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AMC Recap Written by Mary

On the yacht owned by Kendall and Zach, Kendall searches for the light switch while Ricky talks on the phone to Diana as to what will have to happen if Kendall finds the info that will incriminate all the casino owners and send them to jail. The camera shows the whiskey bottles underneath the counter as Kendall searches for the light switch. At the hospital, Cara gives Jake back his wedding ring that he had given her years ago. Amanda listens from outside the door. In the living room of the Chandler mansion, Colby and J.R. argue over the fact that Liza had slept with Damon and was thus causing bad publicity for the Chandler family. Asher walks in and offers to help eliminate the information from the internet site before it causes too much damage. In Tad’s living room, Griffin threatens to send Mrs. Castillo home if she tries to interfere in this wedding between Tad and Cara. In the Confusion bar, Opal and Krystal prepare the decorations for Tad’s and Cara’s wedding. Krystal, as does Opal has her reservations about this wedding. Opal senses that Krystal wishes that it were her, who was spending the rest of her life with Tad. Liza sits at the Confusion bar and exchanges glances with a man sitting across from her. Diana warns Ricky that if Kendall finds the information then that will send them to prison. Ricky promises that he will deal with this situation in case Kendall finds the info. To Ricky’s relief, Kendall finds the light switch instead of the missing info. Kendall lets Ricky know that this feels wrong being here without Zach. Kendall reveals to Ricky that she and Zach did have a secret hiding place on the yacht. Ricky becomes very interested as to where the hiding place is. Kendall reveals the secret hiding place is in a clothes closet of sorts. Kendall gets a phone calls from someone (Diana), who tells Kendall that Spike is sick and she is needed at the school to come and pick him up. Ricky looks around the clothes closet to find the missing info. Kendall leaves Ricky alone on the yacht. Cara explains to Jake that having the wedding ring with her helped her through some terrible times when she had had a relapse of the cancer, and that it had helped her to feel close to Jake. Cara also tells Jake that she had longed for that one day that Jake would slip the ring back on her finger. Cara leaves to go to her bridal shower. Amanda approaches Jake and wants to know what is going on. Jake lets her know that Cara had given her back the wedding ring. Amanda asks Jake as to what he will do with the ring. Krystal lets Opal know that she is moving out of Tad’s home. Opal is against the idea and wonders who she will eat cake with once Krystal is gone. Cara walks up and overhears the conversation. Asher offers to help Colby, but she accuses him of only lying to her like everyone has done. Jesse visits Tad at home. Tad enlists Jesse’s help in convincing Mrs. Castillo that he is an alright man to marry Cara. Jesse lets Tad know that he is there to talk Tad out of marrying Cara. Tad lets Mrs. Griffin believe that Jesse is only play acting and he is really for the wedding. Griffin drags Mrs. Griffin for the bridal shower. Tad lets Jesse know that he is really serious about marrying Cara. Colby and Asher devise a plan to get even with Liza via the internet. Cara begins to open up her bridal shower gifts. Liza pulls Tad aside to give him a special bridal gift. Liza reads the message from Colby via the internet. Mrs. Griffin is beside herself with surprise when she finds out that Liza had slept with Tad’s son. Cara tries to smooth over the rough edges concerning Liza sleeping with Damon. At the hospital, Jake catches Griffin eyeing the narcotics in the medicine cabinet. Jake questions him as to what he is doing. Kendall comes back to the yacht and finds Ricky rummaging through the cushions on the sofa. Ricky makes up the excuse that he was looking for his cell phone. When Kendall starts to help him look for it, Ricky pretends that he finds it on the sofa. Griffin interrupts Kendall and Ricky. Griffin lashes out at Kendall for not taking care of herself. Ricky gets a call and pretends to leave. Griffin reminds Kendall again as to how he had been stealing medicines from the hospital, but was going to pay the hospital back. Ricky listens from outside the door. Jake comes home to Amanda and they make love. Jake goes to take a shower and Amanda finds the wedding ring in Jake’s jacket. Liza lashes out at Colby for what she had done, but all Colby will say is that people will finally know what kind of person that Liza really is. Tad lets Cara know that he is in this for the long haul.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Bill is adamant to Steffy. Amber Moore is dead. She was hit by a tree branch and fell over the Lookout rail. He did not touch her and he is not going to be held responsible for her death.....not that he didn’t want to kill her. He doesn’t want Steffy caught up in this either, so she is to say she was never there at Malibu; he was never there either. Amber had a tragic accident. Steffy demands answers why Bill was out there in the first place. She knows he was upset about Amber being pregnant and blaming his son Liam. He declares that he didn’t do anything, but if he talks to the police and admits he was there, they will all be in the tabloid headlines for at least six months. He knows the police will be there soon and they both must act surprised. There is a knock at the door and they brace themselves, but it is Amber who walks in.

