry voicemail about what she has been through recently.  Victor and Maggie argued because she stuck her nose in his business.  She said she does that for the people she loves.  EJ arrived back at the DiMera mansion and Nicole told him that she wanted Fay and Taylor to move into the guest house because of Fay's health.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Brenda tells Theo that she would never let a child near him and that if he hurts her, Sonny will kill him. He tells her of his intention to cause Sonny to become so unstable that he will go to a mental institution and therefore will not come to Brenda's rescue. Later Theo overhears Brenda asking her guard to go to Sonny and tell him where they are. Sonny concludes that since Theo recreated the way that Lily died, his intention in kidnapping Brenda was to make it personal for Sonny. Dante concludes that Theo kidnapped Brenda to get to her child that may or may not exist. Sonny then concludes that if Theo becomes convinced that Brenda really lost the baby, he will have no further reason to keep her alive. Dante tells Suzanne his theory that Theo kidnapped Brenda because he thinks his grandson is still alive. He tells her that if she knows something about Brenda's baby, she needs to tell him.

Michael tells Abby that he is not ready to spend time with her privately yet because he is still messed up inside. Sam informs Jason that she is getting out of the hospital tomorrow. Siobhan is worried that the government will send back to Ireland, but Lucky assure her that they will fight to get her to stay. Lucky tells Elizabeth of his intention to marry Siobhan. She unsuccessfully tries to talk him out of it. Elizabeth tells Nikolas that Brook Lynn wants Elizabeth and Aiden out of his life and that she is only after his money, but he tells her she will have to accept that Brook is in his life. Elizabeth submits a new DNA test. Nik and Brook finally make love.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Nora talks to Bo who calls her when he arrives in the Moroccan prison where he hopes to free David. Clint finds Nora and tells her she and Bo have nothing on him. But she tells Clint it's only a matter of time before everybody knows all the things he's done. When Bo gets to the prison, Rex unexpectedly shows up and is determined to help him although he wants Rex to go home, leave him alone, and tells him he does not want or need his help. They find David's cell where he wrote his professed love for Dorian and confirm he was there although that have not found David yet. Meanwhile, Joey goes to talk to Nora, remembering that he met Eddie Ford once at his father's house and confirms to her that it only proves that Clint put Eddie up to kidnapping her and therefore had motives to kill Eddie in order to shut him up with what he could reveal about Clint. Joey still suspects nothing about Aubrey. Kelly admits to Dorian that she might be seeing John. John is drinking and in a bad way while at Rodi's and fires Gigi when she reveals to him that Natalie confided in her that she knew she was having Brody's baby instead of John's. Kelly goes to see John again and they end up kissing.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki stops by the ranch to drop off a birthday present for Victor and she can tell by the look on Diane’s face that she forgot Victor’s birthday although Dine pretends that she has planned a romantic dinner to celebrate Victor’s birthday. Nikki decides not to leave the present with Diane because she doesn’t want Diane to take credit for buying the present. Kyle isn’t happy when Phyllis invites herself to the park with him and Jack. Diane tries to make peace with Kyle for the article she wrote about Diane and gives him a football. Jack and Kyle play football in the park and Kyle intentionally hits Phyllis with the football several times and she tells Kyle that she won’t be going to the park with him and Jack anymore.

Nick admits to Sharon that Adam offered him a deal today that he would take back his testimony in the arbitration if Nick would give her custody of Faith. Nick tells Phyllis that he suggested that Adam leave town because if he did she could spend more time with Faith. Sharon considers that a selfless act of love from Adam and leaves a message for Adam telling him that she is a free woman thanks to Victor and he can come home because she has a good chance of getting custody of Faith since she is a good mother. Neil testifies that Adam lied because he never had access to the trust funds while he was running Newman and the judge awards $500 million dollars each to Victoria Nick and Abby for a total of $1.5 billon dollars. Victor wants Michael to find a loophole because he won’t sell off his company just for the sake of his spoiled children. Victor feels betrayed by Neil as well and tells him he will never forgive him. Nilkki stops by Victoria’s house and is upset to find Victoria, Nick and Abby celebrating their Victoria. Nick and Abby feel badly because they forgot Victor’s birthday and because he must feel alone right now but Victoria tells them that justice was done today and it doesn’t matter if it was Victor’s birthday. Neil and Leslie almost make love but he decides that he wants to get to know each other better so they order room service and talk. Victor arrives home and doesn’t feel like celebrating with Diane so he goes down to the stables for a ride. Nikki arrives and gives him his birthday present and offers her sympathy about the lawsuit. Victor asks Nikki to stay and they kiss which then turns into making love. Diane goes to the stables and sees Nikki and Victor together and slips silently out of the stables.

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