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AMC Recap Written by Eva

Tad and Cara get their family to help them take pictures for the fake photo album for Immigration. They also help quiz them on basic facts about each other’s lives. Jesse comes by and wonders why Tad didn’t tell him that he was going to marry Cara. Tad tells Jesse that their courtship happened quickly and they didn’t see any point in waiting to get married since they are in love. Krystal worries that Tad might be giving up on the chance for real love someday. Krystal also worries that Tad could go to jail and wonders why he is taking such a huge risk. Tad explains to Krystal that he loves Jake and being a Marin is important to him and Jake has always treated him like blood even though Joe and Ruth adopted him. Tad explains to Kathy and jenny that he is marrying Cara and they are happy for him. Tad explains to Jake that he is going to ask Jesse to be his best man because it would be too awkward for him to stand by his side while he marries his ex- wife but he does need his help to make his marriage to Cara believable.

Marissa advises Bianca to be on guard because her custody battle with Reese could be ugly and Bianca tells Marissa that her divorce won’t turn into a battle. Bianca agrees to a request by Reese’s lawyer for her to come spend some time with the girls in pine Valley and then the girls can go spend spring break in Paris. Bianca tells Marissa she will call Reese later to work out the details. Kendall continues to be torn about what she should do about the letter Griffin tells her to let Zach go and move on and Ricky tells her to relive precious memories of Zach. Ricky is unsuccessful in finding out what Kendall and Zach’s special place is he tells Diana that Griffin keeps getting in the way and he must get him out of the way so he can get the information he needs from Kendall. Dianna tells him to work faster before Kendall finds out the documents that prove that he killed Zach. Griffin tells Ricky to stop confusing Kendall and he also tells him to stay away from Kendall. Kendall and Bianca talk at Kendall’s house and as Kendall reads the letter again she realizes that Zach called her sweetheart in the letter and since he never called her that she wonders why he would write that in his letter to her.

B&B Recap Written by Wanda

On the jet, Thomas kisses Dayzee and she remarks that he is making it very hard for her to say no. He tells her to let loose; live outside the ordinary for a change. Amber is spooked by the strange noises coming from around the house, and then a knocking at the door when she is not expecting anyone. She’s happy to see that it is Marcus. He tells her that she is doing well living now at Malibu. He just wanted to say bye before he goes back to Paris. He does question her if she is sure this baby of hers is not his. She tells him that she has had a paternity test. It’s Liam’s, end of story. He makes a move toward her and she tells him that she is attracted to him, but she is pregnant and she doesn’t want to mess anything up now. At home from the hospital, Bill tells Liam just to focus on getting better. Liam thinks they should go ahead and make an announcement about Amber to avoid future scandal. Bill tells him absolutely not; there is no rush on that now. Liam is shocked when he finds out that Amber is now living in Bill’s house he just bought. He thinks it is a really bad idea, but Bill assures him it is only temporarily and what they have to do right now.

Thomas asks Dayzee about Marcus seeing that he is so far away at International in Paris. He shows her some gowns and she thinks they are stunning although she admits her true feelings are that they are a big waste of money for something that will get tucked into the back of the closet and not be worn for another ten years. Bill tells Hope and Katie that he needs some time alone with Liam. He tells Liam that he should not have to be going through this, being tied to Amber and hating her so. Bill vows that Liam is on his watch and he is not going to let anything bad happen to him. He makes Liam look at him and says he is his son and he loves him and there is nothing he wouldn’t do for him now. Amber goes out to the Lookout which is the only place she can get good cell phone reception. She calls her mother and brags about the place. Bill walks into the house and spies her outside.

Days Recap Written by Michele and Cheryl  **One Day Ahead 

Melanie wanted Philip to meet her at the pub so they could talk.  Jennifer told Abby that Daniel was the one who saved her life.  Abby thought something could be going on between Jennifer and Daniel.  Jennifer let her know that she was wrong.  Chad saw EJ and Johnny at the Java Cafe.  Chad and EJ started talking about Chad becoming part of the DiMera family.  Sami tried to confirm Rafe's appointment at the hospital.  Maxine couldn't hear Sami so she had to say it loud.  "Rafe" heard her talking and wanted to know what was happening.  "Rafe" wanted to stay at the apartment, but Sami said what he had to do couldn't wait.  Sami said he had to get a physical before he could go back to work.  She said Bo wanted to check on him and wondered when he'd be back at the station.  "Rafe" finally agreed to take a physical.  Will and Gabi had a fight on the pier because he bought expensive earrings for her.  Philip told Melanie that he loves her regardless of what happened between them.  She let him know that she can't help him raise Chloe's baby because of Daniel.  Philip didn't want to accept that, but he left.