Donna tells Justin how strange Bill acted earlier in the day and what a dark mood he was in. Marcus stops by to tell them that he is on his way back to International in Paris. They caution him that Bill’s bad mood is because of Amber and that he too should stay clear of her. Marcus says he knows all about her previous time with Rick, but he’s cutting her some slack. She’s not as bad as they say. He’s going to be in Paris and Amber is not so he’s not sure why they are even discussing it. Amber assures Steffy and Bill that she and the baby are fine. Bill is livid that Steffy did not tell him that she rescued Amber and that she is alive. She says as much as he hates Amber and as much as he loves his son and wants the situation to go away, he can not contemplate murder. He must not ever think this way again. Together they can get through this. His secret is safe with her. He hugs her for that.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead

Kate saw Chad on the pier.  She talked to him about getting to know Stefano.  He said he wanted to take his time.  He wants to get to know Lexie, EJ, Johnny, and Sydney first and then he will get to know Stefano.  She wanted Chad to do it soon since Stefano is not well.  While she was at Chez Rouge, Abby read Jack's blogs and realized that JJ hasn't heard from him either.  Jennifer told her that she's getting her stitches out.  Abby wants her to get together with Daniel.  Jennifer thought that he would be perfect for Carly.  Will and Gabi arrived at Chez Rouge and ran into Abby.  Abby and Gabi seemed to hit it off.  Abby told Gabi that she met a jerk (Chad) at the Java Cafe.  Daniel continued to convince Nathan to give Melanie some space.  Nathan didn't want to listen to that advice and wanted to marry her anyway.  Carly told Melanie to put herself first and Melanie realized what she was going to do.  Nathan proposed to Melanie and she turned him down.  She didn't want to make a commitment.  Nathan wasn't happy with her decision and walked out of her hospital room.  EJ saw Taylor at the Java Cafe. She was looking at apartment listings.  They started talking about Brady's job offer for her.  EJ warmed Taylor that Brady is using her to lash out at him.  Taylor didn't like that and told him off.  She was about to leave, but EJ grabbed her arm.  They had an instant connection and then she left.

Hope showed up at the station to see Bo.  He noticed that she didn't seem happy.  Hope didn't know what to do with her free time.  A cop needed help with an optical scanner so Hope helped her with it.  Carly showed up at the police station with a coroner's report about a shooting victim.  Bo asked her about Melanie.  Hope saw them talking and told Carly that Melanie is strong like her.  Carly and Hope started talking.  Before she left the station, Carly told Bo that he made the right choice by being with Hope.  Hope told Bo about her conversation with Carly.  Hope helped the cop again and knew who the shooter was in her case.  Chad and Abby saw each other at the Java Cafe.  Abby told Gabi that he was the jerk she met before.  Will and Gabi were shocked.

GH Recap Written by Carrie

Shawn returns from Manhattan with a lead on the Balkan; he asks Carly to call Jason. Michael and Jason talk about mob life. Michael wishes everyone would treat him like an adult. Theo’s goon is denied bail; Sonny interrogates the man in front of Dante. Sonny and Dante learn that Brenda was brought to the airport. Theo accuses Suzanne of releasing Brenda. Brenda is nabbed by Theo’s men. Abby visits Sam in the hospital. Sam tells Abby that she can’t have children. Lucky and Luke discuss Siobhan’s immigration status. Lucky wonders if he should marry Siobhan. Michael runs into Abby at the diner; he tells her about his chat with Jason. Abby and Michael share a kiss. Jason thanks Shawn for helping find Theo. Shawn wonders why Carly is being nice to him. Lulu and Dante talk about his strained relationship with Sonny. Sonny makes it clear to Jason that he’ll find Brenda. Theo questions Brenda about Aleksander’s son.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Tea demands that Todd acts rationally toward their two daughters' sex lives with their boyfriend. And in their "combat", Tea and Todd wind up having wild sex. Starr finds out from Langton that Robert has married Tess and has told her that she needs him to keep her out of St. Anne's so she will help him to see his child so he has no choice. James is similarly concerned about his brother marrying a "whack job" just so he can be a dad to a child he didn't want anyway. Tess then gets the baby home against Natalie's and Brody's wishes and when she sees James, she comes on to him. Robert and James have to change the baby's diapers without any help and James calls Starr for "assistance." Starr wanted to move forward with James. But she sees that Tess is not only an "adversary" for Langston with Robert. She seems "interested" in James. John goes to visit Marty at St. Anne's and runs into Viki who is there to see Dr. Levin. Viki informs them both that Tess has come out. Both John and Marty feel responsible for their "part" in that. Viki tells John he must know that Natalie loves him and that he could be a dad to baby Liam if he wants. John then goes to see Natalie and Brody happily together with baby Liam through the window and it appears that he is incomplete.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Chloe tells Chance about her fake break up with Kevin and how miserable she is and Chance tells Chloe that he hasn’t told Jill and Nina that he will have to return to witness protection once has finished testifying at the trial. Chance advises Chloe not to live a life full of lies because that is worse then not having a life at all. Heather arrives to tell Chance that the jury section is going slower then expected and he will have to wait a bit longer. Heather and Chance get into an argument because he promised that he would come back for her and he didn’t return. Chance’s frustration and Heather’s anger with him soon turn into a passionate kiss. Victor tells the D.A. that Skye’s death was an accident and that Sharon tried to save Skye but lost her grip on her.

Malcolm proposes to Sofia and she accepts the proposal and she and Neil promise each other that what happened between them will never happen again. Sharon searches for Adam and wonders why all his things are gone from the house. Heather tells Sharon that Victor told the D.A. that Skye’s death was an accident to clear her now. Sharon thinks that Adam made a deal with Victor in which Victor would tell the D.A. what happened with Skye and in exchange Adam would leave town. Victor arrives at the arbitration and tells s the judge that his ungrateful children don’t deserve any share of the company he built because he has been more then fair to them as his employees. Victoria and Nick tell the judge that they are tired of their father controlling both their professional and personal lives and they are only asking for their share of the company which they both at one time ran and helped to make profitable. The judge takes a recess to make his decision and Nick, Victoria and Abby go to lunch leaving Victor alone in the arbitration room and Victor is surprised to see Neil arrive with a file in his hand.

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