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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Reese’s lawyer arrives with a nanny to take Miranda and Gabi back to Paris for Spring break but Marissa is able to stop the lawyer from taking the girls with some help from Jack and Erica. Bianca is hurt because she never thought Reese would turn their divorce into a battle. Jack moves out of Erica’s apartment and into the yacht club. Erica is touched by thee way Jack helped Bianca and surprises him with a romantic dinner in his room Erica tells Jack that he is her touchstone and her family and she intends to fight for their relationship then they make love. Cara and Griffin’s mom Leticia isn’t convinced that Cara will be happy with Tad because she doesn’t look happy and in love so despite all of Tad’s best efforts she tells him she intends to stop the wedding. Leticia also tells Griffin that it is time that he settles down with a special woman and gets married. Cara gives Jake his ring back as Amanda watches unseen by Cara and Jake.

Kendall describes to Griffin what a special love they had and once Griffin understands how important it is for Kendall to know how Zach died he offers to help her solve the Mystery. Kendall tells him that Zach was nervous about the casino partners and that is why he wanted to sell the casinos. Griffin tells Kendall that she should take the letter to the people who investigated Zach’s plane crash. Ricky advises Kendall to stop investigating Zach’s death and just relive the happiness she shared with Zach. Kendall tells Ricky how much the boat meant to her and Zach and Ricky persuades her to let him go on the boat with her. Dianna calls Ricky and he tells her he is very close to finding the evidence Zach had against them. Dianna tells Ricky that if Kendall sees those documents he will have to kill her and Ricky tells Dianna he knows what he has to do.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Sadly, Hope tells Ridge and Brooke that it is over. She said goodbye to Liam. She didn’t want to and it’s all because of Amber who always makes bad things happen. They are surprised that Bill put Amber up in his recently acquired house. It doesn’t sound like Bill at all. Back at Spencer Publications, Bill pours himself a drink and calls Steffy to come to his office right away. Donna comes in to find Katie and wonders why Bill is sitting alone in the dark. He doesn’t want to talk about it. Steffy gasps as she looks over Lookout and sees Amber on a ledge just below her. Amber screams for help, and Steffy manages to reach her hand and pull her to the top. Amber is freaked out of her gourd, but says she does not need to go see a doctor. Steffy can’t help but think about Bill being there, but is glad to hear Amber say it was just a freak accident with a tree branch hitting her.

Amber hugs Steffy and thanks her for saving her life. Steffy sees the voicemail from Bill and leaves Amber when she makes sure she is okay. Bill tells Donna that Liam is resting and is all right. Everything with Katie is all right too. He’d like to be alone now. Brooke tells Hope they are there for her if she’d like to talk more. Brooke thinks it is for the best. Let Liam be a dad and Hope will find someone else that really deserves her. Bill is glad Steffy came so quickly. He says he needs to talk to her about what she saw earlier. With great clarity, he says that Amber Moore is dead. She fell over the Lookout and no one could survive that fall. Because of all the circumstances with Liam, he knew how it would look and did not call the police. He will cooperate with them when they find the body and find out it was his house and Amber was living there, but he wants Steffy to not say a word about her being there or seeing Bill there. Steffy listens but tells Bill that she can cover for him on this. He’s lying; she knows what happened to Amber. He pushed her. He denies it vehemently.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Melanie collapsed at the pub and Nathan picked her up and took her to the hospital.  Carly showed up at Daniel's place and talked to him about Melanie's miscarriage.  When Carly wanted to know where Melanie was, Maxine called Daniel.  Maxine told Daniel that Melanie was back in the hospital.  Daniel and Carly arrived at the hospital.  Carly wasn't sure if Melanie wanted her to stay, but she did.  Melanie wanted to hear about when she was a baby.  Carly thought Melanie wanted to know how she could give her away.  Carly wanted to make Melanie understand why she did it.  Melanie assured her that she understood everything.  Nicole called Brady to talk about the job he offered Taylor.  Nicole wanted to know if Brady hired Taylor because of what happened in their relationship.  Nicole wanted him to let it go.  Brady laughed at her and told her to get over herself.  He hired Taylor because she's qualified, willing, and honest unlike her.  After that comment, Brady hung up the phone.  EJ wanted to know why Taylor was at the mansion.  She assured him that she was leaving, but he stopped her.  EJ touched her shoulder and Taylor got upset because she thought he was playing games with her.  Nicole interrupted them to tell them that she spoke to Brady about the job he offered Taylor.  EJ was upset about the news and didn't want her to take it.  Taylor didn't appreciate being told what to do so they fought over it.  Taylor ended up leaving.  Nicole wished that EJ wasn't so hard on Taylor.  Nicole wanted to know what was going on between him and Taylor.  EJ told her how he and Taylor met before the wedding.  Nicole told him she knew about it.  EJ was about to tell her what really happened when Sydney started crying.