Julie saw Nathan at the hospital.  She wondered why he wasn't with Melanie.  Nathan told her that Melanie had a miscarriage.  He didn't want to push himself on to Melanie while she's grieving.  Julie advised Nathan not to let Philip take her away.  Abby was upset that Jack hasn't been there for them.  Jennifer tried to convince her that Jack still loves the family.  Abby decided to go out to see if her old friends were still in town.  Daniel met Sami and "Rafe" at the hospital.  Daniel and Maxine were confused when Sami and "Rafe" talked about a physical.  Sami finally admitted that "Rafe" had to get an MRI.  "Rafe" was beyond upset about it.  Later, "Rafe" called EJ to tell him that Sami wanted him to get an MRI.  EJ warned him about Sami's behavior.  "Rafe" threatened to take EJ and Stefano down if he goes down for everything.  EJ told him to relax because they have a contact at the hospital who will take care of everything.  Daniel wanted to know if "Rafe" agreed to do the MRI.  Sami told Daniel that "Rafe" would think about it.  Sami wanted to know what was wrong with "Rafe".  Daniel said he would check out the test results himself.  Abigail went to the Java Cafe and met Chad.  They seemed to get along pretty well.  Daniel told "Rafe" that according tot he results, he wasn't in an accident.

GH Recap Written by

OLTL Recap Written by Brenda

Nora is disappointed to find Matthew in Clint's office. She tells him that Clint has been using him to break up Bo and her, but Matthew doesn't believe her. Joey and Aubrey move into the Buchanan mansion. Joey recognizes a picture of Eddie Ford as the man he saw in Clint’s parlor. Rex goes to Bo to tell him that Clint had David Vickers kidnapped and put in a Moroccan jail last August, but that he couldn't say anything because Clint was targeting his family. Bo says Rex stabbed him in the back.

Cutter brings flowers to Dorian and offers a sympathetic ear, but he tells him to get out of her house. Charlie kisses Echo at Llanfair when she brings back his watch that he left when they spent the night together. She tells him that she can't do that because he is married and that he has to decide what he wants. Brody asks Viki and Clint to meet him at the airport to admit Tess into St. Anne’s. Tess informs them that their Power of Attorney is outdated and only her new husband, Robert Ford has that authority. Viki unsuccessfully tries to coax Jessica out.

Y&R Recap Written by Eva

Nikki and deacon decide to live together and move into the athletic club and Victoria tells Nikki that Deacon will only hurt her but Nikki thinks Deacon is a changed man. Deacon gets three calls from Maggie telling him that if he doesn’t find a way to bust her out of jail she will tell Nikki everything. Victor fins out from Katherine that Nikki is moving into the athletic club with Nikki and he isn’t happy about it. Adam gives his deposition in court even though he really doesn’t want to do it because he thinks Sharon will be ashamed of him. Sharon thinks Victor is awful using Adam as a weapon to hurt his other children and he may get his company back but he will be very lonely. Victor tells Sharon to stay out of his business and reminds her that the people who used to be her family loathe her now because she is with Adam.

Angelo tells Kevin that unless Jeffrey pays what he owes, the people that Kevin cares about could get hurt especially the pretty ones. Chloe doesn’t think Angelo is a threat but Kevin is very worried. Chloe tells Daniel that Jana is Lucy and Delia’s nanny and she is very upset that Billy didn’t even ask her opinion. Lily thinks she sees Cane and when she sees Colin she runs into his arms then they talk about how much she misses Cane to do every day things like pay the bills. Lily also worries about what will happen to the twins when she isn’t around and Colin promises that the twins will want for nothing because he and Jill will take care of them to honor Cane’s memory. Daniel tells Lily that Abby is Lucy’s Godmother. She tells him that she is still seeing and hearing Cane. Victor pays Maggie a visit in jail and tells her that he will make sure she rots in jail for the rest of her miserable life. Katherine invites Jill’s former lover to visit Jill hoping to play matchmaker. The Governor tells Jill that unless she does what he wants, he will tell Immigration she only married Colin to help him get his green card. Colin arrives in time to save Jill. She tells the Governor that he and Katherine would make a great couple. Jana brings Lucy home and realizes she has lost her favorite blanket. She opens the door and finds the blanket on the ground. After she picks up the blanket, someone puts a hand over her mouth, and Jana screams.

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