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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Griffin worries that the stress of Cara’s fake marriage to Tad may cause a relapse in her leukemia so he asks Tad to take care of Cara in case he isn’t in Pine Valley to protect his sister. Griffin also tells Tad his mom called to announce she is coming to town and he warns Tad that her mother is very overprotective of Cara and she is also a devout Catholic. Tad thinks he can charm Cara’s mom bit once he meets her he realizes that Griffin was right she is one tough lady. Agent Trumbull interviews Jake and Cara about their marriage and all the memories hit Cara hard and when she is at tad’s house looking at a picture of Jake she begins to cry and Jake arrives and holds her just as her mother walks in the door. Kendall tells Ricky about Zach using the word sweetheart in his letter that is a term he never called her because he thought it was condescending. Ricky makes Kendall think she is forgetting things and needs her medication adjusted.

Kendall asks Griffin to take her off the sleeping pills and pain medication so she can think clearly and not forget details while she tries to figure out what Zach was trying to tell her in that letter. Griffin refuses to risk Kendall’s health by taking her off the medication and tells her that he doesn’t want her to die. Kendall gets frustrated with Griffin and wonders if he has ever been in love. David gets a call from Annie asking him for more money and he reports the call to Ryan but says Annie hung up before he could get her location. Madison gets a call from Emma and she tells Ryan that she heard seagulls in the background. Madison and Scott go to her sonogram appointment together. Greenlee makes a deal with David that if he does everything he can to bring Emma home she will make sure that he gets his medical license back and can practice medicine at the hospital.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

Hope and Katie come back to the beach house with groceries. Liam tells them that Bill was distracted, probably about Amber, and left as he had something to take care of. Liam apologizes to Hope for snapping at her. It’s Amber, not her that is ruining his life. A storm is brewing and Amber hears creepy noises at her house. She sees branches of trees floating around outside her door and windows. Bill is lurking outside peering through the windows. He slips his black gloves on and slips into the house unnoticed. He keeps seeing images of a fallen Amber from the Lookout. He takes her cell phone and leaves it there on the ledge. Brooke warns Steffy to stay away from Bill. He and Katie are happily married. Steffy assures her there is not going to be a happy Forrester/Logan marriage here at Forrester, no way. And if the couple are so happy and inseparable, then it won’t hurt to put them to a test.

Liam shares with Hope that she should not be in the middle of this with Amber. She should not be pulled down into this mess. Perhaps it would be better to give it some time even if it means them going their separate ways for now. Goodbye doesn’t have to be forever. It’s not what she wants, but she agrees. Before she misplaced her phone, Amber called Steffy to say she found her purse at Bill’s house. Steffy gloats to Brooke that she is going to the house to pick her purse up. Brooke has to wonder why she was initially out there at all. Watching Amber from a distance, Bill calls her on the cell. Amber rushes around and finally discovers where the ring is coming from and goes to the Lookout to retrieve her phone. Bill quietly follows. Just as he is creeping up closer behind Amber, a tree branch breaks off and hits Amber on the head and she tumbles over the wall. Bill walks away just as Steffy comes on the scene and says she was hoping to see him. Angrily, he tells her she should get in her car and leave immediately. She ignores this and walks to the ledge and peers over it, gasping at what she sees below.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Victor tried to console Philip over what happened to Melanie and the baby.  Philip didn't want to talk about it.  Victor assured him that he and Melanie can raise Parker together.  Philip told him that his marriage was over.  Victor refused to accept that.  He believed that Melanie would be a great mother.  Philip reminded him that Parker has a mother.  Victor thinks that Chloe is an unfit mother.  Chloe was preparing to leave the hospital when Brady arrived.  She talked to Brady about Social Services taking Parker away from her.  Sami wanted to know how "Rafe's" MRI could show that he wasn't in an accident.  Daniel claimed that the results show that there was no head trauma.  Sami believed that there must be a mistake.  Sami said that "Rafe" wasn't her husband.  "Rafe" wanted to pretend that he didn't hear what she said.  "Rafe" tried to come up with explanations for why his MRI results showed no head trauma.  Sami wanted to speak to Daniel privately.  EJ was able to come out of hiding and talk to "Rafe".  "Rafe" wanted to know what happened with the results.  EJ told him the contact couldn't switch the results because Daniel supervised the test.  Sami talked to Daniel about how different "Rafe" has been lately.  Sami told him that the old Rafe would face problems head on, but he won't do it now.  

EJ wanted "Rafe" to get some more information about Rafe because of what happened with the MRI.  EJ and "Rafe" agree that they need to keep Rafe around longer.  EJ hoped that Stefano didn't do anything stupid. Melanie was about to leave the pub when she saw Nathan.  He talked to her about his feelings when Stephanie showed up.  Stephanie picked a fight with Melanie, but Nathan interfered. Stephanie and Nathan fought too.  After the argument, Stephanie walked out of the pub.  Taylor showed up at the DiMera mansion and thought about meeting EJ.  She talked to Nicole about Nicole's feelings for EJ.  Taylor wasn't so sure that EJ feels the same way about her.  Stefano started the memory wiping procedure on Rafe.  EJ called him to stop him from going through with it.  Stefano reminded EJ that he calls the shots and not EJ.  Stefano said there's a chance that Rafe may keep his memory, but he's not sure.  EJ told "Rafe" to be more like Rafe and less like himself.  "Rafe" thought that he was supposed to get Sami to hate him.  EJ wants a balance for now.  Brady invited Chloe to stay at the mansion.  Chloe didn't think that Victor would approve of her being there.  Brady didn't care what Victor thought about that.  Stefano tested Rafe to see if he had his memory.  Rafe wanted to know who he was.  "Rafe" apologized to Sami for his behavior.  He assured Sami that he will have more tests done.  Sami said she didn't want that.  She wanted to make love to him.