"Rafe" was confused when Sami wanted him to make love to her like he used to do.  He said he "forgot" and lost his cool with her.  Sami walked out of the bedroom.  "Rafe" went out to the living room to try and make things right with Sami.  He assured her that he would get better.  "Rafe" wanted Sami to tell him about the things he used to do.  They ended up back in the bedroom.  Stefano thought he made a mistake telling Rafe about the memory-erasing drug.  Stefano wasn't sure if Rafe was faking or not.  Stefano threatened to kill Rafe if he was faking his memory loss.  Stefano was convinced that Rafe wasn't faking and walked out of the basement.  Nathan told Daniel that he loves Melanie and wants to marry her.  Taylor told Brady that she wants to take the job.  He wondered what convinced her to take it.  Taylor said it was an offer she couldn't refuse.  EJ asked Stefano if the drug worked on Rafe.  Stefano assured him that it worked.  EJ wondered how they would get information now.  Stefano said "Rafe" could blame it on the head injury.  EJ wanted to check on him, but Stefano thought EJ could trigger his memory.  Nathan wanted Daniel's blessing to marry Melanie.  Daniel said he wouldn't give him his blessing.  Rafe screamed for someone to tell him what's going on.  Rafe found his safe house key in the bedpost.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Sam hears Jason say he loves her. Patrick determines that she is fine except for some residual ringing in her ears. Jason tells her that he will give her anything she wants to celebrate her recovery. After Sam comments on how much Jake looks like Jason, Elizabeth goes to Patrick and asks him whether he thinks Aiden looks like Nikolas or Lucky.

Jax tells Sonny that he will gladly turn over the information Sonny wants to the police, but not to Sonny so Sonny gets Spinelli to hack into the Metro Court records. Jason tells Sonny that Shawn went to Manhattan to go through his records for clues. Sonny doubts that Shawn will come back. Shawn breaks into Carly's house and she almost hits him with a hockey stick. He tells her to find Jason because he found information on Theo. Theo tells Suzanne that Brenda said Suzanne was with her when she miscarried. He says he knows the child was born and he will find him. Brenda unsuccessfully tries to break the lock on her cell door. Brenda's guard finds Sonny and tells him he has information about Brenda, but backpedals when he sees another one of Theo's henchmen. The guard later leaves a key in Brenda's cell. Brenda escapes into the woods.

Dante intervenes, announcing that he is the police, when he finds the assassin that tried to kill Shawn holding a gun to Michael's throat. Michael wrestles the gun away and Dante arrests the man. Dante tells Michael that he is proud of him but that he has to remember that he can't be seen in the company of thugs or having a gun in his possession because it is a violation of his probation. Michael goes to Sonny's office and tells him that Dante has one of Theo's men at the police station. When Michael tells Jason the whole story, Jason says the same things that Dante did. Sonny goes to the police station and asks Dante to let the man go. Dante says he can't do that but there may be a way to work together. Sonny posts the man's bail, but he refuses to leave so Sonny goes into the interrogation room and Dante leaves them alone.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

Brody and Viki are back at the house both feeling helpless with what to do with Tess knowing that their hands are tied and only Robert Ford "calls the shots" since he is her legal husband. Brody does not want to talk to Robert nor trust him. But Viki tells him she thinks maybe she can persuade Robert to cooperate with her. She goes and talks to Robert urging him to let her daughter get the help she needs. He tells her that he has no choice except to do what Tess wants, since nobody else is willing or able to let him see his son. Viki says she will let him see baby Ryder and have some rights if he cooperates with what she wants. Robert tells her he does not want to risk what Brody or Clint could do and cannot rely on Viki's word alone, so he declines her offer. Todd goes off the deep end with Starr seeing James and Dani seeing Nate, telling them that he will protect his daughters as he failed to do for Starr which resulted in her pregnancy, but Tea intervenes. Roxy urges Natalie not to give up on John. But she tells Roxy that if Jessica has disappeared and abandoned her own child, she is not going to count on any outcome in her favor with John. Neither she nor Roxy are aware that Tess has come back. When Tess gets a message from Natalie on Jessica's phone revealing that she's at Roxy's with baby Ryder and it appears that Natalie is unaware that Tess has come back, Tess sees it as a perfect opportunity to "play Jessica", get the baby and let Robert see him so he complies with what she wants. When she goes to see Natalie, Natalie recognizes that Tess has returned.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Billy writes a touching blog article about what a good father his father was as compared to some of the things Victor has done to his children like putting Victoria in jail on her wedding day. Billy tells his readers that Victor couldn’t love his children as he claims because a good father never puts his own needs above the needs of his children. Victor is deeply affected by the article and by hearing Sharon cry as she says good-bye to Faith and tells Nick she is worried she will never see Faith again if she goes to jail. Victor ignores Michael’s advice to wait until after the arbitration hearing to go to the DA and tell him what he knows about Skye’s death and he goes to talk to the DA before he goes to the arbitration. Neil talks to Ashley and Tucker telling them he has information that proves Adam is lying for Victor. Tucker tells Neil to do what he thinks is right and Ashley tells him to go talk to the judge right away.

Abby yells at Adam that she hopes that Sharon will realize how evil he is and leave him before she gets hurt like everyone else in his life. Adam goes to Nick to tell him that he will take back his story if he restores full custody of Faith to Sharon. Nick tells Adam that he will only do that if he breaks up with Sharon and leaves town for good. Adam agrees and later pretends to be drunk and tells Sharon he never really loved her and he was using her to get revenge on Nick and Victor. Once Sharon leaves their place Adam sheds a few tears and whispers that he is sorry. Sharon heads to Nick’s place and cries as Nick holds her. Billy gets a visit from his father’s ghost who tells him he is doing a terrific job as a father. Adam goes to the airport and buys a one-way ticket to anywhere out of town.

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