GH Recap Written by Brenda

Lulu tells Johnny about Sonny's marriage, the car bomb, the switch for Sam, and the Balkan taking Brenda. He tells her that Sonny will take it out on anyone that is convenient, so he has to run interference to avoid an all-out war. Dante hears Sonny on the phone ordering someone to "handle it," and tries to dissuade Sonny from using Mob methods. Sonny wonders why Dante only plays by the book when innocent people, like Michael or Brenda, will suffer for it. Lulu goes to Sonny's house where Sonny invites her and Dante on an al-expenses-paid vacation. Sonny goes to Metro court and asks Carly to look up any hotel services that Theo used to find clues. Michael talks to Abby about blowing his father's opportunity to torture information out of Shawn. Molly sees the man that tried to kill Shawn and immediately tells Michael, who follows the man. The man who pulls a gun on him when he mentions that his father is Sonny Corinthos. When Michael doesn't come back, Molly calls Dante, who finds Michael and the attempted assassin, announces that he is the police, and tells him to drop the gun. The man tells Dante to drop his, or the kid is dead.

Theo Hoffman tells Brenda to tell him everything about his grandchild. Brenda tells him she miscarried in her seventh month and that Suzanne was there. Brenda tries to soften up her guard, who then finds Sonny at the Metro Court. Shawn tells Jason that he has information in Manhattan that could help them find Brenda. Jason asks him to check the records to see if there is a connection between Theo and an artist named Franco. Jason goes to Sam's room where Kristina tells him that Patrick took Sam for tests after she fainted. Sam hears Jason say he loves her.

OLTL Recap Written by Jennifer S.

After Rex confesses to Bo that he did not tell him what Clint did to David because Clint threatened Rex along with Gigi and Shane, Bo tells Nora that he no longer trusts Rex and believes there's no excuse or justification for what he has done. She urges him to know that Rex loves him and to forgive Rex. But he is not about to do that at this time. Rex is similarly regretful and afraid that Bo will never forgive him and he has good reason. But Gigi encourages Rex not to give up on winning Bo over and helping to free David and bring Clint to justice. Starr and James are at the cabin with Dani and Nate. Both couples are somewhat afraid of Todd finding out and have a dilemma between their feelings for each other and whether they should get serious. Meanwhile, knowing that nobody will tell him where Dani and Nate are, he finds Inez at Roxy's salon and scares her by telling her she does not want to hide what she knows from him about her son and his daughter. And when he finds out that Nate has called his mom by looking at her cell phone, he finds the two young couples.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Lily dreams of Cane and then sees his ghost outside her house drawing a heart in the frost on the window. Lily gets scared and calls Neil who holds her while she cries. Nick tells Victoria and Billy that he has a plan to make Adam take back his story about forging the trust fund documents. Billy and Victoria spend a fun evening at Glowworm trying to forget about the lawsuit. Nick tells Sharon that Victor was the person who paid her bail because Victor told him that he doesn’t think Sharon is guilty. Sharon tries to persuade Adam to take back his story and tell the truth to the judge because she doesn’t think that Victor will keep his part of the bargain. Adam goes to Glowworm to get drunk and he runs into Neil who tells him that he knows he is lying because he never had access to the trust fund papers while Victor was in Mexico. Victoria asks Neil to file a friend of the court brief telling the judge what he just told Adam. Neil doesn’t think that he would help the case much because the judge would think he was just saying that to get back at Adam because he fired him from Newman Enterprises.

Ryder returns to town to ask Jana to help him find Daisy’s baby and promises that he will leave town once he has found the baby and she can tell Kevin that she found the baby and maybe she and Kevin would raise the baby together. Ryder tells Jana that if she even thinks about calling the police that he is back in town he will tell the police that she helped Jana to escape. Kevin is pressured by Angelo to make Jeffrey pay what he owes to Hogan. Kevin wants to get out of doing the accounting for Glowworm but Angelo won’t allow him to do it. Billy recognizes Angelo as a bad guy that he knew when he uses to gamble and he tells Chloe that if Kevin doesn’t break all ties with him he will file for full custody of Delia. Kevin tells Chloe that they must break up for a few days so that she and Delia will be safe. Kevin tells Chloe that while they are broken up he intends to track down Hogan and see if he can talk to him directly. A drunken Adam arrives home to see Sharon giving a thank you hug to Nick for telling her that Victor paid her bail. Adam is angry and punches Nick and Nick decides to cut Sharon’s visit with Faith short and takes Faith home. Sharon is angry with Adam because he punched Nick and that made Nick take Faith home early.

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